Must Watch: The Wackness Red Band Trailer!

June 19, 2008
Source: IGN

The Wackness Red Band Trailer

It's finally here - the best trailer for the Sundance hit The Wackness! This is the last trailer for the film that I'll feature, I promise, but you must watch this one! This red band trailer finally captures the exact spirit (and language) of the movie that hasn't been seen yet in the four other trailers for the film. If this one doesn't convince you to go see The Wackness, then there's nothing else that I can show you that will convince you to make sure you catch this in theaters. The Wackness still remains one of my favorite films of the entire year and I can't wait to see it again when this summer. If you've been waiting for this year's great indie film to fall in love with, this is definitely it!

The Wackness is set in 1994 and centers on Luke Shapiro, a teenaged pot dealer, and his drug-addeled psychiatrist Dr. Squires. If you need more encourage, then check out my 9 out of 10 review from Sundance.

Watch the red band trailer for The Wackness:

[flv: 596 270]

Thanks to IGN for debuting this trailer - without them we couldn't feature this red band brilliance! We hope you've enjoyed just a small tease of the greatness found within this great independent gem.

The Wackness is both written and directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Jonathan Levine of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane previously. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and was bought by Sony Pictures Classics for under $1 million. Go read our 9 out of 10 review of the film to understand why it's so damn good. The Wackness hits theaters this summer on July 3rd - be there or be square!

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Excellent there is no doubt in my mind that this will be the best movie of the summer (right next to the Dark Knight)

David on Jun 19, 2008


Brilliant... love the Dutch input (no not the pot, Famke Janssen!). Can't wait 2 see it

Thijs on Jun 19, 2008



Garrett.king on Jun 19, 2008


I'll be seeing this.

Dylan on Jun 19, 2008


That trailer was sweet. Can't wait to watch this.

Derrick on Jun 19, 2008


this looks great but No. 1 dark knight is going to suck because they gave away too much already.

Drake on Jun 19, 2008


These trailers.... just aren't working for this film. But it became a Must See for me after I saw Kingsley get interviewed on the Tavis Smiley show (clip - The guy is brilliant. He has some of the most astute observations about modern consumerist society that I've ever heard. If he brought any of that depth to this character this might be an amazing little film.

kevjohn on Jun 19, 2008


#6, I would agree accept for the fact that after I had delved too far into Star Wars Episode II before it came to theaters and I went to see it and expected everything I was totally bummed and have never really been able to enjoy it. I've learned my lesson and really don't research films if I can help it. Movie news is one thing, but it takes a lot of hard work to just sit back and not watch all of the interviews and trailers and sneak peaks..especially as a fan of Special Extended Edition DVD's. that being said, this movie looks boring and I'm not seeing it.

Garrett.king on Jun 19, 2008


Ill see the movie just because of the tracklisting heheeh

ramez on Jun 19, 2008


#8 & #2King, just like the last post I read of yours.. I am surprised to see you are the only one that made a point to post twice... one to yawn, and #2 to affirm that you are still bored by it. But as you mentioned in your Love Guru tirade, everyone has an opinion. I am always just surprised when someone completely writes off a FILM as boring from just the trailer. I can think of NUMEROUS films that I would have MISSED OUT ON had i based my preference on attendance solely on the trailer. Then again, maybe ya just hate Pot-head films.... NOTE:: anyone feeling that way and that hates Seth Rogen like King... don't look into Pineapple Express. I am looking forward to this movie, cause of the story idea and the characters, not been impressed with the trailers except this one though... we will see. See you all in the seats

Dusty on Jun 19, 2008


i dont no if i got nothing to do the weekend it comes out i might see it but i feel like i have already seen the movie with all these trailers. This trailer is the best that I've seen i just dont no if its my cup of tea.

Curtis on Jun 19, 2008


and thinking about it further... I guess this one will be like all those others that get missed cause of lack of marketing ... cause people see it at the Film Festivals and LOVE THEM.. but they are not distributed well enough to have people embrace them outside that captive audience. My wife's chick flicks are a great example... I COMPLETELY DESPISE the majority of the trailers and the respective story lines... then she drags me to them... and while I HATE TO ADMIT IT... many of them are REALLY strong stories that are extremely well done. I would have NEVER had the opportunity to open up to new films had I not embrace others in their thoughts of a film's potential. This may not be your bread-n-butter, but if a friend or aquaitance needs a partner at the showing, give it a try... ya never know... Then again, neither do I ... it could totally suck.. I am just hoping it doesn't so I can prove my point... hahahaha

Dusty on Jun 19, 2008


Dusty: thank you for your honesty and candor. Now please go turn in your Man card at the nearest Man service location. You are no longer allowed to watch sports, scratch yourself, or drink beer. It's been nice having you and I speak for the rest of the Man community when I say I hope you will be very happy as a Woman.

IA on Jun 19, 2008


I may check the film out from a curiosity perspective. However, I am definitely no fan of the kind of culture the film represents (it's hip-hop soundtrack alone is enough to turn me off)

Sean Kelly on Jun 19, 2008


I agree with # 14...this genre doesnt really do it for me but it seems like the movie will have more depth than some of the other pot-based films that have been coming out...of course I could be wrong and it could just be about getting blazed and acting like a fool...I really hope it isnt because I love Ben Kingsley and even Josh Peck...I usually trust Alex' thoughts on films and I will be seeing this in the theatre...

Maxx on Jun 19, 2008


IA#13... YOU DON't WANT TO SEE MY MAN-Kinni.... it is not pretty... hahaha

Dusty on Jun 19, 2008


WAS THAT AN OLSEN TWIN??!! A little at 0:55.

justin on Jun 19, 2008


yea thats an olsen looks good finally a great trailer

harrison on Jun 19, 2008


@Alex - I love stoner flicks, and seeing Sir Ben Kingsley puff on a bong is great, but your OVER insistence of how we "must watch" these trailers and "make sure you catch this in theaters," doesn't fit with how below average these trailers really are. I truly want to know how much you were paid to hype this film.

Nunya on Jun 19, 2008


Can you please explain to me how my love for this movie makes you believe I'm being paid to write about it?! All I'm doing is showing every trailer for it because I'm hoping that there is one moment in one trailer that will convince one extra person to see it. I don't know what's wrong about sharing with you all of the trailers for this?? The more media that's out there to convince people to see it, the better! I'm tired of addressing these beliefs about payment - it's absolutely ridiculous. Go read this story about how pissed off I was at Sony Pictures Classics' purchase of The Wackness. Do you really think SPC would pay me when they don't like me to begin with?? Especially because what I'm doing isn't out of the ordinary anyway?? I mean seriously, where do YOU guys come up with these ideas?!

Alex Billington on Jun 19, 2008


I'm going to go see this at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Wednesday. It might be the only movie that i'm really looking forward to at the moment. Wait a minute i must see Wall-E.

Eric on Jun 19, 2008


hmmm... well.. time for an intelectual comment... wait nope.. I think I will just be one of the tools that continues to insist that since someone is looking forward to a film that they must be paid. if that is the case.. HOOK ME UP.. I am pumped for this film... seriously though, explain to me how it is that all you 'nay sayers' keep stating that Alex must be paid because he is believing in a movie that has not hit all the other lame site you all are reading... Open your minds and realize that trailers are not everything and that a films story and ideas may be something new you should relax and open up to... And Honestly, could there have been a worse group to pick up this film, SP Classics, no wonder some of you are bashing it.. SPC can't even get a great film like RedBelt out to the masses. No wonder you all are bashing Alex for pumping this film, you have not heard a damned thing about it but the trailers you have seen... do some research and come back when you have something to talk about outside a simple-minded rant.

Dusty on Jun 19, 2008


@Alex - I came up with the idea of you being paid after your OVER enthusiasm at how great the first trailer was in your introduction of it, then flip-flopped in the comments section admitting you knew it wasn't good but were trying to get people to go see it. To me the OVER enthusiasm sounds like someone being paid instead of someone being honest and saying "hey guys, fuck these trailers they suck but the movie doesn't." Oh, and it doesn't help your case when you mention the "swag" or "flash" you get. From simple movie posters to this "wonderful gift I received from one of [The Fall's] publicists."

Nunya on Jun 19, 2008


How did I watch the first trailer that was posted on this site without realizing it was Josh Peck? If it showed him then I must be going crazy because I sure would have remembered it. Anyways, the film looks great.

Evan on Jun 19, 2008


Nunya, I didn't receive anything - that was our other writer Kevin. Please check your facts before you make outrageous claims.

Alex Billington on Jun 19, 2008


HA HA! Give it up, Alex. You're busted!! And you would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids.

kevjohn on Jun 20, 2008


HAHAHA... Nunya and KevJohn... seriously .. are you kidding me? Swag or Flash... there are very few that are interested in the crap that is sent out by the majority of the publicists. Sometimes it is nice, but TRUST ME, they send whether or not you bash their films anyways just in the hopes that you will give their film a shot. Wait... oh shit... I got a Batman mask becuase I took part in the viral marketing campaign... hmm.. guess I am on the take. Seriously, who of you has even been involved with publicists and the games they play? They send out these materials to catch the eye of the writers and such, NOT to pay them off, cause, like i said a moment ago, they will send it out no matter what. The movie can completely blow, and they will still send it out to catch folks eyes. NOW... if you have found proof that Alex got a nice 'J' or a quarter because he is excited about this movie like I am, then you might have something. 🙂

Dusty on Jun 20, 2008


side note... did anyone even notice that Alex has already seen this movie.. and COULD POSSIBLY BE A REASON HE IS BOASTING ABOUT IT. 2008 Sundance Audience Award, Dramatic: The Wackness, directed by Jonathan Levine And then SPC bought it and now none of you are going to see at theatres near you and see no marketing... so you are gonna just rip on someone who is excited about it... CAUSE HE HAS SEEN IT.

Dusty on Jun 20, 2008


Apprently the mighty sponge that is The Internets has soaked up all the sarcasm that my last post was dripping with when I originally composed it. Although I was sure the Scooby-Doo villian line would be a sure-fire tip-off of my intentions.

kevjohn on Jun 20, 2008


I think this movie looks sweet. Bad marketing, and bad planning. Should have been released in the fall, early September would have been perfect. Nostalgia films and the end of the summer go well together. (I say this is "nostalgia" because it's obviously trying to brush some dust off of the 1990's, the first film to do so in throwback style). I don't even care if this film has a plot. I thought the first preview was original enough to make the film worth seeing. I had no idea what it was about, and I like that in a movie preview. It means the movie has a lot of depth to it. You can just tell this movie is going to have a lot of character, kind of like Dazed and Confused, and it's going to have cult appeal and I wouldn't be surprised if it has some Oscar appeal as well because Kingsley looks like he does a superb job in this film. This is up there on my list of films to see simply because it's going to be a welcome break from the action of the summer movie season. I just hope I can find a theater that's actually showing it where I live.

Ricky on Jun 21, 2008


never mind what i said before. all i want is a nice black juicy cock in my tight ass hole YES

Ricky on Jun 24, 2008


This is easily going to be one of the best movies of the year. What amazing young actors. Cannot wait. Can. Not. Wait

Clamson on Jul 24, 2008

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