New Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Photo and Early Romance Buzz! Updated!

July 3, 2008
Source: Empire, USA Today

Not only does the latest issue of Empire featuring an awesome photo of Harry Potter all bloodied up, but USA Today has also published an article on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Remarkably, the sixth film is already due out in theaters in only five more months - just over a year since we all saw Order of the Phoenix last summer. Harry, who is now 16 years old in the film, starts to develop that teenage sense of attraction, and that never mixes well with magic. If you're a Harry Potter fan, and have read Deathly Hallows multiple times over, you might want to take a look at these new photos and read on for a brief teaser.

One of the biggest revelations that the producers had this time around was that now that the last book is out, they've got to work hard to make these films stand out. Producer David Baron says, "We had to make this film a worthy successor to the last — and a successful stand-alone film in its own right." This time the focus is on the evolution of Draco Malfoy "into a malevolent force" as well as Harry's feelings for Ginny Weasley. We'll also be introduced to Jim Broadbent as potions teacher Professor Slughorn and get to see Harry develop some interesting concoctions after he discovers a book marked with "The Property of the Half-Blood Prince." But of course, you already knew that. Excited yet? I know I definitely am!

Update! We've added these three new photos below from USA Today as well. You can click each one of them to see a few more photos from the film.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Director David Yates (of Order of the Phoenix) also chimes in with some details about the romance. "They're about to kiss, then the bloody Death Eaters turn up and cause all sorts of anarchy." How about this teaser instead? Yates explains that he chose to let the actors improvise scenes, including "one between Harry and Ginny that is fraught with romantic tension." As for Ron Weasley, he's not left out either. Ron eats some charmed chocolates and is "overcome with romantic fervor." And in turn, "he's in a daze and madly in love, which is kind of alarming to any warm body who comes into close proximity." Yates adds, of the abundant romance at Hogwarts, that "there's a kind of maturity that is quite adventurous."

Over the years I've personally become a huge Harry Potter fan, eventually picking up the suitcase box set last year. I love the series and am always excited for the next installment, even if it doesn't turn out to be amazing, like Order of the Phoenix. I'm already looking forward to Half-Blood Prince even though we still have quite a while left. The whole Harry Potter series is truly an iconic franchise in film history and I always smile when I think about all of it coming together in one big conclusion in 2011. For now we'll focus on Half-Blood Prince, due out on November 21st. Take a look at the new cover photo from Empire below and let us know if you're excited for Half-Blood Prince as much as us!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Reader Feedback - 37 Comments


"Order of the Phoenix" and "... the Goblet of Fire" were really bad movies. And if Yates is doing again such a bad movie (I know that Michael Goldenberg is the really bad guy) I'll looking forward to the next series of Potter movies in 20 years or so 😛 The sixth book is my favourite one and I hope not to be disappointed again. Apparently Alfonso Cuarón was the only worthy director for this series -___-

ShyGuy on Jul 3, 2008


I feel almost completely immune to the Potter films. I thought the series peaked with the third one. The fourth one completely lost my interest and I really didn't bother to see the last one - not even on video. I think it's cool they're actually going to do 7 (or 8, splitting the last book in two) films with the same cast, but otherwise, it's a time suck.

Tom Brazelton on Jul 3, 2008


blah. horrible movies if u want harry potter, read the books

Josh on Jul 3, 2008


i thought goblet of fire was the best of the five movies. i havent read the half blood prince, so i'm goin into this movie completely psyched i hate the idea of two films for the last book. first of all, we have to wait until holiday 2010, and then the first part ends with a cliffhanger and then completely losses your interest, just like it did to me with the matrix reloaded

LeeMan on Jul 3, 2008


I'm very excited about this. I can not wait for the trailer and to see the movie. More photos are here though

Sam on Jul 3, 2008


Love the books, love the movies, love Daniel Radcliffe! That picture is great, and what they reveal in the article gets me even more excited! I'm glad they realized that this had to be a great, stand alone movie as opposed to being "filler" which it seemed to be, being the penultimate book. Can't wait!

summer on Jul 3, 2008


The whole franchise hasn't quite taken itself seriously from the get-go. That needs to change for these final two adaptations or they'll be a disaster. This isn't a childrens series at this point anymore.

Devon Shaw on Jul 3, 2008


How can people really say such nastiness about the Movies I like them all 1 thru 5 with for being my least favorite only becuz of the way it was shot in a sort of lifeless color scheme.. It just always seemed to look like it had gotten done raining the whole way thru the movie. it had a grey feel to everything but it was still a gr8 movie.. & the 5th was gr8 the only thing I disliked was that damn Umbridge, I felt they focused on her entirely 2 much.. Yes we knew she was a bitch but damn.. Go HP6!!!

warnpeace21 on Jul 3, 2008


Third saved it, the fourth was just able to carry it on and the fifth was by far their best and by the looks of it the sixth will be good as well, and if you don't like why comment?

Xerxex on Jul 3, 2008


Dispise all the movies except the first one. It was good as an introduction to those who have not read the books.

Shige on Jul 3, 2008


Thanks for pointing those out Sam! Just updated it and added a few of the photos. Enjoy!

Alex Billington on Jul 3, 2008


i'm syked! i have enjoyed ALL the HP movies to this point! i have yet to see order of the phoenix but it's on DVR waiting it's turn but i can't wait to see it and the new film! hope the last one isn't two movies but who the hell am i?

thejugfather on Jul 3, 2008


Hey! Firstly, an advice for all those who don't like the Harry Potter movies because they read the books: try to separate the books from the movie. It really doesn't help to see nothing but the things they cut, the things they change, the things they add... you have to see it as an interpretation and to stop comparing... anyway, there's no comparation, the books are always better (exception: the chronicles of Narnia... the movies are better(because the books are poor)). For I have been desapointed by the fifth book, I no exactly what you feel but even if it wasn't as good as i expected, I must say that i still liked it. Secondly, the sixth movie... I really have a good feeling about it and I can't wait to see the trailer! I reallyu love the Harry/Ginny romance in the books but JK Rowling didn't elaborate a lot about it so I was relieved when I heard that the movie will focus more on than then the book. I hope i won't be disapointed but I know that I will like it even if they cut some things... The third point has nothing to do with Harry Potter but it's still interesting. For your information, there's another movie that comes out a couple weeks after Harry Potter and it's going to be FANTASTIC: twilight! Imagine the actor who played Cedric Diggory in the fourth movie ( I know... he's hot) in the role of a vampire in love with a human girl, Bella (Kristen Stewart). Go watch the trailer on youtube! The books are great(Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse) and the tird one, Eclipse, literaly eclipsed the seventh Harry Potter of the New York Times Best Seller's List! God save Harry Potter!

alie on Jul 3, 2008


goblet offire was the best for me, but the order of the phoenix was stupid. the harry potter franchise is over.

Darrin on Jul 3, 2008


I saw the first 90 minutes or so of Phoenix on DVD, and I was just bored to tears. I feel as though Yates is merely going through the motions needed to keep the franchise in a majority of the audience's good favour. For that reason, I'll give this one a miss in theatres as well. It will be interesting to see how he handles the final two-parter, though.

Minic on Jul 3, 2008


For me, Alfonso Cuarón's Prisoner of Azkaban is Harry Potter's finest cinema outing - The "Empire Strikes Back" of the series. David Yates doesn't have the pedigree to make good exciting movies.

avoidz on Jul 3, 2008


I am so excited for this film! I'm a huge fan of the books and I highly enjoy the movies, but I agree with Alie....those who don't like the Potter films because they don't strictly stick to the books need to see them as separate entities. The movies will never be quite as amazing as the book series is, but they're passable and entertaining as adaptations of them. And if it's a complete interpretation of the book that you're looking for, than maybe you should just stick to the books. "Prisoner of Azkaban" and "Order of the Phoenix" are the best films so far. I thought the fifth one was really well made considering the book deals so much with what Harry is dealing internally, which is something that I would imagine is hard to translate to the screen. And because I enjoyed the way David Yates went with it, I'm hoping that he'll do an equally good job with "Half-Blood Prince." I just wish WB would give us a trailer already! It seems like it's taking forever, especially when a movie like "Twilight" already has a teaser trailer and it's coming out a month LATER than HBP.

Hazel on Jul 3, 2008


Order of the Phoenix SUCKED. David Yates has a lot to prove to me after that bomb

Iron Man Fan on Jul 3, 2008


Order of the Phoenix SUCKED. David Yates has a lot to prove to me after that bomb Iron Man Fan on Jul 3, 2008 Welll, he's right. Order of the Pheonix had the worst script of all Potter movies. Alfonso Cuarón was the only director to give you a feeling of a consitent story and movie experience. He made the series grown up, dark and an exciting movie. For example the sounddesign. For example the scene where Harry is creating the huge patronus speel. The fourth and fith movie failed in creating this atmosphere. (And the dementors in part 3 are looking better than the ones in part 5, too etc.)

ShyGuy on Jul 4, 2008


yo. I do part the movie and the books and still feel that the last two movies looked like shit.

Garrett.king on Jul 4, 2008


I thought Order of the Pheonix was pretty good, or maybe it's because I was willing to except anything that was better than Goblet of Fire. I absolutely hated the fourth was BASED off of the book, but very LOOSELY based. When it comes to Harry Potter- it has to be almost exactly like the books. I thought the first and second movies were good, but maybe it's because the other Dumbledore made them ten times better. I'm just really hoping they don't make this one all weird like the fourth movie, and I hope they show a lot of Ginny, because, in my opinion, she hasn't been shown (or have her and Harry's relationship hinted at) nearly enough throughout the past few films. I hope they won't change it a lot and...and..well.... they shouldn't change anything, really. The book should just be the script! Oh, yes. And I'm definitely looking forward to Twilight, also ^-^

Jordan on Jul 5, 2008


OotP was by far the best movie in the series. The trios acting improved considerably, due in no small part to David Yates. Roll on HBP!

Scully on Jul 6, 2008


Well, I definetly want to see this movie, I have already rea the books, I dont thinks it's goint to stink, it's just that this episode has only one shocking fact (i aint going to say what if you dont know), and thats one of the things im looking for, next to the look of ginny.

XD Reyes on Jul 6, 2008


I'm cautiously optimistic for HBP (although I would like a TRAILER, already!!), but I hope that Yates has learned to slow down his scenes and fill them out. He has too much TV in his background and not enough film. POA was by far the best film, although the first two stuck to the books the best. GoF just left out/changed way too much. OoTP would have been a lot better if it was less jumpy from scene to scene, and filled in a bit more of the emotion and the trio's relationship. HBP is my least favorite book of the series (still love it, though) and I think the easiest to cut things from. I really hope the screenplay and directing do it justice. I do think Yates got the best performances out of the trio, especially, so if he can just get the pacing right (and get over his obsession with keeping movies as short as possible) we might just get a decent film. If not, we'll be starting a major campaign to keep him from ruining DH. That two-part movie needs to be Oscar worthy.

LemonFaerie on Jul 7, 2008


True, people who love and know the books inside and out get frustrated with the movies. While it is great to see the characters and scenery come to life, there will be nothing that can replace the vision in your mind. That is what makes books so amazing. So, for those of us in this boat, take the movies for what they are. There is just no way to make the intricacies of the plot translate to the big screen. I love this series even if they aren't exactly like the books and I am glad that we can stretch out the Harry Potter excitement until 2011, even though there will be no more books. That being said, hopefully Half Blood Prince will be a better movie than Order of the Phoenix. OotP was a very good, funny book, that was full of amazing scenes and plot development, and the movie was definitely more of a miss than the others have been. But overall, I get almost as excited when the movies come out so I can't wait!

Ash on Jul 7, 2008


I dislike the fact that the movie is going to be a cliffhanger (DH) That's dumb. How long would we have to wait for the second half? I love the movies though and watch them lately more often than not. Well if anyone has an answer I would be thrilled to know what you have to say

Kimberly on Jul 10, 2008


some people are stupid. Movies are good some of you are gay. Stop dissing the movies cause your sad. This movie will be good like every one of the movies before it. And if you dont have anything nice to say about the movies then why post. Its very sad. Get a life. Postings for people who enjoyed the movies or are excited to see them. why post or talk bout them if your not. Its fucking stupid.I say again Get a life. GEEKS!!!!

DarKnight on Jul 12, 2008


i totally lost interest on harry potter since the fifth movie was shown.. love the books but its like im getting tired of it.. but im still waiting for the 6th movie to come out but im not really excited as before.. and now im really anticipating the Twilight... and as I read the 3 saga books, i know that i will never get tired of it, not like in Harry Potter.... so now I prefer EDWARD CULLEN instead of Harry Potter.. move over harry potter... "TWILIGHT saga is coming in!!!!"

-abz on Jul 19, 2008


I thought that Order of the Phoenix was a little in the boring side last year. I hope this movie will be a little more exciting. Because last year it was a little bit of a let down especially after rereading the 5th book to match with the move. I prefered reading it really!

Kiwistar on Jul 23, 2008


I was a bit skeptical about splitting the last movie, but after reading the book (again) I am quite happy about it. There is no way possible to do it all in 2 ½ to 3 hours… Just TOO much to go through. As for the Half Blood Prince.. with the “Same” director that did Order of the Phoenix, oh boy, I’m just praying that its NOT going to suck the big one!

Newby on Jul 27, 2008


I cant wait for HBP i love the books. i know the movies arent what was expected but i enjoy them anyways. about twilight you just cant compare it to harry potter i have read all 3 of them and the feeling is way opposite. while HP the excitement is building up. in the twilight series is going down. new moon and eclipse grown boring . i was really expecting somethins like HP made feel. eager to keep reading. i couldnt stop. with eclipse i couldnt wait to get over it.

kathy on Jul 29, 2008


I think that with Twilight coming out, we're going to be pretty much inundated with magic/fanstasy franchises in November/December time. I think people might pick sides (HP or Twilight) and this will probably continue now the 7th book is being split into 2 movies. My prediction is that teen girls (aged 13 to about 18) will love Twilight, whether they've read the book or not, and people who've read the book will go and see the film, whether thyey end up liking it or not. However, younger kids (and therefore their parents) will always be going to see the HP movies and buying into all that, with the merchandise etc.

gig girl on Jul 30, 2008


Why are we arguing over HBP and Twilight? Two entirely different book series. We are allowed to love them both. I do! just can't beat Harry Potter! The movies will never be as good as the books. Is that going to stop you from seeing the movies? We had OoP at the Imax here in Seattle and the last 20 min. were in 3d and it was amazing!! This is a beloved series and the only way to truly expeirence it is to read the books. The same goes for the Twilight series. Trust me...the movie is NOT going to be as good as the book. It wasn't even filmed in Forks, Wa.!! It was filmed in northern California! At least the Potter movies were filmed in Great Britain!! So, chalk it all up to this: They are meant to be fun and try to bring your favourite books to the big screen. None of us will ever see the movies in the same way we see the books in our heads when we read. So..enjoy what you can out of them. I am just excited that other people enjoy the same books as much as me to have them made into movies. Right? It's nice to have a movie to watch of our most adored books when there isn't time to read. None of these movies are winning Oscar nominations. But, hasn't it been fun to watch the actors of HP grow up into our most loved characters? Twilight will be the same way. And another book series is sure to follow. I mean, christ, look at Lord of the Rings! Amazing books..great still can't beat the book. Heres to all of you to have a little faith in the next few movies, and enjoying the Twilight series as well. Have fun!! KristieWitch

KristieWitch on Jul 31, 2008


Let me just say that all the little assholes dissing the Harry Potter movies dont kno entertainment Your all either fucking 12 year old jerks pretending to be older and smarter and act like u actually kno what your talking about when u clearly don't or your fucking 40 year old fat people who still live at home and the only way to make u feel better about yourself is to tear down everything else around you. Well young or old doesnt matter u can all just go screw off. Your opinions blow like all of your mothers. Everyone of the Harry Potter movies were amazing and exciting and interesting. Thats why they all blew up the box offices. People can't get enough of them and u r all jealous. i am personly sooo excited to see The Half Blood Prince and whatever more is to come from Harry Potter.

Daniel's Girl on Jul 31, 2008


@Daniel's Girl - Let me guess, you yourself are a 12 year old jerk.

avoidz on Aug 1, 2008


For me, all the films so far were great up until the fifth, which was a serious let down. The OOTP book is one of my favourites, but so much was left out of the film that it ended up as a huge dissapointment. The main thing that pissed me off about the fifth was how immature half the scenes were. For example, the scenes with Umbridge- ridiculous, nowhere near dark enough for her character, and the whole thing where Daily Prophet articles fly around the screen and Filch puts up the new school rules is so stupid. I didn't find any scenes in the film funny that i can recall, even though they were meant to be (for 7 year olds, maybe). Also, the fact that there's no Quidditch scenes really takes the fun out of the film, and the man who plays Kingsley's character is almost made out as a joke and is nothing like the Kingsley i imagined from the book, who's supposed to be a strong, impressionable figure. If the HBP film is going to be as pathetic as the last one then i'm not interested and i'll just stick to the books. I don't think David Yates is the right choice of director for the Harry Potter series; his films have been the worst, which is a real shame. I hope he finally gets a clue for the new movie.

Hayley16 on Aug 1, 2008


for me all the harry potter films were best,especially half blood prince . I have read books too.But I never thought films would be so entartaning i loved the half bllod prince.ilike daniel emma and rupert.iam a huge fan of daniel since his first picture David Copperfield.i like emma and rupert oo.

Dhwani on Jul 23, 2009

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