Must Watch: Second Full Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trailer!

June 11, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trailer

A second darker, much more intense trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been released. I love that this is showing in theaters because it means I can feature it here for all of you to enjoy as well! I miss Star Wars and all the geeky excitement that comes from it. But luckily it's back - in theaters! This second trailer is a vast improvement over the first one and now I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to eventually watch this on the big screen. It may actually end up being the best of the prequels, too. Anakin, Obi Wan, and Yoda are all back and are joined by Anakin's new apprentice Ahsoka. Fire it up and enjoy because Star Wars is back baby!

Watch the second trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Star Wars: The Clone Wars trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

On the front lines of an intergalactic struggle between good and evil, fans young and old will join such favorite characters as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padmé Amidala, along with brand-new heroes like Anakin's padawan learner, Ahsoka. Sinister villains -- led by Palpatine, Count Dooku and General Grievous -- are poised to rule the galaxy. Stakes are high, and the fate of the Star Wars universe rests in the hands of the daring Jedi Knights. Their exploits lead to the action-packed battles and astonishing new revelations that fill Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is being directed by Dave Filoni, of "Avatar: The Last Airbender", with a story by George Lucas himself. The two hour animated movie will kick off a new TV series after debuting in theaters. Star Wars: The Clone Wars will play in movie theaters this summer starting on August 15th. If you're a true Star Wars geek I know I'll see you there! The poster for the film is featured below.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Poster

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I love how most of the shots--without the human characters--are indiscernible from the prequel trilogy's effects shots. That said, it'd be somewhat interesting to see a narrative where the viewer has absolutely no investment the first viewing (the ending is preordained).

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 11, 2008


This looks really, really cool. I can't wait to see Star Wars back on the big screen. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that it's strange seeing the Warner Bros. logo instead of the Fox searchlights as the Star Wars music picks up?

Jedi on Jun 11, 2008


Much better trailer than the first one & much more effective at grabbing people's attention. Still won't get me in the theater b/c I'm not diggin' some of the animation. Respect to my DaRkSiDeRs!

Sinner on Jun 11, 2008


ok. ive been excited bout this movie...but that got me REALLY excited. im pumped now

Josh on Jun 11, 2008


Holy crap! This looks better than eps 1 & 2 combined!! I was looking forward to this before, but now it seems August is way too long of a wait.

Alfredo on Jun 11, 2008


Not to be a Negative Nelly but... Must watch, Really? I'm surprised. At my theatre the trailers for this film have yet to receive a positive response from the audience - and they've been playing for awhile. Sometimes outright "boos" and hisses, sometimes mutterings of "doesn't he (Lucas) have enough money already" otherwise just silence. Not a single person on my staff cares to see it. I've also had strong negative reactions to the poster in the lobby from some of our regular customers too. I've yet to see a single kid run up to it yelling "Star Wars!". Not even the 20-something fanboys here for Indy, Iron Man, etc. seem interested. This all may be moot for us as the owners of the theater aren't impressed and they've stated they're going to pass on this film - which surprises me as kids films do bang-up business here. I think it looks okay - this trailer adds a bit more spice - but my love of all things Star Wars ended when I saw Epsiode 1.... Well, Episode 2 is what really killed it.

Soup on Jun 11, 2008


Stinky, I will be avoiding this one. The art style sucks as well as the CG.

MrSatan on Jun 11, 2008


@ # 2: No kidding. Had to stop & rewind the thing just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating....

jason_md2020 on Jun 11, 2008


hey soup (#6) that's weird. when I went to see KungFu Panda all I heard were cheers and astonished/excited gasps from kids and adults alike. The entire room seemed pretty interested, and that room was friggin' packed. strange. This is on my MUST SEE list. awesome trailer. I had to watch it a couple of times. the first time just got me amped and the second and third time got me further excited, and focused into what the hell was going on. missed it the first time through nostalgia. GO STAR WARS EP 2 3/4s!

Garrett.king on Jun 11, 2008


Ok I am not only a star wars fan but a fan of all the books that have been written that follow the events after both movie trilogys. I have to say that it is very disapointing when they make a movie (The Clones Wars) and a tv series a few years back (Clone Wars) and they not only don't follow any of the books but they controdict the live action movies. I think that lucas needs to get his head on straight haha. But it looks good and I will deffinatly be there to see it.

Movie dude on Jun 11, 2008


this looks like fun

Darrin on Jun 11, 2008


Movie Dude (#10) The books aren't written by George, that's alternate/expanded Star Wars universe that he has nothing to do with writing, so he can contradict all he wants. And The Clone Wars Cartoons made by Genndy Tartakovsky are only incredibly small portions of what went on during those three years. THREE YEARS. let me say that again. THREE YEARS OF HISTORY THAT CAN BE DISSECTED AS MUCH AS LUCAS WANTS. Reiteration: Books and Stories not written by George Lucas probably never involved George Lucas, therefore they go into the alternate universe of star wars, because LUCAS DIDN'T WRITE THEM. Clone Wars is a special case because Tartakovsky was CONTACTED to write them. hope that clears up a lot of confusion for everyone.

Garrett.king on Jun 11, 2008


Much, much better than the first trailer. Not sure if I will want to see it in theatres though.

Kelley on Jun 11, 2008


Is it just me, or is there an absence of the Mace Windu character?

Nthngmn on Jun 11, 2008


The expanded universe is fun, but ummm...they are side notes for the films. Do not get me wrong. I have read the books and am greatful for the writers' aditions to the universe, but they indulge my appetite until the movies Lucas has created comes out. I was never dissapointed with Episode 1, 2 nor 3. Especially Revenge of the Sith. That film rocked! And i must say that this newest trailer is very exciting.

munesh on Jun 11, 2008


Y'know, the fact that George Lucas did the writing doesn't really spell BONUS in my mind any more. In fact, pretty much anything he does nowadays I bank on being great special effects, terrible terrible story.

l.21 on Jun 12, 2008


Because Lucas wrote the story DOES spell BONUS for me in my mind, because he in not just interested in just action , dark adventure and lame one dimentional ideas. He fills his stories with many layers that are sometime too complex for the average viewer to understand. Lucas is very interested in education, history, wars and film histor to name just a few.

munesh on Jun 12, 2008


This will be good.

Xerxex on Jun 12, 2008


G.K. (#9), You beat me to it. During the previews for my screening of Kung Fu Panda (a great film BTW!), I was kind of shocked at how happy those little rugrats were screaming with joy when they saw Yoda pop up on the screen. All the bitterness I've come across from the old school SW fans who feel betrayed by the prequels looks to have been replaced by a more innocent joy of enjoying the franchise for what it is. Maybe their enthusiasm was contagious, because the grown folks were pretty into it by the time the trailer ended too. Nothing wrong with that. See, George knows what he's doing. This is going to be a most welcomed addition to this epic summer! I'm still not in love with the animation style used for the human(oid) characters, but I'll be there opening night for this.

kevjohn on Jun 12, 2008


Im iffy on the character animation. Those lip synchs dont look to tight...

ramez on Jun 12, 2008


What I don't understand is why he couldn't do this beforehand in LIVE ACTION?! And the novels that come after Return of the Jedi ARE influenced by George Lucas. They are a part of Star Wars canon, at least, that's what it says in some of the books.

Reza on Jun 12, 2008


hey Reza (21) haven't we fought before? lol I think that only the two books that followed directly after return of the jedi are in canon. And quite frankly, I'm going to look at Episode II as if it's Episode I, Clone Wars will be Episode II and revenge of the sith will stay where it is. I wish that Episode II was The Clone Wars in live action. But at least we're getting something else to look at.

Garrett.king on Jun 12, 2008


This is going to one of the bigger sleeper hits of the summer. I'm not sure why this movie hasn't been on anyone's radar as a big blockbuster film. Honestly I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more publicity, and that it wasn't slated for earlier in the summer. The fact that it comes out in August worries me a bit because the summer movies tend to tail off in August....but it's still Star Wars. And like Crystal Skull (pretty crappy) was still Indiana Jones and Spiderman 3 (really crappy) was still Spiderman this is still Star Wars, and it's a bankable franchise that will make oodles of noodles. NOT ONLY is this still a Star Wars flick, BUT it's an animated Star Wars movie which means it's more kid friendly, so think of the numbers for the last Star Wars films and add a ticket or two to each trip as parents bring their kids in tow. If this movie gets good word of mouth, this film could be huge, because those Star Wars loyalist who are going to stay away from this film because it "taints their Star Wars trilogy" even further....they will go see this if they hear good things (Similar to how Revenge of the Sith picked up steam as it got good word of mouth). I wouldn't be surprised to see this in the top 10 movies for the summer, if not higher....possibly top 5 running neck and neck with Kung-Fu Panda for the fifth spot. (Sorry it won't touch, Ironman, Batman, Indiana Jones or Wall-E.)

Ricky on Jun 12, 2008


The character models look a little like what you'd see in Jimmy Neutron. But that's not gonna stop me from seeing it 🙂

Joshua on Jun 13, 2008


I'm a big starwars fan as many of you out there that were children when that first glorious movie appeared on that silver screen an you were just infected by its power to draw you into the force,and you realize there is no cure.your medicine of course a new movie.when i first heard about it i was so happy i asumed that it would be live action not cartoon.i have talked with my friends about how awesome it would be to see at least one or even another trilogy following the development of darth vader becoming more powerful an crushing the republic as well as showing how the sith and the mandalorians hunted down the jedi.we all seemed to agree that this was probably the logical way to make more movies an follow the storyline but this cartoon only takes you backwards not forwards.yes i will go see it but i am also disappointed that it is not live action or at least a better quality of cgi that would bring some realizum.

jesse b on Jun 13, 2008


Ricky (#25). any story involving the evolution of Anakin - Vader would be taking us backwards, not moving us forwards. I'm disappointed that this isn't live action too, but I'm not disappointed that it's what the story would be either way. The story would be EXACTLY the same. and COME ON. Watching the prequels IS like watching a cartoon. I think I'll recant my disappointment and say..they almost look the same, the only difference being that now ALL of the characters are animated. I'll stop now before I begin to rambo. (that's RAMBO, not RAMBLE. as in..something annoying that continues for no reason or purpose.)

Garrett.king on Jun 14, 2008


oh lord. not another animated star wars. my son would watch the one on cartoon network all the time and after a while i wanted to shoot the TV. STOP DRAGGING OUT THE SERIES! WE ALL KNOW ANAKIN BECAUSE DARTH VADER. and why the heck does anakin have a padawan???? i thought he ended up killing all of them in the 3rd one.

franko on Jul 11, 2008


and sorry i meant to write becomes instead of because.

franko on Jul 11, 2008


What I don't undnerstand is why everyone is pulling it to bits and trying to find why the man swallowed the red pill instead of the blue....oh sorry wrong movie...oh damn...anyway people its a movie....and a animated one (as in its not real) just enjoy it...and for those of you that can't...I think thast you need to get out more...have fun...

Yoda's Padawan on Aug 23, 2008

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