New Full Length Incredible Hulk Trailer Finally Released!

April 30, 2008
Source: Apple

The Incredible Hulk Trailer

We finally have a full length trailer for Marvel's upcoming The Incredible Hulk. Definitely give this new trailer a shot - I'm certain you will probably find something you really weren't expect. Something about this new trailer and the footage I saw at the New York Comic Con has me very interested in Hulk. I've got a feeling that this could turn out great, but I'm still not 100% sure. I definitely love the fight scenes and I can only begin to imagine that if this is just a tease, how much more we'll actually get in the actual movie. How does The Incredible Hulk stack up in your line-up for this summer now that you've seen this trailer? Drop off your thoughts on this beast below…

Watch the new full trailer for The Incredible Hulk:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the new Incredible Hulk trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Incredible Hulk is directed by French filmmaker Louis Leterrier of The Transporter, Unleashed, and The Transporter 2. The script for the film was originally written by Zak Penn (Behind Enemy Lines, X-Men 2, X-Men 3), but after joining the film as the lead character Bruce Banner, Edward Norton himself took over the reigns and re-wrote the screenplay. The Incredible Hulk arrives in theaters on June 13th. The latest poster is featured below.

The Incredible Hulk Poster

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I think the second I saw Hulk using those crushed cars (or whatever debris it was) as boxing gloves, I was totally psyched to see how this turns out. Badass trailer! Hope it blows the Ang Lee version out of the water...and by the looks of it, it will.

Flutie on Apr 30, 2008


Nice this looks good. I should be better than the last one the last one sucked.

Freako on Apr 30, 2008


NICE! Looks awesome. Think this movie will surprise a lot of sceptics. Story looks good, like the tv show, he's on the run trying to find a cure. Effects look great. This is my most anticapted movie of the summer. Love the HULK. Can't wait to see him to SMASH some shit up.

K on Apr 30, 2008


Right at the end, did anyone catch the musical reference to the old TV show?

Brad on Apr 30, 2008


I don't know, it looks a little too slug fest and explosiony. D'ya think it'll have a decent plot?

Nettle on Apr 30, 2008


looks great... hopefully this film is not 80% barner running away from the armed forces thing... wait and see, i guess...

miracle disease on Apr 30, 2008


The story definitely looks a LOT better than the last Hulk... but, I still fail to understand how Jurassic Park (released in 1993) has better looking effects than this. As technology progresses, aren't we supposed to have better looking fake stuff? Granted, it's better looking than the green-goop from a few years ago... but still. Underwhelmed.

sg on Apr 30, 2008


They finally got him using vehicles as boxing gloves.

DCompose on Apr 30, 2008


kickass! I'm officially excited about this movie!

bltzie on Apr 30, 2008


That trailer weas so much better then the last movie all together. Hope they can keep HULK true to himself

SHANE D on Apr 30, 2008


While it looks like a fairly entertaining movie, the CG doesn't really convince me. CG and effects should be seamless. The way it is in the trailer takes me out of the movie experience because it is so apparent that it is CG. The concept has more potential...

Andreas Climent on Apr 30, 2008


good actors - check cool looking monsters - check reasonably good director - check people involved who CARE about the source material - check hulk smash! - check ticks all the boxes (just like Iron Man does), hopefully the end product will pull it all together with a decent script and story. I sincerely hope this is the 2nd movie in a long line of amazing new Marvel projects.

chris on Apr 30, 2008


The trailer looks good. I think I know the plot now: Banner on the run, looking for cure, force him to go back home for some reason, create monster to capture monster, monster can't be controlled, Hulk help, Hulk fight save the day, in the end still on the run looking for cure, but now Iron Man is on his trail. The boxing glove car thing I have seen from the good Hulk video game not based on a movie.

JLA Reject on Apr 30, 2008


This trailer is far and away better than the first one. I really love the Bourne-esque chase scene across the rooftops and streets - I hope they play this up a lot in the film. Should be a pretty sweet movie.

Ben on Apr 30, 2008


Wow! The first trailer had me curious, this one has me excited. It's still behind Iron Man and The Dark Knight in must-see Superhero flicks, but still it looks damn good. I agree with Chris (#12), it's nice to see a Hulk movie was made by people who care about the source material.

Jedi on Apr 30, 2008


This trailer is far superior to the first. But I have to admit, Ang Lee left a really, really, bad taste in my mouth. And maybe they shouldn't have show us Abomination in the trailer. But like (#12) check points, to me, it reeks of awesomeness. And I love the old TV show ideals and references. Crossing my fingers.

Scorpio on Apr 30, 2008


I think it will be a better movie, I'm hoping that it will because its got a good cast. The CGI isn't that great tho, which is weird, you'd think it would be better then the last one but it looks worse kinda, I guess not worse but less realistic when you see his face, etc.

Richard on Apr 30, 2008


Freakin awesome! I'm pumped up for this now! Hulk smash all the way! Hey Brad (#4), excellent observation. It was the closing theme of the classic Bill Bixby TV show. I hope they incorporate it into the flick too.

Spider on Apr 30, 2008


Hmmm looks ok nothing special... the hulk looks very CG at times and that just pulls me right out of it... also, there looks like too much smash and grab and silly acrobatic things that the human body just can't take. Out of all the hollywood films this one is at the bottom for me. But I could be wrong and it might work out to be a blast.

nha on Apr 30, 2008


BTW is there a forum? I can't find one. Anyway check out this pic I made real fast, its like the first movie they took extra care to make the hulk look like something real, and this time the took more time to make the movie better and let the hulk slide a bit, weird.

Richard on Apr 30, 2008


im a bit disappointed. reason being this kinda has the same story line as the video game hulk ultimate destruction. but who gives a crap it looks insane and awesome. i love the tank getting cut in half . beautiful!

darrin on Apr 30, 2008


that seems like an incredible waste of money on a cartoon...I hope the rest of the summer line up is better than this...

cornholio_by_the_sea on Apr 30, 2008


Looks good. I'm real curious, to hear what the actors of the (Ang Lee) version think of this re-do. They probably don't care. They got paid....:)

Ross on Apr 30, 2008


I think the CG stuff is actually getting worse, generally. I wish these guys would get back to more 'real world' special effects techniques, a good middle ground between the two. Jurrasic Park is certainly the benchmark they should all go back and study.

Scott on Apr 30, 2008


this is certainly getting my hopes up that this wont be another disappointment, i pray that the Hulk Franchise is not indeed cursed and people can let go of the 70's nostalgia and remember the 40+ years of comics.

The Delightful Deviant on Apr 30, 2008


I love the cast, and I'm happy Norton took over the scripting, but I have to admit that the CGI is wearing on me. A lot of people trashed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but at least they used models and good old fashioned makeup for most of their effects. Mr. Hyde was pretty wicked looking in that flick, and they used prosthetics. Richard (#20) is right about how the new Hulk appears less "real". I never had much issue with Ang Lee's Hulk when it came to appearance, with the exception of how he was never a consistent size.

TCox on Apr 30, 2008


I agree w' the minority regarding the Hulks CGI. It still does not look much, if at all, better than the first one. Probably not good enough to get me to the theater but it does look like a fun action film. I also enjoyed Ang Lee's version but again, not enough to see in theaters or buy the DVD.

Sinner on Apr 30, 2008


I LOVE the Brazilian music take on the 70's theme in the beginning of the trailer. I LOVE Ed Norton's take on Banner. I LOVE William Hurt as General Ross. I LOVE that Hulk will have a sit down w/ Betty Ross (but I think the ladies in the audience would love another of those Helicopter kisses in the trailer) I LOVE Tim Roth, and his motivation. (What an arrogant A-hole!) What's missing: Rick Jones. The Hulk FX look great, but would be even more enhanced by a human foil (a'hem, Rick Jones) to set them against, for contrast. But overall, I think this looks really, really great. Nettle #5: I've got a feeling the Plot has more twists than we're seeing here, just from what Ed Norton's described. Don't forget, Sam Sterns is in this, Leonard Samson, and Tony Stark (!). Would've been super rad to have Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, though. Nonetheless, I consider this Franchise THOROUGHLY Re-Booted~!

Djorschach on Apr 30, 2008


The first Hulk movie is still a great one, and for those who have not seen it yet, don't pay any attention to people bad mouthing it, go and watch it, you will love it.

nemes1s on Apr 30, 2008


Tim Roth looks like a badass in this I mean really. I have hopes this will be good, but there are potential problems.

Xerxex on Apr 30, 2008


soo we get the action they promised us yup everything looks great i think. really a big green monster is never going to look real 🙁 i just hope the story is solid 🙂

silver on Apr 30, 2008


The CG doesn't look all that great to me.Not just the way the characters are rendered, but it's the way they move, something is off. Anyway, the plot does look promising.

chris c. on Apr 30, 2008


looks pretty cool...and this is coming from someone who loathes the Hulk.

Garrett.king on Apr 30, 2008


Looks good for a trailer. However, I believe the CGI will be much better once we see the movie. Let's remember, we still have 1 1/2 months til we see the finished product.

Pickle on Apr 30, 2008


I think it looks like a pretty entertaining movie...of course like it has been said it will fall alittle short behind Iron Man and The Dark Knight

Mortuus on Apr 30, 2008


We NEED a less depressing poster, though. Just give us Hulk Vs. Abomination, in a Rocky-style standoff. Put Bruce underneath, in that stylish, hipster hoodie he wears in Brazil, and perhaps a dash of Liv Tyler & General Ross as lower poster bookends, and the public will be SOLD. These guys owe it to themselves after all the hard work, to market this thing RIGHT!

Djorschach on May 1, 2008


This movie is going to rock. I'm really looking forward to it.

Chuck A. Spear on May 1, 2008


Hulk Smash. Keep it Simple. Nice.

Dr.Duvel on May 1, 2008


ed norton looks like he's coming out of the hulk's bumhole in the poster

Canadian Jeff on May 1, 2008


This looks....INCREDIBLE! I'm really excited about this one. However, The Happening is more important on that weekend, but I will get to both of them. This one is going to be 1000 times better then Ang Lee's version.

Jeff Warner on May 1, 2008


This is exactly why the film needed to be about...Bruce Banner on the run, trying to find a cure. Thank the LORD they finally figured out how to make this film. Thank you Ed Norton!

Movie Lover on May 1, 2008


why is there another hulk movie? i really liked the first movie.

hulk on May 1, 2008


It looks cool but I just hope that the entire plot of the movie wasn't shown in this trailer, if so then it's a 10 minute short film that takes 2 hours to end.

Tremolan on May 1, 2008


Everybody thinks the CG should be better because this is a newer film, but CG quality has almost nothing to do with this. its almost entirely dependant on the director and his eye for what works. in the end he is directing the CG artists. Some great directors make great films with passable CG (I am legend) and some directors have an amazing eye for seamless realism (Michael Bay - Transformers and Steven Spielberg - Minority Report) the fact is that the director of the new Hulk isn't a GREAT director and his past attempts at CG in his films are good enough to be passable. here's hoping he can actually direct an emotionally driven story and not just action

Marty Martin on May 1, 2008


That's where Ed Norton comes in. He's in charge of the drama, and Letterier's in charge of the action. And since they seem to get along so well, I assume it's gelling together just as well. The Hulk bones popping out of Banner's shoulder in that one scene look effing PAINful!!! And is it just me, or is the scene where Hulk sits down w/ Betty a GRAY Hulk? ...I stopped it, and either he's completely frozen and covered in snow, or you guessed it - brotha's gone GRAY.

Djo. on May 1, 2008


Stop it at 2:13 to 2:15.

Djo. on May 1, 2008


Ehhhh. For some reason I really aren't feeling this.

Ryan on May 1, 2008


@ Djo I think it's just the lighting in the scene...

jason_md2020 on May 1, 2008


The human stuff looks OK (apart from Tim Roth's Brit accent, out of place), but the Hulk/Abomination bits looks really bad; like video game cut-scenes. I hope those are still unfinished CG effects.

avoidz on May 1, 2008


Like Brad (#4) said; at then end for about 4 seconds you can here the old music from the tv show...And to me that's really great considering the show rocked and this will be mostly what ithe plots based on.

Sean on May 1, 2008


I don't remember the TV show having all that action 😉 but, yeah, I think they want to invoke at least something of the series. I seem to remember it being like a weekly "Hulk-way to Heaven"-type thing 🙂 (Bill Bixby was great.)

avoidz on May 2, 2008


I don't know if the Hulk using vehicles as boxing gloves is such a great idea. He might as well make a sword, and shield, and fire tonic, and iron boots. Sure, the damage meter goes up, but let's see what the Hulk can really do. Ang Lee's abomination must have shattered some hopes for box office glory and created a budget for this film because the CGI looks sterling. And if this is a big green transporter that kills Cyclopes in the first ten minutes then may Louis Leterrier and Zak Penn never work together again. I hope I'm wrong and complete amazed when I go see it (at the dollar theater).

DUSTYMAN1505 on May 2, 2008


love the spartan kick! lol.

hang on May 2, 2008


I still wonder about his pants though.

Zerge on May 2, 2008


Hulk used to do this thing where he stomped his foot on the ground, creating a shockwave that shot people, cars, and enemies in the air. I was hoping that's what he'd do, since a full frontal kick by ole' greenskin would surely paralyze or at least snap the spine of any human being! Let's hope they throw it in that TWENTY SIX MINUTE Fight sequence, toward the end of the film!

Djo. on May 2, 2008


im getting pumped for this film. it look & better be way better than the first! =]

PHATBOY_x on May 2, 2008


Everyone originally said this film was going to be a re-imagining or a new beginning (ignoring Ang Lee's movie) but it seems to me it could still be considered a follow-on. After all, the other film ended with Banner on the run working in a foreign country and it looks like that's pretty much where this movie starts...

RP on May 3, 2008


It's an intro movie without the origin. The best of both worlds.

DCompose on May 3, 2008


I think the story has more content ( I never saw the first one because I thought it was way over the top from what I saw in the trailer). But I believe Ed Norton as Bruce Banner is believable. I also want this movie to do well so that an Avengers movie will be possible in 3 or 4 years (after possible movies such as Captain America, Thor, etc. greenlight and also do well)

p3gamer on May 4, 2008


After reading another recent interview - where Ed Norton assures us that the Hulk will appear three minutes in - and watching this trailer, I feel that this movie is in with a decent chance of being successful. Not necessarily at the box office, but in quality.

Minic on May 5, 2008


ADD: Why the hate with the CGI effects? I think they look terrific.

Minic on May 5, 2008


I guess we'll find out in June if your predictions are right or wrong.

avoidz on May 5, 2008


i love eddie norton and this movie looks amazing

naked joe and kilogram on May 5, 2008


im sorry but theres no way ed norton could beat eric banas performance in the last hulk.. eric bana is a ripped dude and the appropriate size for the hulks character. ed norton is a scrawny dude, even though he kicks ass in fight club

josh on May 7, 2008


And Bill Bixby was some ripped dude? The human part of the Hulk is supposed to be regular guy...not super bulked up guy. Besides, if you've seen Ed Norton in "American History X" you know he can get bulked up with the best of them.

Movie Lover on May 7, 2008


great cast looks brilliant, a must see for anybody who likes action !

shaltel on May 9, 2008


Okay. I'm convinced, yet again. This movie's going to be AWESOME.

Djo Fortunado on May 12, 2008


The first Hulk movie sucked. The CGI effects still sucks. The only thin awesome in the trailers was all the bits that did not have the not so jolly giant in them. But to be fair the trailer it still better than the entire first movie J

jimi on May 13, 2008


i just hope this doesn't ruin edward norton's amazing track record

kyle on May 13, 2008


This is like Shrek the 5th. No kidding. Hope the live action actors do better than the Shrek/Hulk cartoon. Lou Ferrigno was better than this Shrek/Hulk. Really. This is Incredible Shrek, dudes!! Nevertheless, Shrek/Hulk Smash!!! Have fun watching Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) , Edward, Tim, Billy, and the rest of the movie ! I will!! P.S. When will they do the original origin with the gamma bomb and Bruce saving Rick? Will Doc Samson ever turn up with his green pony tail?

Ngoo Nam on May 19, 2008


Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Chill Out! What's all this negativity. Guy's, Let's look at it like this - If you liked Shrek, you will probably will like The Hulk!!

jimi on May 20, 2008


i dont really have high hopes for this hulk at all ,is that the best they can do ,put the hulk against some other type of hulk creature ,and the hulk looks like a cartoon just like the first hulk,and sorry i dont buy norton as banner,i hope im wrong but did they show the grand finnaly,in the trailer,with the big fight ,sorry im just feel we have been burned so much by holly wood so many times great ideas runned by thoughtless producers and directors ,conan, the remake of war of the worlds ,jurrasic park ,[ yes jurrasic park ,james cameron would of did a better job],although i have not seen indy i think speiberg lost it long ago,in reguards to action movies.any ways im getting off track here,i will try and keep a open mine ,and hope im proved wrong ,lets hgope so.

christopher brown on May 25, 2008


Hey Chris, you are not alone. you will find that a lot a people are very sceptical about the new Movie. The trailers do nothing to build confidence in the production. But to be fair, I must disagree with your views on Norton. I believe that he is perfectly cast as the mild mannered Bruce Banner. However, Norton alone cannot carry the flick. This is not the Hulk that millions want to see. The Hollywood executives are running a business so their priorities are slightly different. If you want to do a remake and relaunch the franchise you go back to basics. I have said this before, they should have stuck to the origin of the Hulk. Rick James, Banner, Betty, Ross and Gamma Rays line. It worked back then in comics books and it would have relaunched the not so jolly giant into orbit. It may be not be plausible as Rick James was rescued by Banner. But lets face it the whole idea is really a huge stretch of the imagination. This a lost opportunity. I have my fingers crossed and I am hoping against all hope that.

jimi on May 27, 2008


You guys need to see the already further updated footage, and THEN tell me what you think about this Flick: The trailer you're commenting on is already old and outdated. I'll admit that this CGI team at Rhythm and Hues is under the gun and slightly behind the mark, but the more I see the more pleased I am at the treatment the Green Goliath is getting. And btw. - it's Rick JONES, BE-OTCH!!!

Djo. on May 27, 2008


OK, I've seen it. I take back what I said earlier about the CGI. That recent footage is top notch. Only one way to describe it - AWESOME!. I cannot wait. And Yep DJO its Rick JONES.

jimi on May 28, 2008



Djo. on May 28, 2008



Djo the Idiot on May 28, 2008


Alright, mister faker kid. You can stop that now. Your lack of Dave Chappelle knowledge precedes you. (Although, picturing Rick James as Hulk's sidekick would be totally hilarious)

Djo. on May 28, 2008


Very funny Mister Authentic Adult. What makes you think that everyone who contributes is an American or Lives In America and therefore will appreciate your lack of sense of humour. Of course I know who Dave Chappelle is, try and be as funny as he is Or spend your time making useful contributions. A H

Rebut to Djo the .... on May 28, 2008


Cool. Someone who got off on an even more wrong side of the bed than me! Take a chill pill dude. This is a thread about the Hulk movie, last I checked. And if you don't think RICK JAMES as Hulk's sidekick would be funny - then I don't care what country you're from, you are SORELY lacking in the imagination necessary to appreciate a Giant Green Man, rampaging throughout a City. And I make plenty of useful contributions: Artist, Musician, Business owner, Arts & activism organizer, Writer, Actor, Director. And a fan of the Incredible Hulk. So Mr. anonymus Rebuttal, if you really can take time from your valuable contributions to society to poke fun at posters on an Incredible Hulk thread - mind telling me just what is you do, and who you are? (btw - I'm a Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese/Filipino/Italian, who happens to've been born in New York. Top that & we'll talk)

Djo. on May 28, 2008


Oh, and before I forget.

Two can play at this game. The Incredible Hulk will ROCK. on May 28, 2008


Who I am is of no consequence, and I do nothing as exciting as you. I think I'll take a chill pill as recommended. Because I am getting Angry, and you wont like me when I am angry. You win! That recent updated footage is top notch. Only one way to describe it - AWESOME!. I cannot wait.

A hulkster fan Too on May 28, 2008


Glad you're able to see the light, my friend. HULK will be smashing. Let's do our duty as fans & spread the word!

"Is that all you got?" - Classic. on May 28, 2008


comment towards number 55 the kick did actually snap the spine of the guy he kickd dont u see that when the guy looksz in the mirror this spine is all messed up

grimy on Jun 3, 2008


this hulk looks much better than the 2003 version im just waiting for june the 13th

chicote on Jun 6, 2008


if you want to know which soon-to-be avenger its spider man. on a video game photo it clearly states on a bus DAILY BUGLE. i dont have the link but its on the wii screens picture #30

cheater on Jun 7, 2008


avenger you will see is spiderman (forgot to add this)

cheater on Jun 7, 2008


This movie looks goddamn awesome, but the photo...isnt that position from a front page of a SPIDERMAN Comic?? when Peter says "Spiderman No More!"? Anyway, this movie rocks!!!

XD Reyes on Jun 13, 2008

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