New Transformers 2 Robots Revealed: The Twins, Arcee, Jetfire, and More!

June 6, 2008
Source: SlashFilm

Transformers 2

The Transformers 2 news just doesn't stop! In addition to the announcement of the official title, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, we've got a few new spoiler filled details to share with those who are interested. In fact, I wouldn't really call this a spoiler, but if you care to go in without any knowledge of who or what is going on, then skip it. But if you're a hardcore Transformers fan and want to read some news that will have you screaming like it's your 10th birthday party all over again (and you just got that awesome new Transformers action figure), then read on! As much as Michael Bay may not be most people's favorite director, he does know how to put together some awesome action - and with this news, I'm pretty sure we can tell you Transformers 2 is going to kick ass.

I won't go into too many details, but here are the basics. Our good friend Peter over at SlashFilm did some impressive work to uncover all of the details on the first four days of shooting that have taken place in Pennsylvania. I wouldn't have imagined that so much could be learned from a call sheet, but alas, here we are talking about some awesome new robots. Plus, all of this happens in the first scene of the movie! Now you might realize what I meant about Michael Bay kicking our ass with Transformers 2!

The opening scene, which has been filming at an old steel factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, takes place in in Shanghai, China. The Autobots are hunting down a Decepticon Audi R8. This group of Autobots is made up of The Twins, an ice cream truck that splits into two smaller bots, Arcee, a hot pink female motorcycle bot (photos here), Wheels, a go-kart bot, Stinger, possibly a Porsche, and Ironhide, the GMC pickup truck and weapons specialist from the first Transformers. They chase down the R8 but don't end up catching him, which is a bit crazy considering it was five-on-one situation. But you can imagine how incredible this opening scene will be anyway.

Lastly, Peter describes a scene where Sam and Mikaela head to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum to activate yet another robot. This is where things get really exciting. Apparently they reactive a SR-71 Blackbird (seen below), which transformers into the robot named Jetfire. Originally, Jetfire just turned into another standard jet (specifically an F-14) like Starscream, but I love that they're using other various models for different transformers instead of turning them all into F-22's like Starscream. That's all the details there are so far, but the idea of seeing a Blackbird as a transformer is amazing. Now you just throw in the rumored Constructicons, and we've got one hell of an awesome Transformers sequel in the works!

As always, until we actually see these robots fully rendered and fighting on screen, this should all be taken as a rumor. It comes from a fairly legitimate source, but that doesn't mean Bay couldn't be messing with fans just for fun. If you want to read all of the details, make sure you head over to SlashFilm.

After seeing Iron Man earlier this summer, I thought to myself, was Transformers really that great? Would the sequel be all that exciting? But reading all of this recent news, including these new details today, I've been reminded of just how intense and incredible Michael Bay's envisioning of Transformers was last summer. And it sounds like he's really planning to take this sequel much farther above and beyond anything we could ever imagine. Autobots roll out!

SR-71 Blackbird

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i want to see that sr-71 transform

Darrin on Jun 6, 2008


OH CRIKIE, i just love Jetfire, he was one of my favorites! But wasnt his story that he crashed landed on earth and then frooze. He was also unattached since he helped out both the decepticons and the autobots throught the cartoon series. Wasnt he also one of the oldest transformers and there for new lots about their planet?

Loren on Jun 6, 2008


That certainly was a bit of a spoiler but way too juicy too pass up. Blackbird; how SIICK is that?! I might have to be more selective about TF2 news since we still have a year & I don't want to know too much but thanks again Very exciting news indeed.

Sinner on Jun 6, 2008


Chick robots now? Really? Sounds dumb.

AK on Jun 6, 2008


totally bad ass this gets me even more pumped, Arcee looks hot and Jetfire looks totally kick ass.

Curtis on Jun 6, 2008



SOLID SNAKE on Jun 6, 2008


o my god, can this get even better... ummm yes i think it can!!! would be good to ultra magnus in it aswell, but with nearly 20years worth of material these films could go on, and on, and on! which is fine by me! who's with me on that one???

spider-ed on Jun 6, 2008


Woah, SR-71s are hella sick! Can't wait, and if Starscream tries to catch up...BOOM!... 3x the speed of sound, yeah baby!

jman571 on Jun 6, 2008


I suppose this is all another genius lie Michael Bay has deviously composed to trick his retarded audience...or not.

Vega Bro on Jun 6, 2008


*WARNING* Fanboy Moment Ahead! *WARNING* Jetfire actually never turned into an F-14. He was a Robotech ripoff. What does that have to do with this story? Not a damn thing. I also have no problem making him an SR-71. It's a really cool touch. It almost makes up for Arcee 🙂

SG Dave on Jun 7, 2008


Arcee looks like she's made out of coathangers... not impressed

Sinbad on Jun 7, 2008


SR-71 was a great choice I grew up watching that jet fly over my house and the freeway in Lancaster CA almost every day........good choice bay, maybe you will film here again like the first one

SHANE D on Jun 7, 2008


This is going to be another Michael Bay Summer blockbuster. Its just a pure fact. The most lame and cheezy thing has already been done. Meaning the introduction of the whole "hello we are huge alien robots trying to save the universe". Now its all highspeed freeway to the giant robot action stuff. It just cant fail.. not with Bays talent for blowing stuff up.

Shige on Jun 7, 2008


Arcee looks like shit, not enough depth. Needs more meat on her bones, like real girls. Who wants an anorexic robot? Not saying I have a thing for fatbots, just saying, she needs to be a little thicker and with more color.

Kail on Jun 7, 2008


AK has obviously never watched Transformers cartoons if he's just now complaining about Arcee being a girl.

Slider on Jun 8, 2008


awesome im there opening week wowoowow go to slash film dude a chick robot awesome wowoooooo hooo this is gonaaa rock 2009 huge

alan on Jun 8, 2008


Yes this does look very exciting... these little tidbits of news are exciting... I may be the only who thinks this... but my ONLY gripe with transformers is that the robots once they transform are NOT looking like the vehicle(s) they are coming from. That chic bot picture of the motorcyle??? where are the wheels in of the bike in her robot form... Now the constructicon example/link that does look awesome...

r1000 on Jun 9, 2008


StarScream was not an f-14 he and the ones like him where f-15.

d1nutz on Jun 9, 2008


Jetfire was anything BUT a normal jet - I seem to remember reading that he could do LA to NY in .5 hours. Anyhoo - SR-71 huh - cool, but will it have LAZORZ!?!?!! 😀

bozo on Jun 9, 2008


*WARNING* Fanboy Moment Ahead! *WARNING* Jetfire actually never turned into an F-14. He was a Robotech ripoff. What does that have to do with this story? Not a damn thing. I also have no problem making him an SR-71. It's a really cool touch. It almost makes up for Arcee 🙂 dude...get it right...jet fire WAS an f 14 tomcat, starscream was an f-15, and ramjet was an variation of an f 15 with different wings...i still own all the original are right about jetfire being a robotech toy, but however..the toy was based on an f14 tomcat with movable wings and i believe their were 2 diff toy manufactures of jetfire.... hasbro, and bandai, bandai being the original because robotech was out way before transformers...robotech during the invad invasion, or macross...or actually both

chuck69 on Jun 11, 2008



slayer on Jun 16, 2008


Idiot boys complaining about a female robot now? I'm so happy I wasn't born a male.

Q on Jun 17, 2008


looks good.Jetfire?Sweet, i'd like 2 see a sr-71 transform.can u freakin idiots get past the cartoon please?im a fan of the cartoon but it is 2008 or 09 when this comes out.Also there was girl robots in the cartoon.Its like u freaks want a planet of all males.Sheesh.

Cyfer1 on Jun 18, 2008


I'm so excited for this movie. Arcee looks awesome. To all you people who think she looks bad: It could be just a prototype picture. Things change. You never know.

K. Sohns on Jun 19, 2008


I hope this movie is more Transformers, and less "Dawson's Creek, oh and also some robots".

Zeno on Jun 23, 2008


Hmm firstly I can't help but feel a little skeptical about the news, it's almost too juicy to be true. However, the idea of introducing more characters is definitely a smart one. I felt that the first movie was quite impressive, but some part of me still wishes the people doing the movie would be willing to suspend the realism just a little more and make the transformers a) less insect-like, and b) have faces that fans can at least identify. Prime in the first movie was pretty well done, I feel. More of that, please?

Venom_strike on Jun 28, 2008


Every Robot is great even Arcee shese hot and jet fire is cool. If you people think there crap is stupid dont see the fuckin movie ok and stop with the bad comments. if you people do this again i will kill the scrapin spark out of you. you got THAT!!!!!!

Nathan (Biggest TF Fan) on Jul 6, 2008


Here again and so i cant wait for the new movie Transformers Rock.

Nathan (Biggest TF Fan) on Jul 6, 2008


Arcee looks sexy for a robot chick, iam so happy shes in tf2 i just hope Sue Blu provides her voice like Peter Cullen did with Prime, tf2 looks kick ass so pumped.

Rich on Jul 8, 2008


Starscream was originally a F-15 Strike Eagle not and F-14 Tomcat.

gabo on Jul 10, 2008


Whats funny that Micheal Bay does not know the real transformers and the plot of the story from the original cartoon. (when i was kid watching it). All these new age people dont know about the transformers. Honestly, Micheal Bay's transformers movie is pretty darn good i give him props eventhough this foo doesnt really know about the transformers and Part 2 will be a hit next summer too. What gets me that theirs a chick bike transformers, lol......I laugh on that. Now, if yall want real action live like robots....They should make a Robotech movie, now that will blow away transformers movie with no doubt.......

voltron on Aug 17, 2008


don't forget, michael bay did say that he was going to leak out false information about the next movie. I don't care how reliable you think your sources are and just keep that in mind

xxwon on Aug 18, 2008


Um Jet fire was a Big white Jet who could transport, was named Skyfire in the 80s cartoon he was not a f14 until in different comics so the thought of him being the Black Bird is a great Idea

kev24 on Aug 27, 2008


The first movie had the worst screenplay ever. this movie featuring an icecream truck called the Twins is already a huge retardation flag. Why are these asshats not just using original cast members? Are they not good enough? They seemed to have spawned a dozen TV shows, the most successful toy line ever, and now a second live-action flick, why are these retards fucking it up? It such a simple concept. Hey maybe Bay will rename every robot to Devastator in this film, because that makes sense.

Jimmy on Sep 12, 2008


Im with jimmy, i dont know what the heck is michael bay thinking.......first a transformer chick bike, lol......and cream truck that transform and what.........shoot ice creams and s***, lol. come on now. Michael bay get yo transformers right and just watch the original plot from the old school transformers cartoon and the cartoon movie........dont get me wrong but i give you props though making the transformers and upcoming part 2 of it.

voltron on Sep 12, 2008


jetfire looks cool arcee looks better seaech up google see looks awsomer !@#$ i almost forgot this site idk dont add me i wont talk to u guys plus if u do ur gay :@

Tristen LAGRELLE on Oct 20, 2008



ounit on Oct 21, 2008


i cant wait in till the new movie come out it is going to be awsome ooh yea

ounit on Oct 21, 2008


well u guys should add hotrod he's awsome kick ass

Awsome Apprentice on Oct 22, 2008


The Original jets like Starscream were based on F-15 Eagles, not F-14's. And the original Jetfire toy was not related to them at all. Jetfire was a licensed version of the Macross Veritech transorming jet toy, which is not based on any real plane but more of a hodge podge of planes sort of. They had to change the jetfire toy due to licensing issues with the cartoon though. Just FYI. But an SR-71 sounds awesome and fits the "scientist" role Jetfire had in the original cartoon series very well!

Gary on Nov 6, 2008


Loving that they've chosen the SR 71 Blackbird for Jetfire, an excellent choice on their part I must say. Allow me to change gears for a moment and ask: Is there any word on the status of Jazz in all of this fun information we've got floating around? I'd be currious to see if he makes a return in the next movie. He's a pretty integral part of the Autobot crew in my eyes. Though Optimus is and always will be my favorite, I hated seeing him die in the first TF movie. Thanks for any info, and take it easy everyone. -Random-

Random on Nov 30, 2008


Arcee is a whore and should be designed like one. The Transformers are for losers who like to whack off to talking vehicles. Oh yes, I want to be saved by an ice cream truck that turns into a robot! The only way I would pay to see this movie is if Shia bangs one of the smaller vehicles...maybe a sex scene with some tail pipe insertion.

Paul Marione on Dec 4, 2008


Jetfire was a space shuttle in one of the later cartoons, i think it was either armada or energon, I can never remember him being a F-14

Jarred on Dec 7, 2008


I am a major Decpticon fan they always have the coolest vehicle modes, and the story with jetfire is that he starts as a decepticon but later becomes a autobot which is how it is in most transformers series with jetfire...

Perfect Lee on Dec 20, 2008


this is the titest shit ever man i saw the movie the first day and bought the fucking movie the first day this is going to be the coolest movie ever making were going to fucking order those tickets im so excited

maxi on Jan 10, 2009


Just show me another engine bend over scene with Megan Fox and I'll be happy

NorthDude on Jan 19, 2009


Is prime, ratchet and bumblebee in the second transformers

Razza09 on Jan 24, 2009


Need omega supreme in there as well

Mike on Feb 5, 2009


also add shock wave, unicrom, reflector and the dinobots and aerial bots and combaticons...etc.......too many to

Mike on Feb 5, 2009


starscream tries to catch up with jetfire,then....... FUCKING BOOOOOOM!!!! LIGHTSPEED BABY! STARSCREAM'S GONNA BE ALL FUCKED UP IN THE CLOUDS WEARING A FRIKIN PANTIE GOIN IM A DUMASS!!!! tf2 is gonna rock the movie world! HOLLYWOOD, HERE IT COMES!!

lightspeed on Feb 5, 2009


Awesome nerdy scenario: tag team final showdown between optimus and jetfire vs. megatron and starscream.

tyler on Feb 7, 2009


Awesome nerdy scenario: tag team final showdown between optimus and jetfire vs. megatron and starscream.

tyler on Feb 7, 2009


Wow first Jetfire and Starscream worked as scientists togegether and where not on either side because the war between the Autobots and Decepticons had not happend yet when Skyfire crashed on earth in the artic. This is as far as the cartoon went the comic is slightly changed.

Gregg on Feb 19, 2009


Thanks, I Needed More For Info, But You Forgot Alot Of The Robot, Like The Constructicon

Kenny on Mar 8, 2009


HAHA!!!! "Jetfire" NEVER exsited but in the "toy", In the cartoon his Name was Skyfire,and he was a sciencetist for cybertron, And a decepticon, good friends with shockwave, The second gun as a toy, He was purple. Anyways good to know they are doing great movies with stuff that i grew up with as a kid. Can't wait to see the show!!!

Demon on Apr 23, 2009


Who or what is that huge transformer at the end of the trailer that is sucking up all of the sand???

Lanie91 on May 3, 2009


Thats devastator the big huge red formed by them constructicons. Its coo but really dumb... devastator doesnt look like dat in the cartoon plus he doesnt suck up sands how lame.

robotech on May 3, 2009


Honstly, I'm a mixed fan. What i mean by that, is i like the modernization factors and the old cartoon features added in together. Imean, realistically, lets come face to face with reality. Yes there is a while big story line and other branches of original transformers starting from the cartoon series, and yes there are fans out there that want to see it. But there's also teh viewser that have either 1: never heard of Transformers or 2: want to see more action and modernization in the movie. There are always going to be downsides and critics going through the internet and other posts, but here's what we should look at most. We need to focus on making it best for ALL audiences, not just the old fans. Michael bay certianly tried to do that when he added the old characters and the "megatron vs optimus" plot into there. I also think he added in the modern transforming effects and storyline, which pieced together the story quite well. Again, you can't get everything, but i think Bay did a good job. Lets just look forward to seeing the movie, not what they missed. =)

Phase Breaker on May 7, 2009


If they're bringing all these decepticons back to life...why not jazz. I mean dam, autobots get slagged and decepticons only get stassis lock. Cmon'...and let's not get started on the bootleg constructicons in the first movie

Autobot Sympathy on May 9, 2009


jetfire is an assasin int his movie although it shows him as a decepticon he actually is a autobot! lets just say he turned a new leaf!

Drew on May 24, 2009


hey drew your a motherfucking hoe bitch go finger your mom

stephen on May 28, 2009



stephen on May 28, 2009


man o man i am getting pumped up!!!!I am the greatest fan of jetfire since transformers-armada!!.so iam looking forward for the movie because my favourite character is in it.........

JETFIRE909 on Jun 1, 2009


hey drew son of a bitch keep a finger in ur punk ass and lick it once....... u moron it sonny....... by the by where do u leave

JETFIRE909 on Jun 1, 2009


oh my god cnt w8t till 19th June i lv my bday being in june all best films come out 🙂 defo going 2 be best film of the year who agree's? i agree that the female is 2 skinny and defo looks crap compared 2 the males robots nd dats coming from a girl lol The twins for the autobots could also been summit better dan a ice cram van aswell ROLE ON 19TH WOO HOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toni1991 on Jun 4, 2009


Horribly written article. And Jetfire was never an F-14.

T on Jun 9, 2009


I mean, Jetfire was never an F-14 origially.

T on Jun 9, 2009


totally looking towards the movie! =)

kenwooi on Jun 14, 2009


jetfire and stephen yuo guys are so stupid you think ur bad cussing out drew like that i'd like you to say that in his face you guys are terrible people girls dont dig those kind of people

casy on Jun 17, 2009


Does anyone know if Prime dies or not? I hope not! I remember as a kid when I saw the cartoon movie in the pictures I cried. Dont fink I will this time tho but might get a lump in my throat if he does.

James on Jun 18, 2009


optimus dose not die but jetfire dose ang gives optimus prime his jet transformation powers. because prime nearly the junoir novel

kurtis on Jun 20, 2009


Apparently this guy who wrote this article has never watch the cartoon in the 80's. Starscrem wasn't a F-14, he was a F-15e along with Skywarp and Thundercracker. And Jetfire was a scientist/explorer aircraft along with Starscrem and good friends with Starscream in the cartoons. Megatron took the plot of Jetfire in the first movie. Jetfire crashes on earth millons of years ago expolring earth incased in ice and the Autobots found him.

Joe on Jun 28, 2009


transformers is top bloody rated movie in da world im da biggest fan of transformers jetfire the coolest

asad on Jun 30, 2009


prime dies but with the matrix he comes alive again

asad on Jun 30, 2009


YA the movie was awesome. loved the twins funny as hell!!! wish Megatron would die already but that just means a third

Soveriegn on Jun 30, 2009


Transformers 2 was awesome when optimus prime died but then Sam saves his life with the matrix, the twins are kick ass, and Arcee is hot. Megan fox who plays the roll of Mikaela, Sams girlfriend is smokin hot. My favorite transformer is still bumblebee, but I also like,Iron hide,Star scream,and so on, But where the hell was ratchet?

COLBY Q on Jul 6, 2009


Stephen your are a retard same with you jetfire909 all you gaylords can do is critisize other people you probably have more problems den us, Your right casy they are terrible people

keidric on Jul 6, 2009


Well first of all Arcee looks nothing like that in the movie. She skates on two wheels. When Jetfire is introduced he has to be brought to life by a shard of the all spark. He is from millenniums ago... so he is old and doesn't fight or really transform at all, he teleports. The twins basically do nothing except stay up bumblebees ass.

Connor on Jul 9, 2009


Ohh and by the way Sideswipe is the best!

Connor on Jul 9, 2009


ok first of all jetfire was an sr-71 blackbird, arcee was a suzuki hyabusa gsx 1300 r, starscream was an f-22 raptor, sideswipe was a concept corvette due to the flags symbol on his hood, skids was a chevy towncar, mudflap was a new jeep, andconnor the twin freakin impale devastator, sideways was an audi r8 or barricade, whichever you prefer, he was the one that sideswipe cut i half in the shang hai scene, and arcee was eight feet tall when she transformed, shes a five foot long motorcycle, would you rather that she was a fat four foot tall peice of crap, ironhide was a gmc small semi, blackout was a black hawk, bumblebee was a camaro, in the movie that girl that hits on sam gave him a hint that she was a deceptacon when she said her first car was a '92 z28 camaro, they didnt make a z28 in '92anymore questions, i know this stuff guys, i am the car, motorcycle, plane, and helicopter master.

david on Jul 10, 2009


when transformers 3 out in cinemas??????????????!!!!!

torres on Jul 22, 2009


amazing what a cool jetfire

maynard on Aug 3, 2009


wow!the movie was really awesome!i am already looking forward for the next transformers.

marycyn on Aug 23, 2009


i like JET FIRE!!!!!!!

john.P on Sep 15, 2009


TR ROTF is the best movie ever my favirouite side is the decepticons, there so cool i love devastator and wheelie is funny as hell and when doe TR 3 come out. i live in new zealand

patrick.W on Nov 13, 2009


this film is totaly bum ting love it wish it was real lol xxxxx 😀

isabell on Dec 8, 2009


jet fire rocks

cameron .phillips on Dec 31, 2009


i love transformers over the hold world and i came to love transformers forever <3

emma nilsson on Dec 2, 2010


I think jetfire is so cool most of all i like his beard and wiskers it makes him look so cool

Adam on May 22, 2011


I like megatron because he has masev claws and he looks really scary  

Adam on May 22, 2011

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