Must Watch: Nic Cage's Bangkok Dangerous Trailer

March 28, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous Trailer

The Pang Brothers are back! After bringing us the original two Eye movies and 2007's The Messengers, they're shifting from horror to action and remaking their own movie. Nic Cage stars in Bangkok Dangerous as a hitman who can't finish his latest job. Admittedly this looks pretty damn slick. At the most I'd say it looks like a good fall flick, which is thankfully where it's slated. Although I am concerned - Nic Cage has been putting nothing but bad movies for a few years now: The Wicker Man, Ghost Rider, Next (although National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets is his only recent exception). Check out the trailer below and see for yourself if Cage is making a come back.

Watch the trailer for Bangkok Dangerous:

[flv:bangkokdangerous_trailer.flv 500 272]

Bangkok Dangerous is directed by Chinese brothers Danny and Oxide Pang of The Eye, The Eye 2, and The Messengers. The film is an American remake of the Pang Brothers 1999 film of the same name with a script written by Jason Richman (Bad Company). Lionsgate currently has this slated for release on August 22nd. The latest poster is featured below.

Bangkok Dangerous Poster

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I like it! It might be right up there with Lord of War for me..... It looks loads better then his latest piles of poo.

Breebaby on Mar 28, 2008


The brothers are thai - not chinese.

Deine Mudda on Mar 28, 2008


Pretty slick indeed!! Shades of John Woo--like action. Chalk up a great potential follow up to "National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets". Nic Cage is at it again and on a roll!!

Spider on Mar 28, 2008


Umm this looks crap. Hitman looked much better than this and in my opinion was a good movie.

Jojo on Mar 28, 2008


This does look like crap. As does his hair.....again. Does Mr. Cage even own a mirror? Enough with those long and unflattering hair do's, wigs, weaves, whatever. And now they're jet black. He's dangerously coming close to looking like Gene Simmons.

Rob on Mar 28, 2008


Wow... could it be I've developed a slight interest in seeing a Nic Cage vehicle? At the very least, I'll look forward to seeing it on HBO HD. Not sure I'd risk the 10 bucks seeing a flick from Mr. National Treasure on the big screen.

Great White Snark on Mar 28, 2008


I think it looks good, except for Nic's damn hair! Also, does Nic have to voice over every freaking movie he does!

Jeff Warner on Mar 28, 2008


This movie looks horrible. Its like transporting with Jason Stratham mixed with Hitman and a million manchurian candidate movies. This looks incredibly unoriginal....

Copycat on Mar 28, 2008


looks like it could be good, personally he hasnt turned out a good movie in years except lord of war and windtalkers which were decent, i didnt like either national treasure flicks and he needs a damn haircut he might as well have a mullet it looks so bad the last really good movie he made was gone in sixty seconds which was 2000, maybe he needs to go back and watch raising arizona, amos and andrew, or guarding tess to see what made him the big name actor he is today imdb shows him in pre-production of amarillo slim, im guessing he'll be playing the lead and i think its somethin to look forward to

harrison on Mar 29, 2008


heh... The hair is something that goes with the movie. There is a stylist... the hair is styled for teh movie. It's not like Cage just decided to go with that 'do for the flick on his own. I think Cage is a really good actor, but when he was making a lot of his earlier films they were getting good reviews and making no money. I'd like to see him do something smaller than the stuff he's doing lately. Matchstick Men was pretty good. I'll probably see this just to see how different it is from the original - where they decided to change things or how much of it is just brand new material. There's so many ways the first film could have gone, it'd be neat if they tried something else just for the hell of it.

Squiggly_P on Mar 29, 2008


"Lord of War" was entertaining, but "Weather Man" was his crowning achievement of the last many years. That was a fantastic, hilarious, dark movie. It would be perfect for a double bill along with "American Beauty".

SparklePicnic on Mar 29, 2008


eh, Alex, the douches over at MTV are calling you out: About all the complaints on the Justice League's sucky cast: "... The only reason this movie sucks is because a small handful of Internet Bog site writers and editors keep feeding propoganda to readers and the readers believe it. Alex Billington at FirstShowing.Net comes to mind. These guys write biased, opinionated spins on gossip they hear from people that are in no way connected to the film or the company making the film and readers eat it up as fact. ITS NOT, IT’S CRAP! This movie only sucks because people like Billingtom say it does, and a small handful of fans jump on the bandwagon with them. I personally am buying 23 tickets for family and friends to the movie and have a party planned for that night and I’m proud to be able to say that I was a fan on day one when the Justice League first appeared in a comic book." So, now it's YOUR FAULT everyone is complaining about the cast. Because, if YOU weren't riling everyone up, then obviously they would love the D-list losers cast a Justice League heroes.

rotfl on Mar 29, 2008


Wow, thanks for the note. I'm certain it's the same guy... Everytime I post something about JLA and mention how bad it is, some guy comments and e-mails me saying "PEOPLE DO LOVE JLA! STOP TEARING IT APART". It's a one-man-show... And the "gossip" he is referring to that I "spun" has either been reported stuff or other articles that I made sure to mention as speculation. Not all of it is 100% confirmed, of course, and when it isn't I always make sure to say that it's speculation... He just doesn't like his beautiful JLA movie being torn to shreds... 🙂

Alex Billington on Mar 29, 2008


It looks pretty good. I like Cage and it seems entertaining. If it comes out in the fall like you say Alex, I think it can definitley make some money there.

Ryan on Mar 29, 2008


count me my $10 for this. Looks pretty cool. And I particularly like his 'do. Better than bald, right?

Alfredo on Mar 29, 2008


i dunno, i think bald might be a decent look for cage. Worked wonders for Bruce Willis.

Squiggly_P on Mar 29, 2008


Looks like the sequal to Lord of war......................Will not see unless I stream it

SHANE D on Mar 29, 2008


it looks alright nothing to get excited about, i have to say Nick Cage is somewhat of a joke now he just cannot get in the right movie lets see if this redeems him from all his crap movies he made last year.

Curtis on Mar 29, 2008


hmm...looks ok now...not a must see. i'm gonna need a little more to convince me.

craziemutant on Mar 30, 2008


I agree that Nic Cage has made some awful movies of late. So much so, that I didn't even rent The Wicker Man, Ghost Rider (despite Eva Mendes being in it) or Next. I'm willing to excuse him for the National Treasure movies, I actually enjoyed the first one, haven't seen #2. I have no problem with an actor making a entertaining, family oriented popcorn movie. I'm 24 for the record, no kids. It's hard to constantly make great movies like Leaving Las Vegas, The Rock, and Lord of War all the time. I will give this a chance, it looks way better then Hitman (though I liked it, for what it was). Bangkok Dangerous looks like the most promising hitman movie since The Replacement Killers.

Dustin on Mar 30, 2008


The way he's narating reminds me to much of Lord of War. When it comes to movies where he gets a gun I think he just seems to try to hard to be a bad ass. Don't get me wrong I love him. I also love a few of his movies. I just think besides national treasurer he's just not cut out for action. He needs to go back to things that more suit him. Like love or comedy. Or even some drama. I did enjoy "city of angels" and "It could happen to you". I know my taste on those two wouldn't agree with the general public, but I think he's trying to hard to be an action star. He had his few glimpses of action in the mid 90's but thats over now. Its time to take down the con air wallpaper in his bathroom.

Jaybear on Mar 30, 2008


Back to the subject at hand. I agree with the one poster above, I think Cage is better suited for roles like "Lord of War" and the brilliant and criminally underrated "Weather Man". That will and should become a cult classic. I also finally agree with what Sean Penn said about Cage, he's taking too many commercial roles for the $$$. And not roles to show his true acting skills. I think the guy probably has enough bucks in the bank to step away from the blockbusters for a while. Or at least I wish he would.

Rob on Mar 31, 2008


Back to our regularly scheduled program: For the record, I like Nicolas Cage. He has made some odd choices though in his career. I've never been a fan of his more commercial stuff. I think his best work is in: "Red Rock West", "Wild at Heart", "Raising Arizona", "Matchstick Men", "Adaptation" and the aforementioned "Weather Man". It's where he truly shows what a good actor he can be.

Rob on Mar 31, 2008

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