Official Title Revealed - Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

June 5, 2008


We thought we'd already heard everything new about Transformers 2 this morning when we posted about the story - but alas, there is more! Hasbro has officially announced that the title of the upcoming sequel will be Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. In addition, they reveal that the story will focus on a key character from the first movie who makes a dramatic comeback and attempts to settle a score. Who could it be? Jazz? Megatron? Maybe both? Stars Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and John Turturro will all reprise their original roles. Additionally, Rainn Wilson, Matthew Marsden, and Nina Dobrev have all joined the film. With just barely over a year to go until release, it's time to start building buzz for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen!

Transformers producers Tom De Santo, Don Murphy and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura are all back again. The story for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen was written by Transformers writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci while the screenplay was written by Ehren Kruger (The Ring, The Brothers Grimm, Blood and Chocolate). Michael Bay is currently filming and will release Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen next summer on June 26th, 2009. Now that we've got an official title, some new story details, and more buzz, how many of you are going to come out of the woodwork and profess your love for Transformers? What do all of you think of the new title?

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It has to be Megatron.

Scorpio on Jun 5, 2008


Hmmm, who would make for a dramatic comeback? JAZZ who comes back and says "I pity da foo" then break dances, or Megatron "I will destroy humanity" then turns into a giant gun and blasts the holy sh%t outta everyone. The first film set up Megatron's eventual return like OJ killed... Sorry, didn't mean to be insensitive. You know where I was going with this.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jun 5, 2008


I call shenanigans...I mean, Michael Bay said there would be intentional false story details 'leaked' throughout the course of production.

jwilliek on Jun 5, 2008


Just leave it at Transformers 2

Ryan on Jun 5, 2008


Transformers 2: Revenge of the Jedi, errr...Transformers 2: Return of the Fallen, errr...Transformers 2: Revenge of the Sith, errr...Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Nunya on Jun 5, 2008


Well, during the end credits they showed Starscream zipping off into space... But that begs the question: If they can fly in space, then how did Megatron get frozen in the Artic? MAJOR PLOT FLAW!

jason_md2020 on Jun 5, 2008


he got caught in earths gravitational pull as stated in the movie #6

dac_fan on Jun 5, 2008


Transformers 2: Return of the Vengeful Sith-Like Robot or... Transformers 2: Return of the _____enter robot's name here____ This one will keep people guessing! Who cares, it'll hopefully be badass. I'm hoping a bit of the cheesiness can be removed this time around. AKA John Turturro would be a great character to kill off in this movie.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jun 5, 2008


I don't think any of the fallen will return at least in part 2 but i think it will be starscream leading a group of decepticons to get revenge for the fallen

ha1rball on Jun 5, 2008


@#7 I'm not talking about the crash. I'm talking about the COLD. Space much colder than the artic.

jason_md2020 on Jun 5, 2008


Very good point. However, if you crash and are stuck in ice... Well, you're right. But then again, no one noticed there were giant robots in the damn kid's backyard in the first film. That's a bigger plot hole to me. Or, Optimus knew that the glasses were the key to everything, even though he saw a tiny pixelized version of them on Ebay. I mean, the first film was cool and all, but there were so many stupid and lame holes it was pathetic.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jun 5, 2008


That's a good point about the space/cold thing...never thought about that. So Bay said they would leak false stories? That's really annoying. As for the title eh it could be worse.

Janet on Jun 5, 2008


Megatron's back hopefully, yay!

Chris on Jun 5, 2008


The comeback will be for the Jet Fighter transformer (one of Megatron followers)

I knw on Jun 5, 2008


because he was the only one left and he flew to the space.. πŸ™‚

I knw on Jun 5, 2008


RE: #15 No, Scorponok was also left at the end, the scorpion-like transformer was never shown to leave the desert in Quatar. Tranformers 2 should just as entertaining, not good, as the first. Remember these are action movies dealing with giant alien robots, they should not be taken too seriously.

David on Jun 5, 2008


In the movie it states that it was a magnetic issue flying over the N pole, not a cold issue that caused megatron to crash. Secondly, in space the temp is lower but there is no moisture to create ice.

Dan on Jun 5, 2008


Idiots. They should have just left it as Transformers 2 or call it transformers: revenge of megatron

Jojo on Jun 5, 2008


i dont care what the name of the film is, i want to see stuff blowing up by giant robots.

Darrin on Jun 5, 2008


Um, it seems too soon, why cant they give it like a 3-4 year break? I'm still happy they made the first one I don't need to see the second one yet.

Richard on Jun 5, 2008


Barricade was still alive in the end.

SOLID SNAKE on Jun 5, 2008


I say is the dinobots...or beast wars Prime the Gorilla

Max on Jun 5, 2008


Barricade, Scorpinok, and StarScream were all left in the end. Megatron will come back as Galvatron, a much more powerful version. And you might see an appearance of "Unicron" The robot that is actually the size of a planet, and in that matter transforms into one and absorbs other planets to supply its energy deman. Although I think this might be saved for the third movie.

Damir on Jun 5, 2008


They can call it anything they want..I'll be there on opening day. And yeah..Barricade was alive at the end...and he was spotted on the road two weeks ago.

Bry from Chi on Jun 5, 2008


There was a transformer called The Fallen. Maybe it's that and we are all misinterpreting it.

Janet on Jun 5, 2008


I agree with the Galvatron hypothesis, but I think adding Unicron would be copying the animated film a bit TOO much.

Sean Kelly on Jun 5, 2008


seriously who cares about the name.......Everyone is still going to watch it!!!!!!!!!

Shelby on Jun 5, 2008


There is no Transformers without Megatron so he should return as regular Megatron or either Galvatron. One thing I'd like to see though is more fire fights as in the end of the film with Ironhide and Redalert rolling and using cover fire. To me that was the sickest part of the movie. I'd like to see Prime use his canon more too. The only time he fired it, it wasn't a plasma sound. So, lots of things to work on but Bay was on a limited budget and he still did a really good job so I have very high expectations for the 2nd movie. Can't wait, I'm there even if they call it Transformers 2: Giant Fucking Robots Lol

Tirrell on Jun 5, 2008


i think that it will be megatron returning as galvatron and taking revenge on starscream for his blunders in the first film and then exacting a plot against the autobots!! the first movie kicked all kinds of ass and the second one should be just as good

thejugfather on Jun 5, 2008


Megatron will come back as Galvatron. I think Jazz is the spoff, cuz he wasn't supposed to die in the first place and who would he come back as...Hopefully Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod make it in this one!

Judge on Jun 5, 2008


Damn my idea of galvatron was good πŸ™‚

Damir on Jun 5, 2008


Megatron will definitely return. If anyone has a score to settle it's Optimus Prime. After getting thrown around and almost killed by Megatron, I sure hope he opens up can can of major robotic whip-ass. As for the title, it doesn't really matter because all of us will be there lining up to see this flick.

Spider on Jun 5, 2008


Still can't understand if Sam had the cube, why didn't the Autobots use it to summon their other allies like: Red Alert, Inferno, Warpath, Powerglide, Mirage, etc. There were plenty of these opportunities during the showdown but when Sam bumps into the Escalade only the steering wheel becomes alive, and the Mountain Dew machine becomes a robot?? HMMMMMMMMM

Pickle on Jun 5, 2008


I am really looking foward 2 this movie I love Shia nd the movie was great

samantha on Jun 6, 2008


my question is.... are they gonna start calling Shia's character Spike or not????? and Scorpinoc died you dumb asses, they had his tail remember?

DDOT3 on Jun 6, 2008


wait, wasn't jonah hill supposed to be in the line up? or is that not happening anymore? i'd rather he not be in it. i'm kind of bored with his character now. and i vote starscream will be coming back.

craziemutant on Jun 6, 2008


Yeah let's bring jazz back. Settle what? Being ripped in half and nobody giving a shit? Fuck you, Jazz!

DCompose on Jun 6, 2008


I am really looking forward to 2, but i just don't like the title, i mean comon Revenge of the Fallen, it's sounds dumb and lame. just stick with Transformers 2, okay because it works well Plus bring back Jazz, have more robot action, less Shira.

Jordan on Jun 6, 2008


Micheal Bay should not be allowed make movies anymore. Transformers 1 sucked

Chris on Jun 6, 2008


Bloody hell, out of all the transformers that pickle and tirell could mention, Red Alert?!?!?!?! Zzzzzzzzzzz..... I was even disappointed that Ironhide was in the first movie, as he was almost a non-entity in the comics. Loads more interesting characters out there, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker (K, they were marginal too but cool), Cliffjumper, Prowl, Jetfire and the best of the best, the Dinobots........and on the deceps, bring on Shockwave and Soundwave AND the Predacons (not a chance with last, but hey! while I'm dreaming). Have to say aswell, didn't like the first movie when I saw it in the cinema, yet after watching it again at home, it had improved. I think thats a first for me πŸ™‚

JB on Jun 6, 2008


Dudes. Honestly. It's Starscream. He left for Cybertron and now he's going to come back with a ton of new Decepticons to settle the score. It's painfully obvious, I can't believe no one has mentioned it yet. The sad part is I read an early treatment for Transformers 2 that I thought was fake. It was really disappointing and bad. But the more info I hear about Transformers 2, and the casting and stuff, the more it's starting to seem like that Treatment wasn't fake after all.

Aldonn on Jun 6, 2008


wasn't megatron dropped down a big trench at the end of the first one if he was that means he fell i.e. revenge of the fallen pretty obvious if u ask me. can't wait for soundwave though and hoping the constuctacons are in it

lee douglass on Jun 6, 2008


Are any of you old enough to have actually read/watched/played with the original Transformers? If you are, then you should remember that the Decepticons had an underwater base on Earth. Hmm... Now where did they dump Megatron's ass off at the end of the first movie? Hint! Hint!

El Tono on Jun 6, 2008


I think they bring in Ultra Magnus or Hot Rod not both and also RC. I don't think they'll bring in to many autobots as they were always outnumbered. So we should think of Decepticons (Thundercracker, Soundwave and his companions, Shockwave,Astrotrain). If the script calls for more talking between the bots there can only be a limited amount.

Mghtymse21 on Jun 6, 2008


Sounds stupid but I am pumped to see this film

SHANE D on Jun 6, 2008


i think its a great name for it and cant wait to see how it turns out with being bigger and more badass

Curtis on Jun 6, 2008


my question is…. are they gonna start calling Shia's character Spike or not????? and Scorpinoc died you dumb asses, they had his tail remember? DDOT3 on Jun 6, 2008 Um your the Dumb ass, did you not actually see the movie. Yes they had the tail. However he crawled under the sand... What you think it just rolled over and died... Give me a break... Watch the movie before you post.

Christopher on Jun 6, 2008


Transformers in name only. The 1986 Movie is a masterpiece compared to Bay's piece-of-shit efforts. What's worse is people actually liked the first one.

avoidz on Jun 7, 2008


i hated the first movie it had loads of shitty plots and unnecessary characters so im hoping this one is better and does the origonal comics justise.

lyndsey on Jun 8, 2008


Don't forget Starscream who flew off at the end of the movie.

Shaun on Jun 8, 2008


What's up with Unicron? ?!?!?

DCompose on Jun 9, 2008


not to crazy of the title gives away the plot & who comes back ... duh

Optimus on Jun 10, 2008


I still function.

Megatron on Jun 10, 2008


ill tell you whats going to happen its going to b starscream he is going to lead the attack along with some new decepticons he is goingto use megatrons memory to get help against the autobots, but one of the decepitcons will b plotting against starscream to bring megatron back , will will lead to part 3 !! all the while the autobots will b focused on tryn to stop starscream!

kevin on Jun 10, 2008


Jazz needs to come back.... hell, make him into a motorcycle and his bottom half into a a pair of nun chucks. Thought his death was laime. If they can turn a cell phone & Mountian dew machine into decepticons, they can bring back jazz with the piece of the allspark that prime walked away with. NE Ways... Dino Bots & constructicons need to have it out.

j_money on Jun 10, 2008


it will probably be megatron, when he becomes galvatron.

frank on Jun 10, 2008


"The Fallen" might refer to the soldiers that lost their lives in the desert. Then, the American military would go after both the Autobots and the Decepticons thinking that all forms of alien life are out to destroy us. In the end, they will realize that only the Decepticons are the bad guys and there will be some warm fuzzies at the end of the movie. Then, in Transformers 3, the Autobots team up with the humans and there is an all out war with all of the remaining Transformers - Autobots and Decepticons - they bring back all the classic favorites for the fight of the century. Earth prevails of course - The End. Maybe - but it probably is Starscream...... πŸ™‚

Kat on Jun 12, 2008


Definitely STARSCREAM.

Me on Jun 13, 2008


From the original series, Jet fire was a friend of Starscream from before the war and left Cybertron and was stranded frozen on earth, much like Megatron in first movie, and initially joined Decepticons to be with friend Starscream but left and joined Autobots when he saw how evil the Decepticons were. Hopefully this might be a subplot in the new movie.

Steve on Jun 13, 2008


First off, I can't help but chuckle at comment #53. To those people wanting this to follow the comic or cartoon, it probably will not. The Decepticons didn't have an underwater base in the movie, just as the Autobots did not have the Ark. Unicron could appear, but it would be doubtful that he could turn Megatron into Galvatron with Megatron in the second deepest place on Earth (despite what they say in the movie). However, either they'll write some oddball thing that causes Megatron to come back or something will happen involving Starscream. Of course, both could happen. They'll probably introduce Arcee for movie politic reasons, maybe. The only thing I hope is that they don't kill off Optimus Prime, the first time in the original movie was epic enough that it affected people who grew up with the show. It really doesn't need to happen least for now.

Aaron on Jun 13, 2008


i'm thinkin megatron coming back with a more dangerous appetite to well,destroy the planet earth or kill every living human being on the planet or come back with more of his evil friends.maybe there's another life sorce out there apart from the cube.for whatever reason, i'm gonna be there.

tatoka on Jun 13, 2008


megatorn will be the one to make the comeback.idk y some people think it will be jazz.dont get me wrong if jazz came back it would still be cool but it's gunna be megatron.

Zephier on Jun 14, 2008


I hope they include the constructicons, stunticons and other combination robots - this will rock...

Richie on Jun 15, 2008


True, space is much colder than the Arctic. But when you enter the atmosphere of the Earth, his temperature increased substantially.. when he fell into the Arctic, and they explain this in the prequel book and graphic novel, that came out before the movie did.. His temperature being as increased as it is and landing in a sub-freezing climate cause him to crash and create that underground cave and was sealed in the ice almost immediately. There are some pictures of a wave that burst from Arctic ice, about three stories high, and froze instantly the moment it reached its peak. It is no loop hole

Phyx on Jun 15, 2008


at the end of the first movie star scream flys of in to space, in the history of the tranformers star scream always wanted the allspark for himself, the allspark was destroyed except for a small peice that optimus prime picked up out of meagatrons chest.

mike on Jun 16, 2008


Wow crap simple to name it a caveman could do it TRANSFORMERS: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE or TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE oh well at least the movie should be badass like the first one was !!!

CORNBOY on Jun 16, 2008


I'm taking a break.. Leave me alone. Thank you.

starscream on Jun 17, 2008


I want to see HotRod or Rodimus Prime & Ultra Magnus

Joseph U. Huang Jr. on Jun 17, 2008


The plot has been released it on google its been goes as follows... --Starscream returns to earth with another cube that he uses to revive megatron. The two call for reinforcments from cybertron. More autobots show up and blam a big ass war on Earth. Thats all thats been announced so far.

Mike on Jun 17, 2008


But that begs the question: If they can fly in space, then how did Megatron get frozen in the Artic? MAJOR PLOT FLAW! jason_md2020 on Jun 5, 2008 ****************************************************************************** Space is cold but has no moisture....Therefore when Megs came to earth he did not freeze because no moisture could condense in or around him and freeze him....However, on Earth there is a thing we like to call Humidity...i.e. the amount of moisture in the air....So when he crashed he froze due to moisture and cold....SHeeezzzz didn't you kids pay attention in Science class..... Plot Flaw = epic fail

Simian on Jun 18, 2008


I don’t want to see Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus, or Galvatron, that would be the beginning of the end and kill it off, (x-men 3, enough said).. There are so many more 1st Gen characters to be explored first. Shockwave, Soundwave, Dinobots, Insecticons, constructicons.. etc. A concept idea.... The Cube was able to minimise from a massive object to a small object. I would love to see Megatron come back and use that merged Technology to transform down into the classic hand held power gun. I also want the story between Starscream and Megatron to evolve and be more in depth as well. So much content, so many ideas, too few writers...

Bobman on Jun 18, 2008


I pray they don't use Unicron in any of the live-action films or at least not until the third... That would be a lot to sell. Besides, I don't think that the films will cover that much timeline anyway and it would require the death of Optimus Prime. Michael Bay would not kill his baby like that... As for the new robots, it should add some more comic book spice to the series and open up new relationships for the Autobots. I personally thought that the introduction scene with Optimus Prime ("We are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron...") was incredibly bold and truly made the first film shine, doing what needed to be done and pulling it off. For this reason, I am NOT AT ALL concerned for the quality of the future of this franchise. These movies can be nothing short of amazing, and I'll definitely be there at the opening showing at midnight. My only hope is that the soundtrack is as amazing as the first (Goo Goo Dolls, Linkin Park, Smashing Pumpkins,!).

Alex Kane on Jun 18, 2008


I think we're all missing a large detail here, and that is this: The Fallen is not a euphemism for whatever random character died in the original film. The Fallen is something much more. According to Greek legend, out of Chaos came five "children," Eros, Erubus, Nyx, Gaia, and Tartarus. According to Transformers legend, out of Primus came 13 "children," one of which would later become the Fallen. In the epic battle between good and evil, Primus and Unicron, the Fallen sided with Unicron, and as such suffered a similar fate as his master, being sealed away in another dimension. This also draws parallels to Christian lore, what with the Rebellion of the Angels, Lucifer and his followers being cast down into Hell and whatnot. I believe this "Revenge of the Fallen" is to be taken verbatim, that is: The Fallen is coming back from the Void. Which, all intensive purposes aside, should kick ass.

James on Jun 20, 2008


if anyone here has ever actually watched the transformers series in almost every series megatron comes back reformated as galvatron e.g. the original transformers movie where unicron reformats him so give up on all this guess whos coming back bullshit because it is a tad bit obvious that 1. starscreams coming back from cybertron with decepticon allies claiming to be the new decepticon leader because he thinks megatron is dead like in almost every transformers series 2. jazz isnt coming back and was pretty shit in the first film jazz: you wan a piece of me ?? megatron : no i'll have two pretty shit way to get killed really, diving onto the enemy thats atleast 3 times bigger than him and then expecting to go all mr.t on him but gets ripped in half 3. the "all mighty megatron" as stated by starscream in generation 1 cant be taken down all that easily he always messes up the autobots perfect looking day somehow apparently dino bots are making an appearence in one of the transformers films but honestly i dont think thatd work out all that good and to finish me going off on one tranformers geek style, does anyone agree with me that unicron should be in the films somewhere along the way ??

silent bob on Jun 20, 2008


transformers one was ok. i thought they way they changed how decepticons look killed the whole movie.

mattel on Jun 20, 2008


there is probably goin too be another energy source as referred to Energon also, what of the minicons? then the Fallen could refer to one of the original 13 or any of those Decepticons who escaped. (or Jazz, as Rachet would probably repair him) btw, i luv that Jetfire is an SR71 BlackBird. hopefully he recuits himself to the Autobots like he did years ago. .ok.

blackout.rage on Jun 21, 2008


If they follow the cartoon Optimus must day and the autobots leadership matrix must fall to another in thier darkest hour one will rise I say follow the story I am looking forward to two-one rocked

dlong1 on Jun 22, 2008


I think it'll be something to do with the old insane grandfather.

The Thinger on Jun 25, 2008


ok....Megatron dies, and in the cartoon series he didnt come back, but didn't his second hand general (forgot his name), try to take his place and pretty much own the autobots, for a while. I bet it megatrons second hand guy.

what on Jun 26, 2008


UHH...........Where the HELL is my GO-Bots Movie!! Get on the ball Mr. Bay!!

Erik on Jun 26, 2008


Am I seriously the only person who had a miniature orgasm when I read Rainn Wilson is joinin' the cast?

Will on Jun 28, 2008


i want it to be called transformers 2 rise of the automatons where starscream gets all his friends andfight on another planet

eric on Jun 30, 2008


It`s Starescreem that is the key character from the first movie who gone make a dramatic comeback... If you ceep watshing the movie complitli aout. you wil se Starescreem flay up in spaise πŸ™‚ so it most be him;-) It cant be Jazz. because Megatron wont 2 pices of him;-) haha And it cant be Megatron. He gets the cube in his shest....... If you think that i writs like a retard, is it becaus i am from Norway:-)

P Vest on Jul 1, 2008


why wasnt soundwave in the first movie? hes the coolest decepticon of them all.

ken on Jul 3, 2008


No doubt is megaton. I don't think Jazz was really a major factor in the mind of the writers.

Eli on Jul 5, 2008


Everyone just calm down please. As much as we all loved the movie, at the same time we all had some serious issues with plot and characters. At this point we need to think of this as Micheal Bays' Transformers and what would he do next? Considering all his movies have the same feel to them and he has never really made a series before, we will either get the exact same movie we just saw, just pumped up a bit, or we will all hate this movie... YET STILL LOVE IT! Because we love these characters and just want to see them in the flesh..or metal rather. So really no matter what the name is, or who is introduced, reintroduced, called by thier comic book name, or how they were frozen, whatever. We will be excited to see it none the less.

Dave V. on Jul 7, 2008


Alright. After writing the previous blog I searched the net for T2 tid-bits. Check this out I just read the treatment for the movie at Search Transformers 2 script (leaked) I think that that all will be satisfied with it. For all you wondering whos back and whos new i'm telling you go and read it! I did and now I'm totally siked foor summer 2009!!!

Dave V. on Jul 7, 2008


it's star scream. he's always been a major factor in the transformers series. plus he didn't get destroyed like the other decepticons.

jin-jin on Jul 23, 2008


Ookkkkkk.........first of all i dont know anything about the comics really but ive been reading shit on the internet...........first of all.....Megatron will come back even tho he got fucked up.....because there was a piece of the allspark left in him.....and that peice is strong enough to fix him and make new robots. Optimus picked up another piece and uses that to fix Jazz (btw does anyone think that the robot that acted black was one of the only ones that died is racist? just a thought). Anywho there were 3 other pieces missing. and prime told ratchet to go look for it around the earth. and barricade and scorponok are looking for it too....i tihnk. And the thing bout the northpole and space being cold or whatever. Starscream went into space in like fucking comet or that little pod thing mode like they did in the first one when the autobots arrived. The Fallen is one of those Original 13 or whatever and all that shit #74 positive dont argue that you nincompoots.

tyson on Aug 6, 2008


people the second movie will be about-the autobots have settled down into life on earth when they get a signal from some autobots on cybertron that starstream has attacked and taking reinforcements to eath so the autobots come to earth and the decepticons return and scorpinoxs revives megatron as galvitron and destroys starstream and takes command of the new decepticons to defeat the autobots and a war happens then at the end of the movie u see unicron coming far in outer space

unicron on Aug 10, 2008


come on guys.... its obvious that its goin to be starscream... i mean he was nt destroyed in the first movie ...unless they bring in some shitty story like there was a piece of alspark which deceptacons got hold and use it to ressurect megatron or somethin like that..........

jason on Aug 24, 2008


They should bring jazz back cause when i saw the 1st movie i was pissed in the end and i really want jazz 2 come back cause he not only sacraficed himselt 2 megatro but he was a fiers charicter so yeah BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole on Sep 20, 2008


about the scorpion decepticon, i thought optimus killed him (motorway scene)

nick on Oct 9, 2008


Hey another why did nt Barricade fight like he wasnt there like wtf that is messed where is he???

Nicole on Oct 15, 2008


firstly the scorpion dude didnt die he just got his tail cut off and starscream flew off in to space to get the rest of the deceptcons and megatron got ripped to shreads so did jazz do the title probably stands for the robot FALLEN not revenge of the fallen so just read the serious facts dude's and dudet's

jt on Oct 25, 2008


a amazing comeback? please. it's starscream. i'm fifteen and it's obvious. anyone here read the comic of it? Transformers: The Revenge of Starscream? it's actually pretty damn good. the plot was something like, he told barricade (who was run into a barricade of all things by ironhide before the fight began, apparently) to chill on earth while he went to grab the body of frenzy, which was still holding important information, before leaving to bring in some other cons from cybertron. like soundwave and a few other popular cons. I highly doubt anyone wants to see megs back though, fanwise for plot purposes. it seems to cliche to me. so chances of him returning as galvatron (a form granted to him by unicron who most definitely won't be making an appearance) is slim and none. plus, starscream was always chilling on the sidelines, awaiting the day that it would be his turn to rule. it's not like he's going to be helping out megs anytime soon.. although, I do believe that Jazz will be in the movie, most likely in flash backs or something of the sort because his voice actor is casted and Megatron's is not. if anyone wants to know, optimus, ratchet, ironhide, starscream, and barricade already have their voices casted too. hope that helps you guys. :3

Tessa on Oct 29, 2008


it's quite confusing 'coz every site has a dif. story .According to one site as in the end we see optimus asking for autobots on cybertron to come on earth and live with humans and protect them as starscream was still alive but they are saying starscream is more of a military kinda robo.ANd they are more new turns too.ANd they r also saying a book named THE FALLEN is releasing before the movie is on which this movie is based .I am just waiting for it's release now

michelle on Dec 31, 2008


i still never understood why complex machines that walk talk and think couldn't fix a damn voice module on Bumble Bee. Seems kinda stupid to me.

Dameon Reese on Jan 28, 2009


taths is focking awesome

dams on Feb 5, 2009


You know what would be awesome? If Labeouf got trampled to death by an Autobot.

That_Movie_Guy on Mar 12, 2009

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