New Photos from Bryan Singer's Valkyrie - Where's The Buzz?

March 29, 2008
Source: Empire


Our pals over at Empire got their hands on three new photos from the upcoming WWII epic Valkyrie. While they're not too exciting, I'll use this opportunity to ask - what happened to this movie?! There was a lot of build up and buzz surrounding the first few photos and eventually the release of the first trailer in November. It played in front of Lions for Lambs, a movie that hardly anyone saw, but I don't remember much discussion after that. Now over 4 months later we've got some new photos and the buzz is still minimal. I haven't heard any news on this for a while and I'm not sure I'm excited at the moment.

Originally slated for a summer release, Valkyrie was moved to its current release date on October 3rd. This is probably why we're not seeing or hearing anything; all marketing efforts are being focused on summer releases. I know I will eventually get excited again, I mean, it is Bryan Singer and it is Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote The Usual Suspects, and the cast does feature Tom Cruise, Eddie Izzard, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Kenneth Branagh, Terence Stamp, and the delightful Carice van Houten. I should be very excited with a line-up like that, but that first trailer wasn't too impressive, I suppose. Either way, enjoy this new eye candy.

Bryan Singer's Valkyrie

Bryan Singer's Valkyrie

Bryan Singer's Valkyrie

I know that everyone's focus right now is on The Dark Knight or Iron Man or Indiana Jones IV or Wall-E, so it's a tough question to ask - but is this high on anyone's list? I remember there being a lot of talk about it last year, but it has since gone quiet. I do hope Valkyrie turns out great, and I'm sure the buzz will kick back in near the end of the summer, but it's still worth asking. How excited for Valkyrie are you?

Valkyrie is directed by Bryan Singer, who previously directed The Usual Suspects, X-Men 1 & 2, and Superman Returns. The film's screenplay was written by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, The Way of the Gun) and Nathan Alexander. Valkyrie arrives in theaters on October 3rd.

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Meh x 3. Singer blew out the budget again. He needs to get back to smaller indie dramas, where he can focus, instead of bloated, big budget, messes. Being Spielberg (commercial and artistically successful) is harder than it looks. Sometimes a director is better off focusing on one or the other, rather than become neither. Singer needs to get back to his roots, before big budget failures ruin his reputation.

fat lady sings on Mar 30, 2008


I agree with #1. I think Singer is wrong for this. Well, maybe not wrong, but I don't see this being a hit. It very well could be but not likely. Even it does $30M-40M, which is on the high end for me, it still wouldn't be close to breaking even. Judging by the theme and trailer it will be most likely, R, and I don't see it making $100M+, that's why they moved it to October. Tom Cruise's name also lessens it. Tom is in a REALLY bad situation now where even takes him as a joke. I think he has some acting capabilities but everyone thinks he is a goof. Look at every trailer for a spoof movie and you see some joke on him and that's what America takes him as right now. I like the rest of the cast, but the audience that will make this movie big, few have so it really all falls back onto Cruise. I will see this movie, and it looks somewhat decent but I have a bad feeling on this one. MAN, almost every post so far I have had a negative comment :)! POST UP SOME GOOD NEWS ALEX!

Ryan on Mar 30, 2008


it's going to be amazing. tom cruise is still great, people are just ignorant and don't practice what they preach. freedom of speech, freedom of religon. i remember hearing that somewhere. get over yourselves.

donny on Mar 30, 2008


hey we need a next x-men flick from brayan singer

darrin on Mar 30, 2008


Donny, freedom of speech works both ways: Cruise can say or practice whatever he likes. We the audience have the right a) not to listen b) to choose not to watch and c) to exercise our own freedom of speech by pointing out that the man believes some weird stuff and he's blown a whole the size of Belgium in his own career by doing and saying wacky stuff in the street where it scares the horses. Why is it there's always someone running around shouting 'freedom of speech', 'freedom of speech' when what you really mean is 'waaaaah! I don't like what you're saying'? Tom Cruise is a limited actor at best - good at what he does but what he does depended on people liking Tom Cruise. Now that they don't so much, he's hurting bad.

Kate on Mar 30, 2008


I'm right on the line with this flick. Tom Cruise seems to have strayed into territory that is beyond his reach. However, I still have faith in Bryan Singer. If he brought his directorial chops from, "Apt Pupil" and "The Usual Suspects" and the story is actually compelling, then this flick might have a marginal shot at being successful if not controversial. Given the subject matter, I will give Cruise and Singer points for originality, though! Let's see what happens! Good luck Tom!

Spider on Mar 30, 2008


Tom Cruise acting like a crazy cult member (again) happened to this movie.

avoidz on Mar 30, 2008


So why do the Germans have American and British accents??

Scorpio on Mar 31, 2008


I'll see anything Bryan Singer does. Period.

Rob on Mar 31, 2008


Wow... tough room. Superman Returns was such big disappointment that Singer is now getting the blame for bad films he didn't even direct (X 3... see first post in this thread). The guy definitely needs to prove himself all over again. It's been a long time since The Usual Suspects. Singer needs a hit. This film sounds interesting in theory; but it'll need great execution (sorry, no pun intended) to carry it through. I thought some of Cruise's line readings, from the trailer, seemed a bit too Maverick-y. I can't help but feel he should've played it more solemnly. I don't think that the men who were plotting to assasinate Hitler were going around speaking so cavalierly as (in respone to Brannagh's line, "You scared me half to death.") "We'll be a lot closer than that before it's over." I was just waiting for him to throw in an Errol Flynn styled "Ha-HAH!!!" to punctuate the false bravado. Time will tell for this film.

Micka Wallace on Mar 31, 2008


Singer needs a hit!? Sorry Micka, but all of Singer's movies have been critical and box-office hits. "Apt Pupil" aside.

Rob on Mar 31, 2008


Singer's been in a downward spiral since he sold out to make big bland cgi movies. When he decides to go back to being a director, instead of studio hack, then I'll go back to being interested in him.

Kelly on Apr 1, 2008


Singer does need a hit, Rob. Superman Returns may have made some money; but it was a terrible film. Like any director, Singer is only as good as his last film. Right now the man needs a rebound from SR. I again refer to the first post of this thread. There are still those who think the man directed X 3 and they are holding it against him. I'll say it again: Singer needs a hit. If he doesn't get one, his slide to obscure also ran will begin picking up speed.

Micka Wallace on Apr 1, 2008


Micka, #13, I think the first poster meant 'meh times three.'

Frame on Apr 1, 2008


Ok people Tom may be critizied for what he believes in, but people can't deny that he is a good actor and they know that. People like Tom Cruise, he is the one of the most sought after actors of out time. Even though I may not agree with his beleifs he does have the rights to choose what he places his faith in and people shouldn't critisize that at all. His name is attracting people to this movie, people are anticipating to see if this will finally be the role that will hoist Tom Cruise back into fame like he was in the 80s and 90s. He is still a great actor, not matter what he believes, he always gives 100%

Daniel on Nov 17, 2008

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