Must Watch: Red Band Pineapple Express Trailer

February 12, 2008
Source: CHUD

Pineapple Express Trailer

Wasting no time laying the groundwork for what looks to be another raucous year for Judd Apatow, a hilarious red band trailer for the August-slated Pineapple Express just cropped up. Instead of Seth Rogen being paired with the likes of Jonah Hill or Paul Rudd, he plays opposite a seemingly unlikely pick, James Franco. Surprisingly, it looks like it works. Of course, I suppose that shouldn't come as a surprise when you add weed and guns to an Apatow production. We brought you an original 4-minute clip back in December, but this "more representative" clip is a must-watch. (Before it goes away!)

Watch the red band trailer for Pineapple Express:

[flv:pineapple-express-red2.flv 480 202]

Thanks to CHUD for originally letting us know this beautiful trailer existed. Hopefully Sony let's you all see it before it gets taken down!

Update: We've put up a bigger, better version of the same trailer for your viewing pleasure. I suggest you watch it again, it's a whole new glorious experience when it's clear!

Pineapple Express is directed by David Gordon Green (of Snow Angels, Undertow, All the Real Girls) and written by the trio of Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Judd Apatow (naturally). Express follows Rogen and Franco as they get stoned, run from cops, crash cars and fire guns. No further explanation needed. The stoner revival begins this summer on August 8th.

Pineapple Express

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I love it!! This looks awesome!! I said it before and I'll say it again, but this is going to reboot the stoner comedy just like Judd Apatow rebooted the sex comedy genre. I really think David Gordon Green is bringing a very unique "indie movie" touch to it. Like the music in the trailer and the feeling about everything in this. This is going to be amazing - I really can't frickin' wait!! Love that music so much, hahaha.

Alex Billington on Feb 12, 2008


I loved every second of it.

Nick on Feb 12, 2008


I was a bit worried about this but that trailer...hysterical! I nearly lost it when Franco puts his foot through the windshield! But the big seller is the song they use in that trailer. Pretty damned funny!

Marina on Feb 12, 2008


That was great. I was laughing so loud during the windshield part that I started to choke. Can't wait!

Sam on Feb 12, 2008

5 funny. Even better than the first trailler.

Heckle on Feb 12, 2008


i was watching this in the library and literally LOL'ed. this looks great. who knew james franco could do comedy.

ALEX HAN on Feb 12, 2008


Although I dont really buy into the whole Judd Apatow being a fucking comedy god thing, I really think this movie will be pretty funny. There are some problems with the trailer though. It looks like it showed all the most exciting parts, Seth Roegan told the same kind of joke at least three times just within the trailer, and, the biggest problem I forsee with this movie is that inherently, stoner movies are absolute shit. Even the good ones arent worth spending any money on to go to in the theaters. I'm sure nobody of average intellegence (filmwise) would see this movie if Apatow wasnt producing it (or whatever the hell he's doing). I know it would for sure wouldnt be getting as much attention on this site if it wasnt for Apatow's name being slapped on it. Back to Apatow. Alex, what makes you think he rebooted the sex comedy genre? 40 Year Old Virgin was a great first effort, but you have to admit a lot of the jokes and scenes for that matter were really stupid and just really unfunny and the woman was annoying and, like most comedies that came before it, fell apart in the third act. Whenever I watch a movie of his or hear people talking about him, I get there is this suspition of hackery I get from Apatow. I have a feeling, when our country becomes looser about sex and swearing (as it has in the past) in 10-20 years, his movies will be forgotton. The raunchyness just seems like a gimmick to me. By the way Knocked Up was worse even than 40 Year Old Virgin. His only great success in my mind is Superbad, and I dont even know exactly what he had to do with it.

Vega Bro on Feb 12, 2008


Awesome! "who knew james franco could do comedy." Watch Freaks and Geeks.

Alex on Feb 12, 2008


This looks like its gonna be hilarious i cant wait to see this. Who knew James Franco could be so funny and Seth Rogen is the man.

Curtis on Feb 12, 2008


looks like a real good funny movie. Anyone know the name of that song at the end?

sean on Feb 12, 2008


M.I.A Paper planes off her album Kala

pyang on Feb 12, 2008


I'm really excited for this one, Rogen driving at the beginning reminds me of me. Also, I would recommend picking up Kala, it is a great album.

Evan on Feb 12, 2008


Funny! Like, "Whoa dude!" This movie will be a hit! Maybe the rebooting of the stoner flick will prompt Kevin Smith to bring forth another Jay and Silent Bob romp!!! Props to Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen for continuing their streak. James Franco as a stoner is genius casting!

Spider on Feb 12, 2008


omg yes cant wait. anyone know the name of the song? please and thank you

casey on Feb 12, 2008


i saw this movie last year at a sneak preview. its hilarious but actually isnt like superbad or knocked up, its definitely a stoner comedy and has one of the most random endings ever. this movie has a lot of random jokes. James Franco plays the most authentic stoner in this movie. this trailer actually doesn't even really show the style of the movie, you just really have to see it.

alabama man on Feb 12, 2008


This is good weed HA hope this is better than superbad

john on Feb 12, 2008


"omg yes cant wait. anyone know the name of the song? please and thank you" The name of the song played throughout the trailer is called Paper Planes by M.I.A. Cheers

3volution on Feb 13, 2008


This one might give dazed and confused a run for its money. And we could be witness to the best writing team this decade in Rogen Goldberg, and Apatow.

J.D. k on Feb 13, 2008


I saw a preview on this and the trailer doesn't do the movie justice. It doesn't even convey the depth of the story, just clips of random jokes. The movie must really be seen to be appreciated.

T1 quotes on Feb 14, 2008


I cant wait for this, SUPERBAD was decent but methinks this is gon be way funnier. dat windshield part had me dyin and Seth rogan's action hero leap also.

Cyfer1 on Feb 15, 2008


Vega bro, You do realize he wrote Superbad when he was 13?

hmm on Feb 16, 2008


Vega, I do agree with you on the fact that all the funny scenes MIGHT be in the trailer. But I said the same thing to all his previous work and I laughed my a$$ off in all of the movies. But beyond that, I think you are stretching in trying to be the next movie reviewer for the ____ Times. Not every movie that comes out has to be the next Citizen Kane... Remember: "Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one."

raiducks on Feb 19, 2008


a stoner action film is genius...

maditen on Feb 21, 2008


I love Seth trying to drive out of there!! That was genius!

Lori on Feb 23, 2008


Yet another amazing stoner character for Rogen, although i would like to see him as other stereotypes, hopefully, the new porno movie he is filming currently will work. This looks amazing. Bring on the summer!

Charlee on Mar 3, 2008



Evan on Mar 4, 2008


Jame's face is awesome when he says "Hey look my thumb looks like a cock"

Brokine on Mar 7, 2008


The trailer isn't that funny. But I WANT TO SEE THIS .... now!!!!

Vega on Mar 10, 2008


KNOCKED UP then SUPERBAD i din't think it could get any better and it did PINEAPPLE EXPRESS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going high!

Eric on Mar 15, 2008


i liked all of apatow's flicks but i agree that the first half of all of them rocked while the second was kinda slow. slow in the way of story and emotion. while that isn't all that bad, it's a bit of a downer when you are expecting a hilarious flick (like the trailers suggest). this movie looks good, still and i will see it...high. like a fucking kite!

Kenji on Mar 19, 2008


haha, the dealer guy's face with his thumb-cock was fucking hilarious. too good dude, he nailed that shit.

chris on Apr 3, 2008


O.M.G my man james franco looks good in the movie anyways cant wiat for it too come out i will see u in summer james

jasmin on Apr 16, 2008


wow that looks good cant wait 4 it to come out in summer and i love the "my thumb looks like a cock "

maria on Apr 16, 2008


holy fuckin shit trailer made me shoot an enormous load in my slacks can't wait till this shit hits theatres or should i say Torrents wink wink ; - )

LeftEmLeakin4DaWeekend on Apr 17, 2008


It looks so fuckin tight, there is nothing better than getting high and running from the cops. This movie is going to change the world!

Cody Small on Apr 27, 2008


it looks like my thumb is my cock, classic!

Darrin on Jun 4, 2008


I can't believe it, but looks like Seth Rogen IS good when Appatow's not directing him. Make that 2 films I'm gonna see with Rogen. this and Zack and Miri (obviously) THIS LOOKS FUCKING HILARIOUS!

Garrett.king on Jun 25, 2008


I've been seeing previews for this movie for some time and origionally heard about it in a Maxim interview of Seth Rogan, and I think it looks awesome. Stoner humor with stoner action scenes fits my stoner mentality perfectly! and the guy in comment number 7 is a total cockmeat sammich.

patrix on Jul 13, 2008


mmm, cockmeat sammich!

stoop on Aug 4, 2008


dear god. james franco is the sexiest man to ever walk the earth. and not to mention he is hilarious. best actor on the planet. would LOVE to meet him. can't wait to see the movie, it opens today!!!!

Alex on Aug 6, 2008


does anybody know what that one song is called when he was carrying saul of the burning building. its an instrumental

tajudeen on Aug 10, 2008


This movie was so HILARIOUS! Seth Rogen is a genius and everything he touches turns to gold!

play on Apr 2, 2009

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