Superman Reboot Trilogy Details From Mark Millar

September 2, 2008
Source: G4TV

Mark Millar

It's no coincidence that both Mark Millar and Superman have both been in the news quite a bit recently. This is the second time I've mentioned Mark Millar today (the other in an article about Wanted sequels), and Superman has been in the news quite a bit for the past few months. Another update today has arrived courtesy of a G4TV interview with Millar, who reveals more about his plans for the Superman trilogy. And if we connect the dots, it really, truly sounds like Millar's version is what we may see Warner Brothers greenlight sometime later this year. In August, the studio said it was a priority for them to figure out what to do with the DC character - now we might finally have a great solution.

Millar explains that "a director approached me about three months ago" and said to him that Bryan Singer's "Man Of Steel might not be happening. If that doesn't happen, it has been spoken about the possibility of me coming in, would you like to write it?" Of course we know what his answer was. As for his idea, Millar said that he's "had this plan for like 10 years for a big three-picture Superman thing, like a Lord of the Rings epic, starting over from scratch again with a seven-hour Superman story." And as for their release, he says that they'll "hopefully release them one year after another," which means they'd be shot back-to-back. He continues, "if it works out, we'll have to start shooting next summer." Wow.

This seems like a very far-fetched idea to begin with, at least for Hollywood, but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that Warner Brothers is smart enough to take this on. The reason is because I actually love this idea! You can read up on Millar's previous statements about his idea, which include mentioning that it would be "Superman for the 21st Century, keeping everything we adore, but starting from scratch and making the kids love it as much as the 30-somethings." As crazy as this would be, especially since Superman Returns did so bad, I think this is a fantastic idea and I really hope Millar and his mystery director somehow pull it off. Superman really needs a solid reboot and I think Millar has this one nailed down - I just hope Warners likes what they've put together. Is anyone else encouraged by this news?

We've added the original G4TV interview with Millar below for your viewing pleasure.

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While I love Millar's work and buy pretty much everything he writes, I'm just not convinced he's the best choice to write a Superman trilogy. He's an amazing writer, but I think his talents are better served elsewhere. I do however love the idea of a 3-part overarching trilogy involving Supes to really kick the franchise off again. He's been handled poorly in the past. Hopefully whoever ends up writing it manages to break out of the "make it just like Dark Knight" box, and makes it a bright, vibrant, heroic, inspiring and most importantly entertaining film.

Peter on Sep 2, 2008


Yeah this sucks, Thats the problem with this particular Super hero. DC Keeps letting them start over. I said it before and i said it again, Take him off earth. We dont need to see superman all over again growing up and becoming superman. Theyve showed us this in like a million things already. Bringing superman to the 21st century doesnt mean revamping the beginging. If the future is now then bring us there, thats all it takes. Not them wasting 2 hours on the same god forsaken story that weve seen made into a movie countless times. Batman didnt go that route they brought us back earlier than what can be considered the first film. Please go later into the series, For christ sake introduce red or yellow Kryptonite, They havent even spoke of a phantom zone. or any of the 28 known galaxies.. . Its all there use it.

THERBLIG on Sep 2, 2008


Ok not everyone LOVED Superman Returns, but is it really a smart move to ditch Bryan Singer entirely? I thought the feel of the story was just about right- just way too long and boring at times. Given the feedback the studio got from the first film I think we can trust Singer to at least improve upon his model.

vegeta on Sep 2, 2008


We need Darkseid and Kara Kent NOW.

vegeta on Sep 2, 2008


*Another* origin story???? He came from his own dying planet and got powers from the Earth's yellow sun... we get it... now enough with the origin stuff, tell a story.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Sep 2, 2008


WOW that was a great interview, I especially liked it the first time I saw it on G4 a MONTH AGO! This is old news, come on firstshowing you can do better than that.

dac_fan on Sep 2, 2008


yeah, i dont want a superman reboot. just move forward. i mean, overall this is good news, but nothing solid was said and so one can't get too excited until Millar divulges on certain details like villains and such.

Matt Suhu on Sep 2, 2008


Three films back to back? Fine, if you must. But please, not another origin story. Everyone, even those who have never picked up a comic in their life, knows all about Superman and how he got here. It's been done to death.

Daaaave on Sep 2, 2008


Has anyone here read All-Star Superman? Supes' origin was done in four panels on one page. If they want to explain the origin again on-screen, then it shouldn't be longer than five minutes tops. Doomed planet. Desperate scientists. Last hope. Kind couple.

Ivan on Sep 2, 2008


I would really love to see Superman on the big screen again but I still didn't like Returns. A boring story, Lex-gigalo, and giving America's boyscout an illegitimate child is a horrible way to introduce Supes to the 21st century. When people prefer Smallville to your movie then you know you're doing something wrong. Like I said I'd defintely like to see Millar's Superman but I also agree that another origin would be bull shit. I definitely think they should keep Routh though 🙂

Silver on Sep 2, 2008


i disagree let Reeves rest in peace i'm all for a reboot but i'd like an actual reboot not a rehash with a Chris Reeves lookalike.

The Delightful Deviant on Sep 2, 2008


Why is it that everyone is behind Millar so quickly? All he's given are really vague details? I'm SO into Superman, and I totally believe he is the greatest superhero of all time, but I'm concerned about what Millar is going to do with the character. It's not because I think Millar sucks. NO WAY. He's amazing! My concern stems from him not really explaining his ideas, just saying stuff to hype up his version of the story. If anything, with all the hooplah going on over Warner Bros. announcement, Millar should give us at least a general idea of what the plot is going to be. Is it going to be in space? Is it going to involve any of the more sinister Superman heroes, like Darkseid, Brainiac? Where will its inspirations come from? Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths? Post? From the 90's animated series (which is by FAR AND AWAY the best take on Superman EVER)? Will Superman finally be credited with the intelligence and self-awareness that he deserves? Will Lex Luthor finally become the slave of his own passions that everyone knows he is? Rather than a disgruntled human being with too much money and too much time? There's A LOT of psychological drama that can be mined for a Superman movie, A LOT, and no one's really been willing to delve into it. The animated series did some, but it was a cartoon show, it couldn't go into the nitty gritty the way a PG-13 movie can. I'm hoping Millar hits it out of the ball park......if only I knew what the heck the plot was even going to be about! lol 😉 BTW, if I'm wrong, please tell me! And post a link to wherever he has explained what the general plot will be! Thanks! 😀

Reza on Sep 2, 2008


millar seems like a fanboy of the old superman movies. i loved the comics back in the days and allways wished for a movie with a real enemy who could destroy superman like doomsday, the cyborg or darkside and non of that lex luthor crap. it's interesting to see the battle between a superhuman and someone without powers kicking his ass on the media- and money-level - but not in every damn movie. oh and kryptonite... please - never again. i don't think millar is the right man for the job. i enjoyed the script by kevin smith. i'm all for a reboot, but they have to do it right

TN on Sep 3, 2008


I never really cared for Superman as a kid (Batman all the way) so I feel unsure about this as of now.

Ryan on Sep 3, 2008


I think the origin could be told in a series of flashbacks. The villain also can't be ultra strong and destroy Superman in the first film because it will just be him starting out, Superman needs someone who can match him but using his intellect like Brainiac.

SlashBeast on Sep 3, 2008


I still canot belive everyone missed the Superman 2 reference in regards to the child in "Returns".GEEZ! Give Millar a chance and we all know how WB feels about it. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

D-9 on Sep 3, 2008



Cyfer1 on Sep 3, 2008


I didn't like Superman returns. I don't like Brian Singer and I don't like Routh. I rather see Kevin Smith or Mark Millar do Superman. If fact; Tom Welling of Smallville would make a better Superman then Routh. The origin doesn't have to be long. #9 Ivan is correct. I too real am reading All Star Superman and The Origin was short,sweet and to the point. Finally; The idea of filming all three films in the same time is an idea that I have been waiting for a Superhero Movie to do since I saw The Trilogy of The Rings. Superman is a mythical icon and deserves a mythical Trilogy. Smallville is in it's last season. Tom Welling will be available before they begin shooting next summer. I vote for Tom Welling for Superman and for Mark Millar's Trilogy of The Superman Myth.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Sep 3, 2008


+1 Forget doing yet another origin story. Is there anyone who doesn't know the Superman story? It's like saying, We're doing a Jesus of Nazareth reboot movie. Geez...

avoidz on Sep 3, 2008


Warner Bros should bet on this project.

Darunia on Sep 3, 2008


I'm not.Btw what's Brian Singer upto anyone?

Zerge on Sep 4, 2008


Despite it flaws, I'd very much like to see WB give Singer and Routh a chance at a sequel. Overall, I found Superman Returns to be a rich, exciting, and utterly magnificent telling of heroism and love, and I believe it brought a profound and inspiring depth to The Man of Steel. As for Routh’s performance as Superman, I thought it was just breathtaking - one of the most powerful and deeply moving male characterizations I’ve ever seen on film. Singer has expressed a desire to take the sequel in an action-packed, “Wrath of Khan” direction. Now THAT sounds like an excellent alternative to a reboot, and I believe Bryan Singer has the talent and passion to maintain a compelling storyline while bringing eye-popping, heart-stopping excitement to the Man of Steel. Here's what Singer had to say about the sequel during an interview with Empire: “The first one was a romantic film and a nostalgic film,” he says. “I’ll be the first person to own up to that without making any apologies for it. I knew it was going to be that from the outset. And now that the characters are established, there’s really an opportunity to up the threat levels…Clearly there’ll be a body count. From frame one, it will be unrelenting terror! All those teenage girls who found the movie and mooned over James Marsden or Brandon? Well, I’m going to wake them up!”

iolani on Sep 4, 2008


Bryan Singer needs to come back and finish what he started. He can give us a sequel that will address all the worries that both the fans and WB have, and why do I say this? Because this guy gave us X2. He can give us a Superman version of X2. And Brandon Routh must return again as the man of steel. The BRING ROUTH BACK MOVEMENT is trying to make this happen but we still need help. Check out this link below for more information! And check out my music video that's dedicated to both Superman Returns and Brandon Routh for the incredible work that he did portraying Superman again!

Alexander on Sep 4, 2008


Bryan Singer needs to stay away from it, if he had his way then he'd make Superman even more lame and boring than he was in Superman Returns.

SlashBeast on Sep 7, 2008


Millar is a shameless self-promoter. BRING SINGER BACK!!! BRING ROUTH BACK!!! Give a SEQUEL TO SUPERMAN RETURNS!!! A dark reboot is the sort idea I've heard all...EVER.

Linden on Sep 7, 2008


I'd rather see Superman Returns continued than a reboot. I'm not into comics so I cant really compare, but I definitely enjoyed SR greatly. But whatever they decide to do, I hope they bring back Routh, he was great as Superman.

MBD on Sep 9, 2008


Reboot: YES! Doing a tired origin again: NO! Tom Welling: AWESOME! Biggest fan backing by far. Caviezel and Caviel: Acceptable Runner-up choices.

Paige on Sep 11, 2008


OMG I will cream my pants is Mark Millar does the trilogy. His interpretation of Superman in Red Son was incredible. We need a smarter Superman that is more in tune with the full depth of his abilities, and can actually fight. I always hated how in Superman 2, when Clark loses his powers, he was a weak little bitch. I mean the guy needs to be able to stand up and fight guys of equal power to his super self. He can't do that if he can't beat up some local piece of trash at a truck stop. But enough of that. I love the idea of an epic level movie trilogy. Let’s see Dark villains Superman can fight, and let’s see Superman as the beacon of light shining through all the darkness. The incorruptible Boy Scout in a world where people die and evil is real. I am cool with taking it off world and for the love of god let’s get the studio to wake up and read a freaking comic book. I mean those douches think that they need to make comic book movies for 2 year olds. They need to read the material and realize that kids are reading some serious sh*t and can take it. Hell they want it as bad as the rest of us. Let’s push the envelope towards the R rated side of a PG13 film. Last but certainly not least is casting. I am going to go ballistic if I see one more person say that Brandon Routh should return as Superman. Wake up people his was a bad impersonator of Christopher Reeve (RIP). And I don’t know if it was just me but I need the actor to have naturally blue eyes, not some piece of sh*t contacts that look like blue poop in his eyes. I also need someone that is older looking, not too much older but older than Routh. Tom Welling is my top choice for many reasons. He has the perfect look he has the fans and the experience. I know that some worry that Smallville hasn’t really shown him at his best but with Mark Millar’s writing I know he can pull off the character the way it is meant to be viewed. My back up choice is Jim Caviezel. He also has a great look. He has the black hair the naturally blue eyes. He needs to get in the gym for a few months and seriously beef up. Oh, and lets not forget his superb acting chops. I also think that his older look would work well with time lines where Superman has been in Metropolis for a while. (Next line said with a British accent) Now let this posting spread like wild fire across the earthly realms, and bring fourth a cinematic creation of legend, that will live for all time as the greatest hero story every told . The story of “Earths Mightiest Hero.”

BATman on Sep 18, 2008


Here we go again --- A flavor-of-the-moment writer that fanboys adore is gushing at the thought of a reboot and trilogy. I don't mean to sound sarcastic, but if the fact is Superman Returns was NOT a flop (do some research -- SR was "in the red" BEFORE Singer took it on and it did comparable box office to "Batman Begins"...) and if studio execs & DC veer too off from the original tone of Superman most people won't "get it". This is the exact direction Superman should NOT take. Make a reboot if need be (I personally prefer a follow-upmto the continuity of "Superman Returns" w/ a better script, more action and new, powerful villians...)), but keep Millar away from a Superman! (No offense to him at all, but he would not be the best choice to write a reboot, in my humble opinion.) Btw, I am a fan of all most things pertaining to Superman the character, but for the first time, it feels like I am "outgrowing" comics in general because of all the badmouthing and criticism that modern day fans have been spewing out against SR. It was NOT the worse movie ever, and while it lacked action, it definitely had an artistic, poetic touch that few movies have these days. But what bothers me is that I just really think it's shame that Singer and Co. arent being given a chance to deliver a kickass sequel in the style of "X2". Why are comic fans these days so fickle and impatient, I wonder? "Superman Returns" is in the can and history, but now just let Singer deliver a knockout sequel before scrubbing the whole thing!

Rich S. on Sep 22, 2008


I think when people say Superman Returns was a failure they mean that audiences in general didn't like it so much. I agree that it had some artistic touch but it was seriously overlong and BORING. It was also extremely lacking in action and was desperately trying to hide the fact that it's "plot" was just a rehash of the original Superman's plot.

SlashBeast on Sep 28, 2008


Im a connoisseur of Superman, ive collected everything from the 30s comics the the 30s early animation right upto season 8 of smallville...and i firmly believe the Smallville incarnation of Clark or more notebly now Superman is the greatest portrayal of the character ''ever'' WHY...OK well we've been told the man story over and over again, but never the story of the boy who becomes the man and why!..we've never been shown or told how he came to deal with who he is and what his capabilitys are' and how he comes to terms with using them, and for what purpose...and the Smallville people have nailed it'' sure theres been few dodgy episodes, but all in all world wide Smallville is a smash, or it would never have got past the second season, nearly in its 9th year..its clear the people or majority have chosen the way forward for the future of Superman, or if you like who should definitely portray him...and i have to has to be Tom welling, he's played the character longer than anyone else in the industry, so it would only make the sense obviously to cast him as Superman, because lets face it' brandon routh is ok actor but he's not Superman'' and i also believe this could be key factor into why the movie flopped...he just didnt convince people the way Tom welling dose, and as chris reeves said R.I.P, that a large part of captivate the make them believe ''a man can fly'' why should'nt Tom welling be cast as Superman...simply because his portrayal of the Clark kent character is been the best to date...just as chris bale's Batman has been the best to date with the new life breathed back into the franchise, taking nothing away from the chris reeves legacy....there Gold classic'' but it would seem fundimentally that Tom welling has as chris did all those years ago..captivated people into believing a man can fly...although he's only taken flight once in nearly 9 years, however i believe the best is still yet to come, what they've done with Smallville is what George lucas failed the first time to do with Star wars, wheres lucus had to go back..they've made perfect foundational basis of which to launch 2 or 3 great Superman movies...and it worked with sex and the city and they've even made sequel to that now and also with Star trek after the 60s series finished and it would work with not sure how many Star trek movies they made off the back of the 60s series...i do know they smashed the box office though, i dont believe we've ever seen Superman super before..sure sure we've seen him fly and move outside time in Smallville...but we've never seen what he truely capable of'' the comics have always gave us glimpse...also if the keep casting the wrong people to play the key parts..the Superman franchise will fall into rut and decay just as the Batman franchise did in the 90s..before chris nolan rescued it!!...but with todays technology...and with the perfect cast Tom welling and michael rosenbaum...they should give us the world and Superman fans the movie we've been waiting so desperately for since mr reeves did the first movie!!! so should Tom welling appear in Green lanturn ..YES 100% he's the way forward now for SUPERMAN!!!

matt on Feb 21, 2010

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