Oh No! Brett Ratner Officially Directing God of War?!

September 30, 2008
Source: UGO

God of War

Oh no - I think everyone's worst fears have been realized! Brett Ratner is officially attached to direct the God of War movie currently in development. This has been rumored for a while, so it is definitely not the first time we've heard Ratner's named mentioned alongside of God of War. But with this confirmation, I think it may be safe to say that this movie probably won't be that good. And it's a shame because it has the potential to be great. This news comes from UGO, who recently caught up with Ratner. During his answer to a question about what's next, God of War was one that he mentioned was in the works.

I know that I should be waiting to find out more about the project before instantly discrediting Brett Ratner, but most people don't like him anyway. I really think God of War is riding the fine line between either potentially being amazing or being terrible, and with Ratner's involvement, I fear it's leaning towards the terrible side. But focusing on other things, the guys at UGO bring up some very good points about its rating. I think this definitely needs to be rated R, but I doubt it will be. I've got a feeling the studios will want this to be a big summer tentpole, meaning it'll have to be PG-13 in the end.

Beyond all this other discussion about the God of War movie, I'm still anxious to find out who else they'll get. So we know Ratner is involved, but the next big question is who will be starring in it as Kratos?

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Brett Ratner and a PG-13 rating?!? From this day forward the God Of War movie shall now be known as God Of Suck.

Jedi on Sep 30, 2008


why do people hate him so much oh he made 1 bad movie x 3 wasn't the plague do we forget he made Red dragon which mind you was rated R and an awesome film as well as the Rush Hour Series which was pretty funny if you ask me

nelson on Sep 30, 2008


X3 was good and so was the first rush hour. The sequel and Red Dragon were okay. The only disaster i have seen of his is the third Rush Hour, that movie was shit. So everyone should shut up now, ok? Honestly, at the very least the movie would be entertaining trash, which is fine by me - video games mostly never have truly cinematic stories...or at least ones that are interesting.

Itri on Sep 30, 2008


X3 was not good.

Richard on Sep 30, 2008


OK let me reiterate, if I had no foreknowledge of the X-men universe, the characters or really anything other then X-men cartoons for reference, then this movie would then be awesome.

Richard on Sep 30, 2008


but it wasn't f'n terrible like most people claim people say same about sm3 it wasn't good but it wasn't f'n terrible it just didn't live u to the hype we built it up to be since the 2 previous films from sm and xmen were so good trust if somehow next batman movie is not as good at tdk it will get shitted on

nelson on Sep 30, 2008


alex, i see your going with the safe vote again and mentioning in your article that you dislike the idea cause everyone else hates him already. An original idea would be nice. Just kind of throwing it out there. And if you do think its a bad choice i can fully understand, but how about a little insight other than the obvious reason. Plus i lost you at the point of mentioning it could be amazing or terrible. Wow, now thats some journalism. In my professional opinion maybe it will be good or maybe it will suck donkey balls, hope that helpseverybody. No, it doesnt. Regardless, remember they could have gone with UWE BOLL, so count your blessings.

what ever on Sep 30, 2008


all i can say is the only person capable of playing the lead role is The Rock... if not him then who?

DDOT3 on Sep 30, 2008


how about Djimon Hounsou he was rumored awhile back

nelson on Sep 30, 2008


Vin Diesel? I don't know I cant think of anyone.

Richard on Sep 30, 2008


God of War- Potentially could have been a good movie, possibly a great movie Brett Ratner- The one thing garunteed to ruin any potentially good movie. X3 is liked only by people who know nothing about the X-Men. No clearly thinking X-Men fan can honestly say that the movie is good. Back of track, Brett Ratner is going to find some way to screw the movie up. The game is rated M for a reason. That would then mean that rating the movie PG13 would cut out most of the stuff that required the M rating. Regardless of who plays Kratos the movie will be a dud

Chris Henry on Sep 30, 2008


They should hace tried to give it to Zack Snyder, with an awesome 300 Style filming God of War would eveen attract myself. I never played the game but heard great things, and if you can grab people from outside your hard core fanbase that is how you spell success.

MrSammich on Sep 30, 2008


This is the least objective reporting site I think I have ever seen, it's a fucking laugh reading some of Alex's post! It's his site so he can go nuts. But believing that God of War could have been a 'great' movie? Hahah, I 've played the games and I would not pay to see this on the big screen. I didn't have any desire to play the ame again, let alone watch a movie adaption. It will be another horrible video game adaption with most likely brilliant set peices and rendering (just like Silent Hill) yet a paper thin script and characters we don't give a shit about. Yay, sounds brilliant. As for Brett Ratner I'm not a fan but then again who cares I won't be going to see his movies. However the few hundred million who do will be paying for it and that's all that matters. As for his previous efforts none have really struck a chord with me but I saw Rush Hour 3 when I was travelling around Europe and although I wasn't properly watching it (on a bus, small screen, gtfo) I must say it did 'look good'. Expensive set peices, relatively unimaginative yet dynamic cinematography - you know, the sort of things you can afford when you make movies that gross in the hundreds of millions.

Mike on Sep 30, 2008


chris tucker and jackie chan made that movie x3 sucked

ken on Sep 30, 2008


You got to be kidding me, Bret screwed up big time in RushHr3 and X3, these two movies could have been much better. Hopefully things change, and a better director ie 300 would direct God of War. Lets just hope this dont turn down the trash!!!!

Jumper on Sep 30, 2008


#9 that's not a bad choice either! he never crossed my mind... #10 Vin Diesel sucks! you must be Vin Diesel trying to get a buzz goin...lmao

DDOT3 on Sep 30, 2008


ridley scott should direct it. Gladiator was the shit

Drake on Sep 30, 2008


I did read somewhere Vin Diesel meant to play as Kratos. Rush Hour 3 was ok, but would have been even better if they got Van Damme as the villian (he initially was going to be part of RH3 - delays due to Chris Tucker wanting more $$). But strictly speaking, I hope Brett is not directing the film defo a screw up with a PG-13 rating when the concept of the game is R-rated. They will not make any money as only fans of the video game would like to see, and they shud stick to the same story line as the video game and try make it better. Like Max Payne, trailers look damn good.

Fearl3ss on Sep 30, 2008


Vin Diesel will star... Duh!

Justin on Sep 30, 2008


Batista from WWE. Teach him how to act and he would kick ass.

sol on Sep 30, 2008


Don't forget the asian sidekick. Seriously, why do they keep doing this to us??? And yes, X-Men 3 ruined the X-Men trilogy.

Bobby on Sep 30, 2008


Wow! This sucks! I played the game and loved it and the whole time I was playing it I was thinking "This could easily be made into a great movie". Now my hopes and dreams have been shattered. Thank you idiot studio execs who don't know your assholes from your elbows. I appreciate you ruining what could have been an excellent film.

ClerksFan on Sep 30, 2008


hey atleast uwe boll isn't directing.

Darrin on Sep 30, 2008


# 3, No, X3 wasent good at all if you know the comics or even the cartoon series. Ratner came in knowing nothing about X Men, just by the movies. God Of War is an amazing game, Its sad they let that terrible director direct it. Why do game companys just toss there games to bad directors like this one? Guy who ruined X-Men will ruin God of War. Awsome.

Ryan on Sep 30, 2008


He's not the worst director out there, remeber... remeber the Uwe Boll films, now thats awful Bret is nowhere that level of suck, so give him a chance, be it a snow ball chance in hell or any guy sitting through an entire show of "The View"

Xerxex on Sep 30, 2008



m4st4 on Oct 1, 2008


Brain...melting.... favourite game...meets least favourite director... damn it all to hell I'm an optimist however and believe that Karma should serve us up one healthy slice of Godofwar pie as retribution for the X3 massacre pretty please, this man MUST be able to learn from his mistakes surely?

mikesta on Oct 1, 2008


Brett Ratner's a hack, in my opinion he's never made a single good film. I wonder why any studio actually thinks it's a good idea to give him the go for a movie which he's bound to monumentously screw-up. Other than that the whole PG-13 rating is little more than speculation, an R rating nowadays doesn't automatically mean failure.

SlashBeast on Oct 1, 2008


Why God... Why!!!??? Fingers crossed he won't F this up. This could be such an amazing movie if done right.

K on Oct 1, 2008


I know who'd be great as Kratos! Nicholas Cage! Not really though. That's a joke. If this ends up being rated PG-13, it will be terrible. It won't represent the game correctly at all.

-Peter- on Oct 1, 2008


o.k. mike must be out of his mind anyone who played this game can't honestly say its not great and if they they do their crazy. no matter who directs this movie it has the potential to be great and if they mess it up they deserve to be punished exspecially with G.O.W III coming out in march the filmcould make a killing if it comes out next year.

john on Oct 1, 2008


I hate to admit it, but I'd also go with Vin Diesel.

Ivan on Oct 1, 2008


If Hollywood has the nerve to ruin the Street Fighter and Resident Evil pictures then the raping of this young franchise doesn't shock me at all. Atleast it's American and the filmmakers may have a tighter relationship with the original staff, who knows. I was never big on God of War and its strawberry swirl hero, anyway.

Frame on Oct 1, 2008


All Japanese games and anime, Hollywood everytime screw it up coz they dont even no the prop story background, they tend to make it all PG-13 to attract more audience. Only jap makers can pull it off. But Dragonball may hav some potential lime-light which follows the baisc storyline from the same writers - Akira Toriyama. A teaser can be seen on the following link (quality is poor):

Fearl3ss on Oct 1, 2008


For anyone defending Ratner's credibility as a director... HE (PASSIONATELY) WANTS TO MAKE A GUITAR HERO MOVIE. Apologies for the all caps, but seeing as how I can't reach through your screen and physically shake you and slap you in the face... I'll admit it's possible that this could turn out to be the one that surprises us all, and makes us realize he's a good director who's just made some bad movies, but I think it's entirely more plausible that he's going to take a great license and turn it into a half-baked brainless travesty. On top of that, you add the fact that there's an extremely high probability that the studio is going to cut out anything that even remotely offends (gore, 'excessive' violence, nudity, language, etc.), and what we're going to end up with is a stylized shell of a movie that barely resembles the original property. You know what? Screw it. Let's just take anything that anyone has ever liked, give it to a team of lazy writers, include a couple of dick/fart jokes and an obnoxiously ignorant character who will explain the entire story to the audience so they don't have to pay attention, then pass the script along to a director who has more ego than talent, give them a beer budget with champagne expectations, have studio execs (who collectively possess the creativity of a bottle of bleach) revise the script and fight the director at every turn, THEN proceed to censor the end result so that it's hardly recognizable, but manages to slide in at a PG-13 rating so more kids will see it and ticket sales will initially be higher, despite managing to alienate post-pubescent audiences. Oh... wait.

Stiles on Oct 1, 2008


at least its not uwe bole...

avelanch on Oct 1, 2008


Ahem... I wouldn't call it my WORST fear. Brett Ratner directing the Casablanca remake wouldn't be good. After the dust settles from all of the lawsuits flying aound the Tolkien franchise, I wouldn't want to see THE HOBBIT wrenched from Del Toro and handed to Ratner. I wouldn't want to see him direct the ALIEN or THE THING remakes. None of these things are my worst fears, but... These are a few of my UNfavorite things!

Feo Amante on Oct 1, 2008


This seems just like a big waste of time altogether. Why make a movie about this game? It doesn't make sense in any medium - but hearing this news that Brett Ratner is helming his project...just a shame. I do not care at all about this rated R or PG.

Conrad on Oct 1, 2008


Video games have NEVER translated well into movies and with Brett Ratner at the controls it's sure to be a terrible movie. I agree with some of the posts above, anyone who can defend Ratner with a straight face is a fool, he's never made even a decent movie and seriously wanted to make a guitar hero movie. Enough said.

SlashBeast on Oct 2, 2008


if this isnt rated R or as good as it has the potential to be i will murder every one involved with it the end

nick on Oct 2, 2008


Hmm...forget Batista. Faran Tahir (the leader of the "Ten Rings" in Ironman) would be a good Kratos. Then again, he wouldn't want to ruin his acting career with Brett Ratner, now would he...

sol on Oct 3, 2008


they should get jimon hounsou (the main black character from blood diamond) to play kratos

Jizzle on Nov 12, 2008


better directors that Ratner for the movie adaptation of the best game of all fuggin time: 1. Zack Snyder 2. Del Toro 3. a washing machine 4. my baby cousin 5. a rock 6. Micheal Bay ( i said it!) 7. David Lynch (go watch Dune) 8. my underwear 9. Desmond Tutu 10. Micheal Jordan's socks

X on Dec 16, 2008


I forgot Peter Jackson. admit it, he would do a pretty good job. hes good with large fight scenes

X on Dec 16, 2008


Got news for whatever idiot said X-men 3 ruined the X-men franchise and only people who know nothing about X-men liked X-men three BRYAN SINGER FUCKED IT UP FROM THE START, the only thing that was good about any of the X-men movies was some of the casting choices and that is it. Brett Ratner did the best he could with the shit Singer handed over to him. And don't bother telling me that Bryan Singer is great he is not Superman Returns just proves that point, with budget of over $200 million that was the best that douche bag could come up with. X-men needs to go back to Marvel then you would see how X-MEN should of been like. I honestly think Brett might do a good job of GOD OF WAR as long as they get the right person to be KRATOS and no not Vin Diesel he just doesn't suit KRATOS. FRANKY G or DOMINIC PURCELL are the only guys that even look like KRATOS but mostly FRANKY G!

The Punisher on Dec 17, 2008


Dimjou as Kratos what a joke how many Black Greeks have you ever seen, I know I haven't. KRATOS IS A SPARTAN NOT AN AFRICAN, just because David Jaffe said he wants Dimjou that just proves Jaffe doesn't know shit about the character he helped create. And no offence to Dimjou is a kickass actor but he would make a great Black Panther a role in my opinion he was born to play.

The Punisher on Dec 17, 2008


HA you laugh at Brett Ratner wanting to make a Guitar Hero Movie, Ridley Scott is making a Tetris movie that really doesn't make any sense.

The Punisher on Dec 17, 2008


I really hope that they don't make this PG-13, but if this movie sucks at least the games don't.

The Punisher on Dec 18, 2008


I think BATISTA [WWE champion] is great for this Kratos Charactor.B'coz he got face looks like Kratos & he got a hudge Body.....

shan on Apr 4, 2009


"Dimjou as Kratos what a joke how many Black Greeks have you ever seen, I know I haven't. KRATOS IS A SPARTAN NOT AN AFRICAN, just because David Jaffe said he wants Dimjou that just proves Jaffe doesn't know shit about the character he helped create. And no offence to Dimjou is a kickass actor but he would make a great Black Panther a role in my opinion he was born to play." First, off his name is Djimon Hounsou not Dimjou. Second, he would make a great Kratos. The guy who does the voice for Kratos is black, plus if you knew anything about the game you would know that Kratos is covered in white ashes, so the fact he is black means nothing. As for flash back scenes. Guess what. Hollywood has this little thing they call make up. You can Google it. It's real. My favorite for the part is actually another black actor. Michael Jai White. (Spawn) He has a more impressive build and has better face to show anger. If they don't get either of them I suppose my third choice would be Dominic Purcell. He did a great job as Dracula in Blade Trinity. As far as Ratner Directing. I think he is a good director. I really didn't know anything about the X-men universe and I thought X3 was good. Now on the other hand he is slated to direct the new Conan the Cimmerian reboot. (a character and world I care about more than any other media character) I would like a Conan that sticks to the source material, but that's up to the writters. It's just up to Ratner to make it adapt well to the screen. I'm not a purist and I don't mind if the director or writters take certain liberties. I loved Milius's Conan just the same even though he murdered the source material. So, for entertainment sake I won't mind a few changes to God of War as long as the overall story remains in tact. And, of course it must be rated R. P.S. I disagree with anyone who suggests wrestlers for this part. They aren't actors (at least good ones) and this movie will never be taken seriously if they cast one for the part.

Sharki on Apr 10, 2009


Sharki what the fuck are you talking about just because TC Carson is black and does the voice of Kratos doesn't mean a black actor should play a SPARTAN. Spartan's where greek so there for you need an actor who is of olive complexion (GREEK LOOKING MORON) there was no black Spartans but if you had payed any attention in history you would of learned what the Spartans were really like. Hollywood has makeup REALLY shit do they really, do you think they could make an ASIAN look a Englishman WOW!!! how fucking cool is that you really are FUCKING IDIOT. By the way I have played GOW 1 and 2 and they are my favorite games so yeah I do know about them. Franky G is the best choice to play Kratos (he actually looks Greek). Oh No I got Djimon Hounsou wrong be fucking deal you still knew who I was talking about. I agree with you that a wrestler should not play Kratos and that Brett Ratner MAY do a good job with this but we will have to see. P.S Your still a fucking idiot!

The Punisher on Jun 14, 2009


Sharki don't take too long to say something back because I want to own your tiny little mind you lame-o son of a bitch. Your mother must really regret the day you slipped out of her vagina and ruined her life with your lameness, you sad little piece of shit. FUCK YOU, you sad little cunt hope you choke on your own vomit!! So what are you going say that will totally cut me down little bitch? Come on little cunt bring it on.

The Punisher on Jun 14, 2009


Sharki is a lame cunt!

The Punisher on Jun 14, 2009


Your still a sad little lame cunt Sharki!

The Punisher on Sep 8, 2009


Come on Sharki I'm waiting mother fucker say something cunt. I'm sick of waiting for you to say something come on defend your bullshit BLACK GREEK stance that you think makes any sense. You are one of the biggest loser mother fuckers I have ever come across how about your say something before the end of this decade. FRANKY G is the best choice get it through your thick fucken skull dipshit Kratos needs to played by someone who looks GREEK you dumb shit.

The Punisher on Sep 25, 2009


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Sharki on Sep 25, 2009



Sharki on Sep 25, 2009


I am so dumb that I actually believe that a black actor is the best choice to play a Spartan. Come on you can believe that Greeks looked like Africans just like you could believe that Jet Li could be the perfect Captain America hell white Americans look asian don't they. I think the next Superman should be played by a Arab come on can't you say that Clark Kent doesn't look a little bit middle eastern.

Sharki on Sep 25, 2009


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Sharki on Sep 25, 2009


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Sharki on Jan 21, 2010


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Sharki on Jan 21, 2010


Sharki you really are a sad mother fucker!

Anti-Fox on May 14, 2010

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