Papa John's Presents The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Trailer

June 20, 2008
Source: Papa John's Website

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Trailer

When the only place they can actually get people to watch a new trailer is on a pizza website, you should know it's a bad movie. The full trailer for Rob Cohen's The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor has debuted on the Papa John's website of all places: You can certainly watch it below, but I promise you it's not going to be any more exciting without delicious pizzas. This trailer doesn't look any better than the first teaser trailer, give or take a few finished CGI shots of undead armies fighting and three-headed dragons breathing fire. But why do we do need all of that again? If only Papa John's would cap it off by throwing in a free pizza when we all went to see The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - not only would that be a freakin' sweet deal, but then I'd actually go see this!

Watch the full trailer for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor:

[flv: 596 254]

You can also watch The Mummy 3 trailer in High Definition on the Papa John's Website

The blockbuster global Mummy franchise takes a spellbinding turn as the action shifts to Asia for the next chapter in the adventure series, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Brendan Fraser returns as explorer Rick O'Connell to combat the resurrected Han Emperor (Jet Li) in an epic that races from the catacombs of ancient China high into the frigid Himalayas. Rick is joined in this all-new adventure by son Alex (newcomer Luke Ford), wife Evelyn (Maria Bello) and her brother, Jonathan (John Hannah). And this time, the O'Connells must stop a mummy awoken from a 2,000-year-old curse who threatens to plunge the world into his merciless, unending service.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is directed by action regular Rob Cohen of Dragonheart, Fast and the Furious, xXx, and yes, that terrible movie Stealth. The film is the third movie in the series, coming after The Mummy Returns (2001) and The Mummy (1999). The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor hit theaters everywhere this summer on August 1st.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Teaser Poster

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Loving Jet Li in this one. Needs more Fraser in the preview, though.

Cinexcellence on Jun 20, 2008


I'll take mine with extra cheese please.

dac_fan on Jun 20, 2008


This is the same trailer that was shown in front of "The Incredible Hulk". I like it. I think that this will be a fun flick. I'm actually anticipating this one, being a fan of "The Mummy" series.

Spider on Jun 20, 2008


I really hate the recent tendency to judge the whole movie based on the trailer. In this case I just do not get it. It has all of the parts that were in the Indy 4 trailer (which all of you adored) and yet people complain. Why ? Most of the promising and fun trailers out there turned out to be total crap and not only this year but for at least last 10 years. Seems like a snowball effect. One idiot with some influency has a bad day, writes about it and then the next 100 random bloggers write how much crap it is based on their "personal" contacts with the writers (when all contat they have is access to the original post) etc. On a side note who gives a damn where this trailer debuted. Hell, first time I saw the Matrix trailer was on a Manchester United (and it was one of the absolute first trailers) related website.

Shige on Jun 20, 2008


YEAH! This will definitely be better than IJ!

egghub on Jun 20, 2008


"debuted on the Papa John's website of all places".........then it is quickly posted here on First Showing. That's pretty funny!! Some of us just need to admit we are secretly anticipating this movie.

Pickle on Jun 20, 2008


Is Brendan Fraser the worst actor working today? Sure looks like it. Shame, since Maria Bello looks great.

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 20, 2008


Alex, hating the movie and yet can't stop discussing it??? How about a chocolate covered pretzel?? 🙂

Jay and Silent Bob on Jun 20, 2008


#4 - I'm pretty sure the one you saw on Hulk was the teaser trailer. This one just came out today because they just finished some FX shots in it... This one will show in front of Wanted next weekend.

Alex Billington on Jun 20, 2008


looks fucking sick

freestyLes on Jun 20, 2008


ill be checking this out, being a fan of the Mummy and one of the few good movies Fraser actually stars in now a days. Dont no why people are ragging on it so much i no the director is a hack but the trailers look pretty good, dont judge a book by its cover.

Curtis on Jun 20, 2008


I'm still liking this. Even though I enjoy Brendan Frasers comedic acting, I thought the first 2 were a bit over-rated. These are great trailers & they strongly hint towards the best film of the Mummy trilogy. Who says sequels are never as good as the originals? Third time might be a charm.

Sinner on Jun 20, 2008


The story looks weak but I think some of the shots and effects look pretty cool. Is the other guy the son from the second movie? I thought I heard him call Brendan, Dad.

Janet on Jun 20, 2008


# 8 nothing against your opinion no worst actors ever but Fraser is still a talented actor but you are entitled to your opinion, give Fraser a chance. Now Bello I agree with you 95% That 5% I hoping she'll be better hopefully.

Xerxex on Jun 20, 2008


Looks > Kingdom of Crystal Skull already. Should be fun.

Discateia on Jun 20, 2008


it cool i like it adventure and i do have to agree that you cannot judge a movie by the trailers so i will give this a shot and mummies did existed in china because it is one of the oldest empire in the world so yea mummy in china is sensible ill give it a shot

alan on Jun 20, 2008


I always wait before seeing a movie before giving judgement. I would say that I'm interested enough in this film to give it a shot.

Sean Kelly on Jun 20, 2008


Looks fun, remember that summer movies should be entertaining, well every one has its likings

Hector N on Jun 20, 2008

19 calling names really necessary? sure, it may be cool in your opinion, but the guys here run the website, so let them. It's they're vision, if you don't like it, calling people with influence names isn't going to make anything better or worse. I agree with you though, it really doesn't matter where the trailer debuts, if it's a good movie, it's a good movie.

Reza on Jun 20, 2008


i loved the first two but i have to be honest this doesnt look half as good or funny as the first two, but ill give it a chance because its got brendan fraser and john hannah in it

harrison on Jun 20, 2008


I must be a freakin' sap because, though I'm sure I'm gonna get shit for saying this, I got chills a couple of times. I think it looks really cool, and the cheesiness of it is actually carried out through the first two films. I'm really happy that Rachel Weisz (though I LOVE her as an actress) isn't in this one, she never really made a good Evy in my opinion. I was 12 when the first Mummy came to theaters, saw it in theaters and totally dug it. And I must've been 14 when Mummy Returns came out. Wow, can't believe it's been 7 fuckin' years. I've always enjoyed Rick O'Connell and his charming wit (that's right, I said CHARMING, shut up) I think this is an awesome sequel, and hopefully will yield no stupid fuckin' spinoff movie like The Scorpion King. That was messed up.. those are my thoughts, go ahead and rippeth me a new one.

Garrett.king on Jun 20, 2008


21 I did not call any of the writers on this site anything. I said someone with influence and all respect to the writers on this site but they have hardly any impact on other bloggers. That, and the fact that the article here on this trailer is far from the first.

Shige on Jun 21, 2008


Alex, you clearly never clicked with this franchise! Yes we need another Mummy, because the last one was shit - but the first one completely re-invented the adventure movie for me in a post-indianna era. I'm there!

dom on Jun 21, 2008


Whoa, whoa, dom! I DID click with the first Mummy. I LOVE that movie, actually one of my all-time favorite action adventures. However, the second one... wow, I just HATED that movie. I haven't since revisited it. So now I have a bit of a negative dislike towards this third one. Especially since Rob Cohen, who direct this, his other movies were xXx and Stealth... Two of the worst movies in the last decade!

Alex Billington on Jun 21, 2008


I actually enjoyed xXx and Stealth. Thought the sequel to xXx was unnecessary without Vin Diesel. That franchise could have been something much better, an american James Bond. Stealth was a good popcorn movie. I don't think it was trying to do something other than be a fun fast paced action, just like xXx, and when you watch them for those reasons (even though I love to delve into movies completely driven by character and morality tales) things are much funner.

Garrett.king on Jun 21, 2008


damn thing posted before I wanted it to.. I was going to go on to say, that I though xXx had good character and action, and I think Rob Cohen at the helm is not a mistake.

Garrett.king on Jun 21, 2008


this looks quite good. but there were traps in this film, why wasn't there any in indiana jones 4

Darrin on Jun 21, 2008


Alex Billington you have no idea what you are talking about. This looks insanely fun movie. Much better than the shit hellboy 2.

Jojo on Jun 21, 2008


I was able to watch this last tuesday (although not all the special effects were done). I have to say it wasnt bad. The effects that were done were pretty awesome, but some of the acting was off. Id say second best in the mummy trilogy (after the 1st obviously). Overall an 8/10 my friends.

Thomas on Jun 21, 2008


Alex, what did you watch? This looks VERY fun and exciting.

Ryan on Jun 21, 2008


I'm there too! BTW (#30) Jojo, never, ever underestimate the vision and craftsmanship of Guillermo del Toro. I bet "Hellboy 2" will rock being a kick ass comic book movie with brains!!

Pickle on Jun 22, 2008


Honestly, I think this looks like a good movie! Now I am a fan of both The Mummy and The Mummy Returns minus a few flaws but setting any bias aside I think this trailer can win over people who are not familiar to the series. I'm really depressed, though, that Rachel Weisz did not return, because I felt she was strong element to the cast (She could do Fred Claus AND Eragon but not this?!) Over all, I'm giving this movie a chance, and we'll all have to see come the release date. As for Brendan Fraser's acting, I really do enjoy his performances because of his ability to not take things too seriously. I know he does chose some odd roles (example: Monkeybone....=/) but at least he entertains! Oh! But I will admit I'm with Alex about the worries of directing choice....Stealth "shivers". Maybe this will be Rob Cohen's chance to prove himself....or am I being too optimistic? This ultimatly a coin toss, it could go really well or really bad. At least the little kid's not in it anymore!

Lolly on Jun 22, 2008


Lolly I'm actually gratefully that Weisz wasn't in this one. She never did much for me in the Mummy films (in other movies I think she's great, Constantine immediately comes to mind). However I do hate it when they cast new people as the same character. Couldn't they've just justified it with Evy dieing somehow, or being away on a different mission of restoring artifacts and her sister in law is standing in place? That wouldn't give any romantic attention to it, but hey. I am curious as to why Rachel didn't get involved with this one. Though I hear she's involved with another Egyptian flick at the moment. Weird. Can't seem to get away from those damn mummies, eh?

Garrett.king on Jun 22, 2008


Garret.king You know, I've been trying to figure out why she didn't come back too. I want to say that the oscar went to her head and she's only doing high end roles, but like I said before, but since The Constant Gardener she did both Fred Claus and Eragon which were in my eyes no way hits! And the Egyptian movie you speak of is Agora.

Lolly on Jun 22, 2008


Hey Everyone!, I hope this movie does extremely well in the theaters this august 1st, 2008 friday!, and beyond!. It'll most definately be released on to dvd and blu ray disc in either december 2008, january 2009, febrauary 2009 or march 2009 !, on one of the tuesdays of those four months!. I have to honestly persoanlly say, that i actually knew about this movie excisting a very long time ago!, and was anticipating for it's theatrcial release for the longest time that i really can't even explain how long ago it was that i even knew about it!. Now that we've got the international and domestic teaser trailers and the theatrical trailer!, i hope we get to all see the movie clips and tv spots to come out next of the internet and television!. More images and posters from the movie would be nice to see being released if that is even possible for rob cohen the director and universal studios the movie studios company to be releasing, even though they both have released some images and posters already!. Well i'll talk to all you mummy fans out there later!. By the way check out the following mummy 3 movie websites listed here, , , , . I know for a fact that all of you on here who want to see this movie as much as i do, will want to see these mummy 3 movie websites, so enjoy them and let me knoe waht you all thought of them, once you have seen them and checked then all out too!, ENJOY THE MUMMY 3 MOVIE WEBITES!!!!!!!!!=).

sean on Jun 22, 2008

36's the summer...action movies abound..I'll check it out. I think I'm finally relaxing and just trying to enjoy a movie for what it is..a movie. So here's to the Papa Mummy..ah..Tha Mummy. Get your rags on. 🙂 And after all that fussing I did about Indy 4..the second time I saw it, I liked it better (sans the saucer stuff)...but I enjoyed it better. I just sat back with my fellow chicks who dig action and actually liked it (again..sans the saucer). 🙂 Now bring on that Papa Mummy dude.

Bry from Chi on Jun 22, 2008


I love this forum---and reading what obviously rabid movie lovers think. Everyone that loves movies loves or hates somethings about EVERY movie. These are movies and not rocket science studies------and they are intended to be escapism! Otherwise they would not exist at all. Get a cold drink and some hot popcorn and chill out. This is entertainment------good or bad. RHM

randall on Jun 23, 2008


i'd watch this coz of li and yeoh...

miracle disease on Jun 23, 2008


O!, you would?, are you like a fan of them?, and know of them from other movies that they where in before that you liked and/or knew of or something?. just curious!.

sean on Jun 23, 2008


I want the original actors!

kat on Jun 25, 2008


Kat, The original actors are returning!. Except for rachael weisz's character and, there will be some new comers!. Why does everone comlain about that!, I would only be conserned if brendan fraser left his role in this movie and if jet li's scenes in this movie got cut from the movie!. Other then that, i'd see the movie just because i've seen the new theatrical trailer just recently when it first came out, and i must say, man o man!, am i excited about it or what!!!!!!!!!!=). I totally can't wait to see it, no matter what people might say about it, all that everyones complaining about, is when it comes to involving this movie, is all the unnoticible details, which are not at all worth complaining about in the first place or even bring up in the subject matter in the first place anyway!!!!!!!!!!. By the way, if any of you are interested in seeing it, i've got a link to the new mummy 3 movie trailer, that just came out the other day, but the one i've got is a link to it in high definition!, if anyone of you on here are interested in seeing it in that type of format!, let me know, and i'll try my best to post it here on my next reply to you all !, o.k.?. Or if you'd like to see it now!, here the link, ,if that link i've put on here does not work when you try clickin gon it, then you can try it on your url above, or my other suggestion would be, to try it on too!, some or one of those ways have got to work most definately for sure!!!!!!!!! =).

sean on Jun 25, 2008


To comment on Shero's post on Jun 20, 2008....Just because the first two movies were based around "Egyptian mummies" doesn't mean that Egyptian Mummies are the -only- mummies on this planet, they are just the more common type of mummies that everyone hears about. The title is "The Mummy" not "The Egyptian Mummy." And an acceptable view of Egyptian mummies? Both movies (just like the upcoming one) are mainly -pure fiction-; if you want to get a real "view" of Egyptian mummies, you might want to got to your local library instead of relying on -fictional- movies. I'm ecstatic for this upcoming movie. It's awesome that the film makers are able to show two different ethnic groups, yet interrelate each other by mummies. It's amazing that even if cultures were thousands of miles apart back then, their culture and everyday life are very similar to each. Plus it helps that I think Jet Li is an awesome actor! lol.

Nel on Jun 30, 2008


Yeah nel !, your absolutely right!, mummy movies are not always about egyption mummies!, i totally agree with you!, but luckily when we have a great director like rob cohen directing this movie!, we shall all have nothing to worry about at all, because this movie will be awesome in alll ways possible anyways!!!, right???. The way it see it, is that finally they've changed it around already and finally, making it about different cultures and insted of egypt!.

sean on Jul 1, 2008


Yes, Yes. To be honest, if it were another "Egyptian" mummy themed (nothing against Egypt or anything) I doubt I would probably go see the new one, but adding Asian mummies to the series adds new and exciting spark to it. Sometimes things have to change for the better.

Nel on Jul 2, 2008


Yeap! Nel that is most definately the truth!, your absolutely right!. And i will go and see this movie too no matter what, and it does not bother me either that it's not about egyptian mummys!, so i'm gonna go and see it anyways also!. I totally can't wait to finally see it this upcoming august 1st, 2008 friday in the movie theaters!!!=). It'll be awesome to finally see it in the movie theaters!!!, I can't wait!!!=). I already know it'll be great to watch on dvd and/or blu ray disc when it possibley comes out this upcoming january 2009 on those disc formats!!!!!!!!!!=), don't you think so too???.

sean on Jul 2, 2008


yeah, but alas, we still have little less than a month till it comes out. Though there are some good movies that are already out including, "Iron Man," "Don't Mess With the Zohan," and "Hancock."

Nel on Jul 3, 2008


Nel !, i really have no disbelief in my mind at all !, that the mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor movie, will be the best movie of the summer!!!!!!!!!!. I have absolutely no worries about it being in the same movie theaters as the other movies you mentioned!, because i would'n't think that any of them would have the slightest chance at all of beating the mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor in the box office or in other words in the movie theaters at the same time of it being in the movie theaters as they are, once it's released in the movie theaters!!!!!!!!!!. Do you know what i mean?!?!?.

sean on Jul 3, 2008


(1) It "mummies" not "mommies" each have different meanings. (2) When you said "But I got a different opinion about this … The Mummy and The Mummy Return were nice because they were related to the Egyptian real mummies … and it gave a bit more acceptable view for the view …" gave me the impression that you only specifically know about the Egyptian. I don't think it's about a statue coming alive. They found his tomb, which must mean that he's buried there, as a statue. Just watching the previews, there is most definitely some type of "magic" going. I think he was turned into stone...the reason clueless until the movie comes out. PLUS, don't forget about that women bringing back those who were BURIED inside the wall. (3) What do you mean I answered my self, I wasn't asking myself anything. (3) Mummies were made for religious purposes; the After Life, NOT for resurrecting them. (4) It's spelled "Jet Li" no "Jet Lee." I never watched the Forbidden Kingdom (though I have read about it) because it had -Jackie Chan-. I don't like that match (Jet Li and Jackie Chan)

Nel on Jul 8, 2008


Sorry!, ment july 22nd, 2008 tuesday is when the blu ray discs of the mummy and the mummy returns will be released on blu ray disc!.

sean on Jul 20, 2008


Well !, it just so happends that i was wrong the first time about the dvd/blu ray disc release date for the mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor!, i found out on a "special hard to find", webpage on that it's actually going to be released on both of those formats on december 2nd, 2008 tuesday!, the same day that pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl came to dvd way back in december 2003 !.

sean on Aug 14, 2008

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