Oh No! That Damn Justice League Movie is Back!

February 27, 2008
Source: Variety

Justice League of America

Just when you thought the world was a safer place, Warner Brothers decided to screw things up and bring that damn Justice League of America movie back from the dead. In January we reported that the project had been put on "indefinite hold", at least until the writers strike had finished and they could figure out what the heck was going on with it. As we all know, the writers strike ended back on February 12th and now Warner Brothers is trying to get something into production because they're summer season is looking pretty bare. A report from Variety today confirms that Justice League is being pushed back into production for a 2009 debut and is possibly being rename to Justice League: Mortal.

As a refresher, Happy Feet director George Miller was attached and a script had been written by first-time husband and wife writers Michele and Kieran Mulroney. Miller is still attached as director and is currently in pre-production down in Australia, and Michele and Kieran are back hard at work polishing up the script. It's expected to be finalized and back in the studio's hands in a few weeks and all of the cast, as listed below, have been told to continue training and preparing for their superhero roles.

Now onto the important part - casting. In addition to all of the actors previously reported as part of the film, AICN rumored recently that Hugh Keays-Byrne would join as Martian Manhunter. Now here's the full line-up, as best we can tell:

Adam Brody - The Flash

Common - Green Lantern

Armie Hammer Jr. - Batman

D.J. Cotrona - Superman (rumored)

Megan Gale - Wonder Woman

Hugh Keays-Byrne - Martian Manhunter

Teresa Palmer - Talia Al Ghul (rumored)

Other updates on the project include that production on the movie is being moved from Australia to Vancouver, BC, possibly to save on costs. And yet another rumor popped up previously about the story that said that Batman and Superman were offed early on and not a major part of the film. For now we'll take all of these rumors with a grain of salt until some solid details officially come out.

Is this just a desperate attempt for Warner Brothers to salvage their 2009 summer movie season and put into production a movie that was "close" to being ready? I still stand by my belief that this movie is going to suck, terribly, and that even fast-tracking it for a 2009 release or polishing the script won't improve it. The Variety report claims that "Justice League is a huge priority for the studio and considered a launching pad for future superhero projects down the line." I am seriously fearing for the worst with Justice League: Mortal, and I hope that Warner Brothers really knows what they're doing. Is anyone still looking forward to this?

On a side note, has anyone caught that new animated Justice League: The New Frontier movie yet? It debuted at WonderCon but I didn't have a chance to see it. I've heard it's pretty good. It will probably be the best Justice League movie we'll ever get.

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I agree that the movie will suck badly. I will still see it but it doesn't make any sense to make a Justice League movie, if they (Warner Bros.) has already made Batman and Superman movies, and future Flash, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow (Supermax) into movies. Just make the spin offs and leave Justice League to the comic book people and TV people.

Andrew Fischer on Feb 27, 2008


Alex - Justice League: The New Frontier is pretty damn amazing for an animated movie, and I'm sure is better than this movie could ever hope to be. They got the characters right, which is the most important thing. The voice actors were great (Jeremy Sisto as Batman was my favorite), and the animation itself was excellent. This is a must have DVD or Blu-Ray. It just seems like Warners is willing to put out a crappy Justice League movie (and they've got to know it won't work) just to be making a movie. It makes no sense to me to put Batman in a film like this that ultimately undermines Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight.

TCox on Feb 27, 2008


In NO WAY am I excited about this, the only way I would see this working is if they would establish these characters in separate movies and then bring them together in one movie keeping the same actors. Its the formula X-men is using just backwards. I agree with TCox it TOTALLY undermines the brilliant works of the new Batman movies and even the Superman movies (even though the new one is not widely liked).

Mark R on Feb 27, 2008


Why, why, why, why, why, why are we being subjected to this trash. I'm not looking forward to, or even plan on seeing this crap. if you have established actors in established franchises that are going to be part of a giant crossover movie like this, why the hell would you cast someone different, and then move it into the past when they were younger (especially in the case of Batman, who was not Batman when he was in his teens/early 20's...) this is just plain stupid. At least I have the Dark Knight to look forward to this year.

Avelanch on Feb 27, 2008


This cast is retarded, just unspeakably bad. Miller and his bottom of the barrel cast need to be given the boot.

Kimmie on Feb 27, 2008


I just watched Justice League: The New Frontier and it was great, better than great. The characters were awesome, Hal Jordan instead of John Stewart. The 1950s setting was excellent for the Justice League. The animation and the music were great too. I hope they make more of these Justice League movies instead of the crappy one coming out next year. There is no way that real people characters could work for a movie that has this much action. It has to be animation, wait they already did an animation movie. Good job Warner Bros. so far.

Fish on Feb 27, 2008


It sounds horrible but will still make $200M.

Ryan on Feb 27, 2008


First of all, who the hell are these actors? Adrian Brody & Common are the only two I've even heard about. The only way that this could suck any more is if the set it in New Manhattan. (Yup. I'm still pissed about that.)

jason_md2020 on Feb 27, 2008


For fu*k sake.... No one want this film to be made and with good reason. Is it that the studio just wont listen to the public or don't know that no one wants this film made. It is the most tragic idea since putting Arnold in a plastic suit and seeing him dance around the screen like a fairy with an icemaker.

Ant on Feb 27, 2008


Movie buffs are the only ones who know of the existence of this movie and yet no one likes it, so shouldn't Warner take that as a warning NOT to make this pile of crap? Btw, was the New Frontier movie really good? I used to hear Mask of the Phantasm was a good movie and then I watched and thought it was pretty bleh..

Alfredo on Feb 27, 2008


Ryan #7 - Exactly, that's the problem... Like Ghost Rider, it's still going to be a hit despite how god awful it turns out... Do any of these people who actually enjoy movies like Ghost Rider read It seems like every last person on here hates this idea... So who out there likes it?! Where are those of you that are going to cause this to make $200M hiding!

Alex Billington on Feb 27, 2008


No matter who directs this movie its going to suck, and to make it worse then it already is that they're not even using the original cast from batman and superman it would be worth while to go see it for Christian Bale but nope they gotta use another actor i know its probley hard to get him but it would have made it better then what it is going to be. This is going to be another Batman and Robin movie i just know it.

Curtis on Feb 27, 2008


They should just give this movie up and throw it away. Just kill the movie permanently. But Warner Bros. is stupid, make as much money as possible even if the movie sucks. We should make a petition against making this movie. Who's with me.

Fish on Feb 28, 2008


This will suck bigtime,I just know it,so get it over with, just bury it and lets all enjoy the animated stuff...

Zerge on Feb 28, 2008


ghost rider was ok, justice league: the new frontier was an interesting movie to see the old ideas of dc superheroes it would be great if they would make another animated movie instead of this one or they should use their brains to create a better cast and put some comic geek soul into it

zondron on Feb 28, 2008


They should do an animated version Beowulf style. That would kick ass.

jason_md2020 on Mar 1, 2008


All hope is lost...

Ramon M. on Mar 2, 2008


maybe Warner Bros. should take all this as constructive critisism, and cast Christian Bale and Brandon Routh as Batman and Superman, and not set it in the younger years. I would also like to see some of the Smallville cast in this, i know Tom Welling would never agree to it, but Justin Hartley is a GREAT Green Arrow, Phil Morris rocks as Martian Manhunter, and Alan Ritchson is good as Aquaman. If they cast the people who we familiarize the characters with, it would have a CHANCE of being good, o and, having first time writers do this movie is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE idea.

Mike on Mar 4, 2008


Warner's doesn't care that this is a bad idea. Did they ever? The are making this movie with the idea that if you don't like it F**K you. Not everyone is a comic book fan. Comic fans are loyal. They are the reason that these characters have been around so long. We are the ones who give a shit. If WB doesn't give a shit then why should we? I have been a DC fan for many years. And I would not bother with this movie. I can think of a least 100 other things I could spend my time and money on. It is very sad that this is going to be a major disaster in the history of motion pictures. Batman and Robin will have this Joke along side it. But one thing that WB's is banking on is the general public. And they are stupid. A tragedy, but true.

Jack on Mar 10, 2008


A lot of people want this movie made, but their comments get deleted because they don't agree with the very opinionated and biased Alex Billington.

DKBats on Mar 25, 2008


GOD i'm sure it will be the stupidest think in the history of movie making. Just give Bryan Singer a chance to make superman returns sequel.

keske on Mar 31, 2008


I hated Justice League as a comic, it was tacky and threw all the mismatched heroes together in an absolutely retarded "Super Friends" team. Now imagine that tacky cheesiness translated to live action! AWESOME!

Batman on May 3, 2008


Why not avoid all this and make a Justice Society movie instead? Leave Superman and the Batman out of it entirely. The Spectre, Hourman, Flash, Atom, Hawkman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Dr Fate and Black Canary would mop the floor with the johnny-come-lately JLA.

Cap on May 29, 2008


Why is everyone so against this movie?

Mona on Jun 23, 2008


no matter what everyone's still gona watch it. and wb will find a way how to make it real good i believe

cons on Sep 2, 2008


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The casting for this movie is just AWFUL. Arnie Hammer and ADAM BRODY?! Are you kidding me? I hate this movie already. 🙁

Kristy on Aug 16, 2009

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