Must Watch: Second Full Trailer for Zack Snyder's Watchmen!

November 13, 2008
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Watchmen Trailer

As promised, Zack Snyder has delivered the second full trailer for Watchmen today. It will also be showing in theaters front of Quantum of Solace this weekend. If you're as stunned as me at how phenomenal this all looks, then I'm excited that we're all on the same page! This is a definite improvement over the first trailer, which already kicked ass, so I'm sure most fans will be even more insanely excited by the end. They did reuse some of the same footage from the first trailer, but it doesn't really matter, because we still get a glorious look at what may be one of the greatest comic book movies of all-time - just as the graphic novel itself is one of the greatest graphic novels of all time. Are you ready for the Watchmen?

Watch the second trailer for Watchmen:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch the Watchmen trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead and 300) and is written by David Hayter (The Scorpion King, X-Men, X-Men 2) and Alex Tse. The film is an adaptation of Alan Moore's highly acclaimed award winning graphic novel of the same name. Watchmen officially arrives in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009. Stay tuned for even more Watchmen coverage, photos, and more on!

Watchmen Poster

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Holy F@#K! This movie just keeps getting better and better.

Skeeter on Nov 13, 2008


flawless. I can not wait for this movie this is going to be the best movie of 09

dave on Nov 13, 2008


Holy shit. All kinds of shivers down my spine.

ron on Nov 13, 2008


Love the new footage, interesting choice of music.. the first part, was that not used on the GTA IV trailer and in the game on The Journey channel? Muse seems to be quickly becoming overused trailer music.. shame really because I really didn't feel that it fit the footage despite the lyrical undertones. Oh well, can't wait for this film!

Tom Dearsley on Nov 13, 2008


I'm pleasantly surprised by Rorschach's voice...(reminds me of Batman) Dr. Manhattan's voice was also different from what I imagined but the trailer's awesome I'm just kind of on the fence about how people unfamiliar to Watchmen now know who gets thrown out the window (although it IS at the very beginning of the story) Oh yeah, is the song by Muse?

Jaf on Nov 13, 2008


Oh wow, if I had any reservations towards seeing this, they're all gone now. Even if it's not exactly like the GN it will still be a great movie.

Brooke on Nov 13, 2008


Im sick of waiting for this to come out. The anticipation is killing me!!! This film will be fantastic.

Matt on Nov 13, 2008


dude fuckin A. fucking A+

darrin on Nov 13, 2008


CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP!!!!! The silhouette of the person entering the Comedian's apartment is a dead giveaway though...not too much attention into keeping that secret it seems, other than.....bloody brilliant! I love how they're using Muse's "Take A Bow" in the movie, that's perfect! Thanks Alex!!!

Conrad on Nov 13, 2008


I'm just happy that the film is still being released on March 9th, 2009 after that nasty dispute WB and Fox had earlier this year. I couldn't help but notice why Fox waited till the film was finished for the them to begin complaining about distribution rights. Something tells me they were overwhelmed by all the buzz and this amazing trailer shows why!

Frost on Nov 13, 2008


Is it just me or did the characters refer to themselves as "Watchmen"? Because, y'know, that's sort of...wrong. Hugely wrong, in fact. What's the matter, is Snyder afraid of "confusing" people or something? "Watchmen - one of us died tonight" "Watchmen are over" So much for staying completely faithful! Other than that it was a freaking awesome trailer.

Will on Nov 13, 2008


I came.

Daas on Nov 13, 2008



Will S. on Nov 13, 2008


when i read the watchmen i always pictured Dr. Manhattan's voice to be a little deeper than it is on the trailer. OMG i cant wait!!!

spanx on Nov 13, 2008


Absolutely gorgeous film. It is going to be perfect, just like the GN

Johnny Crow on Nov 13, 2008



Maria antonieta reyes lucerna puentes sanchez lopez del cortez alvarez on Nov 13, 2008


Nice, but I am not sure if I like the Phillip Glass score for Watchmen....just yet. O.O

SillySil on Nov 13, 2008


Snyder, you da man.

LASERBEAM on Nov 13, 2008


...why am i the only one that thinks this all looks cheesy?

b real on Nov 13, 2008


Dr. Manhatten's voice should be fixed because it seems weird but other than that awesome trailer! And b real you think it's cheesy because you obviously have not read the GN. Period.

Itri on Nov 13, 2008


That was incredible!! thanks alex! But can someone explain what i have been hearing about a giant squid?? Or should i just go read the novel before i see the movie and ask too many questions? thoughts please

big r on Nov 13, 2008


I HATE, i repeat, HATE this trail and i believe it will totally tank at the box office. I cannot believe they made this into a movie, leave the comic as is. Nothing is safe these days. Rorsaches voice is WAY WAY WAY off, it needs to be higher and more boyish, Manhatten needs to be a darker blue, Silk Spectre...well she is just bad... and The Comedian was black if i remeber corretly. So yeah i am vastly dissipointed by this trailer

Duck Benny on Nov 13, 2008


no casual/mainstream fan would even know why movie is called watchmen even once film is over is why i think change is fine

nelson on Nov 13, 2008


@23 I don't have a lot of faith in its success at the box office, but the movie itself looks to be near flawless. Nearly every scene is a live version of a frame in the book. Rorschach's voice is perfect. I wouldn't change it a bit, and I think keeping Osterman's voice normal was a good choice. Audiences need to know that he was a man once.

Duck Benny on Nov 13, 2008


Duck Benny you are talking about leaving the comic as is.... and you can't remember The Comedian was white??!!! If you want to respect a comic READ IT!!!

Tremolan on Nov 13, 2008


mister #23 two words: shut up. you´re not allowed to criticize an adaptation of something you not even know what it is, Comedian black?? c´mon! this is like saying captain america is black! zack did an AWESOME job just as I expected....dumb people should be away of these stuff.

Felipe on Nov 13, 2008


Duck Benny- Comedian was definitely never black. Are you sure you know Watchmen?

LASERBEAM on Nov 13, 2008



Jack Donaghy on Nov 13, 2008


Is this movie tottally in SLOW MOTION? Because it seems by the trailer. Sorry fans, this thing will tank with the general public. Mark these words.

Lucius on Nov 13, 2008


#23, "... and the Comedian was black if I remember correctly". Clearly you don't remember correctly, or you've never read the Book and are just another twat full of shit???

Gumpy on Nov 13, 2008


@23 Haha, hello there troll

Brooke on Nov 13, 2008


Rorshach's voice is supposed to sound creepy, so I guess the raspy Batman is what we'll end up with and it works, but I expected Dr. Manhattan's voice to sound more "disembodied" or "otherwordly" instead of like every other joe. And no, the Comedian wasn't black.

Jeff Wetherington on Nov 13, 2008


Zach, dude, if you ever need a kidney transplant... ill give you mine.

Dreckent on Nov 13, 2008


What song is that?

Lomoty Joi on Nov 13, 2008


GOOD.... LORD.... GOD..... ALMIGHTY....

Divad on Nov 13, 2008


Wow. That was way better than the first trailer and I loved that. I love Rorschach's voice and the music at the beginning set a really cool type of mood. Also, why hasn't anyone told big r, number 21, that he should really read the book before somebody ruins it for him?

Da Man on Nov 13, 2008


**SPOILER** Zack Snyder quoted himself that the giant sqid at the end of the GN will NOT be in the movie. check the article at the trailer was good. the voice for rorschach changed from the first trailer and i definitely think that they shouldnt have changed it because it sounds a little ridiculous to me, and dr manhattans voice is way to high, should be deeper to me. other than that, absolutely flawless. and for those who are "up to date" on the conclusion of the movie, the scene where they showed dr manhattans energy ring blowing up new york, could that be it???

Ck on Nov 13, 2008


Honestly, it looks like crap. I can already see the slow-motion effect being "michael-bayed" and over done, like the audience is stupid.

Bob on Nov 13, 2008


"This is a definite improvement over the first trailer, which already kicked ass, so that means we've pretty much got one of the best trailers in cinematic history?" Alex, you've just accomplished stating one of the most corniest lines in recent FirstShowing history.

BahHumbug on Nov 13, 2008


Watchmen is the most overrated comic ever made; the movie looks to be okay, though. Holy Silk Spectre, she is gorgeous...

Nick on Nov 13, 2008


WOOT!!! it is so a MUSE song! their music fits perfectly with the trailer, they get used for many many trailers but not much in the actual movies. I <3 muse! and the movie looks amazing! it makes me all tingly. had a chance to read about half of the comic recently (didnt want to spoil the ending for myself) as far as i could tell the movie looks and feels so much like the comic. im impressed. the only thing thats unsure is the dialouge since the trailers have been mostly music and visuals (except this one). but im optimistic.

sarah on Nov 13, 2008


Looks good, Phillip Glass Pruit Igoe was perfect for this trailer!

Xerxex on Nov 13, 2008


I like how people actually still doubt this movie. Not to worry, they will be the ones standing in line on Friday after all their friends tell them how bad ass this was opening night!

TBone on Nov 13, 2008


Can i just say that i forgot he want black. But they should have cast him as black because it is way better that way, BLACK COMEDY! and also they should have had forest whittaker ad the comedian and also had William H Macy as Rorscah, he fits the roll so much better. Look dont get me wrong i love The Watchmans but i dont think a movie can capture the spirit of how fun this comic is, and how uplifiting the story can be. i am glad there is no squid, they should make the comedian be alive and bomb the city. also i would have liked to see this version be more historically accurate. like maybe even have george bush or obama be the president and set it in now times

Duck Benny on Nov 13, 2008


@ You could quite possibley be worse than Uwe Boll at adapting original stories. And that says a lot! Seriously, you should be banned from this site for your comments...

Benjotron on Nov 13, 2008


Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't there supposed to be a Terminator Salvation trailer attached to the Quantum of Solace as well. McG mentioned that he'd have the trailer ready at this time when he held a panel at ComicCon.

Altair on Nov 13, 2008


Goose Bumps!

Jazz on Nov 13, 2008


"The world will look up and shout save us and I will" One of the most badass lines I have ever heard...

Maxx on Nov 13, 2008


#45 pity the fool, this is an amazing tralier whatever way you want to look at it, updated for these times and totally captures the GN. if you want to cast the movie then just make your own up and post it on you tube, i bet it would look crap though

bassbin on Nov 13, 2008


looks CULT... this is going to be the most talked about movie for some time to come... there were people who hated 300... called it all style but no substance... but look at what 300 has achieved... it is one of the most memorable movies of the past decade... Zack Synder knows what he's doing... this movie looks like it will give TDK a real hard run for its money...may not return the same numbers but will have a loyal legion of fans nonetheless.. was it just me or the voice over sounded like bale's batman voice? not complaining just observing... one thing i didn't like about the trailer was the choice of backgorund score/song... not as captivating as the one they used in the first trailer... looking forward to march...

viral on Nov 14, 2008


Just saw Quantum of Solace and this trailer was not attached. Weird. Did not imagine Dr. Manhattan's voice sounding anything like that.

Farris on Nov 14, 2008


Whats the big deal with this film? Should i read the comic/book/novel first? Because at the moment i don't know what all the hype is about. This is NOT a criticism it's a general question!

marty on Nov 14, 2008


Its kinda funny how people are complaining or disapprove about what a voice should be in a movie, based of a book.

Vernors on Nov 14, 2008


Rorshachs voice sounds like that because they were copying Alan Moores interpretation in a video where he reads Rorshachs lines.

Philipjfry on Nov 14, 2008


marty-- yes, please read the graphic novel before you watch this film. you have plenty of time to do so.

wornpath on Nov 14, 2008


Never read Watchmen. Wasnt really into this movie before this trailer. All the other trailers were a bit confusing, and didnt know what its all about, 'cos as i said.. never read the comic. This looks interesting to be honest. It has lots of Sin City vibes to be honest 🙂

max on Nov 14, 2008


This is obviously the 'Hey general public here's what the film's about, here's the hook watch watch watch' which is necessary but I think the first trailer was so much better. Mainly cause Smashing Pumkins worked so much better and using the same music as for the GTA IV trailers really didn't gel with me! But hey I think this will still be great and this trailer does the important task of making it approachable for newcomers and does it well so hooray

mikesta on Nov 14, 2008


Am I the only one who thinks that the last trailer was WAY better? Especially with the Smashing Pumpkins music - it just suited the mood far better than this one does. I mean, Muse? Seriously, come on... it just totally kills the atmosphere.

danny80uk on Nov 14, 2008


Hurm. Mixed emotions. If you haven't read Watchmen, read it before the movie. Just read it. Much as I liked a lot of this trailer it is wrong, blasphemously wrong, for the characters to refer to 'Watchmen' - the phrase is never (fully) used in the book and much is made of the lack of cohesive work masked adventurers do. There is no one group of them. Though Philip Glass' music is spot on - Adrian Veidt likes Glass, Riley, etc. - the Muse track seemed a bit off. Maybe they should have used Billy Holiday or Bob Dylan? And the first trailer with the Pumpkins sorted of fitted better with all the clockwork imagery.

Rich on Nov 14, 2008


zach did name change because he felt casual fans were not educated by the novel to understand why movie is called watchmen do you honestly think after film is over casual fans are gonna know why its called Watchmen. I don't think they will its just easier if they had said crime busters in trailer most people would laugh in theater when trailer comes on

nelson on Nov 14, 2008


Smoothly perfect!

edi on Nov 14, 2008


nelson - granted, but there could have been a half glimpsed "Who watches..." graffiti instead. And there are plenty of other parts of the book and the trailer that could entice the casual fan. I'm hoping it's just for the trailer (as with the exposition in Transformers - "we're fighting a war against a technical civilisation far in advance of our own") and is quietly absent from the film. Also slightly disappointed in the purported axing of (slightly racist, slightly homosexual, slightly whiny) Captain Metropolis - I thought he was a key cypher/commentary by Moore and Gibbons on the change from 'Golden Age' superheroes to the damaged and damaging contemporaries such as Comedian, Rorschach & co.

Rich on Nov 14, 2008


lol. i think duck benny might be deliberately trying to start arguments because his comments seem way off. forrest whittaker as the comedian????

Q on Nov 14, 2008


BAD ASS!!! Can't wait!

K on Nov 14, 2008


@ 45... YO, Duck Benny! WTF are you talking about??? Did you just spark up your broken light bulb or something! WOW! You are blowing smoke out your ass! It's people like you that come to these site and post ridiculous comments that aggravate the rest of us movie lovers. You shouldn't be allowed to reproduce! I would highly suggest you go and read the book again. My god... I am just in shock/awe at what you wrote!

K on Nov 14, 2008


Duck Benny = troll. Don't feed the troll.

JB on Nov 14, 2008


during the riot, are they burning a stuffed Superman on a noose?

Bucker on Nov 14, 2008


Hells ya they are, Bucker.

Da Man on Nov 14, 2008


Beautiful. Squid or no squid, I'm seeing this masterpiece. God bless Zack Synder (I'll give him a six pack of beer) and his cast and crew.

Roy on Nov 14, 2008


@ 60 This is a point where you and I will have to agree to disagree, but I actually tell people to NOT read the comic. I'd rather let the movie take them completely by surprise as opposed to risk worrying about what they got right. I'm doing my damnest not to watch these trailers repeatedly!

MCab on Nov 14, 2008


boohoo! same shots different music folks--there is nothing extraordinary about this movie, although I agree it will be fun to Watch!

icke on Nov 14, 2008


Okay. Everyone picking these trailers apart and talking about Rorschach's and Manhattan's voices -- Seriously, you're not gonna get a more faithful adaptation of this film. And you're not gonna get a director like Zack Snyder who will fight for it.

Fuelbot on Nov 14, 2008


Damn that was amazing! I can't wait to see this movie!!!

Lorelei on Nov 14, 2008


Fuck my life. If I see this movie, nothing will ever please me ever again ever. This is what the world has been waiting for. I'M SO EXCITED I COULD SHIT

Clamson on Nov 14, 2008


+1 @ 73 In the world of Geekdom, TAKE WHAT YOU CAN GET.

MCab on Nov 14, 2008


Holy Shit!!!!

safichan on Nov 14, 2008


No really, was it? It seems completely devoid of the pathos and pacing of the comic and graphic novel. The Comedian may have seen Veidt but the reader never did. I understand that these things get dumbed down for a broader audience, but this looks like Snyder has LOBOTOMISED this seminal work. All I can hope for is that he hasn't cut the tale of the dreadnought too. At least the animated version is pleasingly familiar so far. 🙂

WasthatWatchmen? on Nov 14, 2008


*Spoilers* I for one would be seriously pissed if they didn't use the alien for the ending. An explosion of any kind in reality would just lead to more war, which is the main thing everyone is trying to avoid. An outside force really is the only way to stop war throughout the world. The only other way I can see it happening is if the Manhattan is some how convinced to blow it up and then everyone just hates him but again that's unlikely since he already knows whats going to happen and can not be convinced to do anything

Dr.Gonzo on Nov 14, 2008


Currently, I'm reading the graphic novel and it's blowing my freakin' head off!! And so far, the images that I've been watching in the trailer are just awesome, and very similar to the original concept, that's great... The silk spectre... oh... she's just... wow...

Jorge Leiner on Nov 14, 2008


EXTRAORDINAIRE !!! This is so great!!! This just blow me up ! Cant wait !

Florian on Nov 14, 2008


after 10/13 years, Muse is finally [have been] getting respect and recognition that is long overdue. every trailer of this film looks better and better.

SCAR on Nov 14, 2008


#78: There is a chance that the scene in which we see Veidt entering the Comedian's apartment is NOT used in the first part of the movie, but rather later on, where the story unfolds and the reader/audience understands Veidts part in the death of the Comedian. Just because its shown first in the trailer doesn't mean it has the same posish in the final cut. Other than that, I'm really curious on how they'll deal with the absence of the squid... I really hope they don't screw that part up too much... Opening night, here I come...

Drama on Nov 14, 2008


I liked it, but not nearly as much as the first or second trailer (the one from the Scream awards). Seems they made Rorschach's voice a bit higher than the first trailer, and I do wish Manhattan's voice was lower, or different in some way. Not just like some average Joe. I have to agree with earlier comments. I do NOT like how they refer to themselves as Watchmen. That's completely wrong and I can't stand by Snyder's side on this one. Other than that, still can't wait to see it.

Tom on Nov 14, 2008


So I was really fired up for this movie after seeing the first trailer. Now? Not so much. Not that I don't still want to see it, but my excitement has definitely been greatly diminished. My first complaint is sort of nit picky: the music. I thought the music for the first trailer was way better than the music for this one. The music for this new trailer wasn't all bad, but it definitely wasn't as good of a fit in my opinion. Also, I think there may be a bit of slow-mo overkill. Again, just my opinion. My second complaint is much larger: they actually say Watchmen. Now I know my memory isn't as bad as the guy who claimed that Rorschach's voice "needs to be higher and more boyish" and thought that the Comedian was black and made that ridiculous "black comedy" remark, but if my memory serves me correctly, there was no mention of the Watchmen in the comic other than the graffiti on the walls. I definitely don't recall anyone in the comic actually saying Watchmen, and the way it's used here sort of implies that the characters in the story were some sort of superhero team known collectively as the Watchmen. Not true. I believe the only real "team" mentioned in Watchmen is the Minutemen. Aside from that, there are a few team-ups, but it seems like everyone operated independently of each other for the most part. So referring to a Watchmen "team", or even referring to the heroes as Watchmen in any way other than the writing on the wall, I believe is false. Also, excluding Captain Metropolis seems a bit ridiculous to me both because of the commentary stated above in #63, as well as the fact that he was essentially the founder of the Minutemen team, meaning the omission of Captain Metropolis also creates a small hole in the story. Which brings me to what I believe to be the monumentally huge problem that is my third complaint: no squid. Are you serious? says "I understand that the 'squid' ending could be very difficult to adapt and that the way the ending unfolds in the comic may not work well on screen." I guess I can sort of understand that as well. But at the same time, a giant alien "squid" teleporting into a city, causing immeasurable damage, killing a vast majority, and devastating the minds of many, many others I think could have been pretty incredible to see on screen. Just make it look like the Ogdru Jahad from Hellboy or something, and it had the potential to be really dark, and really amazing. But now, by leaving it out and rewriting the ending as Dr. Manhattan destroying the city, or so it would seem, there will be more than just small holes in the story. Why would Dr. Manhattan destroy even a portion of the city? How are they possibly going to tie that in with Ozymandias' plan? How is all of that going to come into play at the end of the story when Dr. Manhattan is part of the attempt to stop Ozymandias and Ozymandias tries to kill Dr. Manhattan? If part of Ozymandias' plan in the GN is for Dr. Manhattan to be "exiled", how then is it going to be that in the movie part of that same plan involves Dr. Manhattan destroying the city? How would Dr. Manhattan taking out a city possibly end war and unite the planet? If there is no alien creature, then there would be no need for an island on which such a creature would be created. Which means that the Comedian would not be able to accidentally discover said island and find out the information that leads to his death. It also means that there would be no reason for people like Max Shea to disappear to such a place. So if Max Shea hasn't disappeared to some mystery island, does that mean that he is no longer a part of the story/movie? And if he is no longer included, does that mean that his comic "Tales of the Black Freighter" will be excluded with him? Because if so, that essentially eliminates any need for the newsstand to be a part of the story, with the exception of Rorschach (Walter Kovacs) stopping by to pick up the New Frontiersman, which if I recall correctly only happens once in the story. And all of that now has me wondering how they're going to handle all of the book excerpts, case files, and other such things that are included in the GN. Will they be handled as flashbacks or something along those lines, or will they be omitted as well, and the newcomer will just have to do without the added back story and etc? All of this just really shakes my confidence in what initially looked like an incredible screen adaptation of an incredible comic, and just a great cinematic experience in general. There were many people who said they felt that 300 was all style, but no substance. I agreed with them. I felt that it was a very visually attractive movie, but that there really wasn't much more to it. I am now starting to worry that Watchmen might end up the same way. I still plan to see it, don't get me wrong. I just worry that with the changes being made, the exclusion of the "squid" in particular, the story won't be as solid or have quite the same impact. I do, however, hope to be proven wrong.

Yeah, so about that... on Nov 14, 2008


I actually like Doc Manhattan's voice. Maybe a little reverb would be good. Blake's is a voice I actually don't like. I was expecting a real New Yorker accent. Ditto for Rorshach, it's not bad, but I'd like to hear some Brooklyn/Bronx/etc flavors to his voice. All these directors steer away from the colloquial, makes the characters sounds very plain. I DO NOT like them showing that explosion in the middle of Manhattan in the trailer. Very anti-climactic. I really don't mind them referring themselves to Watchmen. I think Zack has simplified things, which isn't bad. Moore can make his characters very wordy and his plots are sometimes elaborate to the point of, well, pointless.

MCab on Nov 14, 2008


Yeah, that music's not too great. Especially towards the end where that dude really starts belting it out. Lame! And about Doc Manhattan's voice? I think it definitely would have been way cooler if they would have added some effect to it after he became Manhattan. It does sound a little bland, especially with the way he looks. But hey, for everything else, there's Mastercard. (get it?)

Yerp on Nov 14, 2008


I think so Yerp, are you saying that it's all priceless? Because if not, I'm lost. Number 85 is damn right. However, just because the explosion (which they totally shouldn't have shown) appeared to be one from Dr. Manhattan doesn't mean it is. Also, an alien explosion doesn't have to be from a giant squid monster, maybe our man Zack found a way to make the explosion otherworldly in nature without a squid and without eliminating Max Shea and unglueing the entire story. Hopefully, he's as clever when it comes to adapting this story as he is at adapting the imagery.

Da Man on Nov 14, 2008


@78... Who kills the Comedian is not nearly as important as why the murderer did the deed. In many ways, the Comedian's death is nearly a MacGuffin - something to drive the plot but which is ultimately of considerably less importance than initially suggested. The death of the Comedian launches the story. But very soon we see that the story is about much, much more than the simple mystery of finding the Comedian's killer. It is about a world unraveling, protected by those exiled for their duties. It is a story, ultimately, about redemption.

Bill Coffin on Nov 14, 2008


Muse - Take a Bow

SillySil on Nov 14, 2008


I must say this trailer highly impressed me and silenced some of my doubts. Finally we can see some dialogue and footage which is not in slow-motion. They need to put out more Watchmen trailers like this.

SlashBeast on Nov 14, 2008


That looks much better than the first trailer that I saw! Now I'm excited about the film!

Ted Button on Nov 14, 2008


I dunno if Watchmen was some sort of comic or show or whatever, but this movie looks fuckin' tight as hell. I can't wait to see this movie. Controlled substances will definitely be involved.

Doopty Doo on Nov 14, 2008


at the opening what does the comedian say when the figure enters the room?? I can't hear it,

DaVe! on Nov 14, 2008


I didn't really care for the music but Goddamnit this movie looks so badass... Tho I am still worried about the ending and this trailer didn't help..

CSpuppydog on Nov 14, 2008


tears in my eyes... of joy!

Pedro Lopes on Nov 14, 2008


@85 I believe I read somewhere that Zack Snyder planned the ending to include Ozymandias creating a device to imitate the effects of Dr. Manhattan to destroy New York and eventually getting everyone to unite against Dr. Manhattan. Weak in my opinion but I don't see how he could make the giant squid work on screen.

Farris on Nov 14, 2008


@88 Nah man, that's the guy who does the voiceovers for those Mastercard commercials.

Yerp on Nov 14, 2008


@98 That's reeeeeeeeeeeeeal weak. There's no way I can see that working. I mean, it might be similar to a 9/11 scenario where it unifies the city, possibly even the country, but definitely not the entire world. It's too small scale. It would take something huge, like alien invaders (as corny as that sounds) for the entire world to be united, especially if that unity's supposed to be brought about by a common threat. Manhattan just doesn't represent that. And I'm with 85. I think if they did it right it would have been really amazing. I mean, an alien creature destroying a city and giving people for miles nightmares for the rest of their lives because of the psychic shockwave? That would have been epic. And the possibility of having all of the effects of that catastrophe potentially unravel with the discovery of Rorschach's journal at the end just doesn't even seem all that plausible if it's just Dr. Manhattan. It just isn't big enough. Anyway, just my thoughts.

Yerp on Nov 14, 2008


Why cant there be a movie that sticks to the source material 100%? I havent read the novel yet but from most of these comments it seems the ending is tampered with. Would it have been that hard to have a giant squid appear on screen? i mean with all the tech. available in todays world, why the hell not? He stuck to everything else pretty much, given the trailers and the comments... why didnt he just go through and stick it out with the ending also? I feel like it was too good to be true to have a movie be absolutely perfect in reference to its source material. just my 2 cents tho.

big r on Nov 14, 2008


ZACK SNYDER ON MANHATTAN'S VOICE - "I didn't do any effects for Manhattan's voice. I think he would want to put every one at ease as much as possible."

Fuelbot on Nov 14, 2008


Also, I just read the Hayter draft of the script and if they keep Veidt's motivations from that version of the script I'll buy them not having that friggin squid in. It makes a lot of sense given Veidt's character and how dedicated he is, and is actually a lot more fulfilling and shocking that the giant squid.

Fuelbot on Nov 14, 2008


@98 and 100- Yeah, Snyder did consider that ending so I'm a little worried but I don't think that will be used.

BahHumbug on Nov 14, 2008


Captain Metropolis hasn't been cut from the movie; IMDb has a production still of the Minutemen, which includes the Cap. They also have a picture of the actresses playing the two Silk Spectres; they could practically be twins, and will definitely be believable as mother and daughter. @102: That's a fair argument. Manhattan puts on clothes for the TV interview, doesn't he? And seriously, people are complaining about the fact that the voices don't sound right? The source material is PRINTED. If the source were an audio book, you could complain about accuracy. And how can you discount a movie because of the music in its trailer? Music which may not appear anywhere in the final film? Seriously? @101: No movie can stick 100% to its source material. Hollywood learned this with its very first adaptation: the original Frankenstein was going to be a purely faithful word-for-word adaptation; once they realized the runtime was going to exceed five hours, they started making cuts and changes. Anything other than a very short story contains far too much information to be shown in two hours. Furthermore, it's a truism in screenwriting that excellent books make mediocre movies, and crappy books make excellent movies. (Have you ever read The Godfather? It's awful.) This isn't always the case; I think Fight Club may be the best adaptation of a novel ever made, but it's a short book, Palahniuk writes very sparse and cinematic prose in the first place, and the film still made significant changes. There has been one movie that tried to exactly replicate its source material: Gus Van Sant's Psycho. It blew chunks. @use of "Watchmen": I don't have my copy of the book handy (loaned it to my fiancé), but doesn't the guy who calls the first meeting that gets them all together (Captain Metropolis maybe?) propose a name for the group? I don't think it was Watchmen, but it might have been. Besides, purists can object to the "dumbing down" of the movie all they want, but the simple fact of the matter is that a movie that has a big budget has a lot more money to earn back than one with a small budget. We all wanted a Watchmen done RIGHT, and by the looks of things we may be getting it, but a vocal and hardcore fanbase is simply not enough to ensure the success of a movie: look at Serenity, may it rest in peace. Like it or not, this renaissance of comic book films has not been driven by ticket sales to the fanbase, but by marketing to people who might otherwise not be interested. Serenity was a commercial failure because it was marketed solely to those who were fans and not considering that there weren't enough of those fans to keep Firefly on the air. Sin City marketed not the stories or the style, but its stars, and was a success. The Spirit is basing a key component of its marketing campaign on getting people to come see its bevy of beautiful women (one of the trailers is about nothing else), and Watchmen is trying to get across in a very short space its sophisticated story. If we ever want a comic book movie of this scale and quality again, Watchmen has to make major bank. This doesn't necessarily mean a "dumbed-down" film, per se, but unless each and every vocal fan wants to pay to see the movie 30 times in theatres to ensure that it makes its money back, we should welcome a "dumbed-down" ad campaign, especially since the only dumbing-down appears to be as simple as identifying these random, nameless figures that appear in the trailer as a group to those who've never even heard of the book. Make the average joe think when he gets in the theatre, but you have to get him there first.

Lady Aerin on Nov 14, 2008


Wow, I'm a little late on this one, but I didnt think rthat you could beat the first trailer, but this definitely has w/o question. This looks absolutely amazing. Idk if this was mentioned above, but did anyone else notice Roscharch mask print move?

L on Nov 14, 2008


I was soo sure they would make Manhattan's voice sound more electric and digitized. 'Ts a shame 'ts! But who cares? Hopefully noone will go watch it except the fans, either, so that I can see it in a huge, empty theatre. Fuck yeah!

Maox on Nov 14, 2008


About the slow motion... As you can see there are what... three slow-mo shots in this? And the one with Rorchace with the Aeresol Flame Thrower is altered to be slow-mo-esque. I don't think it will be like that in the film. So you're looking at the window throw - which was there to replicate the comic panel depicting that scene - and the scene with Silk Specter and the explosion in the background. Probably from the fire-rescue scene, and there may have been a panel matchin git as well... i can't recall off the top of my head. In any case, I think some of the action scenes (and there's not really all that many if you think about it) will probably use these slow-motion techniques to emphasize the comicbook panel feel of the scenes. If you will recall, there were several shots in the previous trailer that WERE in slow-motion, but which are not in slow-mo in this trailer. Owl's landing shot for instance. I think what he's really trying to do here is replicate not just the visual look and feel of the comic, but to create a very comicbook like viewing eperience as well. Emphasizing specific actions by slowing them down and letting you take in the shot, the use of the more abstract panels in the book that i think a lot of other directors would have axed... It really looks like he's trying to bring all of the more interesting aspects of comics as a whole into the film world. I think it's neat, personally. I think the trailers, tho, are going to ultimately hurt this movie. As a fan of the book I know the movie is going to be a lot slower than these trailers make it out to be. If I were to judge by the trailers I'd say it was going to be all costumed guys fighting stuff and being attacked and in fights and blowing shit up... The reality is that it's a murder mystery with some seriously dark comedy, a lot of deep character study and a lot of slow, intercut scenes playing on multiple timelines and just... craziness... I think the movie is going to be considered a lot more boring than people had expected it to be, with a lot more cryptic, puzzle-piece sort of loosely tied together plot. people are going to have to really think while watching this movie, and I dunno if the mass majority of the popcorn tossing blockbuster movie fans are going to really enjoy it. I know I will, cause I've loved everything I've seen so far, but I dunno if there will be a huge audience for this. It will probably open really strong the first weekend, but after the first couple of weeks we'll see if it's got legs and if people are actually coming away impressed or just disappointed by the expectations from the trailer that were not lived up to.

Squiggly_P on Nov 14, 2008


Officialy? Best.Trailer. In. My. Fucking. Life.

m4st4 on Nov 15, 2008


lol f*ck yea!!! see you all at the premier!!

curtfrmcali on Nov 15, 2008


Oh, yeah, sorry if I trod on any toes with my negativity. Though I did think the fractious nature of the protagonists is both representative and motivational. Something which "Watchmen, ho!" natured comments in the trailer undermine. This isn't a geek-style "they got it wrong, they changed things!" complaint (I abhor such literalism), but it seemed an important, interesting cog in the book. And, Mcab, #71 - that's a really valid way to look at it. Hopefully we would both be a bit right. I only take my view because I don't think the movie will ever top the book and, yeah, I just want everybody to read Watchmen.

Rich on Nov 15, 2008


I think I just crapped my pants.

Dylan on Nov 15, 2008


I think Rorschach's mask is my favorite part of all the trailers. Imagine the time and effort it must've taken behind the scenes to make sure that his mask was in constant motion in every scene and junk. The craftsmanship!

Da Man on Nov 15, 2008


Snyder's being a bit evasive, but interviews seem to indicate the word "Watchman" won't actually appear in the dialogue of the film...

Lady Aerin on Nov 15, 2008


Looks like a big pile of horsesh!t to me, lol

Willy Brown Balls on Nov 15, 2008


From what ive read Snyder isn't really doing a good job of getting the important story across and if the ending is anything like the scripts...I'm out.

Mr. Wizard on Nov 15, 2008


Holy shit

Cody on Nov 15, 2008


I got a hard on after watching that!

biznatch on Nov 15, 2008


I can tell that when they say "Watchmen," it's dubbed.

MCab on Nov 15, 2008


Does anybody else think that Nite Owl in this movie doesn't look fat enough?

Da Man on Nov 15, 2008


wow omfg that was an histpric masterpiece. i wish everyone, even the non-believers could just sit down and experience what i just saw. fuckin amazing!!! but i really hope they dont fuck up the ending in the film, then again they fucked it up big time in the book with the boring, bloodless climax and sex scene

LeeMan on Nov 15, 2008


I just "arrived" 😉

WERDNAFAZ on Nov 16, 2008


Conan O brien should be Rorshach and tyra banks should play dr. manhattan

moops on Nov 16, 2008


The trailer looks badass and I can't wait to see the movie but even if the movie blows, which I doubt, if it makes more people read the book I'll be a happy panda.

ScottyR on Nov 16, 2008


amazing trailer. i look forward to this movie a bit more.

dave13 on Nov 16, 2008


"I'm just happy that the film is still being released on March 9th, 2009 after that nasty dispute WB and Fox had earlier this year. I couldn't help but notice why Fox waited till the film was finished for the them to begin complaining about distribution rights. Something tells me they were overwhelmed by all the buzz and this amazing trailer shows why! Frost on Nov 13, 2008" It's a shrewd but unethical legal tactic. You let your rival complete the movie you never intended to make (even though you retain some of the IP). Once it's done you spring the lawsuit. In order to get the movie out, your rival has to cough up a settlement or lose a huge investment. Thus you make money without any production cost. If Fox had filed suit before the movie was half in the can, WB may have scrapped the project and Fox wouldn't be able to profit.

Masakari on Nov 16, 2008


Cant wait... o_o looks a lot like the graphic novel... i dont like the music of this trailer.. but its ok i guess.

Yamika on Nov 16, 2008


Fox dosn't want this movie. They want the rights to Batman so they can release all the Adam West episodes on DVD. Theyr'e pretty much just saying "We will leave this movie alone if you give us the rights to Batman." AS for Watchmen, a lot of the lines in this trailor will not be in the actually movie. Rorshachs opening dialogue isnt even correct. The trailor states "the world" will look up and shout save us! When it should read "all the whores and politicians." Changes are needed to make an apropriate trailor for the general audience, thats just how trailors are. It Dosn't mean they actually changed anything from the graphic novel; well exept maybe the ending, but thats ok because Alan Moore himself said that "David Hayters script was the closest anybody can get to Watchmen." PS WATCHMEN was a term used for ALL masked crime fighters, not just one particular group.

Captnsquash on Nov 16, 2008


Wow! Really cool! I'm sure the movie will make a great box-office success because of the well advertising since weeks. And we have to wait it until March 09...

Anonymous on Nov 17, 2008


No movie can flesh out a Comic Book or Graphic Novel on the big screen. I believe Hollywood has finally done justice to an Alan Moore's master piece. This Genius has many. Zack Snyder, U da Man.

Shawn Gregory on Nov 17, 2008


The best trailer, I've ever seen ..................... So freaking song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Koyaanisqatsi 😉

Florian on Nov 17, 2008


AS for Watchmen, a lot of the lines in this trailor will not be in the actually movie. Rorshachs opening dialogue isnt even correct. The trailor states "the world" will look up and shout save us! When it should read "all the whores and politicians." The quote is too long for the movie, so they had to cut it short. I fully expect it to be in the movie.

Apollo on Nov 17, 2008


Another sub par movie accentuated by gratuitous slow motion.

Ceezewiz on Nov 17, 2008


they shouldnt be allowed to show trailers this good when there is still 5 months before release...

Matt on Nov 17, 2008


You want squids?

chrisUK on Nov 18, 2008


Finally....something about this movie that actually interested a non-fan. I haven't read the books, so the first trailer didn't make any sense to me at all. This one, with the voice over, gives you a better sense of what the story is about. The trailer itself looks pretty amazing. My curiousity will probably send me to the theaters in March.

TCox on Nov 20, 2008


Anyone notice Manhattan's "Altered States" arm slam against the wall?

Xanadu West on Nov 20, 2008


#4....such a debbie downer comment,lol

lock dog on Nov 20, 2008


@85 Way to ruin both the movie AND the graphic novel with spoilers. Also, tl,dr. Love the trailer. I know the die-hard fans will always have something to complain about, but this looks amazing. I believe Entertainment Weekly had an article about watchmen a couple of months ago, and the interesting thing was that they had not cut out the shipwreck side story, and instead are going to turn it into its own feature. At least, it'll be either a standalone or it'll be included in the special features of the DVD. Good job, Snyder. P.S. Lots of trolls here. "I have a troll slaying knife. it's +9 against trolls." "You're not there. You're in the tavern!"

Chris M on Nov 20, 2008


What's up with this movie? And why is that guy attempting to imitate the voice of Cristian Bale's Batman? That is weak. Seriously. These superheros suck! One director, I can't recall his name, has seen this movie and stated that the Dark Night is a much better movie. I myself can't wait for Captain America: The first Avenger. God I hope they don't cast Will Smith as Captain America. They will totally ruin it if they do. He's too hip-hop to be Captain America.

Joshua on Nov 20, 2008


#137, FINALLY a trailer that interested non-fans? the first trailer inspired, my best friend, my neighbor, my sister, and i to read watchmen. in a way, the first trailer made us fans.

Al on Nov 20, 2008


The more I see trailers for this movie, the more I think Hollywood is diluting the market with unnecessary superhero movies. It looks like a poor mans Avengers. It looks Like a bunch of superhero sidekicks got together and decided to make a movie. Lame.

Joshua on Nov 20, 2008


#142, same here. Seeing that first trailer before TDK blew me away and I kinda got obsessed over what it was. Needless to say, the graphic novel was amazing. #143, you need to understand what this movie is exactly. This isn't just another Hollywood superhero movie. Read the graphic novel, and you'll fall in love with it. For everyone who has read the novel, and has some worries about certain things being kept or changed, then go to google, and type in: watchmen comic forums watchmen transformed. On the second page, first post, of the thread, a guy who somehow has a copy of the thread has posted a full review on it and talks about almost every scene. It definitely makes you giddy reading it.

Apollo on Nov 22, 2008


I hope this doesn't contain so much slow motion like 300.

ADAM on Nov 23, 2008


This is obviously aimed at a non comic book reading audence since it tries to sell the movie as a murder/mystery and revenge flick. If you never read the book you would think it was your typical action movie revenge plot. I do like the first trailer much better, since the music for this one is kinda weak. My main worry for the film is that the costumes look too cheesy in real life. Hopefully in the actual movie they aren't too distracting.

kenoyer130 on Nov 24, 2008


Looks just as stupid as the original trailer. PASS!

A Guy With A Brain on Nov 24, 2008


@140 This isn't your typical superhero movie. In fact, only one of the characters has any power at all, and that's the glowing blue guy. Rorschach's voice is near perfect and is exponentially better than Christian Bale's in Batman. Watchmen as a story is better than The Dark Knight I'd say, but we'll have to wait and see for how the whole thing turns out.

Will S. on Nov 25, 2008


Im most definitely not feeling this. Time money and life potentially wasted here. Who's watching the watchmen? Not ME. However 300 is one of my favorites.

velequest on Nov 29, 2008


I wonder perhaps if someone could be so kind as to answer a query of mine. Who, prey tell, murdered Comedian at the beginning of the trailer? I am new to the franchise and am very much looking forward to the new film. Roll on march. Thank You

Ross McKelvie on Dec 1, 2008


Ross, we couldn't possibly tell you. It would be a massive spoiler. There isn't really a franchise as such, just the original novel. (Plus Alan Moore's Annotated Watchmen (sort of a York Notes for Watchmen), and Dave Gibbon's excellent Watching The Watchmen artistic notebook.) So, either read the novel, and be wowed by it, or: Don't read the novel, avoid spoiling a few plot twists and, hopefully, you will have a film to watch in March that should take your head off, or (in a worst-case scenario) you have an ambitious flop to watch but still get a few surprises.

Rich on Dec 6, 2008


I'll try my best Rich. The novel sounds like a good shout (stocking filler for christmas). Thanks for all of your suggestions, I'll read the novel and try to tackle the other works afterwards. Looking forward to my head being taken off / ambitious flop in March.

Ross McKelvie on Dec 8, 2008


Been anxiously waiting since '86. Good job Zack. One thing though. It's rumored that the "Tales of the Black Freighter" segment is to be omitted from the theatrical release and inserted only on a future DVD. Also I heard the "giant alien squid" is absent from the film. Is this true? Since both of these story points are integral to its conclusion, I hope that isn't the case... The director did so well to keep the Watchmen's time line faithful. It would great if he could keep everything accurate across the board. Any major edits could possibly change an otherwise brilliant adaptation into a hot mess... Love the trailers by the way.

Ernest Effort on Jan 1, 2009


Guys get a life !! its only a movie. and please stop writing novels in comment boxes (check out # 85 and 104)!

Grapeleaves on Jan 10, 2009


looks really good. the graphic novel is really, really good, though the ending was a little weird, and i am sure this will be a good adaptation. however, before when i watched trailers for both sin city and 300, i was blown away but i hated the movies. i hope the same thing won't happen with watchmen. the only thing that bothers me is that even though patrick wilson has put on weight for night owl, he still doesn't have a belly, as far as i can see from the trailers.. anyway, i'm looking forward to this one...

F.C. on Jan 11, 2009


Okay, here's the thing. I don't think they should keep Doc Manhattan's voice to be the same as when he was Jon Osterman. Period. Everything else changed about the guy in the GN. I mean, it's obvious that his voice is different, considering it's surrounded by a blue border. The speech bubbles i mean, of course. I think it should be deep and booming. Rorschach's voice is spot on. I'll admit, I almost shat myslef after seeing this tralier.

Stubs on Jan 23, 2009

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