Must Watch: Officially Badass JCVD Trailer

October 11, 2008
Source: Yahoo

JCVD Trailer

The muscles from Brussels is back! Well, not officially, but he's at least back in movies. JCVD stars the one-and-only Jean Claude Van Damme in a bank robbery story. You've really got to see it for yourself to understand what makes this such a unique film and why it's not the Van Damme movie you may be imagining. I first caught this up in Toronto and again in Austin at the Fantastic Fest, enjoying it immensely both times. Some people might walk away hating it, others might walk away loving it, but at the very least, you'll see Jean Claude Van Damme back on the big screen in a way you've never seen him before!

I gave this a solid 7.5 out of 10 after seeing it up in Toronto. It's a very good film, but it has some major flaws. I'll still suggest seeing it, as I said above, but don't expect the most triumphant comeback you've ever seen.

Watch the official trailer for JCVD:

[flv: 500 212]

JCVD is directed by Brazilian filmmaker Mabrouk El Mechri, of a few French short films previously. The screenplay was co-written by El Mechri, Frédéric Bénudis and Christophe Turpin. This first premiered during Cannes this year and later went on to show at the Toronto Film Festival. Peace Arch Entertainment is releasing JCVD in limited theaters starting on November 7th this year. The poster is featured below.

JCVD Poster

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holy shit I had no idea that this was the premise. Awesome.

bret on Oct 11, 2008


I never thought I would say this about a Jean Claude Van Damme movie... but I can't wait to see it!

Tony on Oct 11, 2008


Welcome back Lionhart!

dac_fan on Oct 11, 2008


Well I'll be damned this looks fuckin' great, maybe there is redemption for Van Damme everyone deserves a comeback.

PimpSlapStick on Oct 11, 2008


I want this on dvd right now! Huh makes ya think if Steven will try to do something like this.

jesse on Oct 11, 2008


looks like fun

Darrin on Oct 11, 2008


really cool

Al on Oct 11, 2008


"He promised to cut off his hair" Golden

Jaf on Oct 11, 2008


I still can't figure out whats bad ass about this...

Richard on Oct 11, 2008


Aside from Kickboxer and Bloodsport, nobody gives a shit !!!

LORD POON on Oct 11, 2008


# 10 I agree that quote and than JCVD sighs classic. Steven couldn't make a comeback he's to fat. Defiantly looks interesting, nice trailer for it.

atgeeks on Oct 11, 2008



Heath on Oct 12, 2008


Now I know what the whole story is. I still like the first trailer the best though. I'll definitely see this in theaters.

Film-Book dot Com on Oct 12, 2008


It looks different from his previous movies.... Wayyyyy Diferentttttttt............. I hope its better.

Lucky on Oct 12, 2008


it's way better than any of his movie because it's not the same at all !! you must see it !!

Pauline on Oct 12, 2008


I dont get it. Whats so special about this ? Looks like a drama, something he has been trying to do in the past and failed.

Shige on Oct 12, 2008


I have to see this. Thanks for the trailer.

Mario Tenorio on Oct 12, 2008


where's his signature flying split kick?

Matt Suhu on Oct 12, 2008


Looks like a good festival film. Badass...? I wouldn't call it that!

Tschai on Oct 12, 2008


I thought this was supposed to be a French film, no?

Angelo on Oct 12, 2008


Like some of you said up top, i have no idea what is so great about this movie.

Big r on Oct 12, 2008


I must admit, this look real interesting. Can't wait for this.

L on Oct 12, 2008


lol I TOTALLY wanted to hate this movie. But I honestly want to watch it now. this looks great. i hope it lives up to the trailer.

John Knox on Oct 12, 2008


Looks interesting. I'll reserve judgment for when I actually see it. He is capable of doing the drama thing. A few of his films have let him explore it. Personally, I think the guy's movies are a genre all their own. Some good, some bad, some downright terrible. They all have one thing in common. He ends up playing the same character, over and over, much like John Wayne did, and yes, even Steven Seagal (ugh). JVCD could be a big deal. I love it when people make comebacks, against all odds, so I hope this works out for him. I just saw on IMDB that another Universal Soldier is in rumored to be in the making, with JCVD and Dolph Lundgren. How effin cool would that be?

TCox on Oct 12, 2008


this movie looks very interesting. would this be considered a 'dark comedy?' anyhow, this is one movie i will be seeing.

J: on Oct 12, 2008


This does look good! Van Damme playing himself in a pretty riveting and inventive premise--that's what is pretty 'badass' about it! I see it! I always posted on this site that Van Damme's comeback was long overdue. I really hope that this flick puts him back in the limelight-- especially with it's originality! I'll be checkin' this one out! 😀

Spider on Oct 12, 2008


First Sly Stallone, then Bruce Willis (well, not really), then Harrison Ford; Arnold in '03, now Van Damme! Holy crap! Mel Gibson---we're waiting (Lethal Weapon 5) and Seagal, Jenny Craig is on the line--you're curtain call is approaching! These are the real action stars!

Blue Silver on Oct 12, 2008


But only Sly actually succeeded in making something better than the previous instalment(s) in the franchise. So actually Jean Claude's real comeback should be Universal Soldier 2. Ps. JC van Damme has been on a steady way up the (action) top, since 2003. After numerous terrible films that started in 1995, his In Hell and Until Death were a very warm welcome in the genre.

Angelo on Oct 12, 2008


#30 Either way Sly did make a comeback! It was a big plus that his films just happened to be better installments. Van Damme's "JCVD" could easily be a comeback vehicle --just a different kind of film (think John Travolta's "Pulp Fiction"---that was a big comeback) I read online that the new"Universal Soldier" is going straight to DVD(just like all other straight to DVD fare that were always rumored to be released theatrically). Either way, I wish this one puts him back in the mainstream, then more buzz will be generated for his "Soldier" film and maybe, just maybe a theatrical release.

Pickle on Oct 12, 2008


That really looked better then i would have tought! 😀 Just thinking about Van Damme makes me laugh.. But the concept of the movie sounds really entertaining. Cant wait to see it!

max on Oct 12, 2008


Is this some kind of joke? All those magazines and reviewers praising THIS film (and Jean-Claude)!??

??? on Oct 12, 2008


I guess the joke'S on u, ???!!! lol Believe it!!! Jean-Claude is BACK! and rightfully so!

XXX on Oct 12, 2008


Ok, for you idiots that just wants to see him kick and punch, please don't say nothing in this blog unless you have some type of intellect inside that peanut brain of yours. From the trailer, it looks like a sleeper. how well will it do in america... not so sure. But I believe it's a must see. JCVD shows us JC in a different light, seems awesome.

Rudy on Oct 12, 2008


WOW. That's all I gotta say! Its like he's redefining a genre by creating an entirely new one. Incredibly clever! That's all I'm gaining from this trailer!

Nick Sears on Oct 12, 2008


To #28, "Van Damme playing himself in a pretty riveting and inventive premise–that's what is pretty 'badass' about it! " ...........hey numbnuts maybe you never heard of Being John Malcovich where John Malcovich plays himself....not the first time, and like most people with any sense I still dont see whats so great or badass about this....stop being sheep idiots , just cause the title to this article says so....JCVD is a washed up martial arts goon who got his ass kicked by a hells angel in a titty bar and for about a decade his movies are straight to I said before other than Bloodsport and Kickboxer....Mrs Van Damme is about as useful as sand paper toilet paper.....maybe you should use some #28...NUFF SAID...I'M OUT THIS BITCH !!!

LORD POON on Oct 12, 2008


37 - I can see what you're talking about with being 'washed up' but it seems like he's not only embracing it but trying to set off a plot that takes us on a new spin with a name we've(the hollywood audience) labeled into one of our 'classic action hero actor stories gone dry' I think JCVD is taking this film towards a self-deprecating, yet legitimate angle that 1/2 we base in reality and 1/2 we leave to cognitive dissonance. I think he's doing something new and fresh by taking his 'name' that our culture has laughed at in the last ... 5-10(?) years, and totally freshening it up! I think its quite bold to try something that we necessarily haven't heard before. It seems to be a simple plot, but the fact that he's using his own JCVD persona towards it - is pretty cool and (I don't know about everybody else) makes me curious to see what the hell happens in this flick. Anybody else feel curious about how this turns out?

Nick Sears on Oct 12, 2008


WRONG BET! Hes got my $$$Gladly

werdnafaz on Oct 12, 2008


To #37. Listen up needle dick, I don't take too kind for a real freakin' idiot to try to insult me without knowing his ass from a hole in the ground. Yes, I've heard of "Being John Malkovich". Is Malkovich an action star? No!(But being the dumb ass that you are you must be counting "Con Air") Is Van Damme a washed up star? Not judging by this trailer. How many action stars---let alone semi-forgotten stars have tried something new in this genre? Zip! In my book that kicks ass you HATER! ***Get a freakin' clue next time you decide to bash someone for posting something you don't like! Calling us "sheep idiots" will not get you very far--- it's only a matter of time 'til you get more people coming down on your ass. So don't waste any more of OUR time sharing your experiences with sandpaper up your ass---no one is interested!

Spider on Oct 13, 2008


Ha Ha Ha! You go Spider! Tell that nimrod@37 how it izzzz..... Van Damme rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheep idiots? Your mama iz my sheep idiot.

Blue Silver on Oct 13, 2008


Guys....give Van Damme a break, just wait til the movies is out before trashing it and him. Obvisously the guy is trying, not only to revive his career, but it seems he's also trying to break new ground in his "acting" anyways I think the guy should get his shot at a comeback. If nothing else it'll light a fire under these limp dick "Action heroes" we got now, Vin Diesel? Just give the guy a chance.

PimpSlapStick on Oct 13, 2008


off topic: for LORD POOP@#37 lay off from coke man... it does nothing good for you but only hallucinations of being omniscient and your not even close to being one... calling someone "idiot" only proves how "idiot" you are (misery loves company you know)... on topic: this is interesting... based on the trailer, i really thought that JCVD once rob a bank for real (did he?) regardless, i'll give this a chance and watch it with an open mind...

miracle disease on Oct 13, 2008


Serious? Did I miss the "badass" part. Wow. Weak

jrat on Oct 16, 2008


that was totally unexpected! seems promising im excited to watch this now. for those who dont get it, im really so sorry for you:)

vonito on Oct 17, 2008


GOOD SH!T JEAN CLAUDE!!! Definitely a must see. steven who???????

Cyfer1 on Oct 24, 2008


this is diffrent but it looks good though

raider98 on Oct 25, 2008


van damme the best

milanezoo on Oct 27, 2008


This actually looks pretty damn interesting.

DavE on Nov 5, 2008


I just saw this movie. I have to say I've seen every van damn movie. Van Damn, showed real talent as an actor, which I have never seen from him in any other movie he has done. I know he was portraying himself which is not to much of a stretch. There was a moment when he was held hostage in the bank, and reflected on how he has gotten to this point in his life, all of a sudden he spoke directly to the camera(audience) about 8min of how his life had gotten to where it is presently and his struggles over the years. This was a very heartfelt message to his fans and not for show, you could see this was not rehearsed, yet raw and were able to understand the demons that he has hidden from the public. After that scene, it kind of made me feel for the guy and understand him a bit more. If, this movie doesn't get released nationwide, it's a damn shame. This was worth the wait. I truly believe this was his comeback. This will definitly legitimize him as an actor. I highly recommend seeing this movie,4 stars..........and don't get me wrong, he has made some crappy films but this deserves the attention.....

lee on Nov 22, 2008

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