Narnia Screenwriters Hired For Marvel's Captain America

November 18, 2008

Captain America

It's time to speak up Captain America fans! Here's your movie: Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are writing the WWII-set screenplay and Joe Johnston will be directing. Markus and McFeely previously penned the screenplays for both Chronicles of Narnia movies as well as You Kill Me. Johnston, as we previously announced, directed Jumanji, October Sky, and Jurassic Park III, as well as a few other films. There's your lead creative team behind The First Avenger: Captain America. Will they be able to pull it off? Will they give us the Captain America movie that we've waited to see ever since Jack Kirby and Joe Simon introduced him in 1941? It's here and it's happening and we want to know what you think?

While we wait for Marvel to announce who will play both Thor and Captain America in their next few upcoming movies, it's time to open this up for some discussion. First things first, I think Marvel is saving the big guns for The Avengers movie. While I'm not exactly excited by their choices for Captain America, I'm relieved that Markus, McFeely, and Johnston are not particularly involved in The Avengers (or so I hope). However, I'm concerned that we won't get an introduction to Captain America that we need. His character is important to the Marvel universe considering he eventually leads The Avengers, which will follow the Captain America movie within months. So what do you think - will they pull it off?

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here is hoping NC will be Cap. But seriously. This is the comic I was raised on. I feel their could have been better choices but what we get is what we get and here is hoping for the best.

Red Buttons on Nov 18, 2008


hey used a good pic this time... good job.

Kent on Nov 18, 2008


Why is the Avenger movie following months after this release is Marvel afraid we have that short of attention spans? I personally like my giant marvel movies a bit apart, makes it more fun I think, lets you really absorb the previous ones before we see whats next. I hope that they can pull it off, I want a Saving Private Ryan meets Hellboy 1 (into) meets like Indiana Jones nazi killing action! If they can leave out the cheese then it will be awesome.

Richard on Nov 19, 2008


duhh my name is Richard, I have diabetes and talk with a lithp, duh my name is Richard

yoyo on Nov 19, 2008


If Marvel wants to continue making their characters seem like they are part of a much larger Universe in their movies, like they are in the comics, then they should have Logan (Wolverine) show up in this movie. The two of them have some history in the comics, so, it would be an insult to the fans if he didn't make at least a cameo appearance. The only real problem I can see with this happening is that I believe that Fox owns the movie rights to Wolverine and since Captain America will be put out by Paramount that kind of puts a wet blanket on the flames of hope, that is unless they can cooperate like they did for Titanic. Maybe they can come up with some kind of loop hole for this. They could have Hugh Jackman show up but never name the character, so they can't be sued for using the character, and at the same time making comic book fans happy. Of course my mind might change later on but for now I think these actors seem to work for possible casting. Captain America - Aaron Eckhart; They may find him to be too old to play the character but he is only a year older than Matthew McConaughey and his name kept popping up as a casting rumor, puls he's a better actor. Plus he's three years younger than Robert Downey Jr. and he turned out just fine. Red Skull - Gary Oldman; He has played some of the greatest villians ever and I want some more of the old Gary Oldman. Bucky - I don't think he should show up in this movie... He'd ruin everything like if Robin showed up in the next Batman movie.

Jeb Clanton on Nov 19, 2008


I'm scared. Maybe I'm just putting Narnia, Jumanji in one bowl here. Maybe if I saw a pre-production featurette to get some excitement(validity) built up inside me(See how pumped up/focused the director/producer is - but I'm afraid of a hefty serving of cheese to go with my popcorn so far. For me at this point, its quick to say that its gonna suck. Because no matter how much I love the Chronic-what?!-cles of Narnia, I feel it may be get too toned down to 'make everybody happy'(which does nothing but make everybody angry - more so, the fans). Although you combine the darker atmosphere of JP3, added with exciting action scenes of the Rocketeer - I donno, I'd say I have more hope in these guys than I would if Bret Ratner were directing. Yea, I know, Cringe. We all know it has to be a PG-13 film - Marvel wouldn't allow a huge blockbuster to be an R movie. That said, It has to have Saving Private Ryan real-world realism, but w/o the gore. But I want to see bodies fall, I want to see Captain going through Hell - everybody does! We want to be pulled into it and be charged with adrenaline. The biggest challenge/strength of this film is going to be the parallel comparison between the fight against evil of WWII and the wars of today(is there even a name/title?) People have be to drawn and connect with the Hero's meaning of existence. For Captain America, its about what we are fighting for and what being a american patriot is about - Fighting for justice for not just your country, but for the world. I'm sure we all have our own meanings and depictions for what he stands for(and what the plot should be specifically), but I think its all about gaining a defending honor/pride for not just the country, but for the world. I just hope to god they keep the fans in mind, and not the kids. Push PG-13 to the limit, pleeeease! Now that I finished my soap box rant - I think they have a good chance. Let's see what their next move is. ......casting???

Nick Sears on Nov 19, 2008


#5 - I was thinking that the other day of "How awesome would it be to have Wolverine?!" But I'd want him to come in only has a 5 second cameo - that's it! Captain America needs to stand alone for this movie to be an introduction for him, so he can't necessarily be fighting alongside another hero in WWI(even if he does in the comics.) I always saw it as if after they've already been victorious on the Beaches of Normandy on D-Day, Captain America is talking to another officer or whatever, and as he finishes talking to him he starts to turn around only to totally bump into Logan(who at the time looks just like another soldier). They give each other a look and as Logan(with a few of his fellow soliders) never even breaks stride, he gives the Captain a "Nice outfit" comment(insert witty Logan comment) and walks off screen. Something real short n sweet and funny would be the perfect cameo that would get such a rise out of the audience. Thoughts?

Nick Sears on Nov 19, 2008


i'd rather see the pics of bucky as cap than 'art' by rob liefeld...

fanboy d on Nov 19, 2008


I can defintely say that these writers have a bigger and better experience working with these kinda movies that Jon Favreau ever had before doing Iron Man. All Im saying not to judge the 2 years before the movie is even out. At the same time! JUMANJI???

Hassan on Nov 19, 2008


I think there needs to be a little note at the end of each article involving a Marvell-produced movie (ie. the hulk, iron man, Captain America, the Adventurers) about how the movie rights to the Fantastic Four, x-men (and wolverine) are held by fox and the movie rights to spider man are held by Sony and that the three groups will always be separated from each other...

Staatz on Nov 19, 2008


#5 matthew is older but he doesn't look it eckhart looks his age

nelson on Nov 19, 2008


The Wolverine cameo would be sweet #7, but as #10 said, not going to happen thanks to the other companies controlling the rights to other great Marvel characters. Personally, I think the CofN guys can pull it off. They got all that crap in the mainstream media about their movies being too violent and being PG at same time, so crank it up for PG-13, get away with as much as possible and slide right in below the R rating, and we got ourselves a damn good movie about Cap. Here's hoping for the best.

Rusty on Nov 19, 2008


so if this movie will be set in a WWII-era, how would this work w/ will smith being captain america? i know that was his name being tossed around, but a black superhero during WWII? this would look totally off. i am black btw. i can make such comments, lol.

JL on Nov 19, 2008


This better turn out good. I really hope the story isn't awful, or they choose the wrong actors. Captain America is too important to screw up.

-Peter- on Nov 19, 2008


#12 - The companies with the rights have to drop the bullshit and come together on some agreement, b/c its going to just make these movies so much more enjoyable and unified. Then again, I guess you do have two seperate opinions on where it should go, but I think they need to wake up and see that this new evolution of crossovers for the comic book genre is going to continue to grow. Once(If) JLA comes out, they'll see how well(profitable) that method works. To them they'd see it as an easy pull to advertise for a seperate Marvel movie - "Well if you like Iron Man you'll love The Avengers"

Nick Sears on Nov 19, 2008


Narnia was awful awful awful. This is a deep flaw in this movie if this is the route they take. Track records have to count for something.

Voice Of Reason on Nov 19, 2008


there has to be better fucking choices than those guys! narnia wasnt that bad, but i can see those guys definitly not pulling captain america the way we want to see it!

cmedina on Nov 19, 2008


Of all the awesome pictures of Cap, you went with a Liefeld drawing? Yikes...

Kellie on Nov 19, 2008


Are you kidding me!?!?! This is the best they could find to bring our beloved Cap to the big screen? FAIL.

Safi on Nov 19, 2008


wow. We all know how this film is going to be. first hour talk , next hour abit of action then more talk.

Darrin on Nov 19, 2008


Wolverine cameo would be gay as hell!!!! Talk about cheese, just cause they crossed paths like a few times doesnt mean you should bring out all the stops. I personall didnt care too much for Wolverine growing up and i hate the pretty boy they have playing him now. Maybe my mind will change when the movie hits and i get to see a full wolverine film. As far as Cap's concerned definatly they should bring the same energy that Iron man had. And for the Avengers i would definatly like to see (and you guys may hate this comment but) the movie with the same intensity as say Lord of the rings. Thin about it, yeah that film was slow at time, but they knew what they had and they didnt rush tellling the story. Marvel could do the same, Especially if they are trying to load the screen with 5leading charectors. I think handeling it the way LOR handeled the cast could be pretty sweet and if the movie runs into 3 hours let it crap go for 4 hours and then split it upinto two parts. But i that would be the only way to convey a descent store. They did it with TDK and looked how bad ass that tirned out. They werent trying to rush the story, the told it well.

THERBLIG on Nov 19, 2008


#4, uh haha ok dude.

Richard on Nov 19, 2008


Bottom line is this: 1.) If Johnston, or even Branagh for that matter, and the writers don't fall in love with the source material a la Favreau did with Iron Man or Letterrier did with Hulk, then the movie will suck balls. Without any passion we'll have nothing but a cheesy action movie. 2.) Let's all save the critiquing for after they choose an actor to play Cap and Thor. While I'm not a big fan of either of the characters, I am a fan of the idea of creating a universe within film as Marvel is doing. I realize that both Cap and Thor are key elements to making this happen, so the actors have to work. I tend to think Eckhart has the chops(and jaw) to play cap, not sure who could pull off Thor. Time will tell, if the question is, will people(meaning the non-fanboy public) still have an interest in The Avengers if the last legs of the build up are crap?

David on Nov 19, 2008


Noooo why odin why?!? 🙁 very poor choices if you ask me

ha1rball on Nov 19, 2008


Matthew McConaughey as Captain America?! Did Sahara teach us nothing?!

S on Nov 19, 2008


I know he is older but I TOTALLY see Aaron Eckhart from the Dark Knight as Captain America/Steve Rodgers come to life and could see him as the character. On the younger side, DiCaprio maybe

jerimone wilson on Nov 19, 2008


Also, isn't Cap the leader of the Avengers? Who would Robert Downey Jr. and the Hulk follow into battle? It's also about what actor has the commanding presence to pull that one off.

jerimone wilson on Nov 19, 2008


Jeez, what's with all the Liefeld hate? He was the reason I ever picked up a Cap comic, never having been interested before that. But anyway, as much as Aaron Eckhart would definitely work. I REALLY don't want there to be a crossing of actors from the DC Universe to the Marvel one. Having Halle Berry as Catwoman was enough. From their choices with this movie so far, though, it seems Marvel might go with someone relatively unknown. I don't mean someone obscure, just someone who is not constantly in the spotlight. Oh and yes, Staatz (#10) that little disclaimer might be useful, cuz every time there's Marvel-related news, there's always someone who talks about how awesome it would be to have (insert superhero name) make a cameo in (insert movie name), even when it's definitely not possible.

Alfredo on Nov 19, 2008


I'll go see it because I'm really into the superhero movies. But I'm really interested in the Avengers movie more than Cap or Thor origin movies. But the process of how they are bringing it all together is interesting.

DJ Sid on Nov 19, 2008


Alex is such a coward. Now he's deleting comments from posters that don't agree with him.

Gale on Nov 19, 2008


What comments did I remove Gale? I'll instantly remove comments that are offensive or written in ALL CAPS, but that's it... If I wanted to remove comments I didn't agree with, #8's comment wouldn't be there. But that's all good and fun and it's still there, too! 🙂

Alex Billington on Nov 20, 2008


liefeld hate because this is his idea of anatomically correct:

fanboy d on Nov 20, 2008


Good lord 32, he's pregnant in his chest , errr something. I don't know how he doesn't see that horrifying .. extrusion??

Nick Sears on Nov 20, 2008


I was going to ask why did the picture have to be a liefeld, but i see the Liefeld hate club already made its appearance. lol. Seriously tho, i am sure that there is a nice pic of Cap you could find in a few seconds of looking on google images by Buscema, or Kirby or anyone, just not Liefeld!

9mm on Nov 20, 2008


Why the hell did you choose a crappy leifeld drawing for cap, when there's a gajillion better images out there? Ugh. Of course, i type this, and see that others feel the same.

CMK on Nov 20, 2008


We have good direction and writing....everyone is truley excited about this that knows the lore and history,....... but the telling of these films, I believe will hinge on the casting.

D-9 on Nov 20, 2008


I don't know why many are whining about MARVEL's choices thus far for the Captain America movie. Earlier on when Robert Downey Jr was selected, people whined all they could .... and when it came out .... it blew almost everbody away. There is something 'nostalgic' and 'adventurous' about Joe Johnston. His success with The Rocketeer is enough to grant him the 'Director's seat' for this movie. The 2 dudes who wrote the Narnia movies are also pretty intense. I sincerely trust Kevin Feige. Can't wait for its release. In the late 70's I watched the 'campy' TV movies of Captain America. Reb Brown as Cap, and in the sequel, Christopher Lee was the villain. It was hillarious. Cap's transparent 'slow moving' shield had me laughing till I turn green. This new movie will be a success. I know MARVEL will kick DC/WB ass. My dream actors as CA will be Channing Tatum, Matt Damon, Aaron Eckhart or Ryan Gosling.

Shawn Gregory on Nov 21, 2008


can't wait. i really love the x-men movie and spider-man,but captain america will be awesome. can't wait to see him battle red skull. i think the avengers will be great only if the villain is the leader useing his mind to make the hulk fight the avengers,or ultron as the villain. but if not they might just surprise us.

chris on Nov 23, 2008


Captain America is one of the last hopes we have left to hang on to, as far as doing the movie right in regards to original idealogy of the character.......and , yet again, Im bracing myself for INCREDIBLE dissapointment.......Has anyone seen who will be directing this motion picture? Many people are shocked when the movie releases and it sucks, do your research and check out th e directors' previous work......

CHICK on Dec 14, 2008


Joe Johnston needs to stick to kids movies,and working to impress kids under 14 becaus they dont notice things like shitty scrips and shortsided directing techniques. He had a shot at playing with a big boy script, and a huge budget with jurassic park 3 and the movie made me want to rub horse shit into my own eyes…The work was already done for him! All he had to do was make a 3rd installment into an already successfull franchise. Jurassic Park is one of the top grossing films of all time, and I know sequels tend to get gradually worse as the more of them get made, however jp3 was a clusterfuck and a half! Now he's being entrusted to develop and cast one of the most iconic comic book characters in the history of comics, and he couldn't even handle making fake dinosaurs eating people entertaining.... We had a good run for a bit, Thomas Jane as punisher was great, the sequel war zone had not a hint of the original in it and it also sucked. The third installment of the x-men was beyond unbearable(thanks Brett Ratner,stick to you lame-ass rush hour movies). Batman is doing incredible to say the least, but heath's dead and now that trilogy is screwed…Iron man was great, the new hulk was great, but Captain america is at a disadvantage from the get-go because they've brought a director that basically couldn't find his ass with both hands…If this clown gets his way, he wants Will Smith to play Ole' Capt…I love Will Smith and will watch anything with Smith in it, however;some roles arent for certain actors for obvious reasons….you get what I'm saying?……The only way Will Smith could work is if they modernized the story and had Smitty as an injured marine about to go through an experimental supersoldier testing of some kind, and then have him hunt Bin- Laden or something!!? Steve Rogers is from WW11 era!!! Johnstons' taking ideas like the one I just described; instread of paying homage to a piece of Americana like Captain America, and thats the reason why I dont get excited about comic book movies anymore. They end up in the hands of Directors that don't care about the integrity of the characters or the fan base thats actually investing themselves into the cinematic version of their comic heroes. Johnston, go make Beethoven 9, or "honey, I shruk my balls" or something in you realm of capability to do right, because Captain America simply is too far out of your league sir, thank you and goodnight................sorry for the rant...........

CHICK on Dec 14, 2008


again sorry for the rant...sometimes its very hard to get a point across that means alot to you in a few short simple words, as much as we'd like to....

CHICK on Dec 14, 2008


I dont think he's the right director either. JP3 was an abomination. I sure hope that this can be pulled off the way it nedds to be.

Ballsonya on Dec 24, 2008


As much as I have been excited about the idea of a Captain American movie I have to say so far it looks like it's headed down the wrong road and will be a major fail.To do the story right,you would need a "Saving Private Ryan" feel,along with the realistic(and necessary)violence.You would also need an actor who could really do justice to Captain America's command presence along with his genuine goodness and decency.I just can't see it happening.The choices of writers and director are driven by simple economics.Nothing else is a factor.It's who is willing to work on this movie for the least amount of money.It's going to be the same with whoever they cast as Cap.Call it "The Don Cheadle Effect" or "The Ray Stevenson Syndrome":-) It's not about giving the people the best possible product,it's about doing things as cheaply as possible,with the biggest return on the initial investment.Hollywood is not run by Producers,Directors and Actors.It's run by Accountants,MBAs and Lawyers.In a perfect world,Steven Spielberg would direct,Christoph Waltz would play The Red Skull and Mark Valley/Matt Damon would play Cap and the movie would be serious in tone with dashes of humor.Instead we are going to get something second rate and cheesy that we will try to convince ourselves is actually a good movie."Ironman" and "The Dark Knight" will not be matched or surpassed in our lifetime.

JohnnyBleys on Feb 2, 2010

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