Paramount Ditches the San Diego Comic-Con This Year!

June 26, 2008
Source: Variety

Paramount at Comic-Con

As every self-respecting movie geek should know, the San Diego Comic-Con has become the summer highlight for both comic-related and big blockbuster movies. We'll be down in sunny San Diego this July for the third year straight, but unfortunately one studio will be entirely missing from the line-up. Paramount has decide to ditch Comic-Con entirely, citing "timing" and immense expenses without payoff. Variety's Anne Thompson has confirmed that the rumors are true and the studio will only possibly do some viral marketing, but nothing more. This means that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Star Trek, G.I. Joe, and The Last Airbender will all be missing from the convention this year.

Let me be the first to say that I think this is going to come around and bite them in the ass in the end. Comic-Con is one of the world's most well known conventions and is a perfect place to feature the right films. Just look at Iron Man - the buzz on that movie all began at Comic-Con last year. So did Zack Snyder's 300 and Spider-Man 3 the year before. Unfortunately the convention has gotten a bit out of hand and it needs a bit of a revamp to get back on the right track regarding how they handle press and promotions, but that doesn't mean that it's worth skipping! We'll eventually get all of the same footage that we would've been shown, but Paramount's decision to skip it this year is a low blow to fans worldwide.

Let me give the execs at Paramount a little tip. If you actually focused on a few specific films and turned the panel into something truly unforgettable, the payoff would be immeasurable. Besides Iron Man last year, you threw in a really boring "on-set" video from Indiana Jones, an early look at The Spiderwick Chronicles, a presentation on Hot Rod, and a very short poster intro from J.J. Abrams for Cloverfield. Way too many mediocre presentations packed in there for no reason and it hurts people's impressions! If you would actually focus only on Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and G.I. Joe and bring in some actual footage (beyond a trailer), it would work wonders. Just look at what Favreau did - he knew exactly how to cater to fans and his actions eventually earned you some $300 million so far!

Paramount will most likely be showing an early screening of Tropic Thunder at Comic-Con and might unleash some kind of viral marketing, but that's it. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do and complaining won't help either. This is just a sad announcement that we'll be sure to mention again as we near the convention in July. Stay tuned for more exciting details regarding our Comic-Con coverage!

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"he knew exactly how to cater to fans and his actions eventually earned you some $300 million so far!" IRON MAN did well because of mainstream reception. Look at HULK--all the fanboys online love it, but it's essentially bombing. Who cares if Paramount goes... their releases next year look like crap.

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 26, 2008


No just like Fox, Paramount doesn't give a shit about the fans. They probably think their movies can still make shitload of money. Common Alex Billington admit it. Last year Fox couldn't make it because they had more R rated movies on their list for the show which didn't sit well with comic con guys and now Paramount decides to skip. Why? Because they don't give a fuck.

Jojo on Jun 26, 2008


I agree this can help a films buzz but when it comes to the box office I doubt these events help much. It is a way to get their product out their though and they are cool and for the fans so they should go for those reasons but I am curious on theuir profitibility.

Ryan on Jun 26, 2008


To be honest, I was looking forward to possibly seeing Sienna Miller and Megan Fox. now theres no chance that either will be there. not cool.

Keith on Jun 26, 2008


that sucks i wanted some coverage on Transformers but its not going to happen now, i think this is going to hurt Paramount in the end. Its a real shame!~

Curtis on Jun 26, 2008


Sounds familiar.. I've been to ten Comic-Cons since 1994, and after missing last years, I am a bit giddy over my eleventh being my return this summer! Now then, in the late 1990's/early 2000's, Marvel didn't have a booth. That's right, hot-shit MARVEL didn't have jack shit at Comic-Con. At the time the House of Ideas was still in a recession, and also realized to make their *exclusive* convention presence felt at the new Wizard World cons (which pale in comparison to Comic-Con Int.). By 2002 or 03, Marvel returned to Comic-Con by having a small booth shared with Activision, and eventually made their comeback with a huge booth that rivaled DC Comics'. The moral of this story is: no one will really care after the con, but those who are going have every right to be pissed missing out on some cool upcoming films. At least the Hasbro booth will be fun!

Ivan on Jun 26, 2008


bad for me. get people out of the convention floor with your programs, paramount! i need the walking space!

Jeremy on Jun 27, 2008


I can understand the plight of “die hard” comic fan being put off by the enormous crowds gathering because the Motion Picture, TV, video game, and collectibles industry's presence keeps growing every year at Comic-Con. But let's face it, without the movie industry creating X-Men, Batman Begins, and Spiderman Comic-Con and comics themselves would be limping along. Marvel and DC were ready to sell off their characters to independent comics or Michael Jackson before the comic movie boom of this decade. Did you go see Iron Man or The Hulk? Do you watch Heroes, The Sarah Conner Chronicles, BSG, Supernatural, or Stargate? Are you eager to see The Dark Knight, Hellboy II, The Punisher, and Star Trek? Have you ever played a video game based on comic book characters? You realize most all of these shows have been in comic form at one time or another? If the answer is yes then I see no reason why the companies that produce the shows and games should not showcase them at a Comic Convention. And if that means Paramount, Fox or WB want to piggyback other ventures that might interest this type of fan well can you really fault them? If Comics are your only interest and if fat, scruffy trolls who are there only there for eBay purposes really aggravates you go to Wonder-Con in San Francisco. If it weren’t for Comic-Con being so fantastic these days I would never have started buying comics again. San Diego is the perfect venue for this event. The Gas Lamp District is very nice, PetCo Park is easy for parking, and the beaches and hotels are beautiful. If you have a bad time at Comic-Con there is something wrong with you not the event. Personally, the worst thing about Comic-Con I can think of is paying in March for a 4-Day pass then having to stand in a ½ mile 2 hour line to pick up the badge. I’d pay the $5 processing fee to have someone just send it to me in the mail but I guess they are worried about people making fake badges. See you all

Larry on Jul 3, 2008

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