NY Times' First Set Photo From Terminator Salvation

July 4, 2008
Source: NY Times

First Set Photo From Terminator Salvation

This isn't much, but considering it's the 4th of July and there isn't much news, it's at least something to check out today. The NY Times was one of a few outlets who recently traveled down to Albuquerque, New Mexico to check out the set of Warner Brothers' Terminator Salvation. Unfortunately I was one of the few not invited for some odd reason, so expect copious coverage from everyone out there except us. Instead, we've got to sit here and shill out these boring photos from the set and hope you start to get excited based on these alone. Anyway, I'm still going to hold out hope and cross my fingers and pray that Terminator Salvation eventually turns out good. Before you head out to a BBQ and fireworks tonight, make sure you take a look at this bland photo and let us know your thoughts on the film so far.

Terminator Salvation

So first things first, apparently the official name is now just Terminator Salvation. It went from Terminator 4 to Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins now to the shorter Terminator Salvation. I expect that's where they'll leave it, because it's a lot easier to remember and doesn't have a number - since I'm sure Warner Brothers wants everyone to think of this as a fresh new series only slightly related to the first three. As for the NY Times article, unfortunately they focus on the actors strike (and how it's not affecting the production of this film) and hardly even mention anything about the actual film or its story or actors. I'm guessing that's because WB is trying to keep very quiet on this until we see the teaser trailer on The Dark Knight and they dump more on us at Comic-Con. Then the hype will all begin.

Terminator Salvation They did however mention a few goodies for those scrounging for every last detail surrounding Terminator Salvation. First up, they mention that the various sets include "weird military hardware, a blast site marked by the shards of a 7-Eleven sign, and a lot full of battered helicopters." By now we all know that this is a post-apocalyptic film focusing on the beginning of the actual war between the robots and humans that was eluded to in every one of the original movies. Additionally, they mention this little fun bit about the military. "This show utilizes the military constantly," said Jason Hariton, Albuquerque Studios' vice president for operations. "I think those guys love the pyrotechnics." That doesn't mean much, but it should tell you to expect a lot of badass large-scale fight scenes.

I'm very curious about what the general consensus on this film is right now: good or bad? Unlike Paramount's G.I. Joe, I feel like most people are positively intrigued but also cautiously optimistic, waiting for a trailer and some footage before making any real judgment calls. As a reminder, Christian Bale is playing John Connor, Anton Yelchin is playing Kyle Reese, Bryce Dallas Howard is playing Kate Connor, and Sam Worthington, Moon Bloodgood, and Common are also a part of the cast. Does everyone have a generally positive opinion so far? Is there anyone who is genuinely very excited for Terminator Salvation already?

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, directed by McG of Charlie's Angels and We Are Marshall, will arrive in theaters next summer on May 22nd, 2009. Stay tuned for more!

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I'll see it. I loved all THREE films and the TV show is great too

Josh on Jul 4, 2008


McG just McSucks... I have no confidence in the guy at all.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jul 4, 2008


Looks good.

Ryan on Jul 4, 2008


i will see it, i liked the tv series and all the movies althought the ending of the last movie was a little week the begining was great.

lesper4 on Jul 4, 2008


I'm kind of confident on the film's success. I'm not too hyped at the moment. It looks good so I' ll see it

Imran on Jul 4, 2008


I'm a fan of both Christian Bale and Bryce Dallas Howard. I think landing Bale is going to make McG work that little bit harder and, hopefully, get some very wise people on his production team.

Mel on Jul 4, 2008


I have been excited since Bale came aboard lets hope he can save the film if it falls apart.

Curtis on Jul 4, 2008


I'll definitely watch this in the theater...but that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm anticipating it be a good movie.

Matt Suhu on Jul 4, 2008


Christian Bale, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anton Yelchin, consensus is on the positive side thus far. Cautiously optimistic, yes I am.

Keith on Jul 4, 2008


should'a left it alone after the second one...

moldybread on Jul 4, 2008


Fucking rappers i.e. Common in my damn movie (reboot) franchises, b.s.! McG directing the next Terminator movie? only one question comes to mind...."Why?"

Conrad on Jul 4, 2008


Don't have much faith in this...

790 on Jul 5, 2008


if christian bale thimks the script is good then have faith people end of story

jono on Jul 5, 2008


That's alluded to, not eluded. But I am worried that we will want to run away from this film when it comes out. Even though Bale is in it, I just do not have a good feeling that the studio or director will take it in the dark intense direction that the story really leans towards.

Jim on Jul 5, 2008


I agree Jono, let's not forget this is rated PG-13, but it seems PG-13 is the new rated R. Case in point, Hancock.

790 on Jul 5, 2008


There is not much to decipher from this one photo alone, but it looks like it this film might have some potential. I have been a fan of Bale since I saw American Psycho and he hasn't let me down yet. My only big complaint is the whole PG-13 thing. I'll will keep my fingers cross and hope they change it to R. Who knows it might happen, it has to other movies before launch time.

Steve-O on Jul 5, 2008


This looks likethe servoce station where Sarah Connor has her picture taken by the little mexican boy at the end of the first movie. This would be some kind of shrine for a person willing to go back thru time for love...... I'm just sayin......

FrankB00th on Jul 6, 2008


I would watch terminator if it was a fucking puppet show!

Moves on Jul 6, 2008


amen! Let us hope Mr. Bale hasn't chosen his first shitty movie. As for McG, if I see Terminators in remake pop videos wearing the lattest styles(Charlies Angles) I'll kill him. No seriously.Dead.

Dave V. on Jul 6, 2008


Naja,At first I though McG was a rapper,turns out it's a normal guy,anyway,I know bale from 'el maquinista',soo yes I will watch it,also it shows the future war exclusively and I always wondered how it would b like,hope

radf on Sep 3, 2008

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