Never Tell Them The Odds - Official Fanboys Poster!

October 30, 2008
Source: Cinematical


Another poster for the long-delayed Fanboys movie has just debuted over at Cinematical. Yes, this is the Star Wars movie about a group of geeks who travel across the country in a Star Wars themed van in order to break into Skywalker Ranch to be the first to see Episode I - The Phantom Menace. This is officially the moment where this Judd Apatow poster design has jumped the shark and should be forever put to rest. I know this is what the movie is all about (geeks so hardcore that they'd wear Darth Vader helmets like this in public), but still, this is more of a painfully annoying poster than anything delightfully geeky.

Someone tell me if this is as bad as I think it is or am I just being too harsh? I know a lot of Star Wars fanboys are still anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see Fanboys, which will happen next February, but this poster doesn't help much. Thanks again to Cinematical for debuting this today.

Fanboys Poster

Fanboys is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Kyle Newman and was written by fellow newcomers Ernest Cline and Adam F. Goldberg. The Weinstein Company originally scheduled Fanboys for release a few years back but kept delaying it due to test screening complaints and other issues. Fanboys is currently scheduled (let's hope they stay true to their word) to hit theaters on February 6th, 2009 next year.

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Should have just had Kristen Bell as Leia.

Kevin on Oct 30, 2008


I guess they are trying to go for the "40 year old virgin" look... :\

The Real Alex on Oct 30, 2008


I agree, it does look extremely similar to the 40 year old virgin poster - even the pose.

LionheartAce on Oct 30, 2008


Its a fake. Its the poster of 40 YEARS OLD VIRGIN with Vader´s head.

Berni on Oct 30, 2008


Eh, I'll have to wait on some reviews, 'cause right now I'm pretty "meh" about the whole thing.

tzarinna on Oct 30, 2008


That poster looks doesn't even look like someone's actually wearing the helmet.

Peloquin on Oct 30, 2008


#2 - It's an obvious parody of The 40 Year Old Virgin Doesn't make it a good poster though

Kail on Oct 30, 2008


this poster has been around the net already. IT IS FAKE!, OFFICIALLY. My classmate's father worked on this film... its already been announced, better change that title Alex.

zachy on Oct 30, 2008


Stupid poster. You're right, Alex.

Conrad on Oct 30, 2008


Already saw Fan boys at this years Comic Con of 2008 and it was extremely funny. Cant wait to see it again.

Petrelli on Oct 30, 2008


Why is everybody excited for this movie? If it was actually good, wouldn't somebody have released it yet?

TALL on Oct 31, 2008


Well I guess an extreme fanboy of Darth Vader would be a 40 year old virgin

rena on Oct 31, 2008


Fake? It officially came from Weinstein Co... It's not fake... #11 - There's a whole backstory surrounding why its been delayed, so it's not for that reason... I've seen it and liked it quite a bit, thought it was the epitome of geek comedies, but that's pretty much it...

Alex Billington on Nov 1, 2008


ok be careful what you say about people willing to wear darth vader in public, I would gladly wear darth vader anywhere!!! do not underestimate the power of the dark side. and if this is the real poster it isnt that bad but it could be better.

tyler on Nov 1, 2008

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