Patrick Wilson Confirms Watchmen's Ending Will Be Like the Graphic Novel

July 16, 2008
Source: MTV

Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl

There is one thing that everyone should be excited to see this weekend on top of The Dark Knight - the first Watchmen trailer. I happened to get an early look at it this week and it truly took my breath away. But alas, that will officially launch at 9PM PST on Thursday - so check back in then. However, as buzz begins to pick up on Watchmen, one of the big questions on the minds of fans is whether or not they're going to keep the original ending. If you've read the graphic novel, you know it ends in an epic and gory way - but it's pretty damn perfect and exciting. Of course, we're not going to straight out tell you exactly how the Watchmen ends, because that would be ridiculous! But Patrick Wilson, who plays Nite Owl in the movie, talked with MTV recently and assured them they're keeping it the same.

So to address this concern, especially since the new Batman movie hits theaters this weekend, Wilson explains why he looks quite a bit like Batman, saying "the comparisons to Batman are perfect and right on, because no one is trying to say that they're all that different, it's all done on purpose." Back on the topic of the actual movie, Wilson also says that "Zack [Snyder] tried to put everything he could in and he left it to the studio to cut it and tell him what he can't fit in." For example, "the script we started with, every scene has something different than what's on the page. That's the fun of it, building it as you go." I'm a fan of that idea - letting the director develop the film as he is seeing it unfold in front of his eyes in real life. And I think that will only help this adaptation more than anything.

If you're still doubting Zack Snyder and his abilities, just wait until you see the Owl Ship rise out of the water in the trailer or Dr. Manhattan vaporize soldiers in Vietnam - I think you may start to change your mind. But if you need any additional assurance, Wilson gives us a bit more. "Zack loves the graphic novel and he wants to tell the most faithful story he could, but obviously, changes had to be made, things had to be cut. Yet any question I had about adding something, if it helped the scene, he would say, 'Sure, if it works, great.'" Wilson also adds in his own appreciation for the comic's writer Alan Moore, saying "I love everything [he] does. He really deconstructs comic book characters, and he's just fearless. All the good and the bad, you have to respect it." And that's what leads him directly into connecting that respect for the material with Zack Snyder's directorial decisions.

When asked if they'd changed the ending, Wilson apparently just laughed. "I have to say, if you know how much Zack believes in it, you wouldn't believe he would go that far from the graphic novel. I don't know how those rumors start, but that'd be a stretch!" Beyond that statement, I'm not going to begin to even spoil the ending if you're not already familiar with it. You're more than welcome to do your own research on Wikipedia, but fans of the comic should have a smile on their face after hearing that. I'm definitely very excited myself to see the rather epic conclusion to the fantastic story play out on screen, especially after watching two hours of these characters beforehand. I think by that time we'll have established such an amazing connection with them, thanks to Zack Snyder, that it'll be hard to see them go.

Stay tuned for the debuting of the breathtaking new trailer this weekend and even more exciting coverage from Watchmen all next week live from the San Diego Comic-Con!

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Ok, so I gotta ask. Alex, have you finally read the glory on paper that is Watchmen? This is truly good news!

SG Dave on Jul 16, 2008


This is worrying: "Zack [Snyder] tried to put everything he could in and he left it to the studio to cut it and tell him what he can't fit in." I have faith in the people making this movie. Do i have faith in the studio execs chopping it up (most likely for mass market consumption)? NO!! Have to wait and see i guess.

chrisUK on Jul 16, 2008


So far so good

James on Jul 16, 2008


that does give a worrying impression if zack snyder has left it too the numb nuts execs!! look wat they did to diehard 4.0! But i do have to say i am extremley looking forward to watchmen, as is my mate who is a total watchmen freak lol

spider-ed on Jul 16, 2008


Excellent article, Alex. I was also impressed by the trailer for Watchmen. I couldn't help but do a double-take, though, when the words, "From the Visionary Director of 300" flashed on the screen. Yeah, but no, not on the strength of 300. Snyder's attempt to be faithful to the graphic novel (to the extent he can in a 2-hour film) definitely has me interested. Still, based on 300, the best I can do right now is be cautiously optimistic. Now if Snyder wants to fly me down to LA so I can watch an early cut (and comment on it online), maybe I can turn that cautious optimism to flat-out, unqualified optimism.

Mel Valentin on Jul 16, 2008


Saw the trailer last night (thanks to 42E and the ARG screening of The Dark Knight-omgoMG) and it is crazy good. The Watchmen trailer. Seriously. -can't wait to see what they have for us next week at SDCC.

Melissa on Jul 16, 2008


When I read the original graphic novel my English teacher yelled at me right when I got to the ending and I completely ignored her just so I could finish it and ended up getting detention for a month. It was fucking worth it.

Kail on Jul 16, 2008


I've never read a graphic novel before. Would this be one to start with?

Will S. (Co. Springs) on Jul 16, 2008


This would be The ONE!!!

Omega728 on Jul 16, 2008


@#8: Abso-fucking-lutely. It's very cinematic and easy to digest and you'll want to read this before you see the movie. I'm not going to be a psycho Twilight tweenie and tell everyone to read the book before you judge it, but I highly suggest this read because it's looking like an incredible adaption and this is the book that shattered a genre (I've read it three times and I STILL don't get everything).

Nettle on Jul 16, 2008


Of course the studio won't cut it down to a mess. After the huge success of 300, they'll let Zack Snyder do whatever he wants, and they already agreed upon green lighting the film that it would get an R-rating. Even if they do, they already announced the ultimate director's cut to come out later that has the film plus the Tales of the Black Freighter animated film edited together. I seriously can't wait for this. The graphic novel is the single greatest thing I have ever read. I've been eating up every bit of info that's popped up about this film, and I've never wanted to see a film so much without caring about how it will turn out. That's right-I DON"T CARE how it turns out, I just want to see the damn thing!

Andrew on Jul 16, 2008


I'm not going to go on record saying this, but I'll post it anonmously, for what it is worth. I work in commercials and worked with Zach Snyder on one right before he started shooting for Wacthmen. I talked to him for about 30 min about the movie, because I'm also a comic dork. Anyway, he flat out told me the ending, and it's different. Better for a movie in my opinion, but totally different. Believe me or not, but the man himself told me.

Anonymoustron 3000 on Jul 16, 2008


CAN'T FRIGGIN WAIT! This movie is going to blow people away! Have to read the book again, it's been awhile and if you never have I highly recommend you do.

K on Jul 17, 2008


CHECK THIS OUT!!! But they friggin removed it. Still though, look at those pictures... AMAZING! Can't wait to see this. Got goosebumps.

K on Jul 17, 2008


I thought this book was way overrated. The end wasn't even a shock for me. But at least they'll keep it close to the comic so it can't get any worse.

D on Jul 18, 2008

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