Must Watch: Zack Snyder's Watchmen Trailer - Absolutely Stunning!

July 17, 2008
Source: Empire

Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen

It's finally here! On the eve of the debut of The Dark Knight, the first official full length trailer for Watchmen has arrived. The first time I watched this trailer, it took my breath away. Years of anticipation, set visits, and so much more has finally led to this debut of the very first real footage - and it does NOT let down. This trailer is as incredible as seeing The Dark Knight, which is a phenomenal feat in its own, so either way you look at it - you're in for a truly extraordinary experience tonight. This definitely proves that Zack Snyder knows what he is doing and that this could potentially live up to the graphic novel. It has a hint of 300 in it, but I think that plays into the story and the action and that's a part of Zack Snyder's unique style. Definitely check this out and let us know what you think!

Thanks to Apple for debuting this. You will also see this in front of IMAX and regular showings of The Dark Knight this weekend! In case anyone is curious, the song in the trailer is "The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning" by Smashing Pumpkins. Definitely check it out - it's a great way to keep this incredible Watchmen trailer in your mind all day long! How many of you are now excited for Watchmen?

Watch the first trailer for Watchmen:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Watchmen trailer in High Definition on Apple

Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead and 300) and written by David Hayter (The Scorpion King, X-Men, X-Men 2) and Alex Tse. The movie arrives in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009. Stay tuned for even more Watchmen coverage, photos, and more exclusives right here at!

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The way you're describing how awesome this is, I'm not sure whether I should watch it now or wait and bask in all its glory before the dark knight. decisions decisions fuck it I'll watch it now.

Nick Sears on Jul 17, 2008


WOW!!! Absolutely Amazing! I'm speechless.

K on Jul 17, 2008


this is going to be goooooooooooooood. great visuals

Rigo on Jul 17, 2008


I think this looks gay...

Blake B on Jul 17, 2008


uhhh, speechless

Daniel on Jul 17, 2008



PiratedTVPro on Jul 17, 2008


Wonder if the hype for Watchmen will be as big as The Dark Knight after TDK buzz dies down.

Nick O. on Jul 17, 2008


Anyone who thinks that doesn't look cool is an asshole and a son-of-a-bitch.

DCompose on Jul 17, 2008


This doesn't look interesting one bit to me. There is too much all over the place. But maybe my opionion will change when I see other footage or trailers.

Rickmeister on Jul 17, 2008


Jesus H Christ.

soy_sauce on Jul 17, 2008


no thanks. music...Great! CGI...corny.

j ratz on Jul 17, 2008


I had doubts but this this amazing. I still think nite owl and the comediean are knock offs of batman and the joker

Cheater on Jul 17, 2008


Holy fuck. insanity.

Nick Sears on Jul 17, 2008


I don't think this was edited very well but it looks very interesting. Although this looks much better than most, I'm growing tired of all these superhero movies.

Traveler on Jul 17, 2008


Being one of the people who's never read this graphic novel, I don't know much about this movie at all. With that said, I was looking forward to this because it gets a lot of buzz on all the big blogs. But I don't think I'll see it based on this trailer....It just gives off a very weird vibe for me.... I'm sure all the people who've read the graphic novel will be out in force, but on the whole, I just don't see this being a huge hit..... It'll either be a big surprise, or a big box-office bomb. Time will tell....

Flutie on Jul 17, 2008


alan moore was actually quoted that rorschach was based on the idea of batman exsisting in a real world setting. get your graphic novel characters straight.

silk specter on Jul 17, 2008


I think this trailer was for the fans. I cannot help but think it looks absolutely stunning.

James on Jul 17, 2008


I knowing nothing about the story. The trailer was just all flash. Visually quite stunning. I'm looking forward to a trailer that has a little more of the story attached. Then perhaps I'll get excited. So far, it's looking like a Tuesday night flick.

Rick on Jul 17, 2008


Agh... gowehoasdewef. I have no idea how to describe how excited that trailer made me. Dr. Manhattan looks perfect. Perfect. Even if you haven't read the graphic novel. This is the definition of epic.

Zane on Jul 17, 2008


That looks brilliant compared to where I thought we were headed when I saw the costume stills. If the movie is as nice as the trailer somehow, I'll be very, very happy; of course you can't have music and slow motion for the whole film, can you? Here's to hoping!

dRailer on Jul 17, 2008


Awesome. But please remember the first movie that Smashing Pumpkins song was involved in: Batman and Robin. Not that this will suck, but I found that interesting.

John on Jul 17, 2008


I arrived. Right on scheddie! lol. Looks like a job well done so far.

Buttons on Jul 17, 2008


Like the 300 Trailer it's power is coming from the music. Dr. Manhatten looks a little strange, but this will be one hell of a movie. Dark Knight is coming here in Germany in three weeks. God bless you people of America ๐Ÿ˜‰

ShyGuy on Jul 17, 2008


Every shot in that trailer was a frame or three from the comic. I'm just kinda sad that the News stand guy wasn't there.

The Better Bard on Jul 17, 2008


Hey #4. go away... your ruining this for the rest of us. looks gay? what are you a broken light bulb smokin' ass clown! looks simply amazing!

K on Jul 17, 2008


Looks pretty BA. Zack Snyder definitely has an eye for these graphic novel adaptations. He seems to really respect the source material and strvies to bring the images from the books to life. I've never read the graphic novel, but my interest was peeked based on what I read about the story and knowing that Zach was attached. I think the people who are hating on this movie based on one trailer (i.e.: the CGI looks bad?), are going to be raving about it come closer to release. I hate bandwagon fans...

Boo-Yah on Jul 17, 2008


No idea what any of it means, but the visuals look stunning. It will look good tonight in IMax!

Keith on Jul 17, 2008


Fuckin A. that was awesome.

Darrin on Jul 17, 2008


Wow. Pretty good. Don't know if I like that Dr. Manhattan is glowing, though. And he completely changed the Mars castle, which I don't like.

Nettle on Jul 17, 2008


Fuck me, I think I just came in my pants. Full Body Chills. Oh man, me so happy me want to cry.

Derek on Jul 17, 2008


I've got a lot of time for Zack but I don't know anything about Watchmen. With that in mind I was keen to see this trailer. It looks visually impressive but doesn't make a great deal of sense. That's fine because I've faith in Zack but I wouldn't say that I had to pick my jaw up off the table.

Payne by name on Jul 17, 2008


True, that Smashing Pumpkins song was from the Batman and Robin soundtrack, but that song (actually the heavier version - "The End is the Beginning is the End") was the best thing about that film. The trailer does look good.

Sean Kelly on Jul 17, 2008


Holy crap is right! My next Big anticipation after TDK. I think this trailer is more for the fans, for those who hasn't read the book yet, I can understand why you don't get it. It's just cool seeing those characters come to life, can't wait for the next trailer!

Omega728 on Jul 17, 2008


"I still think nite owl and the comediean are knock offs of batman and the joker' Blue Beetle and Peacemaker, actually. Look into the history of it.

BigLizard on Jul 17, 2008


dr. manhattan is holy shit man! its friggin triggin horrigin awesome...

cokarabesk on Jul 17, 2008


Boom goes the dynamite!

Fatal Error on Jul 17, 2008


jaw dropping! I hope they convey the story as well. If so, this may be a comic movie unlike any ever seen.

l.21 on Jul 17, 2008


wow, I must say that tailer is one of the best not only from the visuals but music and everything, nicely done. Now we'll see if the movie doesn't suck.

atgeeks on Jul 17, 2008


The same thing went through my head as #1. I loved the comic and, from what I've seen, I'll like the movie.

AJ on Jul 17, 2008


sigh......they are going to fuck it up....................................

alex on Jul 17, 2008


"It has a hint of 300 in it, but I think that plays into the story and the action and that's a part of Zack Snyder's unique style." Alex can you explain this sentence? What about this resembles 300? That it uses slow motion? That it uses cg? What about this proves that Zack Snyder knows what he's doing? Because he had his post team copy the comicbook panels? What unique style does Zack Snyder have? Honestly I can't think of anything here. Enlighten us.

Nick on Jul 17, 2008


If I get a weird disease I hope make a wish sorts me out to see this film. Manhatten looks cool,Comedian looks cool,Rorschach looks cool ,however this is a trailer and to me the book(graphic novel if your anal) works because of some fairly idiosyncratic pacing and narrative devices, that is where this will fuck up or flourish for fanboydom= the Manhatten origin story for example, if not handled directly from source and with care will loose its polish.Just because it looks good doesnt mean it will taste good,Saying that I,m digging the Nite-owls skew wiff goggles as a nice de bunking to clean batman and spiderman costuming and In all I am fucking in for this.

tower on Jul 17, 2008


Holy shitake mushrooms!! That was incredible... The song is fantastic and the visual style of this is mind blowing. I can't wait! It doesn't tell you a whole lot about the story though...

Jeff Warner on Jul 17, 2008


Looks pretty sweet!

Puke on Jul 17, 2008


Ok? You deleted my comment because I had a different opinion than you.. But is that not what the comment section is here for? To state our opinions? Fuck you Alex.. All the people who talk shit about all the other movies you like get to keep their comments? Whatever.. I still think this movie looks like shit.. The graphic novel sucked too...

Blake B on Jul 17, 2008


@soy_sauce (#10) Yes?

Jesus H Christ on Jul 17, 2008


#42 - Nick, what I meant was that I think people are going to say the heightened "superpower" like fast fight moves and the otherwise slick CGI look of it is reminiscent of 300. But it's my concern that others might say that, so I was commenting saying that I don't think that's a problem. That's the Mark of Zack Snyder as a director, that's his style... Does that make any more sense? Basically, if you do think it looks like 300, that's because it should (in a sense) since Snyder directs movies that way. Cool? ๐Ÿ™‚

Alex Billington on Jul 17, 2008


Now thats the way trailers are meant to be done...(a bit revealing in areas) but shit yeah!!! That was an amazing trailer!!!

Marqwest on Jul 17, 2008


I loved the graphic novel, but this seems like its going to be style over substance (see "300" for another example of that). Anyone else sick of too much CGI and digital grading? Seriously, the comic was bright colors and decent art, but it was the writing and substance that made it great. But I guess they're not after the intellectual crowd...

tasha on Jul 17, 2008


really not impressed with it. theyre gunna mess it up.

Mortuus on Jul 17, 2008


Dr. Manhattan looks kick ass. Was anyone else a little thrown off by having the World Trade Center in the background when Nite Owl's ship come up from the water?

jason_md2020 on Jul 17, 2008


I really dont think it was that great. I dont think it looks like shit like blake sayd. which is fine cause he stated his opinion, but it looks a lot like one of those movies where the costumes suck and are limiting the peoples movements. The only thing that is really well made about this trailer are the special effects, and i dont think the music fits to this at all. Anyways, you guys have fun watching, but im not going to unless the next trailer has some sweet stuff in it.

Sebastian on Jul 17, 2008


Cheater-"I had doubts but this this amazing. I still think nite owl and the comediean are knock offs of batman and the joker" Seriously? lol It looks good. Nice visuals. My only doubt is that Watchmen is celebrated so much because of what it did with the medium and the things it did that can ONLY be done within comics. How they are going to translate this to film I have no idea. But it's going to be mighty interesting to watch. I admit to having goosebumps when it showed the Doc/Mars snippet at the end there.

Dan on Jul 17, 2008


this looks gay. i agree with sebastian. the only things that are good about this trailer are the special effects. the rest looks like a ton of shit in a bucket. its a total wannabe movie.

Bruce on Jul 17, 2008


The song does actually fit though to be fair: "Send a heartbeat to the void that cries through you Relive the pictures that have come to pass For now we stand alone The world is lost and blown And we are flesh and blood disintegrate With no more to hate Is it bright where you are? And have the people changed? Does it make you happy you're so strange? And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flame We can watch the world devoured in its pain"

Dan on Jul 17, 2008


Yes i noticed dan. thank you but i didnt mean the lyrics but the sound of the music since its so quiet and you see so much action in the background. just doesnt fit right.

sebastian on Jul 17, 2008


I don't understand the term "wannabe" movie?

Dan on Jul 17, 2008


Yeah you can pull people in with the visuals all you want to Mr. Snyder, but if the story is fucked your in deep shit.

Jack M. on Jul 17, 2008


wow. wow. wow. and also wow. very strong first impression. very strong

Justin on Jul 17, 2008


I've always known of the Watchmen but was never a fan I had other things I was more interested in, however I like Alan Moore and love comic movies and I really, really wanna watch this trailer... but, Im gonna wait till tomorrow night!

Richard on Jul 17, 2008


I really want to like this movie, but is anyone else worried that Snyder's kinda missed the point of the movie? I know everyone's saying how good it looks in the 300 style but wasn't the point of the Watchmen to see what superheroes would be like i the real world? And by shooting it 300 style hasn't he kinda negated that? It's just like when Snyder had the Spartan queen murder someone without trial in 300, wasn't the whole point of the movie that the 300 valued the law above all else and refused to break it and retreat ("By Spartan law we died") And one more thing, can a filmmaker really be considered a "visionary" when all he's done is a remake one film and adapt another... not exactly creating his own vision is it? Once again, i really want to like this movie... i'm just starting to get that nagging feeling i got before Bay ruined Transformers

Sinbad on Jul 17, 2008


Some thing tells me this movie is going to be even better then i originally thought.

taylor on Jul 17, 2008


@#12(cheater). The owl and other character should remind you of batman and other DC characters because they were supposed to be them. When Alan Moore originally came up with the story, they were all supposed to be well known DC characters ie. Batman, Superman,Joker etc. But it was decided that they go with made up characters that were instead based off of those well known DC characters.

Unit on Jul 17, 2008


This looks much better than I had been anticipating. I am now officially excited about it.

Reverend on Jul 17, 2008


I think it looks dope. But I think the buzz on this won't be as huge as 300 had going into it. The 300 trailer just was balls to the wall action and destruction. This is a not so mainstream comic story. I think they'll have to work real hard to get the general public interested in this film.

Knight Rider on Jul 17, 2008


This looks incredible. Best effects ive seen all year!

Iron Man Fan on Jul 17, 2008


@#67 (Unit) I think they were based on the old Charlton Comics characters. Dr Manhattan is Captain Atom, Nite-Owl is the Blue Beetle (hence his mode of transport), The Comedian is the old MLJ character The Shield, and Rorschach is The Question.

Dan on Jul 17, 2008


The awesomeness of this almost made my brain melt. I've been looking forward to this for so long, and this trailer more than satisfied me. March 6th can't come fast enough.

Andrew on Jul 17, 2008


Actually the Comedian is Peacemaker and Ozymandias is Thunderbolt. Makes more sense.

Dan on Jul 17, 2008


I'm really not a huge fan of the comic, but....WOW. This looks amazing.

tank on Jul 17, 2008


i think it looks great. unlike alot of the Watchemen nuts\hate mongers i'm completely open minded about where the movie takes the characters and world of the Watchmen, and i'll judge it on the end product as it's own movie first and an adaptation 2nd... because the book is what it is and the movie will be what it will be! Roll on March 2009!

chrisUK on Jul 17, 2008


I was really looking forward to this movie. Now--not so much. That was almost as bad as the 300 trailer. Hope this movie is better than that steaming pile. Zack Snyder showed such promise with Dawn of the Dead...what happened?

kryanbau on Jul 17, 2008


HOLY SHIT! that was fuckin crazy, instant success, no matter what, best graphic novel ever written and hopefully it will be an amazing movie just like the novel. Rorschach looked awesome, Dr. Manhattan amazing, Nite-Owl was great looking, and Silk Specter was hot! Ozymandias was badass the music was good. The Comedian looked crazy. Count me in!

Xerxex on Jul 17, 2008


I'm a bit split on this, but it looks better than The Spirit, to me. actually, i'm geeking out just a bit. It probably would've been better if it hadn't been glitching. my comps being a dick right now. grr!

Garrett.king on Jul 17, 2008


Bad A**

interl0per on Jul 17, 2008


I loved the graphic novel, because it was so realistic with the old fashioned Jack Kirby style by Dave Gibbons and the brilliant writing by Alan Moore (who's probably furious after seeing this). When I read that Zack was going to make the movie, I knew immediately it would become an over stylish mess with too many effects like 300. This trailer dissapointed me a bit, not to say it turns me off, but I'm definately not impressed with Dr. Manhattan and Silk Spectre's appearance or the constant over use of slow motion. However, I am open minded enough not to judge the movie too harshly on the first trailer. I love the song and the tone enough to warrant repeated views.

NathanEG on Jul 17, 2008


Not quite sure what to think of this, not too familiar with the comic, feel like this is for the fans....

Ryan on Jul 17, 2008



Jojo on Jul 17, 2008


It's coming out in 2009. I bet there'll be a lot of press about it by the time it's released. It's a Smashing Pumpkins song. Holy shit. Why can't people like stuff? Ever?

DCompose on Jul 17, 2008


After 300 I don't know why anyone would want Synder touching the holy grail of comics. Unlike the 300 and DotD this is all plot.

pb on Jul 17, 2008


the original comic series had a sober panel scheme so it was oriented more to the story telling than to whizz bang visual impressions. If the flick is a special effects golly gee movie, then it'll be a hollow shell of what it could have been.. Hopefully, the trailer doesn't reflect the tone of the movie.

mijj on Jul 17, 2008


... I've never read Watchmen, but I really want to go see this movie after viewing the trailer... ...

Mondo Jay on Jul 17, 2008


Holy fuckin' viagra induced boner stiffened joy-joygasm, I think I quiffed

PimpSlapStick on Jul 17, 2008


I can't stop watching it

PimpSlapStick on Jul 17, 2008


The problem with this as opposed to 300 is that Watchmen had a lot of substance and a lot of themes relevent to the time in which it was written as opposed to 300 which was Miller's highly stylized take on the historic battle. I liked 300 but I am not sure that the style of that film will work here. If you read the graphic novel, it's not light fluff literature. It is kind of a heavy read, I would say most people would find it boring. I don't see this having mass appeal at all.

Shane on Jul 17, 2008


Well, at least we know the movie will have good visuals. There's an interesting blog about the movie at

Metal on Jul 17, 2008


Whats the song from this trailer? Looks insane to

OCP on Jul 17, 2008


This movie looks shithouse, i can't believe anyone would want to see this movie.

Jake F on Jul 17, 2008


Jake F your opinion is like an asshole, just because you have one doesnt mean everyone wants to smell it

OCP on Jul 17, 2008



Neo on Jul 17, 2008


This looks crap. I think I've seen this movie performing oral sex on another movie of the same gender type.

Daniel on Jul 17, 2008


Jake F's and My opinions are just as valid as the guys above talking about creaming over the movie. Actually in re-watching it looks ok, a little childish but ok. I will be keen to hire it out on dvd. Roll on James Bond!!!

Daniel on Jul 17, 2008


huh huh huh huh! #94 said cream! huh huh hu huh!

butthead on Jul 17, 2008


The trailer gave me no reason to ever watch that movie. Ever.

frank on Jul 17, 2008


I've never read the Watchmen graphic novels, so forgive me fanboys if I offend anyone. That's a terrible trailer. If you know nothing of the books, then it's hard to connect on any level to what's happening in the trailer. No general plotlines are given. No clear idea of who is good or bad. All we just watched was a visually stunning Smashing Pumpkins video. It looked like a spoof of every comic book movie we've ever seen thrown into a 2 minute montage. Sandy Collara could have made this.

TCox on Jul 17, 2008


RORSCHACH!!!! Hearing that line from Rorschach and seeing those breathtaking visuals that literally look like the actual Graphic Novel coming to life page by page is definite evidence that Synder is staying true to the material as much as he possibly be can. I have high hopes ๐Ÿ™‚

Nwazo on Jul 17, 2008


LULZ to the trolls and the poor souls that never read the Citizen Cane of graphic novels. I wonder if the whole raft & shark plot will be in the movie. I kinda doubt it.

Artdeco Automaton on Jul 17, 2008


this looks awesome as! Zack Snyders the man! whoever thinks that this looks crap obviously are too ignorant to know anything.. try reading the book.

crusaderg on Jul 17, 2008


#97: That's a terrible trailer. If you know nothing of the books, then it's hard to connect on any level to what's happening in the trailer. No general plotlines are given. No clear idea of who is good or bad. If you read the book, you'll still have no clear idea of who is good or bad. ๐Ÿ™‚ That's the story of the Watchmen. The trailer conveys that impression very well. It looked like a spoof of every comic book movie we've ever seen thrown into a 2 minute montage. And that's why it was so good. Watchmen was a deconstruction of every comic book made until its publication. From what you've written, I think you learned a lot about the movie and its story, even if you don't realize it yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Remus Shepherd on Jul 17, 2008


wow.... one of the best trailers ever!! There's something about it that just draws you in - it's breathtaking!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Lorelei on Jul 17, 2008


Meh. Didn't do it for me.

BT on Jul 17, 2008


Hocus Pocus, was that an Insane Clown Posse video? Cause it looked like crap.

Chrisbo on Jul 17, 2008


Looks like the mutant child of Fantastic Four 2 and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Also, 300 is a terrible low-brow film from a terrible director. Pass.

Brad on Jul 17, 2008


WOW!!!!, this looks something amazing =]

PHATBOY_x on Jul 17, 2008


Looks bad. CGI is awful and the rest looks like a copy of 300 (yes I know it is the same team behind it) only without Gerard Butler, tight pants and this time with bad actors infront of the camera.

Shige on Jul 17, 2008


Wow! Judging from the trailer you would think the movie has a plot that one could follow and that it has characters you care about. Having read the book, I know neither of that to be true. No matter how hard the movie makers try, the movie will be a completely incomprehensible steaming pile of dung.

Not a fan on Jul 17, 2008


Maybe it will be incomprehensible to you, 108, but you can just stick with your Drew Barrymore films and childrens' books, since those seem to be closer to your level.

Derek on Jul 17, 2008


Visually very impressive. The troubling point that I observed is that these "ordinary people" appear to have super powers. The meat of the story is about costumed vigilantes, and the trying times of trying to do good in a world that is sinking into nuclear war. They did not have super powers, only a will do do what others wouldn't. If that aspect is lost, than the story is perverted beyond all recognition. I will still watch the flick, and congruently lament what it could have been. If Terry Gilliam refused the project on the grounds of 'impossibility', then perhaps it should have been left on the bookcase and off the big screen. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Boosh on Jul 17, 2008


Unleash your inner hero with a power-packed punch when you slip on these Hulk-inspired mitts! Electronic sounds let you hear the smashing as you imitate the popular Hulk character with his giant green fists. Smash them together to hear "Hulk"-terrific phrases like, "Hulk! Smash!" or "You're making me angry! You won't like me when I'm angry!" and even a powerful Hulk roar! These plush gloves, detailed with giant green fingernails, pack a soft but hero-sized punch -- so let the smashing fun begin. Includes three "AAA" batteries

phetrs on Jul 17, 2008


Holy Shit. This looks good lol.

The Enchanted One on Jul 17, 2008


I like this site very much

mczy on Jul 17, 2008


Hahah Derek killed it. I dunno why people seem to see it so bad. I can understand non fans wanting to know more though

James on Jul 17, 2008


Wow... I'm reading the book right now and I think the trailer caught the spirit of the thing perfectly...very bleak.

Jonathan on Jul 17, 2008


"The most celebrated graphic novel of all time" Writing this was really unnecessary. Completely arrogant.

Anthony on Jul 17, 2008


I think Zack is trying to be my favorite visually. It looks wonderful. I'm excited. What's the date?

Fisherman on Jul 17, 2008


Hi guys, does anyone know what the background music is?

Jake on Jul 17, 2008


Smashing Pumpkins - The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning that's the music

James on Jul 17, 2008


One thing will remain a mystery: will Alan Moore walk out in the middle of the screening?

The Dod on Jul 18, 2008


dan, WANNABE movie, was supposed to be a term kinda like the movie "in the name of the king" which is a wannabe movie, (a huge try but an epic fail....) i hope you understand.

sebastian on Jul 18, 2008


I'm enjoying listening to all the people going "Duh, I don't know anything about The Watchmen but I bet it'll just be another superhero movie." Seriously, you obviously have no clue what you're talking about. The Watchmen isn't a superhero comic book. It's an anti-superhero comic book, even in its brightest and most cheerful interpretation. I would describe The Dark Knight as "dark". The Watchmen is ... disturbing, chilling, and soul-crushing. At best. It will be godlike on the big screen.

Matt on Jul 18, 2008


radical johnson! I now know the first movie of 2009 I'll be seeing multiple times if the promise of the trailer holds up. The next person who says it's gay or shitty or looks bad in anyway should slash their face up with razors and dump a bucket of monkey AIDS blood all over themselves for being such a tool. This looks GREAT!

papa bear on Jul 18, 2008


why are comic book movies seem to get too over-stylized as time goes by....I miss the old school films more and more, and that's why I think I will love TDK over anything else that will come in recent years...TDK has more raw power put into it, less CGI (the latest Hulk was like being stabbed in the eyes with electron pulses), and more reliable in character acting.....all this CGI dependency is all smoke and dumbs the movie down.....not to mention the audience.... give me something that's explainable!!! I can dig an orphan multi-millionare using his vast capitol to build himself into a crime-fighting machine...but that's only cuz Chris Nolan made it seem plausible and making sense....I will read the "Watchmen" comic book, though. sounds interesting..... NO MORE CGI!!!

israelidude on Jul 18, 2008


Bloody hell, that looked better than I expected. I got goosebumps! Didn't care much for 300 but thought the remake of Dawn of the Dead was one of the best zombie movies ever. Kudos to Mr. Snyder, Watchmen is looking pretty good atm.

Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt on Jul 18, 2008


Posted by Artdeco Automaton I wonder if the whole raft & shark plot will be in the movie. I kinda doubt it. Was actually thinking about that yesterday as well. I think they might, but very briefly. Because I remember seeing the kid and the old man at the newspaper stand in one of the production video diaries, and the set looked almost identical to the graphic novel. Synder isn't sparing the minutest of detail! I can also see some similarities to 300 from the trailer, especially with the cranking up and down of the video speed in certain shots. Looks pretty darn cool.

Nwazo on Jul 18, 2008


I have all of the individual Watchmen comics and a later one with all comics into a book format. I guess I will get back into reading those again. The movie looks like it is trying to get the right mood, backgrounds and the wierd characters. Comic movies are coming on strong. I guess I should have collected more! Now if they really want to get wierd --------make Roachmill! Randy

randy on Jul 18, 2008


126# = i read on IGN that the whole pirate ship plot will most likely be on the DVD as an extra goodie, and may even be edited into a 'directors cut' version.

chrisUK on Jul 18, 2008


...Am I the only who thinks using the soundtrack from BATMAN AND ROBIN isnt a little...risky?

David Blyth on Jul 18, 2008


Seriously can we have some Banhammer time on this site. During the 6 months Ive been here it degenerated to something awful in the comments section. Take a look at #123.

Shige on Jul 18, 2008


Wow. I think this looks great! This is the perfect tone and style for an adaptation of the graphic novels. I've been skeptical about this movie since I heard about it, but now I am really excited about it.

Justin on Jul 18, 2008


If it was me I'd just go ahead and ban anyone who uses the word "gay" to describe something they don't like. It's distinctly unpleasant to see such mindless anti-homosexualism go unchallenged. Meanwhile, this movie looks glorious. As a fan of both comics and movies, I'd say it takes the best elements of each - Moore's remarkable ideas and keen insight in the workings of comics and Snyder's explosive visual style and, well, the inclusion of 'sound' - and make something even better than the original. I'd pay the admission price just to hear Rorschach speak. ๐Ÿ™‚

Amake on Jul 18, 2008


Okay, a few comments about posts first Comedian is not a rip off of the Joker - he is an homage to the Charlton comics character Peacemaker Nite Owl is the same for Blue Beetle I hate it when people post on things they have no idea about but have an opinion on regardless! All I am asking of the director is this: Please, please, please, do not make this like V for vendetta or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: keep your cast under control and remain true to the story: i.e. keep it in the 80s, keep the characters as is (this means don't make them better than they were, nicer or more powerful... Doc Manhattan should be the only one with real powers!) and keep Moore's superbly written pacing

GW Crawford on Jul 18, 2008


Looks Amazing Will it get an R or PG-13 Rating by the MPAA?

alex on Jul 18, 2008


@76 Dawon of the Dead over 300??!? wow you're an idiot

Mike on Jul 18, 2008


This Summer has turned out to be one of the most fantastic for film in recent history. This trailer gives me hope for next year too...but alas this Summer is basically over now that TDK is behind us, unless anyone's looking forward to The Mummy, but I doubt it.

Peloquin on Jul 18, 2008


Dear Fanboys: Drink bleach and die. Thank you for your cooperation, tehkenny

tehkenny on Jul 18, 2008


not bad, not bad. Django, hope your impressed.

Dave V. on Jul 18, 2008


M4Ld (#139) Retards? For not reading a comic (I'm sorry "graphic novel"). How old are you anyway? While I think the trailer is total crap, I'm not saying the movie will be. I just think it could have been more than a vague Smashing Pumpkins music video. looked amazing, but like I said previously, if you know nothing of the books then the trailer will not make sense. Come on fanboys, think outside your own geekdom. If you want this movie to be successful, then it will take more than your pimply asses buying tickets. You have to reach a much bigger demographic. That trailer will not do that.

TCox on Jul 18, 2008


I actually just noticed Rorschachs ink blots on his mask move subtly. Awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€

Dan on Jul 18, 2008


I'd definitely watch that. Should I read the book before or after going to see the movie?

jeremy on Jul 18, 2008


my buddy had this in his dorm room one night, and having just finished going through all his other comics i decided i was curious enough to check it out. i'm glad i did, and i'm glad it looks like they aren't going to fuck the movie up in the least bit. fucking amazing.

steffen on Jul 18, 2008


I've got bad news for everyone. Major studios do not generally release blockbuster movies at the beginning of March. Early March is the absolute bottom of the movie season. Doesn't mean this wont be good, but it means that the studio doesn't think it can compete against other films released around Xmas or during the summer. Sorry.

Gav on Jul 18, 2008


Just an observation: To all the comic fans telling people "You'd understand how cool this movie is if you read the book." Realize you are making the same exact argument as all the Twilight fangirls out there. I thought the trailer looked cool, but I already know about the story. Someone who's not familiar with the Watchmen (poor unlucky bastards that they are, I pity them.) Will look at this trailer and go "Gee those effects are pretty, but what the hell does it mean?" Fanboys, forgive them. They know not what they dis.

jason_md2020 on Jul 18, 2008


>.< so excited

annie on Jul 18, 2008


If you haven't the story.. then get it now. This trailer has some much in it that one will have to play catchup to understand. Man, great looking visual effects and the story is EPIC. Thanks First showing

Ryan McCarthy on Jul 18, 2008


first we have the dark knight and now this i FUCKING LOVE WARNER BROS

jono on Jul 18, 2008


"That's a terrible trailer. If you know nothing of the books, then it's hard to connect on any level to what's happening in the trailer. No general plotlines are given. No clear idea of who is good or bad." - Tcox The whole no clear idea of who is good or bad is a MAJOR theme of the novel. I'm sorry that you haven't read the source - this looks like it will be very true to it (one of the things I like and most original creators like) about Snyder is he seems to care about the source and tries his best to convey it in a different format as opposed to asshats that pretend to know more and just want a marketing vehicle for their BS simlified stories (Schumacher, I'm looking at you.) I would highly recommend you take the time to read the source by the way, it is heads and shoulders and mountains better than most readers ever expect. Even people that don't like comics talk about how great the writing is.

Paul on Jul 18, 2008


dont think you can knock the trailer, its a stunning piece of visual mindcandy, all the naysayers-can you do any better! thought not..but hey they wud sell there grandmas to get in line

bassbin on Jul 18, 2008


truly a piece of art

wow on Jul 18, 2008


Wow this looks great! Some of those scenes looked just like the comic coming to life, its beautiful! Im not sure but I think the first time they showed Silk Spectre in the trailer was the original one right? Looked like a different actress, she looked really hot haha

Nate on Jul 18, 2008


Visually very impressive. The troubling point that I observed is that these "ordinary people" appear to have super powers. The meat of the story is about costumed vigilantes, and the trying times of trying to do good in a world that is sinking into nuclear war. They did not have super powers, only a will do do what others wouldn't. If that aspect is lost, than the story is perverted beyond all recognition. -------------------------------------------------------------- The "ordinary people" aspect was one of the most compelling attractions to the made so much more believable, and closer to home as far having a more connected feel to the characters...I to would like nothing more than to see this movie done right, and giving the storyline(i could care less about graphics)the quality care it deserves... but... I also understand the differences between reading a book or a GN and using my imagination vs seeing a movie, where i'm being shown what is happening instead of seeing it in my own mind. Having said that i can accept that the movie most likely will not be what i would "want" it to's just no possible to take outlook because my idea, and your idea alone will not be exact either... But i do agree that if they give them superpowers so to speak, the whole point is lost(for those that have read the comic)...A la Spawn, which falls into the same catagory, a more compelling story that was short changed for eye candy. But it's also kind of a catch-22, because as a movie you're almost stuck trying to make it a visual feast for the eyes in the day and age...especially movies like this that have a huge budget, they NEED to get their money back, so it's almost impossible not to expect the movie to stray at points for the sake of good entertainment. As for the trailer, it was decent, nothing to much given and just gave flashes and glimpses...which is fine by me...

Nicc on Jul 18, 2008


I call total bulls**t on this. This is a bee-YOU-tee-ful book, and this thing makes it look like every other washed-out, gloomy b-action film of the last five years. Goddamit, with source material like that, and VISUAL source material for that matter, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Now I know why people actually feel HURT when studios ruin their favorite things.

nfc on Jul 18, 2008


This movie should be the model for the Avengers. A movie with with more than one superhero fighting a "god among men" type of villian. i cant wait to see this movie

Omega on Jul 18, 2008


I think the weakest point of Watchmen's plot is how a small number of guys work out and dress in colorful costumes and beat up crooks and by doing that manage to cause police strikes and riots all over America. Why do they have such a profound effect on society? Why is the Comedian considered an "extranormal operative" for the US government on class with Dr Manhattan? To me that's a plot hole, not the core of the story. Giving them some amount of superhuman ability would make sense. I'd do it if I was the director. The point of the story as I see it is not that there are "Ordinary people with the will to do what others do not", but that there are superheroes. The comic explores how profoundly the world changes because there are people in it who are more than human; how many and how much more than human they are isn't important.

Amake on Jul 18, 2008


I have to disagree Amake, the point of the GN is not about being a superhero, or having super powers...that's almost the last thing the GN is of, if not the most powerful theme is Watchmen is the "humanity" we share, and the weaknesses we have as humans But, i do agree that it's almost a forgone conclusion that in making a movie, some type of superhuman power is going to be shown. and yes it does make sense when making a blockbuster type movie for the summer crowds... """The comic explores how profoundly the world changes because there are people in it who are more than human; how many and how much more than human they are isn't important.""" Actually the point of the world changing isn't because they are more than human(especially concerning powers and gifts)but because they are simply "human" flawed, weak, prone to mistakes...and yet they find that common theme within humanity to overcome their own flaws and disadvantages to go above and beyond in sense...almost inhuman like...

Nicc on Jul 18, 2008


The movie looks awesome. That last shot was totally out of the book. I found the novels here in good condition. Not a sales pitch. Just excited about the movie and wanted to get some in better condition. It's not easy to find them on these sites because they don't list them in an obvious spot. I just hope the movie isn't all hype and then blows like Batman & Robin.

Rohrbach on Jul 18, 2008


I was working at a comic book store when this came out, and I just couldn't get into the story. I did have 2 favorite characters though; Dr Manhattan, and Raushack sp? I like the trailer very much. I hope I like the concept and the story afterall.

RSH on Jul 18, 2008


you'd have to know a little background on the story to appreciate this trailer

ri on Jul 18, 2008


We can only read so much into things from the trailer. I think it's going to rock. This is qualifying more as a teaser, and as such will show the more visual elements of the film to attract viewers. I have full confidence in Snyder that the soul of the GN will be intact and front-and-centre in the film. Wait and see.

Paul on Jul 18, 2008


I know I will have to... but I cant wait.

DAve on Jul 18, 2008


I'm only watching this because of Batman's cameo... YEE!!!

BinYe East on Jul 18, 2008


I don't understand people. Have you seen the new Harry Potter teaser? The one that shows nothing at all? Remember the first teaser for Dark Knight? Terminator 3? This is the first fucking thing we get, it's miles ahead of any other movie that hyped itself a year in advance, and people are complaining that it doesn't show enough? What the fuck?

DCompose on Jul 19, 2008


read the GRAPHIC NOVEL YOU NINNIES, IT'S BRILLIANT. I know everyone who read it recognizes everything that was happening. Like when Dr. Manhattan Builds the city on mars at the end. Or when Nite Owl breaks Rorschack out of jail. its BRILLIANT.

top on Jul 19, 2008


I thought it was okay... The music was good and some of the graphics were not. The blue guy, which I think is Dr. Manhattan, had horrible CGI. I also like how it was really dark, but at the beggining it kinda looked liked it was going to be one of those comedy spoofs

a on Jul 19, 2008


Must say, by far one of the greatest trailers i ever saw, next to superman returns i mean :blush:, don't care what ppl say i still think it wasa great flick....Ow..yea, watchmen...I dunno i read the comic to like half issues and it's really heavy, maybe i'll wait till i see the movie and then read it...Doing the same with harry potter, so why not with this :))) All in all great trailer and i think the movie will rock ^_^ bring back Fish Police!!!

sng.Sheep on Jul 19, 2008


sng.Sheep: "watchmenโ€ฆI dunno i read the comic to like half issues and it's really heavy, maybe i'll wait till i see the movie and then read it" I much prefer that kind of experience .. ones that you know by instinct are saturated with quality and have layers that take more than one run through to understand. I hope they dont make the movie too simple. But, my guess is: they will. It's high budget, which means they can't take chances, which means it's gotta be easily digested eye candy.

mijj on Jul 19, 2008


I just came... everywhere... I felt bad for the people in front of me in the movie.

CSpuppydog on Jul 19, 2008


i just spent the day re-reading the book after watching the trailer a whole bunch of times. i read the comics when they were first published (still have the original copies on my bookshelf), and i've been looking forward to this film since production was announced. i think the trailer looks great, it manages to introduce each character and shows how some key panels from the comic were interpreted into gorgeous shots. it's true that jon's mars castle looks different, but if you'll take a closer look you'll notice how it ties in with the whole clock subtext. very nice. as far as the music chosen for this trailer, i think it works perfectly. i was never much of a fan of smashing pumpkins, i gave their first cassette away after a few listens, and found their later mainstream success and media oversaturation an irritation, but to discount the trailer based on the music (which was released in 2005) is pointless. i didn't go see Ravenous in the theatre because it had rob zombie in the trailer, but i regret having made that decision because it's an amazing film. by the way, don't forget that the first trailer for Iron Man used 'hey man nice shot' by filter, a track which nobody has heard or cared about in over a decade, and even back then it was used way too often in movies (Demon Knight, anyone?) as well as a whole smattering of trailers, but nobody can argue with how absolutely amazing and successful that movie is. Clint Mansell's theme from requiem for a Dream has popped up once more in yet another trailer (Babylon A.D.), but regardless of how annoying it is to hear out of its original, brilliant context, it remains a powerful piece of music. one unfortunate point to mention is that alan moore's name doesn't appear anywhere on the movie's website. i remember back when the big 25th anniversary of the comics came round, he had decided not to be involved in anything connected with it, which led to the amazing action figures never coming out. i guess he really had no interest in lending his name, which is sad. in any case, i am totally jazzed for the movie and implicitly trust in zach snyder not to have ruined the source material (unlike del toro's utter bastardisation of Hellboy). several years ago, i had the fortune to participate in a series of limited cdr releases based on the Watchmen comics from the canadian label Objective/Subjective ( my release, 'When I Had Cut it Enough, it Didn't Look Like a Woman Anymore' ( was slated to be the first in the series, but i didn't complete it until after the label had become defunct, so i ended up releasing it on my own label, Annihilvs. upon re-reading the book, i realised the speech made by the priest at the beginning of Boondock Saints is talking about Kitty Genovese, whose murder was the impetus for the career of a certain masked vigilante in Watchmen. Fanboys take note!

Lee on Jul 19, 2008


I agree with any and all of those who say: read the graphic novel, then be the judge. The more times I watch this trailer (half a dozen and counting), the more alluring it becomes. I see eye candy, but because I know the characters all these images have resonance. Like V for Vendetta, being familiar with the source material can only enhance the experience. Even if the film is pared down, abbreviated to a greater or lesser extent, just the fact that this film's been made may well make it worth the while. I could be wrong, but we'll just have to let time decide. And to all the knuckle-headed homophobic ninnies out there: a buff, bald, naked blue man hovering in the air might be cause for distress but in context I think you'll find it acceptable, perhaps even forgettable (depends on how distressed you homophobes are).

guy budziak on Jul 19, 2008


I just saw this trailer on the IMAX...I wanted to backhand every one who clapped for this looks lame....

some peeps are re tar ded on Jul 19, 2008


#173: It's a good thing you didn't, you could've gotten hurt.

guy budziak on Jul 19, 2008


WOW... Let me first say that I know nothing about the back story of this movie. I didn't read the comic book or the novel this came from (sorry I don't know). But this looks like Hell Boy, Batman, Matrix and, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in one. Weither or not those movies were good, this movie will be GREAT. I love the weird and the strange....this is right up my ally.

Chanel on Jul 19, 2008


I don't know what was more tragic, the genuinely dismal and disturbing ' dark knight ' (loved it) or that annoying slow-mo cgi smashing pumpkin (very poor choice) teaser for the watch men. I really don't want to be disappointed but this isn't a good start. These characters are supposed to be "real people" turned super hero. Too much hyper style won't come close to capturing this awesome graphic novel. For goodness sake, this book captured some gritty world realism of the 80's and the damn thing looks like it's the matrix and not some more appropriate 'future-past' approach. Could it have worked as a serial or high profile cable series? I don't know. I'm wary of this one.

loney john on Jul 19, 2008


I have noticed a trend in that most of the people who have actually read the Watchmen think this is fantastic (myself included) and those who havenโ€™t just get confused and say that the trailer is no more than CGI drivel as it gives away none of the story. For those of you in the latter category it is pretty obvious that this trailer was made for us fans, showing just how close to the graphic novel they are attempting to make this movie, and furthermore if the story line in the movie is dumped down even 50% it will still be a far deeper and more engaging comic book movie than any other. Oh, and the choice of the Smashing Pumpkins song is perfect, perfect.

tristan on Jul 20, 2008


Mijj I honestly don't think a big budget, and it being flashy and stuff means ruining the experience! Special effects only means that the storyteller [director,writter] is able to put whatever's in his/hers imagination directly to the silver screen :))Sure sometimes u get lost in all that and forget to put the emphasis to the story [aren't we glad adult entertainment doesn't use CGI yet ;)], but with a story as strong as watchmen's [the parts i read] i think that would be really difficult, cuz they have a lot to say :)) Bring back The Robocop Series and that hot chick that was the neurobrain!!! :))

sng.Sheep on Jul 20, 2008


Anything with Jeffrey Dean Morgan in it is automatically on my 'must watch' list...yes, even The Accidental Husband.

Derek on Jul 20, 2008


Any idea where to snag the song? ;D

Mike D. on Jul 20, 2008


And no, the movie does not star Blue Man Group.

guy budziak on Jul 20, 2008


The trailer looks really impressive, i have never read the comic books but where can one go to get familiar with the watchmen. Does anyone know where i can get the books to catch up before the movie comes out? How many comic books are there to watchmen. I want to really go into the movie knowing what to look for and it will be a better understanding if i play some catch up.

big r on Jul 20, 2008


There's one book collecting the 13 issue comic. You can get it at Amazon or probably any remotely well-stocked bookstore of any kind.

Amake on Jul 20, 2008


Hmmm... Looks slick, but as Alan Moore himself observed, I don't know how they're going to shoehorn something as large and complex as Watchmen into a 2โ€“3 hour film. I don't know, but I'm guessing possibly quite badly (hope I'm wrong).

The Eyechild on Jul 20, 2008


i need more

colt on Jul 20, 2008


OMG!!!! When I saw this trailer in the theaters I got chills. It was awesome. The music in the trailer just made it better. Love the pumpkins...favorite group and I thought "wait a minute....wasn't that song in the one of the batman movies???" How ironic??? But the song did fit the Watchman. I am counting down to 3-9-09!!!!!!

Shannon M on Jul 21, 2008


Only a comic geek would think this trailer is "teh mega-Amazzing!" It looks good, but sheesh, I hope the slow motion over-use was just for the trailer...

Arby on Jul 21, 2008


Well the effects and CG look absolutely stunning, but because I've never read (let alone heard of!) Watchmen, I have no clue what it's about. It looks like there's an Energy man, a Latex Girl, Some guy in a suit and a Blowtorch Man. Your typical Super Hero set-up. :B (But with out a doubt, if I had read this series, I would probably be peeing my pants right now. *THUMBS UP*)

Meggu on Jul 21, 2008


real good must see movie of the year.... crazy mfers if u dont think so

gorman on Jul 21, 2008


chilling and beautiful.

eva on Jul 21, 2008


Trailers that are vague and have little plot in them are the best ones in my opinion. People have been spoiled with lots of trailers that give away all the best parts of the movies. Comedies have all the funniest parts given away early. All in all, the trailer was great and definitely sparked my interest enough to go and buy the novel. I'm readin' it right now. I've never read a graphic novel or even a comic book, so it's a rather new experience for me. It's pretty fun! Plays out like a movie on paper.

Will S. (Co. Springs) on Jul 21, 2008


worst music ever

Darth Cheney on Jul 22, 2008


sorry this song fits perfectly for this trailer.

Nate on Jul 22, 2008



qt on Jul 22, 2008


cool music but the movie looks to be shit! corny and rip offs of "real" super heroes!bad cgi and goofy scenes and backgrounds look fake.....won't hold my breath on this one AT ALL!!

thejugfather on Jul 22, 2008

192 that a joke comment? seriously??

Nate on Jul 23, 2008


Lol Jugfather is a retard- These guys are 'real superheroes! the graphic novel is one of the best i've ever read so i'm not expecting much from the film. This trailer makes me wanna see it and from the visuals in this, this may be pretty good. I was guna hold this against the dark knight but seeing how good that was, i'll just have to hope that this will be more than just a popcorn flick.

Nandoz on Jul 23, 2008


Lets not judge Jugfather, instead lets think about how kittens are affecting the world today. Are real superheros saving them? of course they are! Firefighters are real heroes!. Not Spiderman, have you ever seen a spider save a kitten. I think not. Point made. Kittens are cute and are evil masterminds. I guess I should leave a comment on this movie now, looks good but that blue guy that totaly obliterated the dude in the trailer was creepy.

Two-Face on Jul 23, 2008


The trailer was certainly haunting, makes me want to cry! I'm not even a fanboy mind you. Ahh I'm watching this. Cheers.

jethro on Jul 23, 2008


Who ever said that there gonna fuck it up is dumb, Snyder captured the essence of the graphic novel 300 perfectly he even had some of the same art pictures in the movie (like the elders mountaintop council). The dialogue will be perfect because in 300 it wasn't just about the action but Leonidas having to defy the things he had to protect to save his country. If people are trying to say its all going to be special effects and action then I really think your wrong. I read 300 the graphic novel right after I saw the movie and Snyder couldn't of done a better job. He will probably do an even better job on this.

cody on Jul 23, 2008


What a preview!! I'm still geeking out about it. I was stunned at the Dark Knight to see this trailer on the big screen. 2009 can't come fast enough...

Paul on Jul 23, 2008


OMG, it looks tits!!!

JLA Reject on Jul 23, 2008


I just checked the watchmen from the library and i just started to read it. I really don't care if the movie flops as long as i like it. So far the trailer and the choice of music makes the movie seem very good. I just hope they live up to Alan Moore's writing.

Kel on Jul 23, 2008


None of the characters are ripoffs. alan moore, a loyal writer for DC, based his characters off characters from Charlton and DC comics. He wanted to create an alternate reality with similar characters.

Kel on Jul 23, 2008


This looks like complete trash... some of these adaptions are so goofy lookin its not even funny. The Dark Knight had mainstream appeal because it was realistic (in a way) This movie looks downright dumb.

deuces on Jul 24, 2008


You know this song shot up to top 40 on ITunes after TDK came out... clever marketing

gerry p on Jul 24, 2008


Dueces: So... You look for realism in a movie based on comics? And you think Batman is 'realistic'? WTF!?! Have you ever read Watchmen? If not, you have no idea how brilliant the story is that goes along with these "goofy" characters. If you had never heard of him before, a man dressed up as a bat with pointy ears might just seem a little silly, don't you think? Open your mind.

Paul on Jul 24, 2008


oh dang Paul totally speaks the truth!

Nate on Jul 24, 2008


eh? btw nobody in the book are "THE WATCHMEN"; none of the characters you've seen so far in the trailer belong to any "THE WATCHMEN" group. Archie the owlship looks amazing ! but it made too much sound... should be silent, like owl. Nite owl not fat enough. Hope to see the pirate stories too... and Bubastis. wonder if the recurring symbols will appear in film . hope Rorschach will look ugly.. and sucks raw eggs and eats Heinz. doesnt look dirty enough in film. would like to see silkwoman and owlman funny sex scene. Ramses II looks like a dissapointment.. not blonde and shiny... *spoiler* thecomediandies .

BernieHugsBernard on Jul 26, 2008


Its a fucking trailer asswipes and not even a full trailer but a teaser trailer....judging an entire film a year before its release based off of a teaser trailer is fucking idiotic. Well that minute of film didn't have any of the strong story that the thick as fuck graphic novel had (cause its a fucking preview not the whole fucking movie ass clowns. Dumb fucking wankers

dope on Jul 26, 2008


#209: If you have something halfway intelligent to say, say it. But if you're going to blather on like some knuckledragging dimwit it's better to keep your comment to yourself, and those friends of yours who appreciate the foul drivel you're spouting. Totally uncalled for, unprofessional. This is a public forum, acknowledge the fact, and seriously consider getting lost.

guy budziak on Jul 26, 2008


Nice teaser, and great visuals. I've heard and read about Watchmen over the past 20 years or so, but never read it myself. I recently got a digital copy of the book and I'm on the second book (of 12) at the moment... ๐Ÿ™‚

avoidz on Jul 27, 2008


Great trailer, it did what a trailer is supposed to do, intro the characters and the world, and thats it. Trailers today give away to much, even TDK's trailers gave away a lot. I love Zach Snyder's visual sense, he's got a great eye. very unique.

Adrian on Jul 27, 2008


This is my 10th time watching this trailer, its actually quite addicting.

Boris Van Der Ree on Jul 29, 2008


I LOVE how the imagery played against the lyrics works the same way Moore's novel does. If every trailer works the same way, it will ramp up to a film worthy of its source... They could use Bob Dylan... and any number of other sources as well. This trailer is brilliant. I want Malin , er , Moore. More. I want More. Just keep making it perfect, fellas. (Malin, you just keep doing that walking thing. That's it...)

Django on Jul 29, 2008


"Most celebrated graphic novel of all time"? seriously?ive never heard of it til dis movie. it still looks like a good movie tho the slow motion thru the shatering glass has been done to death.

Cyfer1 on Jul 29, 2008


#215: You may want to consider doing two minutes of research before making a post that does nothing but expose your ignorance. Please, try not to be offended. It's just a friendly hint.

An Informed Person on Jul 29, 2008


It looked cool...but who's the blue guy?

jman571 on Jul 29, 2008


Dr. Manhattan.

mdkvamme on Jul 29, 2008


This movie is going to fail at the box office, akin to Speed Racer. Why? Because most of the moviegoers have no good reason to watch it and don't want to spend the time to research time getting up to speed what the characters or the story are about.

STillman on Jul 30, 2008


This movie is going to be so fucking awesome that i am going to see it on midnight Thursday when it comes out in Theaters.

Waffles on Jul 30, 2008


I have not read the graphic novel. I haven't the slightest clue as to what the heck is happening in the trailer. That said, this movie looks freaking awesome. I can't wait.

Reverend on Jul 31, 2008


Re: Stillman Yeah. I guess that's why every online and real world book dealer is saying they can't print enough copies of Watchmen to meet the instant demand being fueled by the trailer alone then, eh? Re: Reverend Brace yourself. When you read the book, you'll be in for quite a ride. My only suggestion is that you read it more than once before the movie comes out. Much in the same way "Labyrinth" is also known as "David Bowie's Package", they might as well retitle this "Dr. Manhattan's Junk".

Djo on Jul 31, 2008


I still get chills from watching that shot of Mars. WOW this movie is really going to hit the nail on the head.

Reza on Aug 1, 2008


OMFG...xD cant wait! awsome.... o__O i need to calm down.

Yamika on Aug 2, 2008


I read the graphic novel now 3 times. First time I just wanted to get to the end of it to see how the story resolves. I read very quickly over the sub plots (especially the black freighter) and only a bit of the deeper text pages at the end of each chapter. Second time I read it in more detail and paid more attention to the subplots which gave the whole story more meaning and also read the text pages. 3rd time I looked at the details of each panel and saw how even little events connected through the chapters and little details in the panels (graffiti, magazine and newspaper headlines) gave me an even better understanding Each time I read it liked it more. It is a very complex story. Many things are just hinted but never really shown in black and white. e.g. Adrian Veidt probably being gay and perhaps the son of Nazi parents.

Simon on Aug 3, 2008


I guess what I really wanted to say above in regards to the movie was that I wonder how a story I am reading for weeks now can be put into a 2.5h movie and hope for people to get it if they didn't read the novel. Especially since Zack seems to be putting even more detail in than there is in the novel, such as the fighting scene in the Comedian's apartment. Even leaving the black freighter comic in comic out won't do I am afraid. The trailer looks great. To bring this story across in any movie will take a genius. I only hope Zack is that genius.

Simon on Aug 3, 2008


Black Freighter will be included on the DvD, and the Under the Hood will also appear in completion either released as a short film 'prequel' or certainly on the dvd. I don't know if he's any sort of genius, but it certainly takes a smart man to stick as close as possible to the REAL genius of Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons. Let's just hope Zack Snyder is a very smart man.

Djo on Aug 4, 2008


#225 Hey Simon! I've read this story about once a year for the past 20 years and I STILL occassionally find something I didn't notice before. The story, themes, back-story, and of course Gibbons sensational artwork are packed with complexity and nuance. On a different note: Does anyone know if Dr. Malcolm Long will be in the movie? He was Rorschach's prison shrink. doesn't have him listed as a character...

Paul on Aug 4, 2008


Its been a while since I've seen a trailer that has chilled me to the core. Just Wow, I'm glad I got to see this on the front of Dark Knight. And its being written by none other than Solid Snake! Here's hoping that it will remain faithful to the graphic novel like it would have us believe so far..

Tom Dearsley on Aug 5, 2008


Where's Silk Spectre's mother? Was she not considered "sexy" enough? ...come to think of it, they might remove SS's entire plot, thus saving large amounts of time, but unfortunately leaving several characters (i.e. Comedian and SS) shallow and uninteresting. Also, I wasn't able to see in the trailer, but does the Comedian still have his scar? I have a nasty feeling they'll cut that subplot to save a few more minutes. I have a nasty feeling they'll cut an awful lot of subplots, but that's just me. I just don't know. There's too much over- and undercranking, we don't see any of the iconic clock motifs, SS's costume has been redesigned, I don't think that shot of Nite Owl II screaming was in the comic... Rorschach, of course, still looks awesome. What with his psychiatrist not showing up and everything, I'm worried he might lose bits of character as well. How else would they show his origin story? And #228 - You're certainly right abut the details business. Did you know that throughout the entire story you can see ads for Nite Owl's repair shop and trash from Gunga Diner? I sure didn't until recently. Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they just wanted a trailer that showed the main characters and nobody else. Possibly, the same sort of thing happened as with Bridge to Terabithia and that actual film will be truer to the comics than the irritatingly stereotyped trailer shows. ...Of course, that's subjective. Only time will tell.

Matsuda on Aug 5, 2008


Hi Matsuda, Sally Jupiter is going to be in the movie. She is played by Carla Gugino and apparently they showed a short scene with her at the ComicCon panel in San Diego in the extended trailer. She was also on the panel. Comedian I am sure will also have his scar since someone described that during the extended trailer he was pulling his gun against a pregnant woman. On IMDB it says she is played by Nhi Do. I really hope they have the scene with the soul plumber in it. It is just too hilarious when he tries to get into Rorschach's head but then Rorschach gets into his. That scene missing would be a disappointment. Did you hear that Zack? Better make sure that scene is in! ๐Ÿ™‚ If it comes down to it, take Dollar Bill out!

Simon on Aug 6, 2008


better the 2nd time around when i've actually read up on the characters ๐Ÿ˜‰ glad to hear it'll be dark

Nick on Aug 7, 2008


I just watched this trailer yet again, and I just wanted to remind that this looks amazing! Like, whoa, I think Snyder got this book to film process done right! I am dying for March to get here!!!

Conrad on Aug 8, 2008


I have high hopes for this movie after finishing the graphic novel. Seeing this on Time 100's best novels since 1923 was a bit of a shock. Can the story compare to sci-fi like Slaughter House 5 or Ubik? Yes, in novel form. There is a great attention to detail and quite the departure in pacing from the typical action movie trailer. There's a clock them between most of the transitions and the characters look near perfect. WHY ISN'T IT 2009 ALREADY! The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking...The solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker. - Albert Einstein

Joey on Aug 11, 2008


Talking about details. Till recently I didnยดt notice that Rorschach likes to take little things from people he visits: Sugar cubes and perfume from Night Owl and I think he ate food from Moloch's fridge. Another thing I recently learned about is all this encoded information in Watchmen that can be found when reading some passages lateral: (for Watchmen perfectionists only!) Reading it lateral it seemed that Ozzy put a paralyzer in the drinks of his 3 Vietnamese servants and that they were alive when they got burried under the snow. I originally thought the drink killed them. I picked up on the Night Owl repair shop signs and Gunga wrappes after the 3rd pass I think. However did anyone pick-up on all these electric charging stations for vehicles? e.g. 1 next to the newspaper kiosk and even one in night owls basement for the the Owl Ship.

Simon on Aug 12, 2008


wow,just wow. please god dont let the stuffy, maths loving accountants change the haunting and deliciously ambiguous ending. This trailer shows that Snyder is determined to make as faithfull an adaptation as he possibly can, we should give him time and respect in what he is trying to do, but I still can't see Goode as Veidt cause hes just to young and dosent have that physical presence which Ozzy has. Akerman, Morgan,Crudup and Haley all look the part, but for me Patrick Wilson is genious casting, if you look at the structure of his face its uncanny to that of Moore's Nite Owl. I agree that you need to know a bit about Watchmen to appreciate the trailer fully, but within time when the viral marketing campaign kicks off like TDK(my gues is Rorshcach or Dr. Manhattan being the figure heads.) this will become hugely anticipated. Although its strange look and feel will be lost amongst relativly stupid cinema goers these days so it wont strike box office gold like TDK but I fully believe that fans and those who appreciate quality will regard this as just as good (or better in my view)than TDK. This trailer confirms my uncontainable excitement for Watchmen, to see all of the characters(especially Rorscach) come to life. However if the film is given a pg-13(12) certificate, my excitement will turn to anxiety, fear and anger, because this is not a film for those seeking popcorn fluff or big,brash explosions, its dark, disturbing, complex and utterly breath-taking and if done right will make The Dark Knight look like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

thecomedian217 on Aug 14, 2008


I do love how they've made the text relate to the imagery, the same way it's done in the book. That's the kind of thing that makes me know the people involved in this give two shits about what they're producing.

Djo on Aug 14, 2008


i think this movie could be the next huge hit like with dark knight or 300, the trailer looks stunning. i think that there is no doubt that this movie will be huge, Epic victory

Epic on Aug 17, 2008


""The most celebrated graphic novel of all time" Writing this was really unnecessary. Completely arrogant. Anthony on Jul 17, 2008" Arrogant? Well yes. It is however, true (and from a marketing standpoint, perfectly understandable). Whether or not you like it, whether or not you, as a reader/viewer/moviegoer/whatever have even heard of it, it's pretty much the most praised and critically acclaimed graphic novel ever (well, at least in English. I'm sure there's a manga two that are more acclaimed over in Japan, but this trailer was for American audiences, not Japanese) This is because it took the most common - and admittedly silly - comic book genre and in the very same medium deconstructed the hell out it. You want a world with costumed weirdoes engaging in vigilantism? You got it! Now watch your weirdos' very existence freak people out, watch your "heroes" turn out to be just a crazy and corrupt and flawed as the rest of us, just as untrustworthy, just as violent, just as unreliable. Watch the government turn it to its advantage to hide corruption and crush dissent. Watch society slowly but surely begin to crumble. You know the Darkier and Edgier stuff that was so popular in the 90s superhero stuff? That's because they couldn't play very many superheros straight, cheerful happy-go-superscience anymore, because Watchmen pointed out how ridiculous and unrealistic it all was. Add to this the fact that between art and writing it's one of those series that lends itself very easily to re-reading and finding new layers to it, and the steady recommendations from one generation to the next (I enjoyed it, and I'm only 22) and you have something that, yes, quite a few people "celebrate". Keep in mind, too, that graphic novels have only very recently -largely thanks to titles like Watchmen - become slowly accepted as reading material amongst the general populace. So, considering that and that it's a cynical, deconstructive work that's somewhat intellectually engaging during a time when we like cynical and deconstructive works and yeah: "most celebrated graphic novel of all time" makes a little more sense. ๐Ÿ˜› 20 years from now there will probably be more of such intellectually stimulating, deconstructive, cynical works and more readers in the genre, so it may not hold that position anymore, but for now, it is. You may or may not think it's so hot, but it IS "celebrated" above most other comic book series, particularly in the west.

Jamie on Aug 17, 2008


Incredible. I heard about this trailer watched it and am currently finishing the novel. The story is incredible my only worries is that I can feel an adaption of the script for present day. Just like Alan Moore's V for Vendetta (the movie was adapted to relate to present day), but all in all, it looks good. The ever-changing inkblot on Rorscach is going to be fun watching. By the way, Niteowl was based slightly on Batman. In fact most of the characters were going to be exciting heroes in the DC universe, but Moore decided to make his own (or was told to...? not sure there). Anyways one of the most noticable is Rorscach. He was based off of the Question and Mr. A. The Look (minus the face of Question) and the ideals or personality of Mr. A. Thanks Wikipedia.

Moore Watchmen! on Aug 21, 2008


I have the comics at home, and i think that this is going to be incredible. I am so glad i am able to see these movies. this is going to be the golden age of the Superhero movie. Case in point: Iron Man Incredible Hulk The Dark Knight Punisher: War Zone (i had a nerdgasm on this one) and now The Watchmen.

Ben on Aug 21, 2008


I'm about halfway through the comic books at the moment. The story is already complex; it'll be interesting to see it translated into Zack Snyder's film. Looking forward to it ๐Ÿ™‚

avoidz on Aug 22, 2008


im going to start reading the book with my boyfriend!!! : )

arielle on Aug 31, 2008


as great as this trailer looks, it still has a long way to go to live up to the impossible standards of the book. In my opinion, a movie could never be made that would equal what Alan Moore has created on paper. But im glad Snyder is doing it. Because he may be the only one that can bring it close.

Andrew on Sep 1, 2008


looks awful.

john Doe on Sep 14, 2008


OMG. I want to see this movie. It looks so tight.

Ja'kim on Sep 15, 2008


just finnished reading the book. the book was great, but the movie should be a masterpiece. anyone ho doesn't like this trailer obviously never read the book, cuz this is exactly how i imagined it

LeeMan on Sep 18, 2008


snyder is gonna tear it up the movie is gonna rock the books world and i think i just jizzed in my pants

drdetroit on Sep 26, 2008


Dear god, it looks almost too perfect.... I must have read the graphic novel hundreds of times, and it just looks brilliant. I do hope it's a better adaptation than V for Vendetta was.

Mickinson on Oct 10, 2008


If Kevin Smith says its 3 times more faithful to the source material than Sin City was, then I'm sold. I read from a reporter who got to view 25 minutes of the movie that in the opening credits they give some history and backstory to the original Minutemen and some of the current characters, and in one scene it shows the Comedian as the shooter of JFK. That makes such perfect sense to me

Apollo on Oct 29, 2008


Look, if you haven't read this comic and you have something negative to say about the trailer, just save your breath. If you think it looks choppy, flashy, or fake, that's cool. Bashing this trailer for looking unoriginal or unintelligent will only reveal your ignorance. The Watchmen is not about superhumans (except Dr. M). If you want to see the same good superguy v. bad superguy crap, then this story is not for you. If you don't want to destroy the illusion of depth that you experience reading and watching popular superhero stuff, than ignore The Watchman. You can see two guys box in any other movie anyway. This comic is too elaborate and well put together to be accurately encapsulated in a 2 hour movie anyway. Always hailed as "groundbreaking", no other comic (save the Invisibles) has yet to come closer than "clever" by comparison. So see the movie or don't, but you MUST READ The Watchmen. The story as it is on paper reveals every superhero movie (and 300) made to date as two-dimensional.

WanPablo on Oct 30, 2008


How come people keep leaving posts like "drink bleach and die" or "remove yourself from the genepool", such as 138 and 139 among others? Spending your time reading and posting on such a lengthy blog about the quality of a TEASER trailer to a movie five months away IS removing oneself from the genepool.

mmhm on Oct 30, 2008


i know the song is from smashin pumpkins but the original song has a fast beat. but the trailer song has a slow beat and better. is it a remake or what. will it be include in the soundtrack. where can i get the slow beat version?

roman on Nov 12, 2008


the thought that this resembles the justice league with a dark twist is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i love marvel.

comrey on Dec 13, 2008


I had never heard of this story until I saw the trailer during TDK this past summer. I immediately hunted down the novel, and was more than impressed. The story--intricate, dark, disturbing. The 'heroes'--even more so. I am anticipating this movie more than any other I've heard of coming up in 2009. By the way, even though there's a reason why 'opinions' are defined the way there are, I can think of nothing more thoroughly irritating than someone commenting on something they know NOTHING about. And no, I'm not a fanboy....

Kay on Dec 29, 2008


The Watchmen movie trailer really looks good. I am a grand father of 58yrs and I love it. I always liked fantasies of the scifi genre. Who looks a movie to see reality? Not me. If I wanted to see reality, I would look out my window...

ronald on Mar 1, 2009


Don't worry... no spoilers what so ever. Here on Whidbey Island...on Saturday they had a sneak preview of the Watchmen on base. First and foremost, any of those who were/are sceptical of the outcome... worry no more. The movie was amazing 100 times over. The characters were portrayed brilliantly and very, very true to the comic by the wonderfully chosen cast. Zack Snyder was able to bring the characters from the comic/ graphic novel to life. The imagery was amazing... of course, the storyline was awesome... The special effects were so unbelievable I forgot that they weren't actually happening. The transition from being 100ft tall to 6ft was smooth and realistic. Second, I was totally wrong. It is not an adaptation to present day. Everyone had a good time snickering at Nixon's nose and whatnot. Snyder has outdone himself. The movie just added more to my overwhelming adoration towards Alan Moore's comic. Although I am sure that Moore will still be disappointed as he always is... however, there is no reason anyone who loved the comic shouldn't view the WATCMEN. Like Sincity and The Dark Knight, this movie should be watched in theatre and blue-ray as many times as your wallet can allow you to do so. If you were looking for a summary in one word that isn't 'incredible' or 'amazing' or something else that could never explain Alan Moore's reconstruction of what was the typical superhero make-up... well I don't really have one... WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN? The millions upon millions of movie-goers who will have spent money on a ticket that is worth more than every penny. P.S. Dr. Manhattan > Superman and ever other superhero who actually has superpowers by a lightyear and a half.

Moore Watchmen! on Mar 2, 2009


i think this will be gay!!!!!!!! too much hype, its just gay Hollywood trying to generate money cuz there broke and retarded LMFAO

ur mom on Mar 5, 2009


now that its out i dnt hear anything about it not like i used to b4 it came out must have suck balls

ur mom on Mar 19, 2009

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