Must Watch: Watchmen Footage from the Scream Awards! Updated!

October 23, 2008

New Watchmen Footage From the Scream Awards!

Zack Snyder, Malin Akerman, Carla Gugino, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan showed up premiere some brand new footage from Watchmen during the Scream Awards on Spike tonight. This is the first public footage that we've seen since the trailer premiered in front of The Dark Knight in July and in addition to the various Video Journals we've seen. They've taken a mix of some of the scenes from that first trailer, some I was shown at a special event a few weeks ago, some from the Comic-Con footage, and a few more that even I haven't seen, and put them together into one extended and fantastic new trailer. Yes - this movie is going to be amazing. It just looks better and better every single day. Drop everything and watch this!

Update! We've added the same footage again in high definition for your viewing pleasure. Even if you've already seen it once, I suggest watch it again in high def - it makes all the difference. Enjoy!

Watch the Scream Awards footage from Watchmen:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Watchmen footage in High Definition on the Official Watchmen Blog

Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead and 300) and written by David Hayter (The Scorpion King, X-Men, X-Men 2) and Alex Tse. The movie arrives in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009. Stay tuned for even more Watchmen coverage, photos, and more exclusives right here at!

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I cannot wait to see this movie! Great new teaser!

David on Oct 22, 2008


March is way to long to have to wait and see this movie...looks visually amazing!

TBone on Oct 22, 2008


Can't wait for this. Get shivers every time I see footage of this movie.

Matt on Oct 22, 2008


Omg, that was way too short. I want a 2-hour trailer. Yeah, just give us a 2hour trailer sometime soon. MAYBE then I'll be able to wait until March for this movie. I got chills. Really.

Alfredo on Oct 22, 2008


I came

CSpuppydog on Oct 22, 2008


I thought that the tank that Dr. Manhattan destroys looked a bit too cgi,, but other than that I'm floored. I guess some of the effects shown aren't really final so we shouldn't pay TOO much attention to them at this point. This need to come out utterly good or i'll be beyond dissapointed. As others have pointed out, march can't come soon enough!

Drama on Oct 22, 2008


Is the scene were nightowl and silk spectre kissing infront of a mushroom cloud new material created for the movie? i can't remember it occuring in the graphic novel.

insanio on Oct 22, 2008


My God...No words right now...Got to isolate myself and read some Moore...and stop thinking about The Giant Squid. Now.

m4st4 on Oct 22, 2008


''Is the scene were nightowl and silk spectre kissing infront of a mushroom cloud new material created for the movie? i can't remember it occuring in the graphic novel.'' SPOILER!!! No squid. Lots of bombs. Happy?

m4st4 on Oct 22, 2008


WOW. That is all.

Luc on Oct 22, 2008


Just what watchmen needed. Excessive slow-motion. While everyone wets themselves over visual flourishes I'll console myself with the graphic novel that alan moore actually puts his name to.

Zen on Oct 22, 2008


I'm still not liking the look of Ozymandias.

B-man on Oct 22, 2008


So is the whole movie shot in slow motion?

Darunia on Oct 22, 2008


The mushroom cloud scene is from the comic book. Its a nightmare that Dan has after he can't get his pecker up....I agree with a lot of people; too much slo-mo. But lets wait until the movie comes out!

Agent X on Oct 22, 2008


so wait a minute, the movie is sure to come out in march now? no law suit, no court battles delaying the movie to june? say it aint so... CANT WAIT FOR WATCHMEN

big r on Oct 22, 2008


I arrived.

Daas on Oct 22, 2008


w00t, thanks so much for bringing this to us, i cannot wait.

TJ on Oct 22, 2008


lol, I love how people say to much slo mo....its based on a freaking comic book, be gald there is even any motion.

Derek on Oct 22, 2008


Looks amazing but ...and its a HUGE BUT !! i am still not a believer they can actually portay "The Watchmen's" depth of story into the film medium in 2 to 3 hours........ For me a Mini Series event in the Band of brothers format would have been a perfect way to make this and im sure Moore would have been more favourable with that kind of format ( i doubt it lol ) even though hes a beardy fruitcake lol. the Graphic novel is in itself in an episodic format each chapter adressing certain sides of the story in turn all interweaved with the back story's. i feel the studio is going for the big buck on this !

Fenris on Oct 22, 2008


That was fraking BADASS.

Film-Book dot Com on Oct 22, 2008


Well, hullllooo Karnak. very cool.

Dr.Duvel on Oct 22, 2008


I've never read the books, so this does nothing for me. I'll go see it, but I'll probably never be as geeked about it as most of the people here. Sorry. As far as this being a "World Premier"..I didn't see much different footage from what was shown in front of The Dark Knight.

TCox on Oct 22, 2008


#19: Just be glad it's been made, okay? Me: I can't wait.

Roy on Oct 22, 2008


they cant do a mini series for the reason that Manhattan wont look that good seeing how Manhattan budget would prolly be too big for tv to get it to look like how snyder has made him

nelson on Oct 22, 2008


that tank was fuckin insane. love it

Darrin on Oct 22, 2008


that looks fucking phenomenal. I am so excited.

ohsamma on Oct 22, 2008


you kidding me? That sucked.

Bob on Oct 22, 2008


AMAZING!! the best trailer in the history of movies. what I'm afraid of is that there is no dialog whatsoever in the trailer.

Phizik on Oct 22, 2008


So did i number 5 so did I. This is gonna be one of those movies that when it comes out its gonna be like special occasion night at the movies like 300 except with a little dark knight anticipation thrown in.

Cody on Oct 22, 2008


HD : Wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for a red one^^

Florian on Oct 22, 2008


Not a huge fan of this trailer. It shows up a lot of the weaker cgi, especially the scene with the tank which looks like a 5 year old video game, and still has very little dialogue leaving me worried about the performances. I still remain unconvinced that Zack Snyder has the ability to get the complexity of character necessary to make this film work.

Myles on Oct 22, 2008


Freaking incredible...

Rob on Oct 22, 2008


The bad language could have been deleted from the posts!!!! But the trailer is awesome. I am a sci-fi freak for most of the time, and this looks totally beautiful. What's the difference if the CGI shows. It's still awesome art work. And, the entertainment value is going to be great!!!! Dialogue is not entirely necessary in a trailer. And Zack did a fantastic job with "300" and Gerry Butler was an incredible "King Leonidas". I have confidence in Zack's ability!! I also heard that Gerry is supposed to appear in this movie! What part will he be playing? I still think the trailer is awesome and the movie is going to be incredible!!

Joanie on Oct 22, 2008


I was hoping you'd post this. I DVR'd it and watched it several times over. Fucking awesome.

Tom on Oct 22, 2008


Decent trailer but it was mostly rehashed footage from the previous one. I'm disappointed that the CGI looked EXTREMELY fake (tank scene) and I think it's being way overused. I HOPE it works out by the times it's released.

SlashBeast on Oct 22, 2008


I'm diggin this trailer completely but just a quick question... since when could Rorscach jump like 10 feet onto that rail? hahaha (and no I didn't see him use his grappling gun)

Jaf on Oct 22, 2008


@#18 - I hear you on the slow mo thing... the other possibility is that somebody is going crazy with the effect on the TRAILER not the movie. I'm seeing a lot of depth of field stuff too... also possible to implement in the trailer only. @37 - It looks to me like it was shot backwards, which may mean that again the Trailer-making-folk were having a grand ol' time with the avid machine. As far as how he could, I wonder if his grappling gun reeled him in hard enough that he could let go and have spare momentum. Unlikely, but possible.

dRailer on Oct 22, 2008



Darren on Oct 22, 2008


obviously gonna be 10 times better than TDK

Not You on Oct 22, 2008


Kind of jealous... especially after #40 comment. I know nothing of these Watchmen and I must say the hype is undeniable. I'll look into the comic but the hook for me is the whole morality thing which I hear plays an important role. From the "looks" of the characters which I know mean very little, it's hard to see any direct correlation to one another, it just seems like they "don't fit". Now I know that may offend ummm like everyone but I'm just saying from someone looking from completely on the outside unaware of this world. However I must commend you all in your hypeness, I'm on board and getting the comic and hopefully I'll be able to do a 180 and join ya all. p.s I dig the dude with the white n black mask and the blue guy, word.

Matthew on Oct 22, 2008



buddhistwisdom7 on Oct 22, 2008


Oh yeah. I'll be seeing this.

Kate on Oct 22, 2008


why do these trailers keep on giving me goosebumps?

David on Oct 22, 2008


a tear literally shed from my eye amazing

spanx on Oct 22, 2008


That was boss!!! I've read the graphic novel only twice over so far, still due for another reading before it comes out for sure. Thanks Alex!

Conrad on Oct 22, 2008


Well, a vagina is located between a womans legs...

Defeatedfrog on Oct 22, 2008


@ #9: The scene with them kissing and the nuclear explosion going off in the background is actually taken from Night Owl's dream sequence before they meet up with Rorchace. I've heard rumors that the ending was altered to be just a bunch of explosions and junk as well, but I think that may just be a rumor started by people who either 1) didn't remember the dream sequence and saw this part or 2) were just pulling shit from their asses to dick around with fans. In any event, Even if they did change the squid thing, I doubt they'd screw much with the general idea of the 'event', because it still needs to serve the same purpose it did in the book, and the Comedian would still need to have a reason to be killed off. Without the Squid, something equally as 'useful' must be in the script, and if they decided to change the movie to put something else in there I don't see why it would screw things up too much. So long as they keep the fundamental ideas behind the story in the movie, then I really wouldn't mind having some kind of surprise in there. But honestly, i don't put a whole lot of stock in a few rumors that popped up on IMDB from a few people who claimed to have seen it, when there have been plenty of people who have seen it prior to this with nary a peep about any sort of major alterations to the ending (and that would be a huge change unless it was handled responsibly).

Squiggly on Oct 22, 2008


hmm.. i dont get why everyone is so pumped up... looks like something that is on SCIFI channel to be honest with u?!?!?? NO talking.. no nothing.. WHo is he, where does come from??!?!!? DUMB and pointless.. please dont tell me to stop and drop everything Alex.. cause SCIFI channel has better trailers for their movies on there channel..

Max Russian on Oct 23, 2008


i agree, it looked retarded, the cgi looks like someone shit on a brick and made a film about it. theres a blue naked guy exploding stuff, and the flying bug helmet vehicle looks like a bad joke that should have been reserved for starship troopers 3. seriously, unless your a hard comic book fan this gives the general audience nothing to be excited about... going to be a bust for sure cause the only ones who will see it is comic book fans

zach on Oct 23, 2008


ACTUALLY Dont u al know beter that whenever there is slomo or sped up scenes in the trailers, that means they are displayed quite simply to ad some sort of dramatic effect STRICTLY for the trailer. It is very unlikely the film is going to have those same scenes shot like that when they actually play out in theaters. However, this is not really a given either, but I still think most of the action taking place in the film would probably use no more slo-mo scnene than in Matrix: Reloaded, then again, who knows? I surely the heck dont. 😛

Shock on Oct 23, 2008


Oh and by the way, Im NO fan of this comic, for I have never heard of the book before all this hooplah. But...I must say that after seing these I feel quite inspired to possibly read it now. But yea, that trailer even gives ME goosebumps...hahahahahaaaaaa I guess Im just a comicbook movie junkie, hahahaaaa

Shock on Oct 23, 2008


#34 correction gerard butler will be the narrator for the tales of the black freighter which will be coming on dvd soon after the movie is released i suppose.

Ck on Oct 23, 2008


This Movie Looks Sweet As Hell

Kyle on Oct 23, 2008


I don't know much about this book series but I know frank miller and I'm not too impressed with him BUT zack snyder is solid and this movie looks awesome. although the first trailer was by far the most compelling thing I have ever seen and it is hard to live up to that. I also agree with all of you that commented on the cgi, a bit fake so lets hope it gets better. still truly incredible trailers and hope the movie does them justice.

tyler wilson on Oct 23, 2008


Thanks for the HD trailer! SPOILER!!! @7 That nuclear explosion scene was Dan's dream if I remember correctly Oh yeah Ozymandias' base looks pro, and I mean PRO

Jaf on Oct 23, 2008


According to anyone who attended the Portland screening, the ending is changed and the plan does the same thing, in a totally different way.

Andy on Oct 23, 2008


Just awesome!

AsceticMonk on Oct 23, 2008


...wait. I have Scream 2008 recorded in HD and I don't remember seeing that scene at 00:59. Did they change it? I thought there was a guy in flames being knocked down....

Brooke on Oct 23, 2008


This is what comic book movies should look like.

Johnny Crow on Oct 23, 2008


Yeah, the HD is totally workin it for me. *squeals* 😛

tzarinna on Oct 23, 2008



werdnafaz on Oct 23, 2008


*drool* That put Ironman's tank destruction to shame.....

Chris W on Oct 23, 2008


Not impressed with the graphics, not at all, the movie looks nice, might enjoy it.

Ali on Oct 23, 2008


this movie looks freakin awesome but i have know idea what it is about?

lesper4 on Oct 23, 2008


Love the update guys.

Film-Book dot Com on Oct 24, 2008


For the people who don't think there will be slow-motion throughout the entire movie, the guy did do "300." I bet if you compare this trailer to the "300" teaser trailers, it will have the same amount of slow-motion, perhaps. I remember more dialogue and quick cuts in the "300" trailer, but I liked "300" less and less upon each viewing just because there was so much slow motion, which can work well for some movies when used sparingly, but for "300" just felt like a crutch to mask lack of substance. I think Snyder likes to use slo-mo because those scenes usually have a lot going on in them and they are aesthetically beautiful. But if the movie is 2 1/2 hours, you're gonna get more bang for your buck if these scenes are slo-mo only for the trailer. But it's hard to imagine scenes like Comedian going out a window would be in real time in the theatrical cut.

hummina on Oct 24, 2008


The update is amazingggg

big r on Oct 24, 2008


Looks like most of the comments here are by youngsters who are easily impressed. Trailer looks shite. Nothing we aint seen countless times before. But really enjoyed 300. Then again I may be too old as I thought the Dark Knight was for the most part very ordinary and grossly overrated.

kenn on Oct 24, 2008


So everything looks freakin' awesome... except the tank. What's with the tank?

Bennie N on Oct 24, 2008


I think the tank scene looks wicked! OK the CGI might look a bit dated but I think it fits in perfectly with the story and the style of the movie. Dr. Manhattans powers are supposed to come of as kind of 'godlike' and I think the style of CGI they used really works well.

RP on Oct 24, 2008


and to be honest, I wouldn't mind if the entire film was in slow motion, these trailers remind me so much of the graphic novel. I can't wait to see this!

RP on Oct 24, 2008


Bout that tank...It's amazing how he doesn't care about the Soviets (wild guess?) inside...He just...dismantles it. XD Watchmen rulz, even without giant Alien with psy powers : (

m4st4 on Oct 25, 2008


Oh, and it's really a sad thing to face the comments of those who not know the power of Manhattan, Rorschach, Ozy etc. READ WATCHMEN before this HD-treat (that is READ, not FLIP)

m4st4 on Oct 25, 2008


seriouly, no better song for this than the smashing pumkins!!

lsirlicuous on Oct 25, 2008


okay that was just way cool. i don't like comic book movies usually but i got the graphic novel and love it. it has been years since i even read a comic book and i am now hooked again.

rick on Oct 25, 2008


kissing scn what amazinggggggg

Lie07 on Oct 25, 2008


Thank You 'ck' for the info. This is my last post here. I don't need the swearing and filthy language. Only people with a very limited vocabulary swear. Thanks for the chance to express my take on this intriguing movie!

Joanie on Oct 25, 2008


wow i'm amazed. i love watching the trailer and this footage and remebering the scenes and when they took place in the book. i may have thorughly hated the ending, but if they make it better, ill definetely be sold on this one. this is gonna be a 3 hour wild ride from start to finish, and i cant wait. the rorschach jail scene is my personal fave, so im anxious to see how they portray that in the movie. if only more ppl could appreciate watchmen for what it really is, not just some comic book, but a visual masterpiece.

LeeMan on Oct 26, 2008


lol that tank looked ridiculous

Richard on Oct 27, 2008


"""I don't know much about this book series but I know frank miller and I'm not too impressed with him BUT zack snyder is solid and this movie looks awesome.""" Then you're in good company #54, because Miller didn't write Watchmen... The trailer looks good, as for Teh Dialogue... I'm betting there is going to be some really good dialogue, just not needed in the trailer... """ I don't need the swearing and filthy language. Only people with a very limited vocabulary swear. """ Interesting theory you have, except my wife has 2 PHD's, and she curses like a sailor...and i'm willing to bet her vocabulary is far more exstensive than the word intriguing and the overly abusive use of the '!' symbol... I suppose we should all stop being who we are, simply to make your internet surfing days a more pleasurable one? Only people with a passion for judgement and tunnel vision make statements like you just did...

Nicc on Oct 29, 2008


this looks great!! spitting image of the grAphic novel!! cant wait to watch!!!

curtfrmcali on Oct 29, 2008


I don't know. That trailer didn't do anything for me. I know The Watchmen was a graphic novel from the 80's, but that's all I know about it- except for the stuff that I read on Wikipedia. And simply reading that didn't make this trailer make any more sense at all. Plus, The Owl looks silly....

TyroneBiggums on Nov 1, 2008


If you like this trailer, don't bother reading the comic because it's not for you. Read a Batman comic instead.

Erik on Nov 2, 2008


Ill agree this movie looks ill as shit.......but i kno you all gotta be thinkin..Wat the fuck is this moive supposed to be about lol

Kspazza on Nov 2, 2008


WTF Erik? I loved the trailer so I read the comic and it was friggin awesome! Its all subjective dude.

Johnny Crow on Nov 2, 2008


True. This movie gets better and better every single day. Thank you for the Extended Trailer, just cannot wait till they release this movie. Wicked stuff!! Regards!

Labib J. on Nov 2, 2008


Maybe so. But as a fan of the comic I just can't get over how "cool" they make every character look, Dark Knighting everything if you will, completely missing the point of the book. Look at Ozy's costume, in the comic the colors are bright and gaudy, in the movie they are almost completely black. The age casting is horrible. Matthew Goode as Ozy being the biggest offender. I understand that he thought it was easier to age the young actors then to make old ones like young, but why not use that time honored casting technique of casting two actors? Plus Ozy makes about one two second appearances in the Crimebusters era so there was no need to have a 28 year old play a 47 year old. Redford would've been my first choice, despite the joke in the comic. Also, why is Nite Owl not fat? The are characters that are full of flaws and these flaws are being glossed over by a man who is attempting to make a movie, not for the adults that love the comic, but for the kids who are enamored with "badass" fight scenes, cool costumes and hot chicks. Oh btw, the woman playing Silk Spectre II is about 7 or 8 years older than the woman playing her daughter. So now we have a 35 year old playing a 64 year old woman. Rock n' roll Zak Snyder.

Erik on Nov 3, 2008


I apologize, I meant Silk Spectre I in the above paragraph, also there are numerous spelling errors. I apologize, keyboard is acting up and it's early.

Erik on Nov 3, 2008


Did they really change the ending? I hear its Dr. Manhattan instead of the alien monster and theres no journal at the end.

CaptnSquash on Nov 5, 2008

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