Neil Gaiman Clarifies the Guillermo del Toro and Dr. Strange Rumors

October 25, 2008

Neil Gaiman / Dr. Strange

This is how Hollywood works. Someone says something and it becomes the talk of the town. Earlier this week we reported a story about the Marvel Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange. MTV had talked with Marvel's president of production Kevin Feige who had told them that "I would not be shocked if we saw Dr. Strange" on the Marvel feature film line-up for 2012 and 2013. Upon further research, I found that Guillermo del Toro had mentioned back in February that he was trying to put together a script for a Dr. Strange movie with none other than well-known comic book author Neil Gaiman. Premiere finally caught up with Gaiman recently and got a clarification on all this news - and it doesn't look too promising yet.

"I would love to write Dr. Strange. It would be absolutely one of my dream jobs [to write] a Dr. Strange movie," Gaiman begins. He recalls a story where he visited the set of Hellboy II and talked with Guillermo about Dr. Strange. Apparently Gaiman has been "in very, very early sort of 'I would to do this' talks with Marvel" and that Guillermo's reaction was "Neil, I want to direct it!" With Gaiman and del Toro on board, obviously, Marvel became quite excited, too. But as we all know, Guillermo took on the monumental task of directing The Hobbit. "Anyway, the point is we're probably, we may be four years away from Guillermo being free to do it, and I'm not entirely sure I'd want to do it without him. So we'll see."

That explanation doesn't exactly debunk any rumors, either from Feige or del Toro. In fact, it sort of supports Feige's claim that we might see Dr. Strange by 2012 or 2013. Maybe they can convince del Toro to direct Dr. Strange after finishes The Hobbit and one of his other projects in development. If that were the case, it sounds like it would be something we'd see by 2013, since The Hobbit is supposed to be finished by 2011. Either way, don't hold your breath, this could all change at the drop of a dime, and considering this is Hollywood, it probably already has. I guess I'm just so excited at the prospect of seeing a Dr. Strange movie made by Neil Gaiman and Guillermo del Toro that I'm hoping all this turns out to be true.

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Wow...GDT is taking on so much that I seriously doubt he'll be able to handle this. Just to get some comments going if you had to choose an order of what you'd like him to work on first what would it be? This is everything I could find that GDT expressed interest in: Bag of Bones Mother and Child Untitled Alfonso Cuarón Project Biutiful Rabia Splice The Hobbit 2 The Hobbit Frankenstein Heavy Metal Drood Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Slaughterhouse-Five At the Mountains of Madness Hellboy III Hater Crimson Peak Don't be Afraid of the Dark Quite some crazy ambitions that man has...

peloquin on Oct 25, 2008


Doctor Strangee Hellboy III At the Mountains of Madness the rest at the flip of a coin or something

Silver on Oct 26, 2008


@#2 How can you say the rest are a flip of a coin? He's already in the middle of making the hobbit and the hobbit 2.

Proudfoot on Oct 26, 2008


if *YOU* had to choose an order of what you'd like him to work on first what would it be? I think @#2 he was doing just that

Crazysteve on Oct 26, 2008


so, basically, a gaiman/del toro strange movie is contingent on del toro coming out of doing a fantasy movie for four years and wanting to do a fantasy movie, following his back catalogue of fantasy movies. i like those odds!

fanboy d on Oct 26, 2008


Here's the order I'd like to see: The Hobbit The Hobbit 2 Dr. Strange Frankenstein At the Mountains of Madness Crimson Peak Untitled Alfonso Cuarón Project Slaughterhouse-Five Hellboy III Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Drood Bag of Bones Mother and Child Biutiful Rabia Splice Hater Don't be Afraid of the Dark Heavy Metal

peloquin on Oct 26, 2008


I would like to see Gaiman bring some of his novels to life on the big screen...I looooove The Anansi Boys that is a fun story

Maxx on Oct 26, 2008


"I guess I'm just so excited at the prospect of seeing a Dr. Strange movie made by Neil Gaiman and Guillermo del Toro that I'm hoping all this turns out to be true." Agrees till death.

Fisherr on Feb 26, 2009


Why are Gaiman and Del Toro so cozy and why is Del Toro so cozy with crazy Scientologist Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Neil Gaiman is a self aggrandizing Scientologist, and Scientologists create an enormous amount of misery in the world, so it really isn't cute or funny. Scientologists are either in good standing or disconnected from their family members so Gaiman is clearly in good standing as is Amanda Palmer. Why does Gaiman support this dangerous cult? I suspect in order to gain monetary and career benefit. Scientologists call outsiders WOGS and it is okay for them to lie to us, in this case about their status so they can continue to take our money and fund a dangerous cult that destroys lives. The money trail to Gaiman is a fact and Gaiman also sent his children to Scientology schools. The Gaiman Family USA are Patrons with Honors of Scientology, meaning they’ve donated at least $100,000.00. The Gaiman Family USA is Neil Gaiman because both of his sisters are married and go by their married names, Claire Edwards and Lizzie Calcione. ( These two sisters are bigwig Scienos, being the respective heads of recruiting in LA and the Wealden Center in East Grinstead). In 2006, the same year Neil Gaiman donated $100,00.00, his father David Gaiman (now deceased, donated almost 400,000 pounds or $750,000.00. Gaiman's entire family are high ranking Scientologists and Neil Gaiman is a member in VERY good standing. They also donate through G & G Foods, their family company. Go to to see the big picture. 2003: THE GAIMAN FAMILY USA Impact magazine #105 Patrons ($100,000.00) You will find them listed in CAPS because they are Patrons with Honors ($100,000.00) 2004: Impact #109 G & G Foods Patrons ($40,000.00) 2004: THE GAIMAN FAMILY USA Impact Magazine #109 Founding Patrons ($100,000.00)[circa September 2004 ]:Founding Patrons are those who became Patrons by the IAS 20th Anniversary (October/November 2004). The following list appears in Impact 114 [ circa September 2006 ]: 2006: Impact #114 G & G Food Supplies Patrons ($40,000.00) 2006: THE GAIMAN FAMILY USA Impact magazine #114 Patrons ($100,000.00) You will find them listed in CAPS because they are Patrons with Honors ($100,000.00) 2006: Impact magazine #114 DAVID & SHEILA GAIMAN UK Silver Meritorious ($750,000.00) allegiance

Trent on Feb 3, 2010

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