Must Watch: Official US Trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Che

December 2, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Che Trailer

IFC has finally unveiled the first official trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Che, the double feature epic about Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. If you've been hesitant about these films or just unsure of what to expect, then do yourself a big favor and watch this trailer. It captures the humanity, brutal honesty, and the beauty of Soderbergh's two films in a way that I didn't even think was truly possible. I'm impressed by how great this trailer looks - so much so that I'm actually considering seeing the films again even though it was already grueling sitting through them once. Argue about Che Guevara on your own time, because there's no debating that this an immense achievement for both Steven Soderbergh and Benicio Del Toro.

Watch the official US trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Che:

[flv: 596 322]

You can also watch the Che trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Che is a true life historical epic made up of two individual films (The Argentine and Guerrilla) that chronicle the life of Argentinian revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara. Both films are directed by Steven Soderbergh, of Traffic, Solaris, The Good German, and the Ocean's trilogy previously. The screenplays were written by Peter Buchman, of Jurassic Park III and Eragon previously, and are based on Guevara's actual memoirs. IFC Films is releasing both films together in limited theaters on December 12th, followed by individual theatrical releases for each film on its own starting in early January 2009.

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This looks incredible!

a-dog on Dec 2, 2008


is this Medellin ?lol from entourage, that flopped and almost ruined vinny chase career,haha

pount on Dec 2, 2008


Let's glorify another leftist murdering sonofabitch who only brought misery to the people he claimed to fight for. Another low for Hollywood's ignorati.

nef deppard on Dec 2, 2008


What is the instrumental music in the middle of the trailer?

Thomas on Dec 2, 2008


2 PARTS?! I cannot wait to see this movie. Umph!

Nick Sears on Dec 2, 2008


looks so good, I can't wait to see it. Love that it's in two parts. Love Soderbergh, love del toro should be all time!

adrian on Dec 2, 2008


#3 - Did you even watch the trailer? He wasn't glorified... He admitted he executed people... actually watch the trailer before you claim it's BS! And Soderbergh is the farthest from Hollywood anyone could be...

Alex Billington on Dec 2, 2008


This looks brilliant. Soderbergh and Del Toro seem to work really good together (see his brilliant performance in Soderbergh's traffic for evidence).

BahHumbug on Dec 2, 2008


Jesus Alex, are you a Che fanboy? Calm down. And if you are going to take your history lessons from a movie script then you are in trouble. An example from trailer showing how conflicted poor old Che is, -His "Love of humanity, truth and justice." Yet he killed all who opposed him while working to install a corrupt political system. This is going to be another Hollywood display of moral relativism. Do you really propose that this film is being made to demonise Che? As it should. Considering that most fools on the left think he is worthy enough to wear on a T-Shirt should give you food for thought.

nef deppard on Dec 2, 2008


I think nef deppard is actually the one trying to give history lessons.

Hector N on Dec 2, 2008


Yeah...I'm not sure what to think, but it seems like they're making Che into some sort of Spanish George Washington, which is wrong. He's a complex can't simply condemn him, but you can't glorify him either, because historical fact shows us that Che helped Castro install a Communist Government on Cuba, one that has been bad for the country. If this film looked like a dissection of a complex figure, I might be interested, but cutting from him saying "we will execute all of them" to "He's a hero and an idol" was, quite frankly, horrifying. My question to Alex, the only one who has seen the movie, is this: does the film represent a 3-dimensional angle of the man and his views or is it a one-sided, "Che was a hero" film?

DinoChow on Dec 2, 2008


Glorifying a commi murdering pig. Dumbazz leftist holywood hippies think it's cool wearing their Che or hammer and sickle T-shirts. What moronic brainwashed sheep. I hope someone makes a movie that portrays Hitler's human side, and glorifies his exploits, that's something I'd rather watch. And LOL at Alex getting his panties in a bunch because someone criticized his parasitic hero.

BILL on Dec 2, 2008


I think David Lynch is the farthest from Hollywood...

wm on Dec 2, 2008


I think my grandmother is the farthest from Hollywood.... she lives in Maine

Daniel on Dec 2, 2008


I think Takashi Miike is the farthest from 'HOLY'wood

REAL6 on Dec 2, 2008


looks good, I don't agree with some of Che's views, but the movie looks good.

Scott McHenry on Dec 2, 2008


I don't think the individual films are any longer called The Argentine and Guerrilla. At the Toronto Film Festival it was just Che Part 1 and Part 2 and it says the same thing at the end of the trailer (with individual credits for each film)

Sean Kelly on Dec 2, 2008


So you call him a murdering SOB? They were at war! What do you think war is all about?

Austin on Dec 2, 2008


I guess everyone has forgotten that's just a movie portraying what they think happened years ago based on memoirs. But it's still a movie, if you want to learn who Che really is read a scholarly book don't watch a movie. Che's views were wrong but effective because the situation at that time called for it. That area of the world including, Latin America and South America has always been violent with civil war and dictators. But my thoughts about are this, you criticize the acting and directing, the movie parts not the historical parts because its a waste of time arguing.

Andrew on Dec 2, 2008


Ok calm down boys. Let's pump the brakes. It's a movie. Plenty of movies exist about bad guys, bad/good guys, good/bad guys. And frankly, it usually makes for a good movie. Scarface? Goodfellas? Bad guys can be fun to watch. Plus Benicio is the shit. He's the one guy in movies that I'm always like who is that guy and then during the credits....that was HIM? Dude.... Keep it real Alex!

Matty on Dec 2, 2008


Che was / fue the King of Lear of the New Age. He was all Sartre said. I have read almost everything that was written about him/ or he/ Che wrote- for many years. Never ever an innoscent was executed by him-see Jon Lee Anderson`s biography on it. Many lies have been spread about him. Latin America always has been the back yard of the US. BAtista was their puppet and Havanna a whorehouse of the US, until Fidel Castro came. Not one single child begs for money on Havanna`s streets, although not everything is ideal. Read and learn. Learn even more.

Aleidita on Dec 3, 2008


I a huge fan of sodebergh's work. Del torro has already received best actor prize at the cannes fim festival, I can anticipae this is going to be a captivating and challenging movie for audience across the board.

Fab Poller on Dec 3, 2008


I'm a huge fan of sodebergh's work. Del torro has already received the prize for best actor at the Cannes film festival, I can anticipate that this is going to be a captivating and challenging movie for audiences across the board.

Fab Poller on Dec 3, 2008


Where did the music in this trailer come from? Thanks.

Thomas on Dec 3, 2008


This film looks very well made, i am not sure what to think of it yet, but for sure i will watch it (I changed my mind over the past months). At least the performances and the cinematography seem to be top notch. Thanks for the trailer, better than the first one.

Mario Tenorio on Dec 3, 2008


I think I’ll go with Nelson Mandela on this one, when he declared: “Che’s life is an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom. We will always honor his memory.”

Black guy on Dec 3, 2008


I wonder if people gave the same reaction to The Motorcycle Diaries (which focused on Che before he became a revolutionary)?

Sean Kelly on Dec 3, 2008


When a film maker here's an interesting concept they research that topic and use the information they find to produce a compelling story. I doubt Soderbergh went into this film with a "leftist hippy propaganda" agenda in order to change people's minds about Guevara. If he wanted to promote the man's ideals and what he stood for he'd be running for a position in government, not making movies. My point being that no matter what your political views of Che are this is a film which depicts his life and lives in the gray, not the black and white. I'm so sick of the Guevara is evil, no he's not, yes he is, bickering that immediately follows anything regarding this movie. If Soderbergh would created the film according to a bias towards either side of Guevara's ideals I'm sure this film wouldn't be 4.5 hours long because he would have ran out of material. I've endured this argument before regarding Stone's W and even though I disagree with Bush's policies I still enjoyed an unbiased portrayal of his life even though everyone around me was boycotting the film because it showed a more human side to him. People can't stand to keep an open mind about others who they've demonized so they prefer to hold on to those labels and demonize anyone else who happens to mention them again. Soderburgh is a creative mind who found an interesting and unique story and ran with it...period.

Peloquin on Dec 3, 2008



Peloquin on Dec 3, 2008


How the hell did Peter Buchman pull this off?

angryKID on Dec 3, 2008


all i want to know is whos that beautiful young lady in the picture

harrison on Dec 3, 2008


when it comes out i am ordering it on io cuz ifc films has a deal with io and that means once the ifc movies come out they we be on demand too

Darren on Dec 3, 2008


Che was a bad person. Now Idi Amin, he was a great man!! That's why it was alright to make a compelling film about him featuring a wonderful performance (or two or three), because he was such a sweet, loving guy. Make another movie about him please, but not Che. Movies should only be about good guys, and should never show a bad guy as anything other than a snarling subhuman beast who likes to chew on BBQed baby limbs and rape nuns all day long. BILL: "I hope someone makes a movie that portrays Hitler's human side"...

kevjohn on Dec 3, 2008


Alex, give me a break. While I agree with you that one needs to see the film before giving a definite opinion, you are the last person I would think of when I want an unbiased opinion. The second that garbage trailer making fun of Mike Moore debuted, you complained it was gonna be an unfair portrait making fun of your beloved left winged saint. I have no problem seeing the film before making an opinion, but don't blast people for doing the same shit you do over and over on this site. I love it, but you need to give your crazy leftist rants a rest every now and again. Let the person watching the trailer decide if we like it rather than trying to ram everything down our throats.

Drew on Dec 3, 2008


i was thinkin the same thing, pount

Darrin on Dec 3, 2008


Che ... one of the greatest men to ever walk the earth. heroic beyond words. Hasta la Victoria Siempre !

Mark on Dec 6, 2008


Looks interesting. Really I just want to see Benicio Del Toro's acting chops once again. I'm also interested in how/if this movie is slanted. If they make him out to be a hero then I'll have to just laugh it off.

Syphous on Dec 7, 2008


Hi Alex, I'm a big fan of your web site but as a Cuban American I'm very well aware of who El Che was and what his contributions to the world were. So I can't go along with you on this one. I don't need to see the trailer nor the film for that mater, just like no one should need to see a film about the life and times of Hitler or Stalin, to know that they were terrible men. El Che was not some Robin Hood type revolutionary, he was a cold blooded killer. He killed anyone who he even suspected of conspiring against him with so much as the resemblance of a trial. There are countless accounts of him walking up to prisoners in a cell and shooting them dead on the spot. If this film was about the things that Che did and the price that the people of Cuba have paid for believing in him then it might have some redeeming value. Hence the only reason to see this film is as a form of entertainment, I choose to spend my time and money else where. Hollywood movies always seem to come in pairs, maybe this will spur a film that show the truth. I doubt it though, might not be so entertaining.

RJ on Dec 8, 2008


Dear Matty #20 Dude, way to be the cool voice of reason in this battlefield of opinions. I just realised how wanky that sounded, but all the same, good comment. In my own ever so humble opinion, the debate of "is hollywood celebrating and praising the life of a killer and someone whose political ideals helped create a government whose actions still effect people today" is more than verified. However Soderberg himself said, he wasnt taking a side on the man, he was just portraying the facts with some dramatic licence. He is meaning to show him as a murderer or a revolutionary (the trailer used both words) he was just saying what happened, some thought this and some thought that, and thats Ok, every one is entitelled to an opinion, and your culture is and on huge factor in where you stand on the man. However, lets put the political speak away and lets just say that the films look amazing. Its work like this that may just bring audiences into independent cinema, and Benicio Del Toro is SOOOOO perfect for Che, We can all tell he's going to amazing. As a matter of fact, if a certain "Mr. Rourke" didnt decide to wear brightly covered spandex and get in a ring to beat up some guys, he may have just bought home a well deserved oscar. P.S If Soderberg made this movie with George Clooney in the lead, then you'd just know that something was up with those two

Jake on Dec 8, 2008


To the laughable Gusano # 39 --- Reductio ad Hitlerum: dog Latin for "reduction (or argument) to Adolf Hitler (or the Nazis)" – is a modern informal fallacy in logic. It is a variety of both questionable cause and association fallacy. The phrase reductio ad Hitlerum was coined by an academic ethicist, Leo Strauss, in 1953. Engaging in this fallacy is sometimes known as playing the Nazi card. Godwin's Law: (also known as Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies) is an adage formulated by Mike Godwin in 1990. The law states: "As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one." The law is now applied to any threaded online discussion: electronic mailing lists, message boards, chat rooms, and more recently blog comment threads and wiki talk pages. El Che Vive !

Juan on Dec 10, 2008


It’s politically blasphemous to say anything positive, or even nuanced about Che around right-wing Cuban exiles. Worldwide, however, the loathing of Che is an extreme minority view. Che was more complex and contradictory an historical figure than some people understand. However simple minded Americans & mostly white Cuban cast-offs like their characters to be unambiguous and simple: Good OR Bad; Black OR White; Saint OR Sinner, etc. In reality, things are rarely so simple. That’s one of the reasons that Adolf Hitler is so often pulled out in an argument: There are relatively few people who embody absolute evil so clearly and readily. Hence the 200 or so Batista War Criminals that Che had shot ... morphs into the 12 million Jews that Hitler did. = ABSURD beyond words. The hysteria and the manic frustration expressed by right-wingers (especially Cuban exiles) regarding the continuing—and growing—popularity and iconic status of Che is in itself very revealing. Complexity is not their strong suit. Seeing more than the surface is a little hard for right-wingers (especially those formerly wealthy Hacienda & Latifundio owners of the Batista-Mafia-era Cuba). Everyone must fit into the “Superman vs. Lex Luthor” box. Reality is harder to pigeonhole. Can most non-Cuban conservatives tell you anything at all about Fulgencio Batista? Do they mention the 20,000 Cubans killed by Batista's mafia based police state? Do they discuss the difference in how Che's men released all captured enemy soldiers, while Batista's goons gouged their eyes out and tortured them? Nah ... to a right-winger (the kind that wanted to hand the nuke codes to a half-literate ex beauty queen who believes in witchcraft) there are only heroes and villians. Just like in their biblical fables they cling to so much.

To Juan (above) on Dec 10, 2008


It's funny by saying I am a cuban american that you have some great insight. Yeah well I am also Cuban American and know this movie is going to be great. And as a Cuban American I remember the Batista that was even worse. And as a Cuban American this movie is going to be good rather you like Che or not. I can't wait to see the sequal Medellin although its a completely different historical figure

jd on Dec 10, 2008


"To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary...These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the The Wall! (El Paredón)" --Ernesto 'Che' Guevara "Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine. This is what our soldiers must become … " Che Guevara If people really think this sounds like a man that we should be glorifying, then we really do live in a messed up world... Yes, Batista was worse...but how does that matter? That doesn't give us justification in glorifying a "less successful" mass murderer. If Che had the chance, he would have murdered thousands and thousands more. And someone posted earlier that he only killed a few hundred, that's WAY off...Che has acknowledge several thousand firing squad executions, including women and children. even Che's own GRANDSON has been published criticizing Castro and the regime he and Che fought to create... Sure, he was fighting for what he believed in...but then should we look up to al qaeda too? after all they are just killing people who stand against their beliefs, just like che. As to the movie, sure it looks well made and possibly great acting...And perhaps I will see it to verify what the message of the movie actually is, but considering one of the advisers of the film was from Che's guerrilla camp and very close to Che, and much of the information was taken from Raul Castro's diary, I dont really need to see the movie to guess what direction the movie takes.

LK on Dec 13, 2008


sure guys you can talk and talk. I`m from argentina and I know about Soderbergh, del toro, holliwood and how far is Lynch of all that, but the true is that you live in us and don´t know anything about Che , about why he did what he did ,and why the people love him for ever. You have to live it. Maybe you can take a trip around Latin American this summer`s vacation and see, becouse some uf you are living inside a bigmac box. Sorry for my english, I really like this site, i love movies and this trailer looks fu**ing great.

emiliano on Dec 13, 2008


i dont believe in heroes and villains . In the end the winner is termed the hero. That is all to it. History is written by the winners and winners are always the heros.

joe on Dec 14, 2008


Che is one of those historically figures I've never gotten around to studying. I loved the Motorcycle Diaries but always look the love-fest aspects of it as it pertained to him with a grain of salt. Per the above comment about Che's relative lack of "evil," 200 dead enemies is far less than Batista, true, but 200 more people than I've ever killed. Soderberg's track record certainly doesn't suggest he would make a partisan whitewash of the guy either way. Man, is this movie bringin' out the Palinesque right wingnuts, though. lol

robert on Dec 15, 2008


See this is where El Che messed up ... Che should have - Bought a peasant girl, made her his slave, then raped her and had her give birth to his child (Jefferson) - Next Che should have made all the rich oligarchs walk hundreds of miles before leaving the country in a 'trail of tears' (Jackson) - Once his legend was solidified he could send one of his commanders to do a 'march to the sea' where he burned out all the govt homes and Batistaites who had been defeated (Lincoln/Sherman). It's a shame he didn't follow the great paths history already laid out for him ... then instead of being on the Cuban Peso he could be on the DOLLAR BILL.

HIStory Man on Dec 16, 2008


B. Hussein Obama was inspired by this murderer. In 19 days, we head officially down the road to a socialist regime of separatism, envy, hatred and murder. Let's see how America gets torn limb from limb by its enemies once the weak-kneed empty-suit Che worshipper comes to power. The USA: 1776-2009 RIP

Very Largeboner on Dec 31, 2008


"#3 - Did you even watch the trailer? He wasn't glorified… He admitted he executed people… actually watch the trailer before you claim it's BS! And Soderbergh is the farthest from Hollywood anyone could be… Alex Billington on Dec 2, 2008" I could tell you the same about the Dragonball movie. Have you seen the DB:Evolution movie already?, because you seem to bash it non-stop for any reason, considering most fans (65%+) like what they are seeing. About this murdering beast called Che, no comments.

JoseMP on Jan 1, 2009


Regardless of your political/sociological views this looks like a great flick. Perhaps now the Ambercrombie and Fitch kids will think about what T-shirts they wear and why instead of donning that Che t-shirt they saw at Hot Topic last week...

Perkins on Jan 3, 2009


I can't wait to watch it too bad i can't watch it in my own state because people in South Florida don't know how to act and acting like communist people by telling us what we are allow to play in the theaters and what must not play. I don't even have the right to watch it in my own state because its not allowed in the MOVIE THEATER!!!! thanks alot 🙂

Diana on Jan 5, 2009


Haha, I wonder if they are going to have Eva Peron in this singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina. They could probably get Madonna to do it.

akrialet on Jan 6, 2009

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