Must Watch: New Trailer for Will Smith's Seven Pounds

October 14, 2008
Source: Official Website

Seven Pounds Trailer

Let's try this again! The first time we ran the trailer for Will Smith's Seven Pounds, it was quickly pulled down by Sony. Now it's up again over on the official website and has a few changes and is a bit more coherent. I still think this looks very good, considering almost anything with Will Smith these days (except for Hancock) usually turns out great anyway. The film is about IRS agent Ben Thomas who has the "power" to change the lives of seven strangers, but falls in love with one of them. I still don't get it though, is he some sort of superhero or doctor or rich guy? That can't be right, but I guess it's something I'll have to wait to find out in December when this hits theaters. Take a second look and let us know what you think?

Watch the new trailer for Seven Pounds:

[flv: 480 228]

Academy Award nominee Will Smith reunites with the directors and producers of The Pursuit of Happyness for the emotional drama Seven Pounds. In the film, Smith plays Ben Thomas, an IRS agent with a fateful secret who embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers.

Seven Pounds is directed by Italian filmmaker Gabriele Muccino, of One Last Kiss, Remember Me My Love, and The Pursuit of Happyness previously. The original screenplay was penned by newcomer Grant Nieporte. Sony is releasing Seven Pounds in theaters on December 19th this holiday season.

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"I did something really bad once." Yeah you did, you made Hancock! This looks predictable, but many will see it due to the holiday release and it has the Fresh Prince in it.

David on Oct 14, 2008


i swear that this was the island 2. did you hear the music.

darrin on Oct 14, 2008


ROSARIO DAWSON!!!!! I'm there!!!!!

jvj590 on Oct 14, 2008


THIS is gonna be awesome. I'll be there. For sure.

Gab on Oct 14, 2008


I wish I had more I could give this trailer four thumbs down! Again, this new trailer doesn't explain anything about what the hell he is doing this for! I don't want to end up going to see this and find out either A. they don't bother to properly explain what the reason is he is doing this or B. its going to be a a really lame and cheesy plot line. Not looking forward to a senseless tearjerker this holiday season...

Conrad on Oct 14, 2008


This looks to have potential. Will Smith is always good. I'll also watch anything Rosario Dawson is in because, well, do i have to explain? I like the fact this trailer doesn't give away the whole movie. It's kinda rare to have a film come out and you don't already know the whole plot. Obviously we have a few months to wait, but i hope they keep what this "power" Will Smith has to help these people somewhat under wraps until this is released.

Butters on Oct 14, 2008


5 if trailer told why he is doing it why would you go see it

nelson on Oct 14, 2008


The idea of him being an organ donor seems right but meh, who knows...

Matthwq on Oct 14, 2008


at first I was unsure whether to watch the trailer, cause am not a big will smith fan. But this looks FANTASTIC, it completely has my attention. Not sure whats going on, but looks like one hell of a tearjerker, can`t wait, I HAVE to see this.

buddhistwisdom7 on Oct 14, 2008


@Conrad I don't understand? Why would you want a trailer to give away the entire plot of the film?? I hate it when trailers do this... it drives me crazy. I wish that they'd just go back to doing just teasers for upcoming films. Or shoot the trailers as separate elements from the film. This, by the way looks interesting.. I'm excited to see Will do some more drama.

Pixarman on Oct 14, 2008


This trailer was very well done. Doesn't give too much away, leaves you wondering what he can offer these people, and sets up the story nicely. The song choice was solid too, even if it was from the Island. This looks like a great film, looking forward to it.

Steven on Oct 14, 2008


Best trailer I have seen in a while, the music might be a little too epic, but it is fantastically edited and doesnt spoil the movie like most of the trailers this year.

Boris Van Der Ree on Oct 14, 2008


Interesting.. Very interesting..

Deepak T on Oct 15, 2008


Wow what a lame ass trailer! Will Smith needs to retire!

mike on Oct 15, 2008


Big Will is back, can't wait to see this.

05a88 on Oct 15, 2008


So... without spoiling anything, does anyone have any guesses as to what the heck is going on with Will Smith's character in this??

Alex Billington on Oct 15, 2008


POTENTIAL SPOILERS POTENTIAL SPOILERS POTENTIAL SPOILERS: Uh, I'm guessing he killed people in a drunk driving accident, and is planning his redemption by killing himself, with with deserving donors in mind for his organs (eyes for Woody, heart for Rosario, etc.), but things get complicated when he falls in love. I don't understand why people here are so hostile about a trailer being refreshingly ambiguous.

Colin on Oct 15, 2008


17 nailed it I think. I think the cheeseball epic music is the problem. Don't get me wrong, love crying, love Big Willy crying. But, the mystery element, which is great, could be done a little better. I know no one dug it, but the Doubt trailer handles the sweeeping emotions with (some) mystery a little better. Doesn't matter since nobody's mom doesn't like Will Smith.

b on Oct 15, 2008


sorry to go off the beaten path but, i think he has a 7 pound tumor somewhere and he is about to die....thats my guess or maybe its a prelude to his starring role in The First Avenger: Captain

JNYCE on Oct 15, 2008


Does anyone know the name of the song that plays in this trailer, which someone already pointed out is the same song from that awful michael bay movie the Island?

Arsenal215 on Oct 15, 2008


The song is "My Name is Lincoln" by Steve Jablonsky

Bryan on Oct 15, 2008


This trailer makes the movie seems like a completely different film...good

Chris W on Oct 15, 2008


Looks good and agree with #17, but I feel this trailer turned a lot of people off. When it was in front of BODY OF LIES the clear consenus was WTF. I know this b/c people said it when the trailer ended.

Ryan on Oct 15, 2008



Not You on Oct 15, 2008


The triumphant return of the hi-top fade. Makes the movie view-potential already!!!

BinYe East on Oct 15, 2008


To #21 Bryan: Thanx for the help, i found the song.

Arsenal215 on Oct 15, 2008


Its the sequel to se7en.

werdnafaz on Oct 15, 2008


HA HA, hOW could someone say this was predicatable? I can't even figure out what the heck is going on. Is he a lawyer who knows something that could help people? idk

JayBear on Oct 17, 2008


I meant IRS agent since he is one, but I was thinking on the path of a lawyer.

JayBear on Oct 17, 2008


Another GOOD thing is its not like most trailers that have the WHOLE movie condensed into the trailer, so then you just about see the whole movie before seeing it.

JayBear on Oct 17, 2008


THE ORGAN DONOR IDEA IS GENIUS!! Because he then falls in love with rosario dawson and has to decide whether to save her and the other six or live and not save anyone and also take the risk of her not finding another donor (because he has rare blood or something.)

JayBear on Oct 17, 2008


also I'm thinking 7 pounds is either the weight of a human heart or the weight of all the organs he's donating.

JayBear on Oct 17, 2008


#32: Nice try but a normal adult male heart only weighs 10.5 ounces. But maybe Will Smith just has a really heavy heart 😉

Doc on Oct 19, 2008



john crump on Oct 20, 2008


Gotta agree with 31 and 17, this idea would fit the "power to drastically change his situation" theme. Its got to be his way of redeeming himself for a terrible deed he committed, but first he must learn if they are worthy of his gift. Makes sense, and I like it. Saw the trailer tonight for the first time attached to Body of Lies, the song was a little too epic for the trailer, but it has made me want to see it.

Yup on Oct 21, 2008


My daughter is in this movie so I am looking forward to seeing it! The director is awesome as well!

Tammy on Oct 29, 2008


I will be disappointed in this movie is just a slightly changed adaptation of a CSI Criminal Intent episode where the "criminal" is a man who donated his organs to people he deemed worthy because of their humanitarian pursuits. When he changes his mind about one organ recipient's worthiness after the donation is done, he kills them to get it (the organ) back...or something like that. Sounds like Will Smith is out to give away his organs to those who need them in order to redeem himself?

Max on Nov 6, 2008


I agree, it is painted in a way for us to think he is setting out to find people in need of what he can donate as a gift. So much of the body can be donated that I am sure that would equal more than 7 pounds. I just always think of a baby's birth weight at about that amount.. I am fascinated and for a Christmas time opening, there has to be more there.. I am thinking spirit of giving, joy of life, etc..

Mandy on Nov 7, 2008


Anyone know how they got the name "Seven Pounds"? I don't get the title. But I think #17 got it. It sounds reasonable.

Daniel F. on Nov 7, 2008


4get what ya say about hancock...its the realist depiction of what a superhero might go thru here on earth that ive ever will smith that shyt n he go hard in every movie so yea.....cant wait to see this

aaron boyd on Nov 13, 2008


I myself am a bit skeptical, however this movie was on Oprah and she proclaimed it to be very good. All of the movies she says to be good, I have liked. AND I LOVE Will Smith, so I will go see and decide for myself. Hancock was a bit disappointing though 🙁 Hopefully this movie will be surprisingly good! Very Optimistic!

Ashlee on Nov 14, 2008


YEah. I know i will watch this movie. I agree, hancok wasnt that great but i would really like t see where this one goes. I also LOVE WILL SMITH, which is why i married my husband, he looks like him, JK. I know i will always watch will smith movies. He has done a lot of good movies and lets not ruin his rep bcuz of just one movie. Lets give him a chance... he hasnt let me down, personally.

Me on Nov 14, 2008


who eva is doubtin this movie fow get yall ya just chumps a big big big big big big big big big big fan of will iv seen all his movies,songs, and etc. so dont be dissen on da man ya hear chumps yaaaaaaaaaa hear or ya just deaf ps.i cant wait to see his movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

big big big big big big big ....will fan on Nov 18, 2008


It is his brain -weighs 7 pounds- tumor growth, entanglements adds weight- redemption

Norm on Nov 18, 2008


Netflix says: Distraught over his wife's death -- and convinced that his own actions had something to do with it -- a depressed IRS (Will Smith) agent begins plotting his suicide, vowing to improve the lives of seven strangers in the process. But a chance meeting with a woman who has a life-threatening heart defect (Rosario Dawson) threatens to derail his plans when, suddenly, their budding relationship feels a lot like love. Apparently he's planning to kill himself and give his organs to 7 different people.

Spoiler on Nov 18, 2008


I was thinking about it and I'll wait until its on video, but I'm probably buy it before I even watch it when it does. I mean this sounds like a great movie. My only reasoning for not seeing it in theatres is cause I know I'm going to be crying like a baby....I cried watching Tinkerbell with my son the other

JayBear on Nov 19, 2008


good guess 17 I saw the screening great movie. Go see it everyone.

shay on Nov 19, 2008


This sort of reminds me of the movie (Pay it Forward) Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Haley Joel Osment. To me it seems to have that feel to it in the trailor, helping strangers with somthing they cant do themselves... Hmmm just a thoought.

Erik on Nov 20, 2008


It seems to me that Will Smith's character is planning to kill himself and donate all of his organs to people that are deserving, so that they can live and have better lives. My guess is the girl he falls in love with is supposed to get his heart. Anyway, that's just my take... I'd still watch it though!

jessica on Nov 20, 2008


Great guess for some, however the movie is very good and different from what Will normally does. I was at his screening and red carpet event here on Tuesday the 18 and saw the entire movie. I don't want to spoil it for others so I'm not going to say whats going on. However, I will say 7 lbs represents the burden he carries on himself when it comes to his personal issues. In otherwords the burden is like 7 lbs of excess weight being carried around in his mind. Weid title but the movie is good, especially the ending. Shay

shay on Nov 20, 2008


#25- YES! That was exactly my first thought when I saw this trailer! ahaha. either this movie is set like 15 years ago, or someone in hair/makeup aint doin their job right. And Will Smith is the man... hell, I'd watch him eat breakfast =)

K. on Dec 9, 2008


I think that the title 7pounds is a cross between: 7 days to create the world (as said in the trailer) and the shakespearian pound of flesh to repay a dept. (see details below) I think that he is so overwhelmed by his secret and depression ... that his only redemption for his sins is to payback with the equivilant of 7 pounds of flesh. From Idioms: pound of flesh Home > Library > Literature & Language > Idioms "pound of flesh" refers to a debt whose payment is harshly insisted on, as in The other members of the cartel all want their pound of flesh from Brazil. This expression alludes to the scene in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (4:1) where the moneylender Shylock demands the pound of flesh promised him in payment for a loan, and Portia responds that he may have it but without an ounce of blood (since blood was not promised). [c. 1600]

Ms D on Dec 12, 2008


hancock was an excellent movie you shouldn't judge it in your description of another.

don't worry on Dec 15, 2008


hi every body If you wender why do they call it seven pounds, I think I have the answer, It is so simple for the people who saw the movie, Ben Thomas (Will Smith) helped seven people in the movie, By donating an organ or part of an organ, So he have donated seven parts or POUNDS. ANYHOWS WATHC THE MOVIE ITS GREAT

hossin3000 on Dec 18, 2008


Hi #54 and all, I saw the movie at one of Will Smiths movie screening and I must say it is a very good movie that everyone should try to go see on Friday. I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I won't say if all the guesses are correct or not. However, I will say the ending of the movie will shock the h.... out of you all. Will performance in the movie is so convincing and so real. I'm going to watch the movie again when it comes out on dvd. Will Smith is a fantanstic guy, he was so down to earth at his screening. He's so much more handsome in person, a little smaller and his hair was extremely wavy and groomed. My family and I really enjoyed that special evening. So go see the movie people, you won't be wasting your money or time. Shay Inspirational Management Inc.

SHAY on Dec 18, 2008


oh bahumbug Conrad if you dont anything nice to say Shut the hell up. Will Smith is getting paid (well I might add ) to do what he does act/entertainment. so you haters pipe down get your money right and go see the movie or get the DVD when it comes out!!!!

marlon clinton on Dec 18, 2008


hancock was good, me and over a million other people who saw it liked it as well. what was so bad about? anyway, of course it will be good, will smith and rosario toether will be great....and stop ebing a bunch of haters. spend more time on the things you like about life instead of bringing others down....i don't know it u all realize this but, will smith didn't make the movies hancock, he simply starred in it. and he didn't do a bad job acting in it, so if u didn't like the plot who cares! dont u have something happy you could be thinking about....remember, haters make you famous, cuz while u may be living life happily, a hater is spending time being pissed off at you. so whenever u hate on someone remember that your only halping their cause and stunting you ur own. haters

bgbdsuisue on Dec 18, 2008


We just returned from the movie. If you see it you might understand my comments here. It leaves me with a reflective feeling about the why behind Will's character not wanting to live. Such a tragic loss of his loved one, and some innocents on the road that night. It is sad to think he must pay the pound of flesh for each of the seven lives lost that night, to find a peace, or closure, to what happened. If the rest of society took such pains to understand character of people before rushing to judgment, how much we could change the world.... Merry Christmas, thanks Will and cast! Thanks for the deep thoughtfulness behind this movie. I am tired of all the shallow junk out there. This was worth our time, and our money, to go see it!

kath on Dec 19, 2008


A little dissapointed that two of the scenes in the trailer were not in the actual movie..seemed like good parts.

Theslowdaymakesafastlife on Dec 22, 2008


I just got done watching it....i kind of want my time back They way it starts got me interested because i wanted to know what happened and it just never really unfolds in a way that makes you think "oh, well that makes everything make sense now" i would definitely never buy it

Jessika on Dec 22, 2008


58 you're correct. I saw the movie yesterday. Your description of the title is accurate. Smith is a very good actor.The movie was intense and very well put together. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Mike on Dec 28, 2008


ok well i think the title "7 pounds" has a different meaning the what most people are saying , like the wieght of his heart or organs and blah blah blah, if you watch the movie and saw that in the news paper it said a fata crash kills 7, so because of him 7 people died because it was his fault , so he has that weight on him you know those seven people dead because of him so he carries that weight, hence 7 pounds.... just my guess

eddie on Dec 28, 2008


59: definitely. I jsut watched the film today and the part where Will tells the doctor "You'd better leave me alone", and also the one with the younger(?) teenage girl seem to ahve been cut out of the movie.....

anon. on Feb 23, 2009


so retarded. the movie is called 7 pounds because the aprox. weight of a heart is seven pounds

john on Mar 5, 2009


he gave his heart away at the end to the girl he loved. 7 pound heart see connection?

john on Mar 5, 2009


the appox. weight of a human heart is 11 oz which is just shy of 1(one) pound. But Seven people at 1 pound ea. ????

Jac on Apr 18, 2009


By the way loved the movie. i wasn't originally going to watch it, but am glad i did. On my list of tops that have done more then just entertain but also make me think. A pebble in a stream I guess you could say.

Jac on Apr 18, 2009


Pound of flesh Meaning Something which is owed that is ruthlessly required to be paid back. Origin This of course derives from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, 1596. The insistence by Shylock of the payment of Antonio's flesh is the central plot device of the play: SHYLOCK: The pound of flesh which I demand of him Is deerely bought, 'tis mine, and I will haue it. The figurative use of the phrase to refer to any lawful but nevertheless unreasonable recompense dates to the late 18th century.

Lisa on May 19, 2009


I was also thinking that the name "Seven Pounds" could have something to due with the great dane,Duke,In the movie.Since she said they are known for heart problems,and usually live for seven years,she wanted him because they would have something in common.

Jessica on Jun 8, 2009


¤Arash Esaqzai¤ will smith best movies as view point of me is im legend+bad boys2 etc... and i even dont know when this movie is released i wish this movie will be best like those i name them

Arash Esaqzai on Mar 28, 2010


um, Arash, you do know this was released like 2 years ago right?

kelly on Mar 31, 2010


May be

Arash Esaqzai on Apr 5, 2010

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