Paramount Will Distribute All of Marvel's Upcoming Films

September 29, 2008

Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures

Do you remember way back in April when we kept seeing new trailers, TV spots, and photos for Iron Man every week? That excess of media was due in part to Paramount's marketing team, but it paid off considering the film made $318 million in the end. Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures will extended their distribution agreement that began with Iron Man to distribute all of Marvel's upcoming films (through 2011 and beyond). The deal includes distribution for: Iron Man 2, Thor, The First Avenger: Captain America, The Avengers, and Iron Man 3. Good news? It certainly is! Paramount is one of the best distributors in Hollywood and obviously knows how to take care of fans.

"Marvel's iconic brand, its popular characters and its proven ability to create compelling and visually spellbinding films complement Paramount's great history of filmmaking. We look forward to a long and successful run together," said Rob Moore, Vice Chairman of Paramount Pictures. For those who don't know enough about the business side of Hollywood to care, this is great news that will pay off in the end. We all know that Iron Man 2 and The Avengers will eventually be two of the most highly anticipated films, and there's no better studio out there to manage the distribution and marketing for those films. In comparison, I think Universal did a fairly bad job with The Incredible Hulk this summer.

In addition to the announcement today, Paramount has already shifted the release dates for Marvel's upcoming films. Iron Man 2 will hit theaters on May 7th, 2010. Thor will hit theaters on July 16th, 2010. The First Avenger: Captain America will hit theaters on May 6th, 2011. The Avengers will hit theaters on July 15th, 2011. Iron Man 3 does not have a release date yet.

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The Avengers should come out about 2015. That way they worked on all of the Movies....

REAL6 on Sep 29, 2008


I just wanna see Hulk fight Iron man. Gonna be sweet.

vegeta on Sep 29, 2008


what about ant man? like i kno hes lame, but hes still part of the avengers none the less

djw on Sep 29, 2008


This is great news! I'm sure other titles like: "Ant-Man" and "Deathlok" will be picked up by Paramount as well. I'm sooooo glad Marvel had the sense to stay the hell away from Fox and Universal!! 😀

Spider on Sep 29, 2008


Sweet! Can't wait for all these movies. I'm glad they adjusted the release dates, the previous ones seemed a little off. Now we need to start getting some Thor movie news!

Daas on Sep 29, 2008


Yes! Iron Man 2 isn't getting an akward end-of-spring release date! I'm also curious about Ant-Man. Edgar Wright, one of my favorite modern-day directors, was gonna tackle it. What happened? Or is there no set release date?

Chris C. on Sep 30, 2008

7 That's where I get the best Marvel news and updates!

Rich on Sep 30, 2008


the incredible hulk and iron man had few action sequences and more talking.Keep that up and Marvel will be heading for a train wreck.

Darrin on Sep 30, 2008


Dear Darrin, I may be a tad late, seeing as how it's almost a month later, but as proven by films such as The Dark Knight and the soon to come Watchmen, more talky less punchy seems to be what people want and enjoy these days. The Dark Knight is the second highest grossing film of all time, and Watchmen already has very high praise trailing it, plus Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk have already done quite well for themselves, so I'm just guessing that this new trend of less action more story is taking the Super Hero Film World by storm. Not attacking you, but just letting you know that action sequences are well liked, but story seems to be more important these days, as it should be. Love, Kail

Kail on Oct 23, 2008


to darrin, i don't what your problem is with the incredible hulk and iron man because there awesome movies, obviously you are one of few who believe they are bad films because iron man made $318 million and i'm sure hulk did just aswell jj

jj on Nov 30, 2008


i love them all...i cant wait to see this all marvel movies in theaters!i love hugh jackman as wolverine and edward norton as incredible hulk...

jerome eser on May 16, 2009

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