New Four-Minute Featurette for Wall-E

April 16, 2008
Source: SlashFilm

New Four-Minute Featurette for Wall-E

The latest Wall-E goodness has surfaced in the form of a four-minute featurette to promote the return of the "STARZ Inside" series, hosted by critic Richard Roeper. The series premieres on April 22 and will surround all things Pixar with a debut of the The Pixar Story. As we have gushed about many times before, Wall-E truly looks like yet another huge hit for Pixar. I don't know how the studio continues to do it, but I certainly am glad they do. Even though I've seen a slew of promotional material, it's hard not to smile watching Wall-E's inquisitive, innocent manner. Don't hesitate - watch this featurette now!

Thanks to Peter over at SlashFilm for uncovering the video. I'm very glad we found this - it's such a wonderful compliment to all of the other Wall-E footage we've already seen. Enjoy!

The featurette has been removed at the request of Disney. Sorry!

"He's one of the oldest living things on the earth, but he's also the most innocent and he's a romantic." I think I finally realized why I love Wall-E so much. "There's something about Wall-E's persistence, his tenacity, that I think makes him really appealing in that sense and you root for him," director Andrew Stanton says. "He senses that there's something more to life. He's not going to give up and he's going to persevere to the point that he's willing to follow her when she's returned back into space." That persistence, it's like me, I can connect with it, that's how I live my life. And I think that's why I love Wall-E so much.

Wall-E is both written and directed by Pixar's own Andrew Stanton, who wrote and directed A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo. The movie will arrive in theaters everywhere this summer on June 27th. See you in the theater!

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Sooooooooooooo excited!

Ian Kazimer on Apr 16, 2008


hahaha what? that statement was not conceited at all. How old are you? That was just him saying this is his PERSONAL favorite character..this was his personal opinion. It's not like he said WALL•E is Pixar's best character or anything.

rblitz7 on Apr 16, 2008


Not, it's not conceited. But, thanks for pointing out that it's his PERSONAL favourite character and not Pixar's best. I shouldn't have written that... Oh wait, I didn't. How old am I? Old enough to know to read a post thoroughly before I presume to offer corrections.

Gagging on Apr 16, 2008


that was fun to read you two... I am glad we have such relaxed and serious posts in here... hmmm wait.. nope, I never smell sarcasm.. hahahaha..and I actually applaud him for taking ownership of the project... that way if it tanks .... he is to blame.. hahaha... just kidding.. we all know it is going to be amazing... Back to the featurette, All I can say is buzz... these feaurettes are something to keep me held over from griping about want another trailer or stairing at random number combinations in the TDK ARG participatory marketing campaign.

Dusty on Apr 16, 2008


pixar never disapoints so sit back and prepare to be entertained

jarhead on Apr 16, 2008


"This is as bad as the Ratatouille featurettes that showcase Brad Bird and his crazily over-inflated ego." Wait, who's ego are you saying is inflated? That's ironic, haha. "How old am I? Old enough to know to read a post thoroughly before I presume to offer corrections." If you read it thoroughly, how can you call him conceited? Because he called Wall-E his favorite character that he developed? How is that conceited? Where's the logic in that?

twoo on Apr 16, 2008


It's pixar. Enough said. I liked this featurette. This movie looks great. I have to admit though that I was a bit skeptical the first time I saw the trailer months ago. But now I am anxiously awaiting it's release.

Anthony on Apr 16, 2008


Hey Jarhead, Your post would be a pretty good line for a robot that was programmed with service software but built for war. Blame it on the trailer, but I read your post and envisioned a massive machine dropping me into a theater seat and thundering in deep octaves, "SIT BACK! AND PREPARE TO BE ENTERTAINED!"

Feo Amante on Apr 16, 2008



PHATBOY_x on Apr 16, 2008


This movie looks so good......OMG....i taking my Girl to go see this movie

GCO Gamer on Apr 16, 2008



tibethrain on Apr 16, 2008


She's too young for him.

Frame on Apr 16, 2008


"This is as bad as the Ratatouille featurettes that showcase Brad Bird and his crazily over-inflated ego." Considering what he's worked on, I'd say he's entitled to it. ""he's one of my most favourite character's I've ever come up with." What a tit." Good for him. He SHOULD be proud of his work. I don't think it's an inflation of the ego as much as a lack of self esteem with you. Only insecure people are bothered with such trivial nonsense. Offended? Bite me.

John D. on Apr 16, 2008


no, nothing at all wrong with being proud of your is going to be a wonderful movie experience...I cant wait....

cornholio_by_the_sea on Apr 16, 2008


What's the point in releasing something you're not proud of?

Ian Kazimer on Apr 16, 2008


"Could someone be more conceited? I don't think so. "he's one of my most favourite character's I've ever come up with." What a tit. This is as bad as the Ratatouille featurettes that showcase Brad Bird and his crazily over-inflated ego." Gagging, Wow I think the one with the ego here is you. It is not often someone stays in one production company comes up with so many Box office SMASHES. Then someone who can't even read their own post correctly when correcting someone else, comes along and tries to belittle them because their small insignificant life can't even compare to the intelligence and creativity that this person has when creating these movies. I guess you are not that old after all, seems like you are still in preschool, as my 3 year old has better characteristics in how to communicate than you do.

Necromancer74 on Apr 16, 2008


It seems to me that gagging's post is getting more attention than the featurette, which is sad because I believe it overserves the attention gagging wants, and underserves what appears to be another instant classic from Pixar. WALL-E looks to be awesome. Thank you for what you do, Andrew Stanton (and Brad Bird too for that matter). It's only when you STOP taking pride in your work that we as an audience will suffer.

OutOfSync on Apr 16, 2008


Gagging: You are a retarded person. If you can manage to think about this question without hurting yourself, I'd like to ask you: In what way is it conceited for an artist to have a favorite creation? Let me know if that's too much for you to handle and I'll follow up with a link to a picture of a shiny red ball for you to look at.

Gorb on Apr 16, 2008


I'd have to agree though, that Stanton's ego comes across as a bit too large. Brad Bird never comes across as anything else but smart, unlike Stanton who tends to claim credit for everything (listen to any of his dvd commentaries--they are very annoying). The film LOOKS great. I hope it is great.

Elliot on Apr 17, 2008


John Lassiter directed A Bug's Life, not Andrew Stanton.

Person on Apr 18, 2008


QUOTE: "John Lassiter directed A Bug's Life, not Andrew Stanton." As did Andrew Stanton... They were co-directors.

Guy Smiley on Apr 18, 2008


And Lee Unkrich co-directed Finding Nemo.

Marco on Apr 19, 2008


Looks cuter and cuter every time I see it.

tzarinna on Apr 19, 2008


OMG WALL.E IS SO CUTE =] n the theater thing is funny X]

Jae on Jun 19, 2008

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