Must Watch: Jessica Yu's Ping Pong Playa Trailer

July 15, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Ping Pong Playa Trailer

Before we get any further, I'm going to just say it now - you need to see this movie. Ping Pong Playa is absolutely frickin' hilarious. I stumbled upon it and laughed my ass off from start to finish, calling it one of my favorite movies of last year. It's everything that Balls of Fury should have been as a ping pong comedy, but wasn't. Back at the Toronto Film Festival last year I reluctantly agreed to check out this movie, knowing nothing about it, and walked out calling it the "best of the fest" with a 9.5 out of 10 rating. It is really that good. Jimmy Tsai plays the kid known as C-Dub, who may look dumb in the movie, but it's purely a play - he's coming off that way for the sake of comedy and it works. Please give this indie comedy a chance!

Although this trailer might not be able to capture the complete feeling and story of this comedy, I'd suggest you read my review as a compliment to it. I enjoyed this movie so damn much that I've been anxiously awaiting its theatrical debut for a chance to go see it over and over. It can easily become a cult hit and with the right emphasis and marketing, I'm fairly sure that will happen. Enjoy!

Watch the trailer for Ping Pong Playa:

[flv: 596 322]

You can also watch the Ping Pong Playa trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Ping Pong Playa is both co-written and directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Jessica Yu, of In the Realms of the Unreal and Protagonist previously. The film was written by Yu and the film's star, Jimmy Tsai. Ping Pong Playa premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last September and was eventually picked up for distribution by IFC Films. Ping Pong Playa currently arrives in theaters starting on September 5th later this year. Give this a chance and I guarantee you'll be laughing your ass off, too!

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looks funny

tw on Jul 15, 2008


Wow, man. That guy looks EXACTLY like my cousin! I have to say, this movie is blowing apart all SORTS of stereotypes about Asian Americans, in such a way that it actually looks FUNNY! Whether a broader audience will vibe it is altogether another question. But I'd easily say that this could be watched in any Sociology or Asian American studies course, on those summer days when things get slow! Being, like, a quarter asian, I can definitely get the subtlety of their jokes. Harold & Kumar would be quite proud. (Oddly enough, Kal Penn now teaches Asian American studies here at Penn. Go figure!)

Django on Jul 15, 2008


Hahahahaha... that last bit in the trailer was funny as heck!!!

Omega728 on Jul 15, 2008


I'll check it out maybe it will be better than "Balls of Fury" which is for sure.

Xerxex on Jul 15, 2008


He seems to be channeling Eddie Murphy in this trailer, it's eerie!

Zamora on Jul 15, 2008


looks hilarious im totally in Balls of Fury wasn't as good as i hoped it to be maybe this will make up for it. Last part was hilarious "Me love Ping Pong long time"

Curtis on Jul 15, 2008


Ditto #5

Roy on Jul 15, 2008


Ditto all of the above

Keith on Jul 15, 2008


Sports comedies are a pretty dubious bunch these days (thanks, Will Ferrell!), but that looks hilarious!

kevjohn on Jul 15, 2008


"Me love Ping Pong long time" sweet

Darrin on Jul 15, 2008


Ugh. That line is supposd to be making fun of American's images of Asians. I sure hope that's what everyone's laughing at! There's a record needle stopping after that line for a reason. It's pointing out what an ignorant doofus that lady is - and before anyone attacks me for taking things too seriously, the Director a female asian-american film-maker. I'm fairly certain I'm not misreading this. Oh well- enjoy the show! The more people see it & laugh the better!

Django on Jul 15, 2008


Wow! The end was HILARIOUS! "Me love Ping Pong long time" 🙂 (She was the girl from MadTV right?)

Ryan on Jul 15, 2008


Would probably have been a better trailer without Generic Movietrailer Voiceover Man (who apparently cribbed his script from 'My Big Book Of Clichés'). Movie - probably very funny. Trailer just does it a disservice.

Chris on Jul 15, 2008


That trailer was funny. I'm there when this comes out.

iDavid on Jul 15, 2008


Looks pretty good. And Ryan, yeah she's from MadTV :). Her name's Stephnie Weir or something like that :P.

Yum on Jul 16, 2008


This movie looks awful.

Adam on Jul 16, 2008


"who may look dumb in the movie, but it's purely a play - he's coming off that way for the sake of comedy and it works" You mean that in a movie, someone's actually acting? What a brilliant observation.

Colin on Jul 16, 2008


HAHA number 17!

Ryan on Jul 16, 2008


stephanie weir finally came out of hiding

john on Jul 16, 2008


I knew "Balls of Fury" wasn't going to be any good. But this looks funny. My favorite funny chinese movie is "Kung Fu Hustle".

RSH on Jul 18, 2008


THANK YOU, finally asians get the movie they deserve

ERIC on Jul 25, 2008


That guy looks EXACTLY like my BIL....oh wait, that IS my BIL... The movie is GREAT! We went to go see it when it opened for the Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival.

TCT on Jul 31, 2008


that chinese guy must think he's black or something, the way he talks

chris on Aug 12, 2008


number 23! That's intentional and part of the comedy, just enjoy. A white person who acts black is called a wigger A chinese person who acts white is called a chigger (I know sounds like an insect) * I'm sure you can figure out why that is

John Wing on Aug 26, 2008


Sorry, I meant a chinese person who acts black is called a chigger.

John Wing on Aug 26, 2008


Looking forward to the new movie Ping Pong Playa. It’s about a guy who wants to be a basketball star, but ends up teaching his mother’s ping pong classes after she gets into an accident. Jimmy Tsai looks hilarious as C-Dub! It opens in theaters September 5th. You can find out more about Ping Pong Playa here:

Bradd on Aug 27, 2008


looks funny.. can't wait to see it.

jenn on Aug 28, 2008

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