Must Watch: New, Better Forbidden Kingdom Trailer

February 9, 2008
Source: Yahoo

The Forbidden Kingdom Trailer

I know I've been flipping back and forth a LOT with my opinion on the upcoming martial arts movie The Forbidden Kingdom, but now I've settled - holy shit this looks amazing!! This is what a trailer for this movie should be all about! No need to intro it with that terrible story about the kid being transported back in time, you can figure that out when you see it. Just focus on the two great martial artists - Jackie Chan and Jet Li - and then spend the rest of the time showing just a few of the awesome fights we'll see. By the end with the big fight montage I was pumped up and ready to see this tomorrow! I truly hope it's as good as the trailer makes it out to be.

Back in mid-November of 2007 we ran a trailer with some early edits of footage. After watching that I said that it was "pretty much absolute bad ass all contained within one 2-minute video." Then in late December an official teaser trailer was released that I didn't much like. I went as far as to say that "this seems way too cheesy and way too much of a 'fantasy adventure'." Now I've flipped back to the good side again and will officially say that I think this looks like it could be incredible.

Watch the newest trailer for The Forbidden Kingdom:

[flv:forbidden-kingdom.flv 504 210]

You can also watch The Forbidden Kingdom trailer in High Definition at Yahoo

The Forbidden Kingdom is directed by Rob Minkoff, of Disney's The Lion King, Stuart Little, and The Haunted Mansion, and was written by John Fusco (Young Guns, Hidalgo). Wait, what, a Disney director doing a kung fu epic?! The fight choreography in the film was done by Yuen Wo Ping, who choreographed the complete Matrix trilogy and both Kill Bill movies. The Forbidden Kingdom arrives in theaters from Lionsgate on April 18th. The newest poster is featured below.

The Forbidden Kingdom Poster

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I Like, Yes First trailer was bad and cheesey, but this looks promising 🙂

Enola on Feb 9, 2008


Looks very promising. It reminds me f that old movie "Storm Riders"!

Nastydog1093 on Feb 9, 2008


Sorry, two great martial artists past their primes teaming up in a movie, the very premise of which is so cheesy it would make Quentin Tarantino's stomach turn, sounds like a desperate cash-in to me.

Nathan on Feb 9, 2008


Yeah, it looks promising...but it's directed by the guy who did "The Haunted Mansion".

Alex on Feb 9, 2008


Wow! I love this trailer! There are vis fx but they're not overbearing and add to the overall coolness. OK, now I'm REALLY excited!

Jesse on Feb 9, 2008


I must say the first trailer didn't really do it for me, but this one i loved im so pumped to go into this movie and watch two of the best martial artists battle it out with each other and others. Should be a great time, cant waits..

Curtis on Feb 9, 2008


It looks really dope!!!! Does remind me of Storm Raiders like you said. But only one problem. Why throw a white kid in it and kill the whole f-ing movie?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

REAL6 on Feb 9, 2008


^I'm not surprised at the references. They're pretty thick throughout that. Drunken Master, Bride with White Hair, every Lee mu bai (sp) interpretation... I don't fault that, and fading on Jet Li and Jackie Chan because they're old while referencing a director who specializes in using "past their prime" actors (Sonny Chiba, Gordon Lui, etc) doesn't make much sense. The white kid is thrown in the same way it's done in English, to be more acceptable to US/Western audiences. Another tactic I'm not against. This looks entertaining. Nothing groundbreaking, but I'll see most things that involve Wo Ping.

cre2done on Feb 9, 2008


Throw that other trailer in the trash can. This is the one that will change minds; mine for instance. We get a darker look @ the villains & the black sorcery they use. Even Jackie & Jet have a certain cold-bloodedness to them. Also, the humor is very apparent especially during the kung-fu training. Jet Li is a serious bad ass. Jackie is a goofy bad ass with serious skills. I think the Shia twin will be good in this as well. There is always one racist ass in the mix, huh real6? Let me understand this; it looks really dope but has one problem that kills the whole movie. Sound like quite a battle in your brain; poor guy. You shouldn't go see this.

Sinner on Feb 9, 2008


#7's post was hardly racist. I think he's just tired of seeing Asian actors play second fiddle to American actors, which is the case in a lot of Hollywood movies. They could've still marketed this movie to the U.S. audience even without a white actor as the lead. Jet Li and Jackie Chan are INTERNATIONAL stars. To think they can't generate in audience in white America is just ludicrous.

PG on Feb 10, 2008


The last samurai had Cruise as a civil war vet who allied with the samurai. This movie has a white kid from boston time traveling to feudal china. There is the difference, and that is why this movie will suck. This had a promising look however you can never have a disney director work with something like this without tainting it, (the taint being the pathetic time traveling "chosen one"). Sigh, it had a lot of promise too...

ramez on Feb 10, 2008


Looks like a fun movie, maybe a good move back to the early days of Jackie Chan. You know, Drunken Master, Police Story, Who Am I, and to some extent, Rumble in the Bronx. The Tuxedo and The Medallion were bad enough to make a grown man cry.

Brad on Feb 10, 2008


Cheesed up for Hollywood. Get rid of the fucking white kid. Nuf said.

AM on Feb 10, 2008


will definitely watch this... who would want to miss a movie with jet li and jackie chan in it?! not me...

miracle disease on Feb 11, 2008


This movie looks amazing'ly well done, especially the melding of the GC with the martial arts skills of Jackie and Jet. the first low quality trailer from hong kong looks promising, the second trailer (the first international trailer that everyone was referencing as the first) made me a little ticked off, but this last trailer really has me sold. I can't wait to see it.

Avelanch on Feb 12, 2008


I agree with real6, pg, ramez & am. They should get rid of the white guy & stick a fucking asian kid in the film. Am I Right? Actually, while we're at it, they should get rid of Jackie & Jet & replace them w' Jason Statham & Chuck Liddel. That's what they should do, right guys. I completely agree with you crybabies. You ignorant, racist assholes are 100% correct.

Sinner on Feb 12, 2008


As much as I don't want to see an American in the film, (I think 2 international stars can hold their own at the Box office) I'm going to see this with an open mind. I have nothing against the White kid at all. However, I don't think he should be in it. This stuff has been done time and time again in Hollywood. Whether it was the Protector with Chan and the White Guy or Cradle To the Grave with DMX, Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights, Romeo Must Die, The Last Samurai, etc...Hollywood always uses an Amerian to reel in the audience. Although it bothers me, I think this movie is actually going to be good. I'm glad a film has come along that requires Jackie Chan to get serious and perform a real great fight. He hasn't done that since New Police Story and Who am I? I'm also greatful that we're going to see 2 great on screen fighters in a film together.

Jazzman on Feb 13, 2008


Leave the white kid in. If only for the fact that the whiny kid is gonna get his ass schooled. Same thing happened in Last Samurai. I like these movies for showing the arrogant clueless American realizing that there are different, and possibly better ways of doing shit. And maybe, the clueless white kid going to see this movie may like it enough to go back and get the real old school Jet & Jackie films. Don't think of it as a Hollywood sell-out. Think of it as a Kung-Fu gateway drug!

jason_md2020 on Feb 14, 2008


Every time any kind of asian/kung-fu movie is made with a white person cast, these blog posts turn into a race war between whites & asians. It's so sad how unfocused people can be. Nobody really gives a f*ck about the movie anymore. However, you don't see us killing each other in the theaters when the movie is released. I guess we're all talk & no action. It really shows that blog post's, when occupied by racist assholes, aren't always a good way to express ourselves. If some people don't like whites in these films, they should probably shut up & make thier own fu*king movies. What movie are we talking about again...?

Sinner on Feb 15, 2008


Much better trailer. Come on don't pick it apart! Just enjoy some kick ass action! Go Jackie !!!

BatBen on Feb 16, 2008


The kid is the dude from Sky High is it not? Just gotten older, this will be an entertaining movie to watch, just bring the popcorn, if you are entertained will you really care about the story?

Jkrog on Mar 8, 2008


dude all of you people who critcize the film are all full of BS... you all know that YOU ALL are going to watch it regardless and your going to end up LIKING it, not for the sake of being well told or shot but for the sheer entertainment jackie chan and jet li bring us. These masters of martial arts are fun to watch and you have to admit it because if you say you dont like martial arts movies... you lie!! stop giving them crap about "they are past the prime. blah blah" who cares they can still do it better than anyone else

eric on Mar 12, 2008


The movie itself was good. The only thing that spoiled it for me was the white boy! What the heck? I learned from this flick that two of Asias biggest action stars need an unkown white kid to make a film work. Secondly, white boys get the hot Asain girl. Excuse me I have to vomit now.

James on Apr 22, 2008


I just watched this movie. As a Kung Fu fan I went in excited to see Jackie and Jet, together, for the first time. And I really thought that this movie was going to stay authentic and pay homage to all those great kung fu movies from the East. I was wrong. This is basically a Star Wars and Karate Kid, with Jackie and Jet in it. It's the same old theme, White middle-to-lower class kid gets to be the hero by saving the universe. If I wanted to see that shame shit, I'd watch the Karate Kid or Star Wars again, but this was suppose to be different, right? Why did Hollywood "water-down" what could have potentially have been a fantastic movie with Jackie and Jet in it? Is America not ready for two Asian stars? Do they need help from an unknown White-American kid. I would think not. I'm White, and I grew up watching Kung Fu movies and would have watched it without needing a "gateway" White boy to get me excited. America is ready for some real movies!! Hollywood, stop fucking it up!!

KungFu Fan on May 4, 2008


I have to say, having the dumb white kid travel back in time was a stupid idea.

Allen L on Aug 3, 2008


I watched the movie cause I heard Jackie Chan was in it, I was reluctant to because Jet Li makes gay movies. And the White boy spoiled it for me. I guess I wouldn't be offended but fact of the matter is, Asian guys don't get to be with girls in the media, not even Asian girls. I would've enjoyed the movie more if the boy was Black or Mexican, tired of White people portraying their men as hyper attractive cause viewers actually believe it subconciously

Huong on Aug 24, 2010


I want to stab that white kid in the face.

John on Sep 7, 2010

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