Must Watch: Oliver Stone's W. Teaser Trailer

July 27, 2008

Oliver Stone's W. Teaser Trailer

Are you ready for this? George W. Bush that drinks and gambles? The first teaser trailer for Oliver Stone's W. biopic has just hit and it's not that bad! I'm not sure it will be any good either, but I'm going to leave that judgment up to you. I'm amazed to see that they're showing him in such a revealing light throughout all of this trailer. He looks like a troublemaker and the trailer poses an interesting question - how did he get into the White House?! W. tells the life story of our 43rd President, George W. Bush, and his rise to power and prominence. As everyone already knows, this is a very highly anticipated movie and I hope this teaser lives up to all of the early expectations. Thoughts?

Watch the first teaser trailer for Oliver Stone's W.:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the W. teaser trailer in High Definition on AOL

W. is directed by Oliver Stone (Platoon, Wall Street, JFK, Nixon, Alexander) with a screenplay written by Stanley Weiser (Project X, Wall Street). Lionsgate recently picked up the distribution rights to W. and will be releasing it on October 17th just before the election.

Oliver Stone's W Teaser Poster

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Reader Feedback - 89 Comments


Having Oliver Stone do a movie on Bush is like having Rush Limbaugh do a movie on Hillary Clinton. It'll be entertaining, I'm sure.

Chris H on Jul 27, 2008


"I'm amazed to see that they're showing him in such a revealing light " Hello and welcome back to the reality. They did not show half of what Bush was. I really have no idea where Stone is going with this project. Is it a satire, a biography, a drama, a thriller, a comedy or what the hell is this thing ? I only get a hunch that Stone feels he has been having a strike of failures recently and wants to create a flick about a hot topic. Well, if thats the case he better release this thing before Obama takes the presidency or else the whole Bush dynasty thingie will become outdated.

shige on Jul 27, 2008


This looks so silly and dumb to me. Josh Brolin couldn't have been a worse choice for casting in my opinion. I mean come on. Does he look or even talk like George W Bush? This looks like a SNL casting job that somehow ended up in the hands of a once-great director.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 27, 2008


How exploitive is this?!?! I agree with two saying how Stone is doing this just for the attention after his last few flops that were really flops. Just look at the cast! WTC was OK, but this???? It looks like a mess. I really don't think this will be the controversial hit like 9/11. I think it will be a controversial flop. Controversy brigns attention but it certainly doesn't bring in audiences anymore.

Ryan on Jul 27, 2008


ok, WHAT????????

minadrake on Jul 27, 2008


Oh, I mean Farenheit 9/11 as the controversial hit. Not the event itself. Sorry!!!!!!!!

Ryan on Jul 27, 2008


I'm sorry. This is just too random. The casting is terrible and i agree with #2, im not real sure what genre this film its in. Oilver Stone is just searching for controversy again...and its getting old.

Spencer on Jul 27, 2008


Does this mean in four or eight years well be seeing a Obama or McCain movie... thank god Coolidge isnt president.

Darknight on Jul 27, 2008


Genre? Who cares about "genre." Genre is a term for high school film students and Blockbuster video. Take it for what it is. Regardless, I still don't know what to make of it.

Nthngmn on Jul 27, 2008


looks great!!!

louis on Jul 27, 2008


They should have got Jamie Foxx to play Tony Blaire hxxp:// (at 0.58)

zwandaba on Jul 27, 2008


There are no words to describe how much I despise every single person named in this trailer. It's a who's who of circa 2003 political criminals. It's just missing all the democratic criminals as well. I wanted to puke because of the choice of music for this criminal montage. How much did this movie cost to make? Too much. I could think of a billion better things to spend the money on.

Zso on Jul 27, 2008


This movie will most likely fail just like every other liberal anti bush/anti war films

Arnold on Jul 27, 2008


More liberal garbage. There will be thousands of facts as Stone sees them in this thing and only two will probably have any real truth connected with them. Another Hollywood halfwit hatchet job on a republican. You would think the Hollywood money people would have stopped bankrolling such tripe as the horrific receipts for all the anti-war movies emptied their fortunes. No thanks to any political movie with the following liberal morons involved. Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, George Clooney, Rob Reiner, Oliver Stone, John Cusack, Bryan Depalma, Barbara Streisand (her moron husband and son), Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon (stick to Bourne), Michael Moore, Al Gore, Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen and more.

CajunMike on Jul 27, 2008


Well its being made by Oliver Stone so of course it is going to be terrible.

CSpuppydog on Jul 27, 2008


I'm gonna see it for sure and fuck all you conservative pricks your time is up.

PimpSlapStick on Jul 27, 2008


Arnold wrote: "This movie will most likely fail just like every other liberal anti bush/anti war films" Hmm..., you mean like Fahrenheit 911 failed? If that's failing... LOL

cufford on Jul 27, 2008


Pimpslapstick: If you think Obama is a cinch to be the next president, I have some oilfields in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge to sell you. Hey Hollywood, anyone working on a screenplay for a John Edwards movie? You know, the one where he's out banging a woman in charge of producing his political commercials, he impregnates her all while his wife is undergoing cancer treatments. Oliver Stone, are you interested in that one? Of course not, we can't even get the mainstream media to report on this developing story. Oh yeah, that's right, Edwards is a democrat.

CajunMike on Jul 27, 2008


It's funny how people aren't looking at this as a movie, a work of fiction - which it is - but rather as a political fight of some kind, and are criticizing the thing based upon their political leanings. It's just a movie people. A work of fiction, based on some actual history we've all heard before. Yes, he was a drunk...yes he did drugs...yes he was arrested for it...yes he was a failure at damn near every business that was handed to him and his silver-spoon laden mouth (let alone a failure as the POTUS in the minds of the vast majority of citizens of the USA). Those are facts that aren't disputed, because they are, well...facts. Nonetheless, this is just a fictional movie based, I'm sure, quite loosely on those isolated facts. It's just a movie.

cufford on Jul 27, 2008


Ever since Stone ruined Alexander the Great for me, I really don't care for him. Now "W." could probably be like Charlie Wilson's War it'd be okay.

Xerxex on Jul 27, 2008


What's with all the hate here ladies and gentlemen? It's a biopic of the stupidest man to ever command the free world made by the man who made Platoon and Nixon? How can you not love it? Even if you're one of the few Bush supporters left in the US of A you've got to admit it's an interesting story, how did an alcoholic who never succeeded at anything in his life become the most powerful man in the world?

Sinbad on Jul 27, 2008


Hey Sinbad, as bad as Bush's approval ratings are, The democratic controlled congress' is worse. Bush's is at like 30 percent approval rating, while congress has seen their ratings as low as 9percent. I will take a George W any day of the week over those morons Pelosi and Reed. It's amazing how stupid some Americans are that they would put people like those two in office..... and don't get me started on Murtha, Kennedy, Feingold, Boxer, Rangel, Feinstein, Durbin and many more. None of those people would be successful in the business world.

CajunMike on Jul 27, 2008


nice job there cufford you hit the nail on the head, and inmo i dont know how people can still stick up for this criminal in the most powerful seat on the planet, come on get your head out of the sand.

original-6ix on Jul 27, 2008


Get ready to start seeing a TON of movies made about political figures from here on out. There will be one about Obama (who did the same kind of she ot as they all have). All of them are crooked and don't know what they are doing. It's been that way for decades people. It didn't just start. All of our fellow people voted all of these people in. Like George Carlin (R.I.P.) said "I don't vote, and I believe that gives me more right to complain. You are the ones that voted all these people in, so you can't. You ruined it all." Politicians suck. But they are going to be the new celebrities in the future, look at Obama (Poster child; rock star; pretty boy). It's all bullshe-ot. People actually might like him after this, cause this is what you see (if not worse) at Spring Break!!!! Also, (spoiler alert) those morons at spring break, impregnating each other and getting wasted, they are the new voters! Good luck, America!

Brian on Jul 27, 2008


I think Oliver Stone should stop making movies based on real events...or better yet...movies all together. I want to start a petition to get enough people to sign, showing the world that Oliver Stone is a joke to the film industry. It takes serious stupidity to make a movie about a president THAT IS STILL IN OFFICE! Especially if you are going to make fun of said president. Really what was Stone thinking? It's like he woke up one morning and said "What is a topic that everyone will get pissed about?" I know Stone made JFK and Platoon...but that's all he as. I am almost certain that Stone is mentioned at least once on every "Worst Hollywood Films Ever" lists that are out there...He's a bad joke that no one gets and everyone wants to listening to. That's all I have to say.

one on Jul 27, 2008


George W. Bush is not the most powerful man in the world, that surely is written by an American LOL

Hector N on Jul 27, 2008



Danny on Jul 27, 2008


George bush did drink and do drugs. Does this mean reality has a liberal bias?

chris on Jul 27, 2008


Oliver Stone will soon turn into the next George Lucas... ...Let's just kill him off before he ruins some really good American classic story.

Daniel on Jul 27, 2008


what happen to oliver stone, he start making these really boring films now.Does he really want an oscar that bad. Any way for a drama it looks ok, hey i wonder i bush would make a cameo.

Darrin on Jul 27, 2008


Pass. The casting looks atrocious. Regardless of my political views...I don't think people should be doing a movie centering around a current president. It seems tacky and inappropriate to me. I would be more open to the idea if this movie was slated for a few years from now. *shrugs*

janet on Jul 27, 2008


The funny thing is you don't need hollywood to try and make George Bush look stupid, he has a knack for doing that all his own. To all you GOP republicans, don't be mad at everyone who will see his presidency for what it was... a smash and grab job on the American people and the world for that matter. OK enough this isn't so I'll say Oliver Stone can either hit or miss and he's probably pretty damn close to the bullseye on this one.

Dave V. on Jul 27, 2008


What...a...bunch...of...garbage. I don't know whether to be disgusted by Stone's presentation of the "truth", or saddened that this was a man who once gave us Platoon and Wall Street.

tommyturner on Jul 27, 2008


Hector N. You're hilarious. lol. I don't think it looks bad. I'l keep an eye out.

Clamson on Jul 27, 2008


Stones memorable films are from nearly 20 years ago: Salvador (fantastic film), Platoon, Wall Street, Talk Radio (Great film), and Born on the Fourth of July...After that, and with the strange insertion of JFK that was a good film, but tough subject, he basically went DOA. I'm sure this is his attempt at coming back to what he knows: Politics. Remember Nixon? This isn't new territory for him. Except what we've seen so far goes deeper then W's presidency. It looks more like a view of his life. I agree with Xerxex: It's a movie. In the end, I'm sure it'll stink in the critics eyes, but whether it stinks or is a masterpiece it'll surely not elevate Bush's stance to a fine man or great president. He'll always be a thief and a liar.

Quanah on Jul 27, 2008


Hey CajunMike, The liberals don't need to do a "hatchet job" on Bush--he's done it on himself. And if the early script is any indication, Stone doesn't even tell you the HALF of what crap W was into. Will it touch on his cocaine addiction? Will it explore how his wife got away with vehicular manslaughter? Hopefully. Step down from your teetering-on-the-brink defense of Bush platform. The guy has been our worst president, and he just so happens to be a Republican--not Vice Versa, so chill out. The only grip I have is that the movie might be made too SOON. I think with a few more years, this could be a real gem.

Hey CajunMike on Jul 27, 2008


George Bush does a fine job himself looking stupid. Im just saying that it will be a failure like films 'In The Valley of Elah,' 'Rendition' and 'Redacted. Time and time again liberal hollywood has failed. As of Farenheit 911, i went to see that in the theatre although i am not liberal or a supporter of Micheal Moore. I just believe it is important to see all the issues from all possible prospectives. But anyone who takes Moore seriously is just as silly as he is.

Arnold on Jul 27, 2008


No.37, sorry, this countries worst president was Jimmy Carter by far. I will judge George W. Bush several decades from now when we have a real view of the outcome of his policies in the middle east. Any other drivel from liberals as far as the patriot act, WMD's and other Oliver Ston'ish conspiracy theories is for you left wing loons to humor yourselves with on dailykos and the huffington post.

CajunMike on Jul 28, 2008


Woah, Guys its a movie! Damn...Calm down, and remeber that Stone is failing, only good Movies Platoon and Wall Street. Worse film he ever made "Alexander" this will be just as bad.

Xerxex on Jul 27, 2008


Is this pro or anti Bush? Difficult to tell from that trailer... I can't imagine the man who brought us one of the ultimate vietnam movies - a personal backlash at american government and its practices - to make a pro bush film.

dom on Jul 28, 2008


Thandie Newton as Condie Rice!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! like getting a Swan to play a Dog!!!!!

personx on Jul 28, 2008


Stone is making a political hatchet job and that is why this film will be remembered as an unintentional comedy. Ignorant moron lefties will eat this crap up.

yoopin on Jul 28, 2008


Bush is a looser, and a failure. But not a likable one. I don't think I could sit through a movie about such a complete and ignorant ass.

angryKid on Jul 28, 2008


The only reason Farenheit 911 did well is because it was when Bush was still somewhat popular and was the first controversy. With a 30% approval rating, why would the 70% want to see a movie about the man they hate and why would the 30% who love him want to see a film that makes him look awful???

Ryan on Jul 28, 2008


I don't know about all of you, but to me this trailer makes Bush look like a WAY cooler guy than his 7 and a half years in office have EVER made him out to be. I think George W. Bush should get behind this film and show the world he truly doesn't take anything seriously. It'd be the glorious final step in his courageous campaign to publicly declare to the world just what it is he thinks about 'em!

Django on Jul 28, 2008


so everyone arguing about this movie has caused me to want to see it now. I was on the fence after seeing the trailer... but now I want to see it because everyone is getting so upset about it for political and personal reasons. And then I'll walk out of the theatre and like an intelligent person read reviews and critiques of it to better inform me as to what part of the film was fiction and what part was truth.

dave13 on Jul 28, 2008


Bush is an A-hole. This will be a perfect example of showing his true colors. Good job Oliver Stone.

Sean on Jul 28, 2008


hate hate hate! NEWSFLASH!!! NOBODY'S PERFECT, and i'm sure if you looked into the past of EVERY president there would be shit they wouldn't like portrayed in a movie. o.stone is riding the liberal bandwagon like everyone else, as it seems, right now. if it were a democrat in office they'd be bashing the crap out of him but it's not so just get over it! looks like any movie about a spolied rich kid in america. party, drugs, sex, jail and then they get a little older and steele into a career. BIG DEAL!! seen it before and just because it's about GW the liberals will flock and then beat him again in reviews and post movie comments. SO WHAT!! if we expected anything else.

thejugfather on Jul 28, 2008


Gah!, Oliver Stone is turning into Uwe Boll.

Eamonn on Jul 28, 2008


Why would you ever go to see any movie about any President directed by the guy who made "JFK"? Anybody wonder what his source material is? Anybody wonder why he went out and hired actors like Richard Dreyfuss to be in the movie? Anybody wonder about why it's being released so close to the election (even though W. isn't even running)? What a joke.

jd on Jul 28, 2008


wat the hell's with the poster. who's gonna stop and take time to read the fine print. i really hope bush doesn't give a state of the union address when the film comes out where all he does is criticize the film, saying things like "i wish this movie made me look gooder" or "why is his name Oliver Stone? they're not throwing any rocks at him"

LeeMan on Jul 28, 2008


Knowing Hollywood this movie is going to be a liberal hit-piece filled with distortions and outright lies. Scary thing is, the liberals won't even care. If this movie shows Bush eating babies the liberals would believe it and say: "See, see he's evil! He' eats babies...the movie says so, that makes it the truth!" I mean Richard Dryfuss as VP Cheney? Releasing it a month before the election? Give me break! So go on libs...fall for it hook, line, and sinker. Just like you always do.

Jeep-Fu on Jul 28, 2008


That's a whole fistful of ignorance you've got there Jeep-Fu. Congrats on your narrow-minded outlook. I don't need to watch this movie to know how much I hate our current president, and that's precisely why I won't see it. Why would I want to watch an exaggeration of how crappy everything has been when I'm still living it right now? No thanks.

dRailer on Jul 28, 2008


This movie made and released at this time is a disgrace to the Presidency of the United States. Not surprising coming from a man that thinks highly of Fidel Castro... what a communist.

Solid Snake on Jul 28, 2008


Y'all need to pull the sticks out yer asses, climb into a plane, and wake up to the fact that the entire world cannot wait for this one man to leave office. It has nothing to do with the dirt of other presidents, it's that this yonker's just MESSY. He puts it all out there. What scum politicians are. The two sides of this argument are REALLY between those who prefer their politicians HIDE IT, and those who think it's alright to FLAUNT IT. Go back to your holes, SCUM. I'm a go see this movie, just because I know it's one place in this country I can go where YOU PEOPLE WON'T BE PRESENT. Scum. P-TOOEY!

Djohnson on Jul 28, 2008


Hey Jeep-Fu, what's wrong with Richard Dreyfuss as Cheney? I agree Satan would have been a much more appropriate choice, but I understand he wasn't available. Apparently there are still a handful of arm-pits who support this clown and his cabinet as leaders of this country! Go figure. Over 600,000 Iraqis are dead, more than 4,000 US soldiers (another 30,000 wounded) all because of a war based on a lie! A deficit reaching staggering new heights of half-a-TRILLION dollars, an attack on the environment like no president before him, the housing market is in the toilet with record foreclosures, unemployment rates are terrible, gasoline has eclipsed $4 a gallon... Yeah, Jimmy Carter sure was worse!

BobbyB on Jul 29, 2008


These comments are the reason why Bi-partisan politics, and politics in general, is what's really wrong with this country.

Brian on Jul 29, 2008


I hope this film falls on its ass and they lose every stinking dime they put into it...some things simply are not funny in any way, shape, or form...the sh*tbag "W" and what he has done to our country and the world as a whole, has no humorous side....may he drown in his own vomit....

moldybread on Jul 29, 2008


I'm pretty sure that is exactly why Oliver Stone decided to make this film in the first place, Moldy. He's infuriated too - but rather than stewing in his juices he's decided to find a way to channel it into something that actually lets the rest of the world know what he really thinks of the man. To me - that's just awesome. Satire is a remarkable thing, especially when it hits this close to home. I just hope he exposes these shitbags once and for all for the mindlessly poisonous embrace of ignorance they represent, which evidently on this thread- still holds a grip over this country.

The Djo on Jul 29, 2008


Oliver 'Who' Made a Movie? Yawn.... Who cares? This guy is as past his prime as Dan Rather... maybe that's who he used to gather his 'research'... LOL!

Ben Dover on Jul 29, 2008


Take heart, readers. 80% of the negative comments are from 80-IQ NSA signals intelligence moles that were first vetted by Monica Goodling (the tip-off is bad grammer and misspelling of the word "loser"). The other 20% are frustrated cynical Gen-Xers who fancy themselves movie critics. This movie will be a satire of the first order, intentionally or not. As soon as Cheney took over the VP selection process during summer of 2000, we knew we were headed down the rabbit hole, now DIDN'T we?

Bearinourbackyard on Jul 29, 2008


Oh my, I misspelled 'grammer' in a sentence where I was pointing out a misspelling. Woe is me. 😉

Bearinourbackyard on Jul 29, 2008


I don't quite get it, but what a great cast and director. And strangly I'm interested in the content. I guess I'm not worried about being disappointed because my expectations arn't all that high. I'm just very curious.

Krayzie8z on Jul 30, 2008


@ comment 15 - CajunMike People like you, are the very reason the rest of the world think Americans are a bunch of witless morons. Republicans couldn't manage their way out of a paper bag. They've been running this country for years now, and look at the state of the world and this country. Bout time the Libs had a go at it. Surely they couldn't screw it up any worse.

Trent on Jul 30, 2008


May I propose a better title for this film? S.O.B.

John Wilkinson on Jul 30, 2008


Yer comment is hilarious! Why not W. (S.O.B.)?

jbower on Jul 30, 2008


#65- How confused and ignorant you are. The libs have been having a go at it for tha past 2 years as they hold both the house and the senate. If you would pay any attention to current events you would see that congress now has the lowest approval rating ever. Pelosi and Reid are slowly pushing this recession onto the American people and blocking every effort to become energy independant and drill our own oil. Although we need to find a new form of energy the drilling they are blocking is sustaining $4 dollar gasoline and handing over our wealth to foreigners from which we import our oil.

Arnold on Jul 31, 2008


Arnold. Why don't you repeat something OTHER than what W. said in last week's press conference, and listen to the REAL Arnold (also one of yours), who opposes the offshore drilling b/c it's unecessary and the equivalent of saying "I have a new hospital friend where we can get cheap needles." Influential members of your own party are coming forward and admitting that what's being held back is funding for alternative fuels, because - as BUSH HIMSELF ADMITTED: "Our country is ADDICTED to Oil." All we, your people, and the REST OF THE FREAKIN" WORLD (as you call them, 'foreigners') are asking, is that people use one tiny ounce of that very human trait called 'Imagination', and realize immediately that Oil is neither the only way to fuel our transportation needs, NOR the Solution to the Energy Crisis. And before you start citing faulty Scientific Studies - that Bush's administration has been Funding and Backing since day one- NONE of which are based on sound science - Bite your lip, load that gun of yours, and guard your country estate like the cowboy you imagine yourself to be. The REST OF THE WORLD will move on, happily, without 'cha!

Djo on Jul 31, 2008


Whether this movie is going to be good or bad, accurate or off-subject, funny or terrifying; it is going to stir such a mass debate between everyone(obviously more concentrated in the US). If its the greatest movie ever - heavy debate will ensue. If its the worst movie ever - heavy debate will ensue. I'm in total support of this movie. My personal opinion, I'm pretty intrigued by it. But stepping away from my opinion and looking at this from a neutral position - I really think this will instigate americans everywhere to .... wait.... here it comes ...... THINK FOR THEMSELVES ! This whole page of responses is sheer proof of the targeted result of this movie - to get people to debate and come up with their own free thought of what our current/future president should be. Isn't time we had something like this????

Nick Sears on Jul 31, 2008


I just hope the ending involves something out of the Saw movies.

Puke on Aug 2, 2008


I honestly thought this was a joke when I saw this trailer. I was waiting for a spoof trailer to pick up any second. I can't even remember the other trailers that came later because I was still in awe that they're makin' this movie. I guess he is actually out of office in January, but it still seems a bit early. At least it inspires debate and thought into people though! I do hope it helps people question who they're voting for and spark political debate with their friends. Argument only helps to inspire democracy! I for one will actually be seeing this.

Will S. (Co. Springs) on Aug 6, 2008


Okay, Brolin isn't a Dubya clone. So what? Did Anthony Hopkins look anything like Richard Nixon? Did Bruce Greenwood look like JFK? William Devane? Martin Sheen? It's not an imitation we want, it's someone to grasp the character of the guy.

Ebert Clone on Aug 6, 2008


People here seem to think the trailer looked like a joke. Don't you realize that the whole George W. Bush Presidency was a joke? What i saw in the trailer was accurate. Actually, 'too' accurate. Is it just a coincidence that a bunch of former oil men are running the country & oil just happened to skyrocket in price to figures that we once thought to be unnattainable? They've made billions and trillions of dollars for their counterparts in the oil industry due to their energy policies. It's too bad that a bunch of carmakers didn't get the White House. If so, maybe the US car industry would be thriving today instead of facing bankruptcy.

Ebert Clone on Aug 6, 2008


haha you guys are all republicans, ignorant dorks

superman77 on Aug 7, 2008


and for the record if anyone was going to make a political film oliver stone is a master at it, born on the 4th of july...nixon....jfk....and salvador were all nominated for oscars so dont be stupid people he obviously knows what he is doing he has been nominated multiple times for movies

superman77 on Aug 7, 2008


oh yeah not to mention platoon!!!

superman77 on Aug 7, 2008


Come on guys! Why all the fighting? We are neighbors here in the United States of America. We should be uniting against the "evil-doers". And as one brilliant man who led us into war said "The Human being and the fish can coexist peacefully." Gosh.

Kathryn on Aug 20, 2008


truly sad Oliver has decided to do this. just another attempt by the liberal media(yes hollywood included)to railroad a guy who inherited a crap load of mess from the Clintons. just like the first President Bush and Clinton inherited all the great things that President Regan set in to motion. President W Bush inherited 8 years of Clinton doing nothing while the US was being attacked by terrorist. unemployment? that goes to Clinton opening the doors to allow all of the outsourcing of jobs that companies are doing now, yea say hello to NAFTA. still unemployed? Clinton again giving China(who have never even pretended to like the US even before President Bush) most favored nation status. u looking for your job? oh it's in China now good luck. it is sad that a person like Danny Glover is looked up to when he openly befriends and embraces a Dictator who has enslaved his own people(which is all kinds of strange because u would think a black man would would be against slavery, hmmm go figure). as far as the whole world wanting him out of office that is a flat out untruth. sadly it seems like the whole world because the Mass Media strives to paint that picture. where are the headlines about where Obama is getting all of his funding? where are the headlines about his somewhat dubious religious affiliation? or how about this where are the reporters digging into just where the hell Obama came from? unless it is a republican, so called "reporters" can't be bothered or they are just another tool in the Liberal machine. it's truly sad when so many people would rather believe everything CNN, Newsweek, USA Today, and others "report" than to research on their own. so yea i think alot of people will probably go see this movie and sadly take it as fact, sadly that is the world we live in. and it's a sad place where people like Colin Powell are looked down on while hollywood idiots are put on pedestals. so yea President Bush is human enough to have flaws so what? like any of you have never almost choked before. get over yourselves, turn off CNN and go hit the library of congress for some light reading or something. ok rant over flame me all u want. have fun.

AngryBlackWoman on Aug 21, 2008


Oliver stone + Lion's Gate (British) + Stanley Weiser = More liberal Hollywood.....

juaquin on Sep 2, 2008


Everything that has been said by Bush on the W. poster below the video, has given Oliver stone every reason to make a movie about this guy. I saw him say all of these lines, and to see it on paper is even funnier. Bush has flaws like any other president, but he's still up on the top 5 worst presidents list because he constantly makes mistakes, which makes the world question his qualifications. I think once Bush is out of office we're going to be finding a lot of scoop on this guy. This is just the beginning of Bush W. films.

Mark c. on Sep 5, 2008


Wow, America makes movies now on how bad presidents are....thats just laame bush is just almost overbashed noone cares about him anymore hes not dumb everythinks he is. Hes just screwing this country more into the ground just like Clinton...but Clinton got away with it.

Cody on Sep 7, 2008


Unbelievable - We wish we could just shut up the foul mouthed, immature and down right ignorant, selfish Democrats of this world - But then what would we laugh at? Some of you need to grow up and also realize that you are not going to change the minds of the right, the intelligent, the good folks of America who full well know that McCain is the absolute best choice for President. ALSO, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU TO CHECK OUT AND ACTUALLY READ THE BOOKS AVAILABLE AT YOUR LIBRARY THAT ARE ABOUT THE REAL GEORGE W. BUSH. You just might get educated.

Pat on Sep 22, 2008


LOL Stone has been doing drugs for way too long....Wasnt it not long ago he was arrested ? The guy should OD and save the studio some embarassment when this fiction gets released. The trailer shows events that cant be verified so how can Stone say its factual?? He cant. Thats the left's M.O.

Tony on Sep 27, 2008


Yeah the real public comments can be verified but the rest cant....As IF laura bush and others told stone it happend?? LMAO fucking stone is a douche bag who needs a good beating to that big head of his....

Tony on Sep 27, 2008


I have been wondering what bush has down for us, and finally have found something. We can all go watch this movie and laugh until we all turn blue.

happy white guy on Sep 30, 2008


One of the early commentators asked what genre this movie was? Simple, it is political propaganda.

Bill on Oct 6, 2008


i just left the movie w. still trying to process it, but 30-40 min into the film, i wasn't very impressed. however, during the 'transition' phase (which involved bush talking to a fellow christian after bible class - and has one of the best lines i've ever heardin any film) i was completely hooked. for the rest of the show, i saw w. in a different light. he continued to be shown making horrible decisions....but appeared to try to do the right thing, having surrounded himself with an unethical staff, he did as good as his rearing and beliefs allowed him to....which is not an excuse, just a viewpoint. soooo many motives/preceptions/struggles to wrap my head around, but i can honestly say that if you think w. is one of the worst presidents ever, you will be impressed and confirmed. if you believe he is an honorable man with divine intentions and the desire to do what's best for the country, you will enjoy and perhaps be inspired by this film. btw... the supporting cast is out of this world

Jame on Oct 17, 2008


Blah Blah he drank and did drugs... So has most of America including BaLACK Obama. You people are fucking losers.

Joey on Oct 17, 2008

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