Must Watch: Miramax's The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Trailer

August 22, 2008
Source: Apple

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Trailer

The first trailer for a new World War II film called The Boy in the Striped Pajamas has debuted. Can someone please explain how this slipped by all of us?! This is the kind of trailer where you literally hold your breath until the very end as you watch it unfold. The film is about an 8-year-old boy who's father is a commandant at a concentration camp. He moves to a home nearby and befriends another boy on the other side of the fence in their backyard. If that kind of story isn't compelling enough, just wait until you see what happens next. I'm a sucker for war films, but this one feels like it's poised to have a much greater impact than any typical war movie. I definitely suggest you take a moment to watch this breathtaking trailer.

Watch the trailer for Mark Herman's The Boy in the Striped Pajamas:

You can also watch The Boy in the Striped Pajamas trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is both written and directed by English filmmaker Mark Herman, of Brassed Off, Little Voice, Purely Belter, and Hope Springs previously. The film is based on the book of the same name written by John Boyne. Miramax will be releasing this in theaters starting on November 7th.

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chilling. plus it doesn't seem to need Nazi killing to make a great war move.(course it couldn't hurt)

taylor on Aug 22, 2008


This looks chilling and amazing! I can't wait!

Lolly on Aug 22, 2008


Wow!! That's one of the best looking movies I've seen for ages, I'm going to go see that!

minadrake on Aug 22, 2008


Doesn't look very promising... Too many wwII movies lately.

ramez on Aug 22, 2008


Why are all these Krauts speaking with British accents? It's extremely confusing. How is it that Batman doesn't sound like Welshy in TDK, but these Limeys can't even pretend to be a Kraut for 2 hours?

Colin on Aug 22, 2008


The title is not good and the Brittish accents are odd but otherwise it looks really good.

Staatz on Aug 22, 2008


I like it, what not to like? the thing about WWII movies that they don't appeal to many but not me.

Phizik on Aug 22, 2008


It looks like a very intense, emotional movie about something that actually occured in our history. Man I don't get some people! Should be taken out back and bitch slapped! And before you jump on me, the Nazi concentration camps, not the story of the two boys. What does Batman have to do with anything about this film. It doesn't! Seems like everyone wants to complain about something with every movie, this isn't accuate, this isn't right, they should have done this, etc, etc, etc. Blah blah, F'in blah people! Think you can do a better job, pick up a camera, make a movie and then let us critique it.

K on Aug 22, 2008


This looks good.. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Deepak T on Aug 22, 2008


I think K must be the director's dad. He's super angry that the movie's being goofed on, yet doesn't make a single coherent point.

Colin on Aug 22, 2008


I agree, absolutely chilling. And only an idiot would miss the cleverness of the title.

RandyG on Aug 22, 2008


Hey Colin... go @#$% yourself! Since the beginning statement from my previous comment was erased because I used fowl language. Come on FS, wtf? Freedom of speech yo! Can't voice my opinion? That's lame guy. I'm not angry Colin, I unbelieveable tired of people continuously making stupid comment like "gay" and trashing movies after just seeing a 2 minute trailer. Maybe that doesn't bother you, I bugs the crap out of me. The directors dad? Fool! A single coherent point? Can you not read and understand the english language. Seems like a pretty straight forward comment to me. Interesting that you don't have your own coherent point about the trailer. Wonder why that would be?

K on Aug 22, 2008


"only an idiot would miss the cleverness of the title" Exactally....

Staatz on Aug 22, 2008


Looks like it will be a good movie, and it's refreshing to see a World War movie from another perspective. My only complaint is the actor's British accents, it's just weird seeing Germans speaking like that.

Diego on Aug 22, 2008


This looks like it could be a very powerful and fascinating film. I agree that the British accents are a little off-putting, but are Germans speaking English with heavy German accents any better?

Chris on Aug 22, 2008


This looks great. I admire the WWII movies that are about the struggles, not the war.

Zamora on Aug 22, 2008


looks great

Darrin on Aug 22, 2008


I like the guy who plays the father/soldier, so I'm in.

Xerxex on Aug 22, 2008


VERY impressive...I doubt the accents will be at all distracting given the emotional power of this story...I will definately see this film....

moldybread on Aug 22, 2008


I love World War II movie and the premise of this movie looks awesome. Something this original could only be a breath of fresh air

L on Aug 22, 2008


Looks brilliant and powerful. A definite tear jerker. We need more smart WW2 films.

Brandon on Aug 22, 2008


I'll definitely be watching.

theMK on Aug 22, 2008


yup this looks like a nice change to all these overhyped comic films - about time to turn on the brain.

dom on Aug 22, 2008


Looks very good bery chilling but good.

Movie dude on Aug 22, 2008


I had to read that book in highschool. It's not bad, but I don't think it needed to be made into a movie. The accents really bother me though, why the Hell are the Germans speaking with the typical proper English accents they use in movies set in this time?

Courtney on Aug 23, 2008


I really loved watching this trailer. I agree with many others, it's a wonderful breathe of fresh air for a WWII movie. I'm sick of watching movies that take place in that era that are just one giant piece of American propaganda. It looks like they delve into the deeper meanings of what went on, and the inner struggle of some Germans who did not know what to believe. Not all Germans were evil murdering psychos after all. I'm deffiantely going to keep my eyes out for this one.

duca on Aug 23, 2008


Since some movies I've seen have thrown a bit of dust in my tear ducts, I fear seeing this movie because of the off-chance of it throwing a sack of pepper and half-peeled onions against my face.

LW on Aug 23, 2008


my throat hurts from the lump in it... the movie looks brilliant... a bit of "life is beautiful" where the horrors of the war are euphimistically passed on to the viewer through the eyes of the kids.. although this appears to be a more serious affair... i cannot wait to watch this movie... it promises to be brilliant... and i dare say i agree with K... this movie has nothing to do with batman and his funny voice... those comments anger me no end and i am not the directors dad mom sis son or anything...

Viral on Aug 24, 2008


This film looks brilliant. I've seen the book, I don't even know how many times at Barnes&Noble, but have never actually picked it up. I really think I might now! I'm excited, because it's not the typical romanticized version of how and what WWII is/was. The trailer gave me chills, and had me hooked within the first thirty seconds. I also feel as though if we're seeing all of the aspects of this film and time period through a child's eyes, (at least that's what it appears to be from the trailer), then we might gain a more honest and real depiction of everything that was going on. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, or it can bring on the dirty truth. Either way, I'm really looking forward to this.

Lexie on Aug 25, 2008


Those Germans don't talk good. I normally don't care for dramatic movies focusing on children*, with the exceptions of Pan's Labyrinth and Rabbit-Proof Fence, but this looks great. Another film to add to my must-see list. * - Or maybe I'm just having not-so-fond memories of the last film I saw about children with British accents.

kevjohn on Aug 25, 2008


I've never read the book. I might go find a copy. I like that it's not been de-saturated like most WW2 flicks are lately. @kevjohn, what whas the last one you saw? The last one I can remember is "Son of Rambow", which wasn't spectacular, but was decent enough. You should watch Grave of the Fireflies (the animated one...)

Squiggly_P on Aug 25, 2008


Hmmmm based on the trailer I could probably guess what the ending is. I think they gave a little too much away in the last few seconds of it.

jman571 on Aug 27, 2008


super GAY

Josh on Aug 29, 2008


Go read the book - it will take just a couple of hours at the most. You can't see the ending coming by the trailer. If the movie follows the book, a lot of people will leave the theater speechless.

pdxreader on Sep 3, 2008


@Squiggly_P, Chronicles of Narnia. I saw it recently for the first time to get caught up on the story in anticipation of the Prince Caspian film. I hated nearly every minute of it. Didn't bother with Caspian after that.

kevjohn on Sep 10, 2008


I have seen nothing about this movie before seeing it online...even the trailer is revetting....cant wait to see it..

TByrd on Sep 17, 2008


Read this book last year with my daughter.... it's the most touching, emotional book we've ever read together. We both can't wait to see the movie, but are thinking of waiting to see it on demand so we can cry in the privacy of our own house.

Liz K on Sep 17, 2008


Saw the film yesterday - the accents for those of use in Europe are okay. It was part funded by the BBC so that is why they have a cast from the UK. We have to get used to American accents in War films in War fims over the years and so you now we see it from our side. No doubt when the film about the Restistance to Hitler is released I hope to see Tom Cruisehe speaking in fluent German. I won't mention the ending but the Cinema audience left in total silence.

marcia on Sep 27, 2008


excuse the typos - what I meant to post Saw the film yesterday - the accents for those of us in Europe are okay. It was part funded by the BBC so that is why they have a cast from the UK. Over the years we have to get used to American accents in War films and so you now see it from our side. No doubt when the film about the Restistance to Hitler is released I hope to see Tom Cruise speaking in fluent German but I doubt it. I won't mention the ending but the Cinema audience left in total silence.

marcia on Sep 27, 2008


Saw this film this week. I cannot get the ending out of my head. The audience looked shocked and upset as they left the cinema here in Dundee. As the film is a BBC Films production that is why the British accents dominate. The Scot David Haymen is excellent as the forced slave worker. Take a hankie to the cinema - the ticket booth asked if I had my hankie, now I know why.

Hamish on Sep 28, 2008


I have read this book & it is quite amazing. A look at the Holocaust through a childs innocence. I wish this movie was released nationwide not just a select few theaters. If this story, all though fictional, doesn't touch you, you must be a heartless person & will likely be a person that doesn't learn from the past.

Shannon on Nov 15, 2008


I saw the film this weekend and felt that, in many ways, it was more powerful than Schindler's List without the graphic detail. It brought the specifics of the Holocaust to the audience. Great movie. Must see!

Babs Bean on Dec 8, 2008


this movie just killed me! we just watched it this afternoon in class, and me and my friends where hyperventallating and bawling 4ever! its so sad @ the end. but it realy is a well-made movie, its just so sad. and whats hurts more is that things like this actually happen. little kids where hurt like that...and solider where brain-washed into thinking Jews had not such a bad life @ concentration camp. Gosh, i feel terrible. that poor boy just wanted 2 be a good friend...:`( and they said it was shower. not what kind of shower, but shower. they thought it was a REGULAR shower!!!!! :`(

Katie on Oct 6, 2009


I actually despair at the level of intellect behind these comments. An ounce of critical thought would tell you that children + Holocaust = Tearjerking Money Machine for the Masses. The entire concept is an insult to anyone who has even a passing interest in World War II. There is no "moral", no "allegory" and most certainly no respect in this dire piece. The book is astonishingly poor, not a "though-provoking" piece of literature unless your thoughts are unusually ponderous, and to base a film on such bilge is inexcusable. But it's nice to know that so many people are obviously incapable of distinguishing between emotional manipulation and a worthy plot.

Sir C on Nov 30, 2009

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