One More Awesome Incredible Hulk Teaser Trailer!

June 2, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

Well I'll be damned! Last week we brought you what I thought was the last good trailer for The Incredible Hulk, but I was wrong. This final trailer has materialized out of nowhere and has been making the rounds as one of the best comic geek introductions to the new Hulk. In fact, I'm wondering why we didn't see this trailer back in March instead of that first teaser trailer. Although there really isn't any new footage, I know most of you are going to watch this and say now you're 100% ready to go see The Incredible Hulk - it's just that good. Anyway, enough of an intro, it's time for you to fire up this last great Hulk trailer and enjoy!

Thanks to the guys at AICN for first pointing this out. They say this is the great trailer they have ever made and I don't necessarily agree, but it is pretty damn exciting.

Watch the last new teaser trailer for The Incredible Hulk:

[flv: 400 228]

The Incredible Hulk is directed by French filmmaker Louis Leterrier of The Transporter, Unleashed, and The Transporter 2. The script for the film was originally written by Zak Penn (Behind Enemy Lines, X-Men 2, X-Men 3), but after joining the film as the lead character Bruce Banner, Edward Norton himself took over the reigns and re-wrote the screenplay. The Incredible Hulk arrives in theaters on June 13th.

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i think this will surpass the first film... and tony stark makes a small appearance right..? off the movie question ... does anyone think there should be a new voice over voice..? lol

Rigo on Jun 2, 2008


Yeah , but hey it had this really 80s' feel to it , even though i was annoyed like 2 seconds into it. haha It was cool. I think that this trailer has changed my mind about seeing this. I wasnt really that excited about it but now i am. The throw back to David Banner in the chair, and the clip of him in the dark coming up and his eyes turning green. THATS THE WAY THE HULK SHOULD OPEN UP!!!!!! man im excited now!!!

therblig on Jun 2, 2008


Kudos to you, Alex, for maintaining the Incredible Hulk HYPE- ! It's really not far off to say this film's had about the same hype machine going for it that Iron Man had. Trailers & clips SEEMED to give everything away, but the final product spoke for itself & there was still SO much to keep us entertained. AICN also has a detailed Edit-room visitation report (it gives away some spoilers), that seems to get this idea across - that we ain't seen nothin' yet!

Dominic Fortune on Jun 2, 2008


the voice over kinda killed it for me but i still need to see this film.

Darrin on Jun 2, 2008


This was one cheeeeesy trailer. I was kinda excited for this movie, and now I don't want to see it again. What a TERRIBLE voice over!

Marty Martin on Jun 2, 2008


Ha, Marty, I was too afraid to mention that! I really thought this trailer really wasn't that great, but everyone else is going CRAZY over it (just look at AICN). I thought I'd play into the hype by posting it. But realistically, the music and voiceover in this are terrible. It's almost as if it were fan made...

Alex Billington on Jun 2, 2008


i don't care about the hulk, but I am just bored enough and tired enough to pop in and say that the hulk is one of the worst superheros created. right there with superman..too powerful..few boring.

Garrett.king on Jun 2, 2008


You guys need to kindly take off your geek hats for one gaddamn second, and realize THIS is the kind of trailer that the Average person in the public needs to see, in order to be drawn into this movie. YES- that voice is the standard narrator voice. Why? Because it grabs your ATTENTION. YES- that's dramatic music. WHY? Because it pulls you into the movie. Get a grip on yourself, Alex. This film looks great. Don't go chickening on us after just 3 posts!

Dominic Fortune on Jun 2, 2008


Whoa Dominic, I'm not burning out! I was just saying this trailer ain't so hot... I am actually VERY excited for Hulk! I just don't think this trailer is as great as everyone is making it out to be... You needn't worry, there will plenty more Hulk to come! πŸ™‚

Alex Billington on Jun 2, 2008


I'm from Toronto, where much of it was filmed, and nothing pleases me more than seeing one of our city's most prominent strip-clubs, Zanzibar, continually featured in the background (flashy blue and red sign.....screams Zanzibar.....can't miss it). I'm sure the girls are proud.

Nthngmn on Jun 2, 2008


Very lame CG!

Jay on Jun 2, 2008


You're lame CG. WHat is it with everyone dissing the CG in this movie? Like they could do any better. The Hulk looks like he's there, and really picking shit up, and breaking stuff, and causing havok. In reality there's nothing there and none of that stuff is happening. But it looks like it is. In my books, that's considered good CG. People are so ridiculously jaded.

Aldonn on Jun 2, 2008


It was a good trailer but not anything special i thought the other trailers were better. Im really looking forward for the movie and cannot wait.

Curtis on Jun 2, 2008


I agree with Dominic... Especially since they incorporated the theme music of the show. Regarding the CG... it's easy to criticize when your sitting in a cold, dark room with only your idling PS3 to keep you warm. If people bitch enough maybe they'll stop making these movies you all claim to love and we can all whine about how the CGI sucks in Rush Hour 4 or Daddy Day Care 5. That is all...

Eric on Jun 2, 2008


Poor trailer. I think this movie won't do that great. It won't do Speed Racer bad but I say it will do less then the first with a high 20s low 30s opening and finish below 100.

Ryan on Jun 2, 2008


actually the cg looks pretty good, i dont think anyones ever going to be satisfied with the look of the hulk himself, maybe a little darker of a green would be better but they did a good job with him the hypes building but it wont match ironman as for the trailer it looks like it was filmed on a handycam off the tv, not bad but not great, voice over guys voice is good for the film, but what hes saying and the music just sound corny, im guessing this trailer was made fr drawing people more towards the love story part of the film than the kickass action part

harrison on Jun 2, 2008


looks good im there plus with the happening coming this is definitely my choice over that. im there

alan on Jun 2, 2008


Do we get to see Hulk & Abomination break into Zanzibar, then? That'd be totally cool. They could both get distracted momentarily by the hot chicks. Then take it to the streets & resume ass-kicking. HULK LEER. πŸ™‚ Can't wait! FREEZE ME & DEFROST JUNE 12th!!!

Djo on Jun 2, 2008


I think this movie looks really good, but does anyone else think that they've kinda dropped the ball on the marketing campaign. I feel like I talk about this movie to someone who isn't well versed in comic books or comic book movies and they say "there's another incredible hulk movie coming out, the other one was so bad". Anyway like I said I think it'll be a good movie but I'm nervous for the movie....

Drew on Jun 2, 2008


Garrett, if you think Superman, who was indeed the BEGINNING of all superheroes, is lame, you are insulting all of DC AND Marvel. EVERY superhero attributes their creative existence to Superman. Plus, the fact that no one can truly kick his ass? Make him 10x cooler than some pansy who is always vulnerable. πŸ˜€ But that's just my opinion.

Reza on Jun 2, 2008


Yeah, I really wish I could do something to help Marvel out w/ this marketing. I live in Philly, and thought there might be some stuff this weekend for the Comic Con. They sent Lou Ferrigno, to talk about his experience playing the Hulk. It's moments like that when I wish Ed Norton would be on Entertainment Tonight, Entertainment magazine, the covers of Rolling Stone, SPIN, and what the Hell, throw in GQ. From what I can tell, they've trimmed his script down and compacted several flashback sequences into a frontloaded origin sequence. Which is fine, but being that his quote at San Diego was: "Most of these movies front-load the origin in the first 5 minutes, and I thought we could weave it around, not tell everything all at once." I could see why he'd be pissed. But STILL! Just get the studios to PROMISE that 30 % of the FX shots in the next movie will be prosthetics or animatronics, the way WETA did, tell Rhythm & Hues to STOP off-shoring their rendering (all the best talent's in Vancouver, anyway) - and COMMIT to this role you've taken on! Norton's cut is going to be in the DVD Anyway! We just need ASSES in those SEATS, Opening weekend!!! Hulk slightly aggravated. Gar-umph! (But REALLY want one of those life-size Hulk statues...)

Djo on Jun 2, 2008


Is this in HD on any www?

dac_fan on Jun 2, 2008


Very nice....I'm there!!!

Fisherman on Jun 2, 2008


That is one of the cheesiest voice-overs for a trailer I've heard in years. I want to see the flick, but that trailer is a total throw back to the kind of trailers they had in the 80's and early 90's. I'm surprised they didn't do the whole "One man must fight... to save the world!" sort off line, since it's basically in the tagline.

Squiggly_P on Jun 2, 2008


ugh I need to watch that again with the sound turned off

Silver on Jun 2, 2008


crap,crap,crap, crap.

JoJo on Jun 3, 2008


YOu guys should keep in mind this is not an actual teaser trailer, but a promotion which showed up on some Best Buy dvd's. You're not going to see it in theatres so- don't worry so much! HULK WILL STILL BE AWESOME. This was just a nod to the old show - and yes, a throwback to a bygone era. The movie's not going to be like this so- Chill out!

Dominic on Jun 3, 2008


Rezza. The fact that superman isn't vulnerable is what makes him lame. You know that he'll always come through. He has too many powers and his only weakness is extremely rare to come by. That IS lame. And I don't have to honor the first of superheros, I respect certain superhero's that have some fucking character and have to struggle like a real fucking person would. Hulk is almost like a good version of superman..but getting mad, turning green and then hitchhiking is hardly worthy of a franchise.

Garrett.king on Jun 3, 2008


That trailer was bogus! I was excited to watch it, then the voice over guy slowly ear raped my while I was treated to a vision of the first Hulk movie, only slower, now starring Abomination. Universal should have let this footage go up in flames like the Ghost Whisperer set. Too soon?

Fatal Error on Jun 3, 2008


Need I remind EVERYBODY that it is the same amount of time that passed btw. Batman & Robin & Batman Begins??? FIVE YEARS. That's a pretty fair amount of time, I'd say. Do you really expect Marvel to rest on their laurels while their 2nd most recognizable Property slinks into obscurity? Invulnerability is gradeschool stuff. ALL Superheros are vulnerable. Superman's just got a dumb costume. Underwear on the outside of your tights is just a NO-NO-NO in this age. And his human persona is even blander than the mild-mannered Bruce Banner! We need to remind ourselves that these are all comic book characters, so every filmmaker's mission is to flesh them out just enough to be appealing to normal human beings, while keeping their unbridled imaginative aspects believable. ED NORTONS JUST THE MAN TO DO IT. If anything, I think Rhythm & Hues needs to stop off-shoring their rendering, so the Hulk willl look 100 % throughout the whole film, instead of just the beginning and end of it. (Those middle sequences they should just replace that growling face entirely - I don't like it for several, several reasons. Whereas at the end he looks great! WTF!) I am still SO excited to see this- but I don't care how many sleepless nights these guys have had. They need to have MORE sleepless nights getting that daylight sequence CG looking STELLAR. Or Rhythm & Hues can kiss its future commissions (& overseas operations) goodbye. GO HULK. GO SEE THE HULK. IF YOU LIKE COMIC MOVIES, SEE THE HULK. If not, then prepare for Rush Hour 5-9, COMIN' UP!!!!

Dominic on Jun 3, 2008


lol, i see ur point garrett, to an extent. There IS character development in superman. he's flawed mentally. he can be too engrossed in his god-like powers, like he is with the Golden Age version Kal-L, or he can be insecure and emotionally weak when it comes to his relationships, like he usually is in his Silver Age version Kal-El. and if anything, he's a grandiose parody of humanity in general. superman is an allegory, and tht starts to encroach in the realm of literature. oh, and when he BREATHES it's super. daaaaaang. lol, i just love the superhero in general. nothing against marvel characters, but i think DC characters are way more stoic and in the old mold of the guy (or gal) who fights to save the whole world without complaining, taking the weight of the planet on his/her shoulders with a silent bearing. so i guess u gotta push harder to see thru the stoicism to the real pain they feel as characters. it's the marvel guys who always seem to step into the dramatic characterization arcs.

Reza on Jun 3, 2008


thank god for a mature response instead of a flame war. as I've mentioned in other posts for this new hulk, I have no interest in the hulk. He's never been amazing as a character for me. But I did watch Ang Lee's version and was wondering why the hell he raped the story. It was so far off and horrible. Not that I'm looking forward to any incarnation of The Hulk, but at least this one seems to be more on the dot. Hope the fans can enjoy bits of it.

Garrett.king on Jun 4, 2008


well, i aint no h8a. i do believe that this movie will sell off the hype alone and there is that chance this movie could potentially do better than any marvel or comic book movie for that matter. but who are we kidding here america? we liked Batman Begins b/c it was fresh & was WAAAY better than its predecessors. we liked Iron Man b/c, again, its was something fresh, and nobody is caring about the fact that the story line was somewhat parallel to Batman Begins....including me. but i could care less about how many tickets this movie sells, not my concern. my sole concern is that this movie does better than that "abomination" that Ang Lee made & deep inside i think that what everybody wants.

theTruth on Jun 4, 2008


LOL, thank you garrett! πŸ˜€ if you were responding to me, that is.

Reza on Jun 4, 2008


I will commend this site overall for having both a better interface/layout than most any site out there, and also for generally having more mature, thoughtful, & civil postings than most all sites out there. I posted one thing on screen rant and was attacked as if I were dealing w/ a roomful of 5-year olds! (That's judging from both spelling & content) I can say that Grant Morrisson's All Star Superman has had me more interested in the man of steel than just about anything since John Byrne's take on him, in the 80's. I was just a wee tyke, but I could tell good art & storytelling when I saw it!

Djozer on Jun 5, 2008


i heard that we may even see captain america or something that has to do with him in this too like we did with his shield in iron man

cocofosho on Jun 9, 2008


Spoiler alert: I heard the same thing, co co, since Captain America is part of the Avengers. It makes sense that we get a revamp of these major Marvel players such as Hulk and Iron Man. And with the talk about "super soldiers" in the Hulk, it seems likely we'll see the Captain since his character was a super soldier in the comics. If Warner Bros./DC can take a hint, they should be as smart with their "super-properties" and rebuild their heroes to move toward a Justice League movie. HINT: we should get cool, teaser end scenes of other heroes too, just as Marvel is doing. Stan Lee has played his cards right and looks like he's having a ball. Great job Stan!

Charlie Rose on Jun 14, 2008

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