New Edition of The Gotham Times - Dent Victorious! Updated!

June 13, 2008

The Gotham Times

Here are the latest updates in the on-going viral marketing game for The Dark Knight. Thanks to voters participating in the election that was held this week, Harvey Dent has been elected to Gotham District Attorney! You can read about the victory on or in the latest edition of The Gotham Times located at In addition, a website for the Gotham City Pizzeria has been discovered and members of Joker's Army have been receiving text messages with photos attached. The next phase of the viral marketing game has definitely kicked in - but what does it all mean? Who knows! More details and the latest updates can always be found below.

The latest edition of The Gotham Times yet again features four pages of often comical commentary on happenings in Gotham City. The two big headlines this time: Batman - Savior or Menace? and Landslide Win for Harvey Dent. But who really wasn't expecting Dent to win? Plus, that would really shake things up if he lost the election because he is the District Attorney in the film. But at least it will be cool to say "I participated in that election!" when they mention that Dent was recently elected in The Dark Knight. However, it was a rather quick and quiet election…

Gotham City Pizzeria

Additionally, a new website for the Gotham City Pizzeria was discovered today within the pages of The Gotham Times and can be found at: Two important things to note. First, it says a special is coming on June 16th. My guess is this is a promotional announcement. The site is hosted by Dominoes Pizza - look in the bottom right corner. I can't wait to eat some Gotham City pizza as delivered by Dominoes! Will there be anything besides some pizza? I doubt it, but we'll have to wait and see.

Lastly, members of Joker's Army who have cell phones have all received text message updates today that contain various photos. Some of them contain numbers, some of them contain words, some of them are actual photos of various things. Each text message has a group number and says "Share this piece where *any* clown find it." Each group has similar photos that we can only assume will spell out a message or a clue that will lead to the next step in the viral game. There are a few example photos for reference below.

Joker's Army Text Photos

As of this moment, we're not sure what the next step in the game will be, but we will update this page once we know. However, all of the photos are actually on the website, for example this mask.

Update! So the cell phone photos were figured out. There were a total of three groups. The first group featured photos that all coordinated with various games of dominoes. The second group featured words that all used the same letters and when unscrambled spelled out commercial. The third group featured numbers that all had a common denominator - the only one missing in the sequence was 6/16. What do all those combined put together? Dominoes Commercial 6/16. There you have it. We're going to get a commercial (presumably) with new footage related to Dominoes on Monday the 16th.

As always, I suggest you head over to SuperHeroHype to follow the latest developments in the on-going viral marketing game. The goons over there are currently working to decipher the cell phone photos as we speak.

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Maybe Dominoes is going to be sending out special pizzas with something in them. I really like the article about poisoned cakes. Awesome.

Nettle on Jun 13, 2008


I love cheese!

Cookie Monster on Jun 13, 2008


Someone tell me this is not the best marketing for a film, EVER!!!!!

Brian on Jun 13, 2008


Agreed: best viral marketing ever. It's going to change the way movies are marketed now. Everyone's going to want to do this cool stuff. Also, where on are the Joker's pic messages? I'm pretty sure they're not there. It seems from superherohype message boards that all the pics sent to the Joker cell phones are symbolic to the game dominos. Like the pic of a matador and the pic of a train with a mexican flag on it (mexican train) are all names of types of games that can be played with dominos. So I guess the Friday the 13th viral marketing event today (little disappointed) is just a prelude to the Dominos pizza promotion on Monday June 16th. I also read on the message boards that all the number messages (fractions) equal 0.357. Don't know if that means anything though. Someone said that the GPD ball raised $35,700. Maybe a connection? Don't know what that has to do with Dominos pizza though... Just thought I'd pass along the info. Looking forward to the updates! P.S. If you have Comcast on Demand there are a bunch of videos that you can watch on your TV at home (in both regular and HD). There's some featurettes on filming in chicago, the clown mask video, the 3 trailers, a BRAND NEW ALTERNATE TRAILER!!!, trailer for the Gotham Knight DVD, and the GOTHAM TONIGHT video about Harvey Dent's win for D.A. Check it out if you can.

Mikey on Jun 13, 2008


Cheese smells.

Elmo on Jun 13, 2008


Did you read the article about Wayne Enterprises and Nokia teaming up? Wouldn't it be cool if Nokia released a special Dark Knight edition phone?

Rob on Jun 14, 2008


Mikey - the cell phone photos were all solved. You can read the update above... but it was the message: Dominoes Commercial 6/16. So... we get a pizza commercial on Monday the 16th. Lame! 🙁

Alex Billington on Jun 14, 2008


EEEEEEWWWWWWWW... I hate Dominoes 🙁

Ajax on Jun 14, 2008

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