Must Watch: Star Wars Geeks Rule in Fanboys Trailer!

November 3, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Fanboys Trailer

If you can't stand Star Wars geeks, then star far, far away. An official trailer for Fanboys has just debuted and it kicks quite a bit of geek ass - even though it's so frickin' cheesy but so frickin' awesome at the same time. Fanboys was originally supposed to hit theaters in late 2007, but it has been delayed until early 2009, but don't worry, it'll be in theaters soon enough (I hope). Everyone from Harry Knowles (not played by himself) to William Shatner to Billy Dee Williams to Kevin Smith all have cameos in this trailer, and it's a great tease for what's to come. And they actually save a lot of the best part of the jokes for the movie.

Watch the latest trailer for Fanboys:

[flv: 596 336]

You can also watch the Fanboys trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Fanboys is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Kyle Newman and was written by fellow newcomers Ernest Cline and Adam F. Goldberg. The Weinstein Company originally scheduled Fanboys for release a few years back but kept delaying it due to test screening complaints and other issues. Fanboys is currently scheduled (let's hope they stay true to their word) to hit theaters on February 6th, 2009 next year.

Fanboys Poster

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That was the funniest thing I've seen all day. Can't wait to see it.

BitterResentful Dave on Nov 3, 2008


Can't wait to see this one.

Nate on Nov 3, 2008


Seems to have a similar feel to the Broken lizard films. Cant wait!

Bryanmakeup on Nov 3, 2008


Sweet!! going to make wookie cookies for this one. Thanks FS

Ryan McCarthy on Nov 3, 2008


Looks like a rental. I found it funny ow they named the actors.

Ryan on Nov 3, 2008


Gonna definitely see this one! When it comes to Netflix... Doesn't really look that great to me.

C-Young on Nov 3, 2008


What's the song at the end of the trailer? I love that song. Looks ok.

Matty on Nov 3, 2008


LOL they called them by thier characters LMAO!!!

werdnafaz on Nov 3, 2008


Looks like it could be enjoyable. Because of the crudeness of the humor, I tend to not judge a comedy by it's trailer. I thought the trailers for Knocked, Sarah Marshall, Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, Step Brothers, and Zack and Miri were all crap but since the film was filled with tons of naughty crude humor... that made up for it.

BahHumbug on Nov 3, 2008


I would see that. Im a fanboy.

Unseen on Nov 3, 2008


Same script different destination. The question is do these films ever get better as they are copied. dont get me wrong you must judge any film on the merit of its classification. Road trip film where all the losers get laid with coeds while tryiyng to reach their ULTIMATE BUILT UP destination. But this time star wars. so its different. no, not really. Hell i'm all for a cheap laugh, but come on. How many times can you really laugh at the same joke..

what ever on Nov 3, 2008


I was looking forward to that when i saw a trailer a year ago. William Shatner is cool.

Da Man on Nov 3, 2008


By the way dont get me wroNG. I am a fan of STAR WARS And i am all for some sort of comedy homage to the fans out there. What I dont care for, however is taking the idea and slapping it on the the script for Road Trip or Sex Drive.

what ever on Nov 3, 2008


Isn't this the same poster for 40 year old virgin? And they just covered Steve Carrel's face with a Darth Vader mask.

CrazySphinx on Nov 3, 2008


Wow that was amazingly funny. Can't wait.

maverick on Nov 3, 2008



SillySil on Nov 3, 2008


this looks like crap...

Divad on Nov 3, 2008


haha crazysphinx #14 I was just gunna say the same thing! It makes me wonder if it was on purpose because these kids will end up being forty year old virgins as well.

ha1rball on Nov 3, 2008


Wow, that looks teriffic. Can't wait--wish it was coming out this year.

DinoChow on Nov 3, 2008


Oh my god I love it! February can't come soon enough!

Keith on Nov 3, 2008


holy crap that looks amazing.

dave13 on Nov 3, 2008


This has a decent cast with a lot of great cameos. Good trailer. And Kristen Bell. hummina hummina. I like the part where Ethan Suplee is beating the shit out of Jay Baruchel. That guy deserves it. Don't ask me why, I just don't like him. BTW ALEX, thanks for putting high quality video on your site instead of shitty video. Good show, man.

JL on Nov 3, 2008


yeah what is that song? it's killing me....

sam on Nov 3, 2008



miracle disease on Nov 3, 2008


this was great, I loved it. I will definately be seeing this one.

tyler on Nov 3, 2008


That is the most baddass photo I have ever laid eyes on.

Silver on Nov 3, 2008


the top photo not the 40-Year-Old Virgin [look-at-this-we-can-make-fun-of-pop-culture] rip off

Silver on Nov 3, 2008


so in the meantime By spacehog

Snide on Nov 3, 2008


ha, this is great.

jman571 on Nov 3, 2008


LOL! That was awesome! Looks hilarious! Love how they introduced all the characters! LOL! Gotta watch it again...

K on Nov 4, 2008


Wait one second... SHOOTER McGAVIN is in this movie??? Well, then. I'll be camping outside for tickets right now!

Tom Brazelton on Nov 4, 2008


JAY AND BOB! Hell yeah! This movie is gonna rock.

Rickmeister on Nov 4, 2008


This looks freakin' hilarious. I'll be there on a Tuesday.

Rick on Nov 4, 2008


See this, I cannot wait! Haha sounds very funny 😉

max on Nov 4, 2008


What do you think Kent?

Nerd Smasher on Nov 4, 2008


did they remove the cancer plot?

alex on Nov 4, 2008


This looks awesome!

Noddy on Nov 4, 2008


How fascinating that they completely leave out Kristen Bell until the end of the trailer...

Largo on Nov 4, 2008


It feels like I have been waiting for this movie my whole life... im so excited!

CSpuppydog on Nov 4, 2008


when will they remake Star Wars??? Russell Brand can be C3P0!

chrisUK on Nov 6, 2008


can't wait for this film heheheh 🙂

Mike on Nov 7, 2008


I am not a Star Wars fan, but I like this!

RSH on Nov 7, 2008


I love the part where they announce all the stars.

RC on Nov 9, 2008


i'm a fanboy, so i have to see this. even if it's horrible. I mean, i went and saw episodes 1 and 3. what could be worse than jar-jar binks and hayden christensen?

Chris M on Nov 20, 2008


Genius one-sheet.

Gabriel G on Nov 21, 2008


Looks really funny, shame its got only a 55 screen release. With that kind of backing, reckon Harvey Weinstein will finnally see to it that 'his' film gets the premature death it most certainly DOES NOT deserve. Still, don't know if anyone know but there's a similar film (well) documentary being made called 'The People vs George Lucas' being made ( about whether or not Lucas deserves the bad press he's been having since the SE's/prequils/clone wars etc. They're after contributors, so gonna give that a go. Give my 2cents (read: $1000) worth 😉

Phil3000 on Feb 11, 2009


this should have come out two fucking years ago and it should be rated r.., either way im just happy the are finally going to put it in theaters

darthjrod on Feb 11, 2009


Found this this morning if anyones interested, its that trailer for 'The People vs George Lucas'; looks pretty funny i reckon: 🙂

Phil3000 on Feb 13, 2009

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