Must Watch: My SXSW Fave - Dance of the Dead Trailer!

August 8, 2008

Dance of the Dead Trailer

The first trailer for one of my SXSW favorites titled Dance of the Dead has finally debuted! I know this is going straight to DVD, but screw it, I saw it in theaters and it kicked ass! It's one of my favorite films this year and deserves to be shown in theaters, but Lionsgate is scrapping it for a measly DVD release. The trailer we've got below is unfortunately pretty low quality, but it is red band, so maybe it'll be enough to capture your attention - because this movie kicked so much ass! Not only was it a blast to watch, but it has some awesome action scenes, such as the graveyard sequence and the final big fight in the high school and so on. Dance of the Dead is your standard zombie movie but features a group of high school loners who couldn't get a date to the prom and must fight to survive. Enjoy the trailer!

In my review, I said that "it's fun, it's exciting, and it's really damn good," adding that "if you're looking for this year's great new zombie flick, this is it." Don't miss it! If you think this deserve to be shown in theaters instead of going straight to DVD, please sound off below. Otherwise, enjoy it for what it is and definitely catch it when it hits shelves. And thanks to IGN for debuting this trailer.

Watch the trailer for Dance of the Dead:

[flv: 480 270]

For more info, head to the official MySpace for Dance of the Dead:

Dance of the Dead is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Gregg Bishop, of 2006's The Other Side, and written by budding screenwriter Joe Ballarini. The film first premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin earlier this year and was picked up for distribution by Lionsagate. Dance of the Dead arrives on DVD on October 14th. The poster for the film is also featured below.

Dance of the Dead

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I love zombie flicks especially when they dont take themselves too seriously and have some fun. Ill be looking this one up for sure.

Unseen on Aug 8, 2008


So it kicked alot of ass then?

Dr Phaust on Aug 8, 2008


Can you really call someting a cult classic (AICN) before it's official release? Isn't the definition of a cult classic something that is not liked by the masses and finds a home with a small minority of the viewing population? Like "Hudson Hawk" or "Mystery Science Theater 3000".

Alex on Aug 8, 2008


they said a perfect 10 in the trailer. I want to see what firstshowing is rating this film.

Darrin on Aug 8, 2008


"We're the sci-fi club, and we're here to rescue you." I laughed so hard at that.

Aldonn on Aug 8, 2008


Sorry, man, I've got to disagree with you. I don't even have to see this to know it stinks. Shaun of the Dead did something for the zombie genre that can't be emulated. And that is to take Romero's sociological satire and make it a side splittingly funny movie. I love zombie flicks, but there are just too damn many of them and it's time for a break or a truly innovative idea to take the genre in the next direction.

JL on Aug 8, 2008


I particularly liked the part where they dressed up the nerdy girl as a vampire and snuck her into... ohhh..never mind.

kitano0 on Aug 8, 2008


looks hilarious. and its clearly not trying to disassociate itself from other films. i like that.

dave13 on Aug 8, 2008


This looks awesome. I'll definately remember to see it.

RandyG on Aug 8, 2008


Amazon has it coming out on DVD October 14, 2008.

RandyG on Aug 8, 2008


this is the movie ive been waiting all my life for.prom+zombies=unthinkableness

twispious on Aug 8, 2008


oh a note: there is a musical show called 'Zombie Prom.' don't ever be apart of the making of it. however, it can be fun to watch. but on that note, i think this movie will be much better than that.

dave13 on Aug 8, 2008


I saw DANCE OF THE DEAD and its nothing like SHAUN OF THE DEAD. For this one, think of an 80's style John Hughes comedy: if John Hughes made a teen comedy featuring Wes Craven Horror and The Simpson's Science. This movie is all about what Horror Thriller fans love! Screenings (outside of fan conventions) are usually sedate affairs with the audience trying to outcool each other with their jaded affectations, and obligatory applause at the end. Not so with this one. The audience was jumping and whooping and having a geat time. SHAUN OF THE DEAD was funny, but DANCE OF THE DEAD is fun! If you can't wrap your head around THAT, then I have an exclusive interview with Director Gregg Bishop at this Monday, AUG! 9.

Feo Amante on Aug 9, 2008


looks funny enough to be worth a watch...

thejugfather on Aug 9, 2008


I saw the movie at the Fantasia Film Fetival, in Montreal. And I can say it was really fun. Seriously. Quit complaining and comparing and get prepared to be entertained, because this is really what this movie is about. Do not mix up with the Masters of Horror movie from Tobe Hooper called the same thing,...I heard this one sucked real hard.

ariel on Aug 9, 2008


I've seen this too and it's nothing like 'Shaun' (they actually wrote the script for this 10 years ago!). But it's definitely the best zombie movie since 'Shaun'! It has a fun 'Monster Squad'/'Goonies' feel. What does "low teenage look" mean? Regarding the poster, you have to remember the marketing department for a movie is different than the movie itself. Looks like they went in a different direction for the final poster:

John on Aug 10, 2008


Per post #15, the interview with director Gregg Bishop is now live.

Feo Amante on Aug 11, 2008


I'm not even into zombie movies, but I totally think this would be a fun one to see simply because it doesn't look like it's taking itself seriously at all. That's what horror movies should be if they aren't thrillers - fun. And honestly, not every zombie movie is going to be Shaun of the Dead. Break out of it a little.

Emma on Aug 12, 2008


Oh my lord. That looks AMAZING! I would go see it in a heart-beat! I love Zombie Films, especially when they have a bit of humor in them. D: why ain't it coming out in theaters? Its looks like it would kick some major @$$ on the big screen!

Madeline on Aug 13, 2008


Hey Madeline (22), Because it's an independent feature with no stars and Lionsgate is releasing it, that's why. Lionsgate was going to release SAW direct to video*. If it wasn't for the fight that producer Gregg Hoffman (co-creator of Twisted Pictures) put up for it. He told them they didn't know what they had and he was right. Unfortunately he died in 2005. Tyler Perry was also willing to fight for his Madea movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman. When asked about the success of his movies, Tyler went on record as saying that Lionsgate doesn't know his audience, HE does. Today, the biggest thing keeping Lionsgate afloat are the two movie franchises they tried to torpedo to DTV. * I know that movie folks don't like to think this way but, if your distributor rents a single screen for your movie for one weekend in a Los Angeles theater, and a single screen for one weekend in a New York theater, that's direct to video.

Feo Amante on Aug 13, 2008


It looks like the tradition continues. There is a huge online campaign to get Dance of the Dead in theaters: You don't need stars to sell this movie. IMHO, Lionsgate is really missing a great opportunity to make a lot of money by not putting this in theaters. Feo Amante, correct me if I'm wrong, but if a movie is screened in a theater for a paying audience and the studio is making money from that paying audience, isn't that called a limited theatrical release? Direct-to-video is when it is literally, well, direct-to-video. That means no theatrical run.

Tina on Aug 15, 2008


Hey Tina, I wasn't referring to DANCE OF THE DEAD (which did in fact have an extremely limited theatrical run long before its DVD release), but Lionsgate's general practices. I failed to make it clear that I was describing my personal opinion, so let me clarify my definition: When I see a movie has already been packaged and burned to DVD, then two weeks before that title hits the shelves, someone gives it a weekend limited engagement, that's what I call a Direct to Video release. But since we're on the subject, I don't feel that DANCE OF THE DEAD was given its just due in wide theatrical release and that's a damn shame. Few comedies need the huge widescreen of a theater (Tropic Thunder will probably be one that does), but Bishop's movie is not only a Horror Thriller comedy, it's action packed as well, and it makes good use of a theater screen.

Feo Amante on Aug 15, 2008


Dance of the Dead was kick-ass!!! Went to Blockbuster three days ago searching out a good movie to see. Noticed this one on a shelf..on sale. And it came to me.. I remember reading the review for this movie over on this site. I purchased this movie and I witnessed it's greatness!!! Kick-ass material that should not be let gone straight to video. Very well deserving of a THEATRICAL REALEASE!!!!! MAKE 'DANCE OF THE DEAD' INTO A THEATRICAL REALEASE, LIONSGATE!!! I loved it! And many people do!!! Kudos to the cast and makers.

John Anthony Sanchez on Oct 31, 2008


Release**** I totally mispelled that twice. You guys get it anyway.

John Anthony Sanchez on Oct 31, 2008


Brand new DANCE OF THE DEAD trailer is up (Red band trailer #2):

Tina on Feb 14, 2009

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