Nicole Kidman Planning on Ditching Acting Too?!

December 17, 2008
Source: Telegraph

Nicole Kidman

After a string of nothing but flops and follies for four years, it looks like Nicole Kidman may give up acting. It all began with The Stepford Wives in 2004 and continued with The Interpreter, Bewitched, The Invasion, Margot at the Wedding, The Golden Compass, and now Australia. Kidman told the UK's Telegraph that, "I'm not that interested in making films any more." She adds that, "I know I'm not meant to say that, but that's where it is for me now." It seems like her glory days have gone and either needs to hire a new agent and choose better films or just settle down for a while - and she may choose the latter.

Kidman explains her situation: "I'm 41 years old and very happy being in Tennessee with my baby and with my husband (Keith Urban). I obviously have creative blood in me and it needs to come out in some way but I just don't have that burning desire any more. I'm not saying I'm never going to work again, but I'm at peace with whatever happens, which is a nice place to be at this stage of my life." Kidman is already filming Rob Marshall's Nine, a musical, and has a role in Ryan Murphy's Need as well. This isn't confirmation that she is leaving acting entirely, however, it sounds like she's not actively seeking any other projects.

I might venture a guess and say that her acting choices recently have been the problem, not her actual performances. I actually thought she did a great job in Australia, although discussing why that movie flopped is an entirely different story. However, The Invasion and Bewitched are two projects that, I think, really hurt her image. And since then its been getting worse every year. I was never a big fan of hers but then again I still think she's a great actress, it's just a matter of finding the right projects. Anyone who works in Hollywood knows that there's only one person to blame for that - their agent. Will she be missed?

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Adios! Never cared for her anyway. She won't be missed, I can tell you that much. I actually tried to AVOID movies which she was in.

Andy S on Dec 17, 2008


im not mean but like 99% of the world im a critic and......dam she fell off like janets top that one time...but 4real she will NOT be missed but will be respected...i hope

ill will on Dec 17, 2008


Personally ive never been a big fan. The last movie i actually enjoyed that she was in was the Others. That was in 2001 i believe. Are there any performances of hers that are really that good

Chris on Dec 17, 2008


I would have to agree with everyone who has posted so far. See you later Kidman you have not been in anything good in years! On top of that I don't even think I can recall a performance of hers that actually blew my away.

betterchill on Dec 17, 2008


I didnt care for her until I saw Australia, but after seeing that somehow flop too I would agree that she needs to some time off get her swagger back

Scott McHenry on Dec 17, 2008


"I might venture a guess and say that her acting choices recently have been the problem, not her actual performances." Exactly. She's oversaturated the market with over a handful of mediocre films (similar to Julia Roberts pre-2004). All she needs to do is stop, read the script before accepting the role, and maybe she'll make a decent film. But no, I don't really think she'll be missed.

Jess on Dec 17, 2008


Ah, more online Nicole Kidman bashing. And placing box-office failures on her. No wonder the lady wants to quit acting. I'm so sick of this shit. Let's review her major releases and their box-office and critical failures more closely, shall we? The Others 2001 96.5M (critical and box-office success) The Hours 2002 41.6M (critical and box-office success and earned her an Oscar) Cold Mountain 2003 95.6M (critical and box-office success) The Stepford Wives 2004 59.4M (panned by critics and mediocre box-office, 102M worldwide) Bewitched 2005 63.3M (panned by the critics and mediocre box-office, 130M worldwide) The Interpreter 2005 72.7M (critical and box-office success) The Invasion 2007 15M (critical and box-office failure) The Golden Compass 2007 70.1M (mixed reviews and mediocre box-office in U.S., 372M worldwide) Australia 2008 38.7M and counting (mixed reviews, too soon to tell box-office here and abroad) Oh yeah, she's certainly box-office poison. Let's hang the bitch. I, for one, love Nicole. I think she's a terrific actress. And I hope she continues to work. Maybe choosing less high profile movies so she doesn't keep getting so much crap if the movies don't make 200M.

Film Fan on Dec 17, 2008


I'll miss her. She's my favorite movie actress. I can understand her wanting to settle down a bit, but hopefully she'll continue to do movies every now and then.

Kate on Dec 17, 2008


Nicole Kidman is one of the few contemporary Hollywood actresses that I like. I don't understand why there has been such a backlash against her over the last few years - sure she has made some bad films but what about all those other actresses making one terrible film after the other eg Angelina Jolie or Reese Witherspoon. Kidman is a great actress; she has great emotional intensity which she beautifully communicates through her performances. She utilises this wonderfully in films such as "The Others", "Birth", "Moulin Rouge" and "The Hours". Even in an average film such as "The Interpreter" she gives a wonderfully complex and emotional performance. I though she was excellent in "Australia" and I cannot understand why she has been savaged by some critics. It was a hard role to undertake and she pulled it off very well being funny, romantic, troubled and strong willed when required. I think that she is best suited to smaller character based films and not Hollywood blockbusters which are mostly crap no matter who is in them. Maybe if Hollywood started making better films and gave strong actresses like Nicole Kidman a chance to shine she wouldn't be in this predicament. If she was to quit acting I would understand why, if nothing else beacuse of all the shit she has been getting. I feel sorry for her. It would be a great loss! and I would miss her.

Frank on Dec 17, 2008


I might be one of the few (at least who read this site) but I loved Australia. I almost didn't go cause of the reviews but I really enjoyed it and thought Nicole Kidman did a great job and i'm glad I went and saw it. I didn't see The Golden Compass (didn't look like my cup of tea). I enjoyed The Interpreter, Cold Mountain and The Hours. I think Bewitched was just a poor story. Could of been better if it had a better story and The Stepford Wives well I'll give you that. But again they messed the the original formula that made the first what it was just my thoughts

BHcolin on Dec 17, 2008


God I hope so.. the world will be a better place...

CSpuppydog on Dec 17, 2008


no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nicole no!!!!!!!! please!!! maybe just a break, but later comeback!!!

paulina on Dec 18, 2008


Cold Mountain was superb and really enjoyed Moulin Rouge!, The Others was pretty good too... I think Nicole is great!

bltzie on Dec 18, 2008


What people seem to forget is she can only do the roles that are "offered" to her. If there's nothing but crap scripts and crap roles being sent to her, then it's not entirely her fault. No one sets out to make a bad movie. There's so many elements that can cause a film to flop - Kidman is not to blame for the lackluster results of her recent films.

Trent on Dec 18, 2008


I absolutely love nicole kidman

james on Dec 18, 2008


Thank you #7 I couldn't agree more. I don't understand what is with this bashing?

Tom Dearsley on Dec 18, 2008


I can't debate on whether she is great or bad. But I do know that she won't hurt a movie and I also know that I will miss her.

Deepak T on Dec 18, 2008


The only movies she's ever stood out as a good actress in a good movie was EYES WIDE SHUT and DEAD CALM, both movies long since past. I wont miss her but wish she kept with better roles. And seriously Alex, your love for Australia—and even Baz—is really depressing to read about. Trust me about the sunscreen.

Voice Of Reason on Dec 18, 2008


The last thing she was good in was Eyes Wide Shut. And I, too, tried to avoid movies she was in. Very wooden actress. Like Keanu Reeves without any charisma.

jason on Dec 18, 2008


Sorry guys, but Margot At The Wedding was a terrific film, and she was terrific in it. She's definitely made a few stinkers lately as well, but what big name actress hasn't? If it's time for her to go, and its her own decision, fine. But this Kidman bashing is a little much. She's a very good actress. If was want to make fun of her for anything, let's make fun of the fact that she was married to Tom Cruise.

Matt on Dec 18, 2008


I will miss her very much and don't think she deserves the bashing she is receiving.

leslie on Dec 18, 2008


I thought Australia was a great movie and Nicole was very good in it! She definitely does not deserve the bashing she's been getting, especially comparing her to that blood drinking Angelina Jolie (yes, she drank her last husband, Billy Bob Thornton's blood. They carried each others blood in a vial around their necks) or so they both said on the Red Carpet while they were making out! Nicole has way more class than that! I wouldn't blame her if she did quit Hollywood...let the idiots go pick on some other person for a while! Nicole has made a lot of good films, Dead Calm, Moulin Rouge, Cold Mountain, Margot at the Wedding(very funny movie to me)! I'm so glad Nicole is married to Keith Urban and they seem to be very happy! I will definitely miss Nicole! No more Hollywood glamour when she goes!

gloria on Dec 18, 2008


I agree was good in Australia which was a good film. And shes still Hot.

Heckle0 on Dec 18, 2008


Are you kidding me gloria! Angelina Jolie proved that she is by far a better actress than Nicole Kidman by her performance in Changeling! Her performance in that film tops anything that Nicole Kidman has ever done, and I hardly like either of them!

Betterchill on Dec 18, 2008


Nicole, Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett are this generation's Meryl Streep. I hope she does not completely stop making films. Although many of her recent films have not found an audience, and some have been decisively bad ( The Invasion, Stepford Wives). Her performances are never the problem. I always appreciate her eagerness to take on strange and difficult roles (Dogville, Birth, Fur, Margot at the Wedding). Also, her interest in seeking out auteur directors: Lars von trier, Gus van Sant, Noah Baumbach, Oliver Hirschbiegel, and yes Baz Luhrman. I hope the break isn't too long. P.S. Dying to see her in Nine.

Leo on Dec 18, 2008


I liked Australia and Nicole in the film. I also really believe people review The Invasion's reputation. I like the film. It has flaws but it stays true to its source material. She's also carries the film and has good chemistry with Daniel Craig! It a good film! chuck on Dec 18, 2008


Nicole Kidman > Angelina Jolie. Sorry no question, in terms of acting. Shouldn't even be an argument. Jolie is awful.

Matt on Dec 18, 2008


And Changeling sucked something terrible.

Matt on Dec 18, 2008


She's a great actress. I loved her in Days of Thunder.

avoidz on Dec 18, 2008


".....I also really believe people review The Invasion's reputation. I like the film. It has flaws but it stays true to its source material. She's also carries the film and has good chemistry with Daniel Craig! It a good film!" chuck I agree 100% I'm a HUGE fan of the Body Snatcher films. All had a very cold and distant feeling to them. This was no different. Apparently the studio didn't feel the same, and got worried. So they hired they hired director James McTeigue to amp up the action to make it more like a summer blockbuster film. Shooting a few chase scenes. It didn't work. Sure, they were o.k. But the studio didn't get what they wanted. As is, I felt it was a terrific sci-fi film and worthy of it's predecessors.

Film Fan on Dec 18, 2008


Nicole will be great at whatever she chooses to do, she always gives 100 percent! If I were her I definately would have another baby and give Keith a chance at that boy that most men want! I also heard her say that her son wants a brother. I also think Nicole would love another baby.

another baby please on Dec 18, 2008


I think Nicole Kidman is a beautiful person and good actress that needs to be more discerning when choosing projects. The Others, Moulin Rouge, The Hours, heck, she was the only good thing in Days of Thunder (than whole speech about "control" still wows me when I catch it on cable). But she has been in some stinkers, too. And a lot of critics do seem to have it out for her. There was more speculation about her Botox usage (or lack of) during the reviews for Australia than her performance.

kitano0 on Dec 19, 2008


This is what she needs, some time off. She needs to get a new agent and pick projects that are good, not ones that will give her a $25M paycheck.

Ryan on Dec 22, 2008


She's not going anywhere...she's the type that cannot live without attention, glamour & luxury. She's a younger version of Zsa Zsa Gabor. Why doesn't she just stop giving these pointless interviews?

jay on Dec 27, 2008

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