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November 19, 2008

House of Night

"Harry Potter" comparisons have rightly or wrongly followed Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" series for some time now, partly because both are supernatural stories targeted at young adults and both have achieved wild success. It appears we have a property that seems to blend the two, called "House of Night" written by P.C. and Kristin Cast, which was just optioned (all nine books) by producers Michael Birnbaum and Jeremiah Chechik (TV's "The Middleman"). The timing of the news is oddly coincidental considering the adaptation for Meyer's first book bows this weekend. Given Twilight's thunder of impending box office domination, might Birnbaum and Chechik be sly opportunists hoping to nab the next big thing?

"Night" is said to be equal parts vampires and prep school. Teenagers attend the House of Night to learn about their night-feeding abilities once they manifest in puberty - traits categorized as a genetic anomalies. The school and afflicted are known to the public, as vampires and humans exist openly alongside each other. While not a terrible premise, there's a lot that smells familiar here, and not just from Potter and Twilight; there's even discernible scents of X-Men and HBO's "True Blood" (vampires and humans coexisting). Mother-daughter authors P.C. and Kristin Cast have certainly created an intriguing story, but I fear there's little room for "House of Night" in the motion picture landscape.

How do we think "Night" would fair competing against a sequel to Twilight? Will there be much market left open among the young-adult, vampire-loving crowd? Not to mention, Harry Potter will be still be going strong. And then you have X-Men: First Class. It feels like "Night" is a little late to the party, but maybe audiences are looking for a nice supernatural smoothie that brings together so many elements. Beyond that, Birnbaum's summation of the work isn't exactly my game. He told Variety, "P.C. and Kristin Cast created a thrilling world that juxtaposes teen drama with supernatural suspense, using the transition from human to vampire as a metaphor for the transition from adolescence to adulthood." Sounds like nothing more than a fantasy after-school special. Is there room for "House of Night" any more?

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What doesn't smell the same anymore in Hollywood? Even though this may sound like two books into one I think It will sell in the teen crowd just like Twilight is/has done. Why do I think this? Movie goers tend to latch onto certain franchises and what happens when those movie franchises end? What are the Harry Potter fans going to look forward to when the movies are finally over? Twilight comes into play next but there is only what three books? I know I have been waiting for a trilogy as epic as Lord of the Rings to come around. I am not saying this series will be epic like that, just using that movie as an example. My point in this is that once all the great movie/book franchises we have grown to love end, what's next? I know nothing about this book but I could see this turning huge maybe down the road. I look forward to lengthy movie franchises, It gives me something to look forward to down the road. Lord knows Hollywood isn't creating anything new these days. Anyone else feel the same?

Curtis G on Nov 19, 2008


I also forgot to add...If the story blows then count it out. Has anyone read it?

Curtis G on Nov 19, 2008


Well, considering that the books have been on the NY Times Bestseller list for months, I think it's safe to say it has a real following already. Perhaps it would have made sense for you to read a review or two, and do some resaearch before coming up with your sily opinion. I have read the books, and they ROCK. COmpletely different from Twilight. I can't wait for the film.

A Fan on Nov 19, 2008


I am scared to hear this bit of news. I just happened upon this series not to long ago and love it. It does have the whole Harry Potter/ Twilight thing going on but it is a good book series. I think it would work well as a movie. I think by the time this got made Harry Potter should be over for I don't think they are going to rush this movie since its now just getting optioned and they will probably combine books together. I see a long process for this to get made into a film and I think it will do alright.

Samantha on Nov 19, 2008


Er I don't know. I mean apparently the books have a following, But I've never heard any hype or buzz about the series.

Shanice on Nov 19, 2008

6 "sily (sic) opinion" is a comment on the current landscape of motion pictures...not books. arguably, a following in one is much different from a following in the other. for instance, books are not under the same competitive pressure for financing (production, actors, etc.) and release schedules, screens, etc. -- all of which tightens the entry potential for new properties. It may eventually do very well, but it's hard to deny the surficial similarities here and the necessary skepticism that follows

kevin on Nov 19, 2008


well, if they make a movie out of this, i sure hope it's not PG 13 or anything. Though it proebably will be. Then i won't be able to watch it!

RACHEL! on Nov 21, 2008


I think it would be great if they made movies after The House of Night series!! I was hoping it would happen after I finished reading the first book. As long as the don't mess it up as bad as the Twilight movie was I will go see it. Stick to the books and it will be a great movie!!!

Danielle on Nov 25, 2008


You have to remember that when they first began filming twilight that it still wasnt very well known then it exploded. I work in a library and until the movie started getting noticed it wasnt checked out very much, I myself was just randomly putting up books when i saw twilights cover and said why not(at that point i hadnt heard anything about the series) after reading twilight i looked up stephenie meyer to see if she had written anymore books and it was around the time they had started production and it was nowhere near as huge as it is now. Thats also how i stumbled upon the house of night series. I think all of the fans will be unearthed when production of the movie actually starts and we will see this series picking up the same momentum

Stephanie on Nov 25, 2008


i loved the book and i hope there is going to be a movie....the book is way cool and i think the movie would be a big hit to everone that has read the book

Sioux on Nov 28, 2008


OMG, im going to be super happy if the house of night series is made into a movie. Personally, ive read the Harry potter series and the Twilight series , i enjoyed them both but i also LOVED the House of Night Series waaay more, I couldnt put the books down and i finished the 4 books in about 3 days , i cant wait till the new one in march, but i also think that the rest of you guys are haters, yes i mean there might be little news about these books, but so was twilight until the movie came out so if you were saying it cant be that good because you dont really hear about it then SHUT UP, go read the books then lets seee whose talkin. As i agree with those above me saying that they hope the directors are going to kill the book like they did with Twilight , i think that if the book and thhe movie are very similar they arent going to have to have trouble with sales and people not liking it.. iLOVE the House of night series <3 [:

Kendra Mariee. on Nov 29, 2008


OMG, im going to be super happy if the house of night series is made into a movie. Personally, ive read the Harry potter series and the Twilight series , i enjoyed them both but i also LOVED the House of Night Series waaay more, I couldnt put the books down and i finished the 4 books in about 3 days , i cant wait till the new one in march, but i also think that the rest of you guys are haters, yes i mean there might be little news about these books, but so was twilight until the movie came out so if you were saying it cant be that good because you dont really hear about it then SHUT UP, go read the books then lets seee whose talkin. As i agree with those above me saying that they hope the directors aren't going to kill the book like they did with Twilight , i think that if the book and thhe movie are very similar they arent going to have to have trouble with sales and people not liking it.. iLOVE the House of night series <3 [:

Kendra Mariee. on Nov 29, 2008


This book is nothing like harry potter or twilight nor them mixed in one. I have no idea where anyone has gotten this statement. I have read the twilight series and yes I loved them all [4 BTW] but it has grown old to me. If there is a series that you want more drama then HoN is the perfect series. And I'm not sure how someone compared this to Harry potter, I never fell for thease books but I adore the movies, all of my friends have read thease books and alot of my family, it's nothing like Twilight series nor HoN series. I think the HoN series is a very popular series just not well known yet, everyone finally read Twilight other then my close group of friends when the buzz of a movie came around. So I believe it will be very sucessful as a motion picture <3 Me.

Marie on Nov 30, 2008


If they actually turn this series into a film, which I hope happens, it will have to be rated R or M or 17. There are some very racy scenes involved. The Casts are not afraid of sex and violence. I cannot wait for this film. I hope they stay as true to the book as possible.

Fallon on Dec 7, 2008


the house f night series is amazing its harry potter and twilight mixed. i hope it goes through to be a movie that would befantastic. myfingers are crssed to see this explode on the big screen!!!!

cynamon on Dec 8, 2008


I'm really hoping they chose to make a movie for The House of Night. First off because once you start reading these books you can't put them down and you always want more. Second, there needs to be more teen vampire movies out for teenagers, most movies these days are either rated R or rated G. there needs to be a little more mix for some of the older people in the country.

Megan on Dec 8, 2008


i also want to add the House of night novels are amazing and if they do make a movie from it the producers should probally read the books so the don't screw it up like they did the harry potter and twilight movies.

Megan on Dec 8, 2008


I love the books, and think they would look awesome as movies. they do have the whole harry potter twist, but with a girl point of view. it also it like twilight, but has completely different plots. i love the books and would love that they make them into movies.

Carrie on Dec 15, 2008


i think they should make a movie! the books are soo good that they would deffinately get a possitive response from the movie! i love the books and can't wait to read them all!!

Jessica on Dec 16, 2008


I love the House of Night books and if you read them, they are actually very different from the Twilight series. They mix vampirism with Native American (especially Cherokee) beliefs, and Wicca. They are absolutely amazing and if cast right, I think this will out do Twilight even if it doesn't make quite as much money. I think it's wrong that people are comparing the two though considering that the only thing they have in common is vampires.

Naduah on Dec 20, 2008


im on the third book and i love them! I have read all of the twilight books twice (geek right) and i love them, but they are totally different than the House of Night books. Twilight, i think, is morely like a romantic love story that a vampire is, in House of Night terms, technecally Imprinted with a girl. the House of Night books are a whole lot better because, theres more to just a 3 day change. Its over a 4 year period and you can die during it. I do have to say that I did cry when i Stevie Rae like that. I think it is wrong to compare them before you've read them, the House of Night books are absolutley positivley and completley different than the Twilight series. I WANT IT TO BE A MOVIIIIIE!

Logan on Dec 22, 2008


i think they should make the house of night into a movie because ya it has parts of other movies but it also ia very unique. you would never expect someone to be changed into a vamp by being marked it is just not the usual vamp book. and that is what makes it good

jade on Dec 31, 2008


I am a HUGE Twilight fans and a HUGE fan of the House of Night series. If they made the House of Night series into a movie I would be SO HAPPY!!! I REALLY HOPE THEY DO!!!! πŸ˜€

Claire on Dec 31, 2008


I love this serie, turn the damn book in toamovie but please do not screw it up like twilight (i read twilight series each 7 times)

sam on Jan 5, 2009


Jan.8,2009 first of all i love twilight and the house of night (even though i'm not done whith the 4, only 20p.g. left) but people are soooo stupid you can't compair them at all. Twilight = romance, HoN = DRAMA. So turn the damn book in to a movie. Hello it wil be major if the comersials tell people about it. i already have made 13 freinds read it. (i have read all of the twilights 7 times so i know if any thing can compete) STICKTOTHEBOOKSANDEVERYTHINGWILLBEAMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cantwait for hunted to come in march. LOVE AN AMAZING FAN, SAMMI

sam on Jan 5, 2009


HoN is an amazing series. I have read Harry Potter and Twilight and both were great, but HoN is completely different. I look forward to seeing these characters come to life. That is the point of taking a book and making it into a movie, so that the fan base can see what they have envisioned brought to life. If it is cast correctly and if the people in production stick to the story line then it will be a huge success. Twilight the movie was very disappointing because they did not do that. I will go see New Moon because I am a fan, but not because of the first movie. I would do the same with HoN, I will see each one.

B on Jan 7, 2009


I Think Its Better Than Twilight Personaitly

Mike on Jan 9, 2009


Have you perhaps ever heard of genres? Duh, a supernatural fiction book is slightly similar in premis to another supernatural fiction book. No one is slyly trying to get away with anything here you moron. Having several young adult supernatural fiction stories in theaters at the same time is no more crazy or copycatish than having several action movies in theaters at the same time.

Kat on Jan 11, 2009


Also anyone who has read the books can tell you it is as different from Twilight and Harry Potter as one mystery book is different from another. They may both feature detectives, and at some point both enter into a jail or police station, but the crimes, characters, and plots will be different.

Kat on Jan 11, 2009


I love good books, and I love good movies. I love it even more when my beloved books become good movies. Atonement would be a good, recent example (I normally don't like Keira Knightley in anything, but she definately deserved the role and the role deserved her). I absolutely loved Twilight, and the entire series, and I'm assuming you know where this is going, or you should, atleast, since I said I loved good movies. I hated Twilight. Well, hate is a strong word, but I greatly disliked it. It's not often a screenwriter incorporates so little of the book into the movie, and it's just as equally often when the screenwriter incorporates so much as they did in Atonement. I know, I know, it's personal opinion. But it doesn't take an idiot to notice they barely put in any of the key concepts in Twilight. I also hate how everyone's comparing this to Twilight. House of Night kind of has a league of its own, compared to the Twilight series. It even has a seperate shelf on my bookshelf. The Casts and Meyer created different worlds, and I enjoy them both. I would hate to see this book go to crap along with Twilight, despite the screaming legions of fans who insist otherwise. I desperately want them to get this right, only because it could appeal to a lot of audiences. My mother is insanely in love with Anne Rice and wants nothing to do with Twilight, but she watches Gossip Girl with me on the occasion that I can actually sit through an episode without puking. It'll get a lot of audiences, and get a lot of publicity for the book-- look at what Nicholas Sparks' optioning of his books got him! A feature film with Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, and a whole other seperate legion of fans running off to buy The Notebook. My sister barely said three words after watching the movie before going to Chapters to pick up The Notebook, and we'd all had doubts she could even read. I don't know, I just think this could open up a lot of opportunities and fanbase if it's done right the first time, and since it's not a hugely publicized book like Twilight, the filmmakers can't rely solely on the book's readers to fill their quota. I only wish.

Nikki on Jan 13, 2009


I think They should make The House Of Night of movie there is many people who want it to be and i am one of them i really hope they do

Ashley on Jan 14, 2009


I AN READING IT I'M JUST FINISHING THE FOURTH BOOK UNTAMED!! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL HAUNTED!! hee hee my friends are pissed because its a vampire book and i haven't read twilight even though, i've seen the movie hee hee AHH OH WELL!! I LOVE THIS SERIES ITS POSSIBLE THE ONLY SERIES I'LL BE ABLE TO FINISH AND LOVING EVERY BOOK!! (i have issues with finishing series because i don't like some of the books so i stop reading them ^_^;;)

Lexi on Jan 20, 2009


I've been reading the House of Night Series for only 5 days and i've already read all four books. I thought it was the most awesome books i've ever read. it goes into some much detail and into each characters feelings. I'm just so excited about reading the other 5 books. I saw that book 5 was coming out in march so i went ahead and preordered a copy. if they do make this series into a movie i hope they do a really good job on it. i also wonder if they will do all 9 books or if they will squoosh all they books into like 2 or 3 movies, cuz u can't do that to this book. it has too many things that are important. if they were left out it would probably mess up the movie. i also think that this series goes way beyond what goes on in twilight and potter. not that i don't like those movies

Leslie on Jan 20, 2009


i personally loved all three series, the harry potter ones, twilight and the house of night. i personally love the house of night more then the twilight series. Like i bought the fist book read it in one night then bought the other three and read them all in 2 days! i can't wait for hunted to come out in march and if they do make a movie out of the series i will so go to it because the series has a wonderfu feel to it and i has a contiuous plot that they give you small bits of what might happen next. also it shows what a "regular" teenager goes through every day(minus the vampyre blodlust thing). They also develop the charecters alot more then they did in twilight ex. Aphrodite WOW i did not expect that to happen to her when i was reading the first book. Charecter developent is a hudge thing i look for in my reading but all in all Stepheny Myers and Rowling did a fanstasic job and all three writters need to polish there books a bit more and they'll be fantastic! i think this series develops way more then the hary poter and twilight series even though i loved them both i can't negleted there faults in any of the three series. i love all the series and do hope that they make aseries out of the house of night series because that would be awsome!

Brin on Jan 25, 2009


these books would be absolutely amazing as movies and I think it will make MILLIONS! it is one of the smartest things to do! i hope it happens because I think it'll cause big hype.

candace on Feb 18, 2009


To # 13, Although I agree with you that HoN isn't like Twilight or Potter, I can see where people come up with that comparison. HoN has sexy vampires, as does Twilight, and it also has magic and a boarding school setting, like Harry Potter. The main character is always saving the day, like in Potter also. So although I agree that they are not alike, I must admit that the very very basic elements are similar.

Bekah on Mar 2, 2009


I think somebody needs to read the books again. & the're not even finished writing them. They're not just 'metaphors from adolescence to puberty'. & they're not 'Harry Potter, and Twilight' combined. They're their own freaking story. Yeh, they have vampires, like Twilight. They co-exsist with humans, like True Blood. & yes they have rituals, like the spells in Harry Potter. But so what? Does that mean P.C. & Kristin were trying to copy all of them to get the next big hit? No, that means they have creative imaginations. It's not their fault that people with similiar ideas had hits before them. If that was the case, EVERY author would be copying another. Somebody needs to learn a little bit more about these books.

HeathLover. on Mar 4, 2009


Correction; 'They're not just metaphors from adolescence to adult hood.'

HeathLover. on Mar 4, 2009


i really hope they do another book to go after the hunted book!!!!!!! all have heard is that they are and they are making one called tempted.

I.and.Erik on Mar 12, 2009


The house of night series was not good. It was AMAZING. Harry Potter books are nothing compared to these. I must admit that Twilight is a very hard match but i really think that i may like the house of night novels better. They are more shocking in how the events unfold. The twilight i suppose are quite predictable. Its obvious that Bella will become a vampire one day and that she will never be with Jacob and will always be with Edward (who could blame her=) I think that house of night is more compelling. I hope that the series go on and on until they can do no more with Zoey. Which i hope will be for along time to come.

Samantha on Mar 18, 2009


I think the house of night series is awesome. i started to read the first book in december 2008 because i saw my friend wit the book i thought it look awesome and something good to read. after i read the first book and went to the second i could not put the books down. I Love it. it rocks my socks, I love twilight , harry potter too. The house of night would be a great movie series to long as they stick to book it should be fine. And another thing is the house of night is not like twilight or harry potter it's something different yeah it has some simiarites but still it's just so damn good. i mean i can not wait until the six book comes out. i already the fifth book and it was awesome i just am so impatince that i can't wait. Hey does anyone know when the six book comes out. and does anyone know any other good books to read??

kristi on Apr 7, 2009


Oh by the way the house of night is AMAZING fer real. i love it so much. i can't wait.

kristi on Apr 7, 2009


I have read all the Potter and Twilight books and they are certainly good story-telling (although I found both series to be almost unbearably slow in parts); I just finished the first book in this series, Marked, at my wife's insistence and it was very entertaining! I am also a Trueblood fan (read all the Sookie Stackhouse books, too) and I think this series would be vastly more entertaining on the big screen than Twilight. It is quick paced and, having a couple of my own teens, seems to have captured more of the 'feel' of being a teenager; Twilight had too much of Bella and Edward staing deeply into each others eyes, for what seemed like hours on end. And, by the way, I also really thought 'John Tucker Must Die' (same director that optioned the rights to this series) was an entertaining movie, so if they give this series the same treatment, I think it should do very well, especially with the tween and teen audience.

Joe on Apr 17, 2009


All this talk about books turn into movies. I thought about it so much about this whole thing lately about books into movie on internet sites. I been hearing a lot about Harry Potter Series, Twilight Sega, and now A House of Night book series becoming into movies. Lately it's been Harry Potter verses Twilight. Now i am hearing a lot about how House of Night series is kind of like Harry Potter and Twilight in one. I really think it would be awesome if the House of Night book series became movies, because they are really good books to read. I am looking forward for this series to become movies. I am a big Harry Potter, Twilight Sega, and A House of Night Series fan. I read all the books in these series. I loved them all. Once i picking up these books i couldn't put them down. I had to keep on reading them. It was tempting when i picked up these three series off the selves and started reading them i wanted to finish them and read the next book. I really wanted to know what happens next in each book in these series. You could say i was hooked. Ahahahaha!!! Now i am a big fan of the House of Night series after the Harry Potter and Twilight Series. I love the books and got interested into the characters. I still like Harry Potter and the Twilight series. I will always be fan those two series even though i am House of Night fan now.

Jessica on Apr 17, 2009


I will be very disappointed if this doesn't go to film. I can't put the books down. I've already started reading them over again. I can't get enough. If this were to be put to film I think it would be a huge success among the teens and everyone that's read it.

Jessica on Apr 26, 2009


i think that the house of night series should become a movie actaly,and also i think they're better then twlight.

megan on Apr 27, 2009


O...M...G... u should definitly mayk dis into a movie. Lyk i would totlly go c it. I mean... lyk im a big fan n stuff. All my friends luv dis series!!! I think people would lyk totally buy dis stuff. I mean... com on its lyk all teenagerish!!!!!its the new fad.

Mickayla on May 6, 2009


i LOVED the house of night series one of the best ive read and i also loved the twilight series but i have to say house of night is WAY better!!!! than twilight i know all my friends and i would go to see each of those movies if they made one......

kat on May 16, 2009


I think this series would be great as a film. I have been waiting for any hint of it becoming one. Its not to late, as by the time a film is made harry potter will be over and people will be looking for another great series to follow and this is the perfect one. It has been a best seller and everyone who has read it loves it. Everyone i know thinks it should be made into a film and that it wont just be a copy of twilight. It is very different from twilight and there is a lot more of a mysterious and unpredictable plot to it. the only similarity between the two series' is that they have vampires in them and even then, its different as they both portray vampires very differently. even the spelling if different! i would love this series to become a movies and i for one would pay to see it many times over and over again.

ghislaine on May 17, 2009


I really hope The House of night series will become movies. The Books are so... Enthraling, they would make perfect movies. It is time for twilight to Move over and let some other vamp's in the spotlight.

Destini on Jun 6, 2009


i really hope they make it into a movie because they r really good if u would just sit down and read them they are sooo amazing and they would be great as movie and it could prob be the next big thing!!!!!!!!!!

Paiten on Jun 7, 2009


I really enjoyed the series...and i have read all five of the books and am looking forward to the next one in a couple months and i for one do not think that they are any way similiar to Harry Potter books, or the Twilight Series they are completly different. I have read the Harry Potter Series and i liked them alot, i dont see the similarities in the series, nothing is the same or same story line. I have also read the Twilight series and i completly fell in love with them, the story is kind of like Romeo and Juliet with the whole forbiden love thing, but with a twist and much more action packed into it. Now the House of The Nightare totally different, they are about a teenager finally finding where she belongs, but when she feels she is at home, her journey begins and here destiny is unraveling, throw in some boys and you have her life in the making. i really hope they make the series into a movie

Mariah-Lee on Jun 17, 2009


To tell you the truth I just started the House of Night series two days ago, and i got hooked right away. It is definitely unlike twilight or harry potter and i would love to see this series as a movie. But i am just hoping (really really hoping) they dont screw this up... cough* like Eragon. This series truly is a twist on the regular vampire story (to me). I mean seriously, I've never heard of Cherokee vampires who have elemental powers. Now tell me, is that in Harry Potter or Twilight? nah, didnt think so. I think this series is simply... awesome. Now, I've tried to look for the site that my aunt was telling me about that tells a little more about the movie from the author's view. Supposeably (dont take my word on it), the authors have thought up some actors and actresses that might fit the roles of some the characters. All my aunt remembers really is that the they saw Megan Fox as Zoey (i mean Ms. fox is a bit to old but if you think about it... i can see her fit with all the Vamp markings), Zak Efron -however you spell it- as Damien (LOL) and that girl from heroes that can break her arm and heal really fast as Aphrodite... i do not know if this is true, but if u guys are able to find it.. post the link up

DeapPep on Jun 18, 2009


On the books it has or you can look it up on google. they have pictures and descriptions. πŸ™‚

Free Binding Electricity on Jan 8, 2011


they are witing a nother book its called tempted

cody on Jun 19, 2009


twilight and harry potter are aimed at younger audiences. i personally don't like either. the house of night novels are extremely mature in content nature and i don't see how younger audiences will watch them. the books contain some graphic content both sexual and gore. i cant see the films going into the cinema screen under the rating of 15 in the UK. i think that the house of night novels will bring something else to the hollywood screen. twilight was extremely unsuccessful in my eyes as hardwicke moved away from the main storyline. Harry potter has nothing to do with vampires. theres definatly room for house of night, as its not just about vampires, but also about native american culture. Hollywood needs these films. ive read all the books and i am as hooked as any other fan. i just hope they don't screw this up. and with relation to the new book tempted. I simply cannot wait. i have a feeling kalona will return with neferet. πŸ˜›

lotty on Jun 23, 2009


@ mike. I agree they are better than twilight.

lotty on Jun 23, 2009


I think House of Nights is one of the best series I have ever read in my whole life. I used to get into Twilight well,but the moment it became a movie,it became way to popular. Not saying that's a bad thing, but no one has ever paid much attention to it until the very first book became a movie. Harry Potter, well known book, and well known movie. But now for House of Nights, I think Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed and Hunted,out beats both Harry Potter and Twilight Saga. Now if they were to make a movie out of this, I will defiantly go see.

Kayla on Jun 29, 2009


I really honestly hope the directors don't mess this up and they're not treating it just as a moneymaking scheme like Hardwicke did, however much she loved the story. HoN is so much better than Twilight, written better and it's aimed at a different audience to HP regardless of the fact that the earliest Potter fans will have grown up now and be looking for something different. I'm of the firm opinion that all people who declare HP as a work of great literature should be shot. Yeah it's good, and so is Twilight but neither of them are all that mature in content unlike HoN, they've become totally overtaken by their popularity and come on...they're hardly Tolkien (who is God IMO). I really think there is a niche in the market for HoN: it's different. The authors aren't afraid to stray into issues like sex and drugs that Meyer wouldn't go near, and Rowling can't because of her young audience: HoN is just way more entertaining than either. It has characters that are really easy to like, rather than Bella who whines constantly TBH. Zoey is a much better protagonist, Neferet is a damn hot baddie, Stevie-Rae is adorable: the books are much more enjoyable, not just because they deal with more mature issues. I think Hardwicke really screwed up Twilight, and HP went down the drain from the moment we lost Richard Harris and the director changed. Let's hope they don't mess this up!!!! Blessed be, y'all XD And there's a youtube video somewhere with those actors on, DeapPep, but I don't remember the link. It's on related vids to the official HoN channel. If not, try

Nina on Jul 8, 2009


I agree with you nina. In every way

Unknown on Jul 8, 2009


Ok everybody, stop comparing HON and Twilight RIGHT NOW! They are completely different. HON is more mature than Twilight, in ways of language ( they're not scared to say something like fuck ), and there id more sexual content, too. ( Like the blow job scene in the first book )

Starygal on Jul 14, 2009


Twilight is garbage, House of Night is actually amazing. It includes wicca (which i am) and it includes vampires (which i adore) with magic and romance and suspense and acient tales, and the funny thing about it, is the acient tales they tell off are actually acient tales. There are such things as Cherokee as well as the goddess Nyx, so its pretty amazing. I think if the movie came out.. it would kick twilights butt

VinnieEve on Jul 22, 2009


I started reading the House of Night series earlier this month, and i am already almost finished reading "Untamed". I have read the Harry Potter Series and the Twilight Series, and I am also a fan of True Blood. I never saw a connection between Harry Potter and Twilight, and I feel that the House of Night series is unique from both books. If House of Night was made into a movie I would want to see it, right along with Harry Potter and New Moon. I don't know about anybody else, but I'm just not sick of the theme yet!! House of Night is awesome, and any fan of the series would want to see it come to life.

Ashley on Jul 23, 2009


I think the House of Night series would make a good mini series like True Blood. They don"t have anything good on tv anymore. Just make a move are a tv series.

sandy on Jul 23, 2009


Well i'd sure as hell would go see it, and buy it. Love the series

Kate on Jul 26, 2009


Okay, one rant isn't enough. I agree with Starygal that it's time we leave Twilight behind. I know there's still three-possibly-four movies to come out yet but let's be honest, the story went downhill from "I'd never given much thought to how I would die." I love HoN so much because the authors have done their research (on Nyx and whatnot) and actually used things personal to them (Street Cats!), so they can't go wrong with details. It fills in a lot of gaps left by other authors (naming no names cough) not just with plot holes and shiz, but they include religion, which I think will be really educational to a lot of people about Wicca as it's totally misunderstood (not that I'm biased or anything :D) and a beautiful thing, as well as poetry and a different more realistic kind of romance. And a Superman lookalike. Can't go wrong there! Email me?

Nina again on Jul 27, 2009


I started reading the House of Night novels about 3 days ago and I just couldn't stop. The story got me all hooked. I also read Harry Potter and Twilight, but House of Night is, again, a different story. Plus: Didn't start the Twilight hype AFTER it was published for a (long) while?! I can remember the books standing in my friend's bookshelf and nobody else knew them. Everybody started to get interested after a year or something... and some even only started reading because of the movie. There's def room for a movie (or two... three... etc.) of the House of Night novels!!

Katharina S. on Aug 3, 2009


I have read the first 5 books in the House of night series and i really enjoyed them. I think it would make an interesting movie or tv series. It brings magic and vampires together and its wrote very well. I'm so tired of everyone saying that any vampire story is copied from twilight. First of all i hated the twilight movie, it was so low budget and cheesy. The books are wonderful but i think the only reason the movie did well is because of all the obsessed teens, which doesn't account for taste. We need more supernatural movies/tv series, the big screen has gotten a little boring with all the re-making of the old films (friday the 13th, halloween, texas chainsaw massacre etc....)

Stephanie on Aug 4, 2009


I have read the books and I find it refreshing that they can mix a harry potter vibe to vampires only problem with the comparison is harry potter gets worse as it goes on and house of ngiht only gets more exciting and changelling and compelling has the books go on. It brings a youthful, seductive, vibe to the world of vampires. I hope the movies get made soon. I am excited to see how it will fair off with harry potters hype as well as twilights. I think if they stay true to the books this could become an epic vampire series that might even put the other two books to shame. Also if anyone knows when auditions are gonna take place let me know I am craving to try out for the part of Damien πŸ™‚

Cory Bennett on Aug 10, 2009


honestly, ive read three out of the 6 that are out and i LOVE them. they are the right mix of magic and vampires and action and romance all mixed into one. im also a harry potter and twilight fan, and i would honestly count down the months for this movie to come out. it really is an amazing series, so far hahaha. but if the books continue to be as good as the ones ive read then they will be fabulous. but i am hoping that it will be a great movie, and not a letdown because it has serious potential. and i hope everyone goes to watch it and then all the books get made into movies. because they really are great books (:

Brittany on Aug 10, 2009


i'm in my early twenties and i'm all for either movies or a tv series the books are awesome and i will be first in line if they come out with a movie on it!!!

Elaine on Aug 10, 2009


I have to say i just got done reading all the books and they are way better than the twlight saga. They have a good combination in it for all sorts of readers. I say i would more than watch the movies but i think that maybe a t.v. series would be better for this collection of books.

Timmie on Aug 18, 2009


i think house of nights would do better then twilight i would love to see it go on the big screen it would be really great as long as they do screw it up to bad it will be great

brittany on Aug 31, 2009


i think that it would make an awsome film.. as anyone heard any more news on wether or not its going to happen?? ive just finished the 3rd book in less then a day... iwas sooo hooked... cant wait to get the next one.. but.. unfortunatly got to wait till pay day.. i also dont think this would be aimed at just young adults. my mom also is enjoying the 1st book.. im 19 and ok yeh a young adult but i would recomend it to anyone... Also.. i got the 1st book after finishing the twilight series as i was pining for it!! hehe πŸ˜€ and i dont think there much alike.. except VAMPIRES.. thats like saying eward cullen is like blade because he wont drink human blood?? HoN TO BE A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

Amy on Sep 8, 2009


This series is way better than Twilight or even Harry Potter. Twilight was the absolute worst series ever written in the history of fictional literature. The HoN series is the best vampire series ever, and possibly the best series ever written. Shut up about Harry Potter and Twilight, they're both completely unrelated. As for the possible movie production, if they stick to the storyline(and have decent actors) it should be an amazing movie. It definitely wouldn't even be a pg-13 movie. R would be more like it, and that's if they truly work with the authors and if they really make a movie, it should turn out quite well.

Michael on Sep 13, 2009


i love this book i would seriously reccomend it especially if you like twilight. i know its abit ironic how its sort of similar to harry potter and twilight but seriously the book is amazing. i can not put the book down i have to keep reading more the ending of the book are fantastic. if you haven't read house of night before i would recommend to read the first chapter of the book on the link below, but i do advise to browse through.

Love it on Sep 15, 2009


Michael - WELL SAID. There's a poster for Marked in my English department and I was like "Lel, we're a Catholic school, read what you advertise." <3 j'adore la maison du nuit. πŸ˜€

The Ninja on Sep 15, 2009


well based on the fact that Twilight has such horrible writing, i have to say this series is so much better. i have seen just about everyone put down that lousy series and pick up this fantastic one. the House of Night series is maybe on of the best series i have ever read. unlike twilight, it doesn't rant on about useless stuff over and over for for twenty pages. and everyone i know who's read it, wants it to be a movie. all i heard was non stop complaints about how horrible Twilight was as a movie.

Kameko Hoshina on Sep 24, 2009


i am in love with HON. I can't put them down for anything. I have read the first 4 books in just 2 weeks and im dying to start book 5. I think a movie would be awesome!!!! The books are captivating and i think the movie would be to. πŸ™‚

Christy :) on Sep 26, 2009


HoN <------- wayyy better than Twilight and HP =P

Jessie on Oct 2, 2009


i dont know how they could say that house of night wouldnt do well as a movie. sure HP and twilight are already huge but house of night is something i think could give both of them a run for their money. twilight is too lovey dovey for boys and HP is becoming a little iffy. HON is bloody brilliant!!!! iv read all HP, twilight and HON 3 times each atleast and HON is some of the best books iv ever read!!!!!!!!!! i really hope they do the movie. HOUSE OF NIGHT RULES!!!!! ILY HEATH!!

LaurenMarieEE on Oct 4, 2009


Alright, I guess I can address multiple things here. I'll start with the whole similarity thing first, of course there are gonna be similarities, we've started entering a bit of a new media era. A lot of people are getting back into the whole supernatural thing. As for the specific similarities to Harry Potter and Twilight, there's a degree of magic, but unlike in Harry Potter, they don't mumble made up words, the magic they use in the House of Night series is partially based on magic related religions. As for Twilight, they're using vampires, a similarity, but many MANY books and movies have used vampires. There's romance, but what's one of the things vampires have represented for years? Seduction. So there are bound to be piles of series based on vampires that have a bit of romance in them. Now, for my personal opinion, I've almost finished the second book, and I do have to say, I think it's a pretty great series, at least what I've read of it. They don't pile on one specific element too much, and the authors didn't go down the whole "forbidden and hidden species" road, so it does have a bit of a twist from most other vampire books. I do suggest it, but again, this is a personal opinion, everyone will have differing taste, and depending on that taste, you may, or may not like this series. As for the possibility of being made a movie, and collaborating several books into a single movie, I think it'd make a great movie, but combining the books doesn't sound like a good idea. One of the things to this series that would actually benefit it is the fact that the books aren't horribly long, meaning they could easily stick mostly to the book, and use most of the material in the book in a movie. Going about it that way, they could easily get more movies out of it, but there will, of course be exceptions, as in combining two books for a movie here or there, that wouldn't kill it, but I wouldn't try to do that with all of the (possible) movies. And that's my thought πŸ™‚

Celes on Oct 14, 2009


who cares if there are some similarities?? all of them were really big hits as books and why cant they make a movie?? HoN fans need some eyecandy too!! i hope they pick a sexy cast cuz thats wat i pictured when i read the series. You all should read them and realise that just because it has magic and vampires- its not copied from neither harry potter or twilight series.

Elaina on Oct 16, 2009


Anybody a fan of The Vampire Diaries (yet another teen vampire book series)? The other night, on the TV series, Damen (the bad boy) was browsing a Twilight book and said something along the lines of "What's with this Bella chick, anyway? Is everybody in this book whipped?" LOL Glad they didn't pick on HoN.

RedRaven571 on Oct 17, 2009


no.. ive not long bought that book is that series any good?.. i love reading a good series... got to agree with a comment further up.. stop concentrating on the similarities. there books about vampires there bound to be there... i love the whole vampire/romance.. but they are totally different books,, i love them both and i dont think about how they are the same.. i think WOW what an awsome series!

Leighton on Oct 17, 2009


The House of Night Series PWNS Twilight! It has soooo many more books and teenagers can relate more to it. I would LOVE to see a house of night movie! Vampires have deffinitly taken over. Twilight and HoN deff have similarities but they are both vamp books. They have totaly different story lines. Anyone agree

Lauren Buckley on Oct 18, 2009


Leighton, It's 'OK', better than Twilight (IMHO) but not quite as good as HoN. If you don't have anything to read right now, it's worth a look; bonus is the first 2 books were combined into a single paperback so you get a 2 for 1. πŸ™‚

RedRaven571 on Oct 19, 2009


THEY SHOULD MAKE A MOVIE OUT OF THE SERIES. I have read all of the books and thought they were fantastic. If it was made a movie, I would definitely see it

ME!!!!!!!!! on Oct 31, 2009


They should definately make them movies. i too have read all the books except Tempted, (though i have read the first chapter of that at their site). i am hooked on them! I would go to every one if (when?) its in theaters. They are all fantastic books, both me and my sister absolutaly love them.

Rachael on Nov 1, 2009


Most people don't relies P.C. Cast already ad a cult following with her two paranormal romance series as well.

Athen_Wiley on Nov 2, 2009


ok so i love the house of night series but the books would be way better as a tv show over a movie or movies

Katey on Nov 3, 2009


The house of night series is great... I think if they made movies out of the books it would be amazing as long as they stick to the story... A tv series would also be awesome i love the sookie stackhouse series and love trueblood on HBO.... Basically whats not to love of the series.... Drama, Superpowers, vampires, good vs. evil, suspense, and essentially the same daily problems we face. Stay with the story line... and the movies will be fantastic!!!

KirbynBoe on Nov 3, 2009


Oh before i forget I finished TEMPTED and OMG!!!!!! the cliffhanger has me losing my mind...I hate the wait! BURNED needs to be released NOW!!!

KirbynBoe on Nov 3, 2009


I love house of night and twilight, but I think twilight will still get more viewers than house of night if it becomes a movie, but it will probably be just as good.

KukumiSaturiku on Nov 4, 2009


The House of Night books whould do really good if they became movies. I am definatly a twilight fan and i have gone to every movie that had anything to do with vamps. If teens find out that this is similar to twilight they will freak out and want to see it so bad. I think that HON will get just as good of reviews as Twilight. I, Personaly, have gotten a ton of people at my school to read the books and i know for a fact that every one of them would watch the movies!

Kali on Nov 4, 2009



Trianna on Nov 6, 2009


Although i adore this series, i don't agree that it should become a film just yet. With the whole Twilight/Vampire Diaries/True Blood/whatever other vampire stuff out there, i don't think it will do as well. I mean yeah maybe after the thrid Twilight film and after the Harry Potter Series is over, i think it would be AWESOME to have a movie, (maybe even a TV series?). I certainly know that I would pay to go see it. I mean the story is such an original (besides the vamps part! haha). Anyway, just wanted to throw my opinion out there, πŸ˜€

Savannah (: on Nov 9, 2009


oh and they better pick some fine ass guys for the cast or im going to be mad. on P.C. & Kristen's site, i think Stark looks amazing, πŸ˜€ and Erik's okay. he looks too old for me though, (im 16) he looks about 22 or something! haha. because the guys are one of the many reasons i read these series, πŸ˜€

Savannah (: on Nov 9, 2009


oh and everyone talking about the genres of Twilight and this series: Twilight is a Supernatural Fantasy book! House of Night Series is Paranormal Romance, πŸ™‚ well im positive HoN is that, because that's what it was in when i went to B&N πŸ™‚

Savannah (: on Nov 9, 2009



CTHULU on Nov 15, 2009


I hope they do but then I kinda don't. I like how small the population is around here and how no one really reads the HON series but myself. Over this past weekend I met one other girl who reads them((Who,Ironically had the same name as myself)and we totally fangirled. I like Twilight.The books. HON os WAY better than Twilight. I read Marked way before I even KNEW about Twilight.Personally, I cannot STAND the Twilight Fandom. I hate star struck little 13 year olds going on about Edward.((I'm 18)) As for casting, Personally I don't like the cast on the site. I think Zoey looks to old and Stevie Rae is NOT how I pictured her. Nor is Neferet. The others are so,so. They'll really have to think about the cast for this. I'll die if they mess it up because the HON is my favorite series at the moment.

Lexi on Nov 15, 2009


OMG!!these books (and this is an opion)are better than Twilight!These books are a must read!!!!Its impossible to take my eyes off these books!!!I can't wiat 'til BURNED comes out,im almost done with TEMPTED!!I LURVE THIS SERIES!!as stevie rae would say!

payton on Nov 19, 2009


Okay Ive read all of the books up to tempted which was amazing and now Im eagerly awaiting the next book 'Burning' to come out sigh i have to wait untill may=[[ but i say there is plenty of room for house of night on the big screen and i encourage any one that has not read the books to go out and buy them=]]

Erica on Nov 20, 2009


Okay. first of all, i want to say that the HoN series is an amazing series. Ive read all 6 so far and I fell in love since Marked. There are elements of both Harry Potter and Twilight, though i believe to compare them is a bit off. I really do hope they make the movie, and stay as close to the books as possible. Ive honestly never seen a book mirror reality (the adolescent years) so well before. and ive read a lot of books. I like both twilight and harry potter, but this taked the cake. Keep up the good work, Casts! P.S.... I saw on wikianswers that the release year is 2011. Is this a rumor or just speculation?

Andy on Nov 21, 2009


I love the series. I just finished Tempted, and really thought the authors picked up the pace in this one! One of the things that I really like about these books is how close they are to reality. Seriously - Jack figured out where they were via Twitter?! Loved it!! I would like to see a movie, but I think it may be purdent to combine a couple of the books to do so. They aren't as long as other similiar series, so combining a few may help they story line. Can't wait until May!

Michele on Nov 24, 2009


First point: So i just finished Tamed and i have read the twilight and harry potter books several (And i mean a lot) times, the only thing twilight and HON have in common are that they are about vampires (and that barely.) The only thing HON and potter have in common is that they both go off to some school. HON is not a "smoothie" of the other two series, it completely holds it's own. Second Point: Right now Hollywood cant find hardly anything new. I mean something new could jump up in front of them and say "boo" and they still would see it. Well "BOO" this is something new, Vampyre finishing school! Hello!! Third point: The absolute and only way anyone will ever make this a great movie is by first having everyone (and i mean from the director and actors to the boy who goes and gets coffee) read ALL of the books.The next thing they can all do is listen to the authors. They know this book inside and out they know what is important and what has to be involved for the story to progress further. That was were they must have screwed up with Twilight and Harry Potter. Finally the best way to do these movies would be to make nine of them. The authors wrote it that way for a reason (and didn't i just say to listen to them) plus (this ones for u hollywood) more movies more times people go to the threatre which means more money!

Ashlee on Nov 30, 2009


*"boo" they still wouldn't see it

Ashlee on Nov 30, 2009


They should so make this into a movie, with the Harry potter series and the Twlight saga, alot of people still love the books more, but to picture everything on screen and seeing how the characters and the places they go really look, then going back to read the books over changes it and makes it really more exciting, and I love all the series and I just finished tempted and it was amazing, and if the movie does end up going on screen I bet more people will want to read the books more too. so yeah I'd love to see this series hit the big screen, I'd probably go insane and go to the movies any change I get, just too see it,

Chelsealynn on Dec 4, 2009


Everyone knows this would work as a movie. the plot is far mor gripping than Harry Potter and much more detailed and complex in comparison to the Twilight Saga. It's a new look on things and as far as I'm concerned, it'll be the best in theatres. The only two things I want to know is when filming starts and if I can be in the cast!

Emie(Emmy) on Dec 7, 2009


Everyone knows this would work as a movie. the plot is far mor gripping than Harry Potter and much more detailed and complex in comparison to the Twilight Saga. It's a new look on things and as far as I'm concerned, it'll be the best in theatres. The only two things I want to know is when filming starts and if I can be in the cast!

Emie(Emmy) on Dec 7, 2009


Everyone knows this would work as a movie. the plot is far mor gripping than Harry Potter and much more detailed and complex in comparison to the Twilight Saga. It's a new look on things and as far as I'm concerned, it'll be the best in theatres. The only two things I want to know is when filming starts and if I can be in the cast!

Emie(Emmy) on Dec 7, 2009


i really want this series to be filmed, i'd definitely watch it. i've read the whole series and i'm dying to know what happens next. although the whole multiple guy thing is starting to get old

Alyciela on Dec 9, 2009


I LOVE THIS SERIES... Actually i'm re-reading it, I have Tempted sitting right here on my computer desk. This series is so addicting and I love it way more than Twilight and I seriously LOVE Twilight (not Harry Potter though that movie is just gay). I hope they do make it into a movie I would go see it the 1st day it came out!!! I just hope they don't make it suck like Twilight did the bookm was way better!

Mary on Dec 10, 2009


I LOVE this series. I read all six books in less than a week. I would love it if they turned it into a movie. 0_o I looked on the website and I look so much like Stevie Rae and Aphrodite. Weird aint it?? <3!!! Again I love the series. I am hoping to take on drama. I am trying out for every play in school this year. Let me tell ya, i aint bragging but I am pretty good. Not the best at my school though. Stark looks soooo hot! So does Heath and Erik. Jack has the cute puppy dog face. He is soooo adorable.

Kyky on Dec 15, 2009


OMG!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! i lovveeeee the house of night. its such an intresting book. and very refreshing it does bring a deifferent vibe to the table including like tenn fantasys there a type of humor in it thats geeky but halarious and the majic included with the vampyres and what not is do awsome i read eveyr book except tempted which im going to get soon. But i would be the first in line to see the movie. And also i love twilight too. Im a fan and everything but the movie from HoN woild be yea you get me πŸ˜€

Shirley on Dec 15, 2009


I'd love HoN to be dramatized but I don't think it should happen now, or in the near future. Right now the media's choked with vamp stuff. I think the producers should wait a few years before releasing, so the obsession's died down and there's room for something new. Twilight will leave us alone eventually and we can all enjoy True Blood and whatnot until the better ones finish. Then HoN should be launched - resurrect the species if you like xD when there's nothing else around, there'll be a bigger audience for it. <3 Can't wait for April and Burned πŸ˜€

The Ninja on Jan 15, 2010


omg!!!!!!! i loved the books but i didnt really like the ending of tempted. i cant wait for the movie or even tv show (plz have the tv show from like 8 to 9 pm so i can watch or on a saterday/friday) i cant wait for burned if you do make it a movie make all the books in one movies for like 4 hours that would be cool. kalona like makes up the whole serise because he is dangerouse but totally hot!!!!!! i really cant wait i have all the books so far make another serise i would love to have a nother of your books they are awsome with that bad boy stuff. love your biggest fan brittani scinlari

brittani scinlari on Jan 30, 2010


I have just finished reading tempted and can say only this I LOVE IT. i cant wait until the next one comes out!!!! It has only taken me 2 weeks to read all 6 books i just couldnt put it down. Unlike Twilight and harry potter i like te way it has a bit of eveything in it for everyone. I am in my mid 30s so i have read all of the twilight and Vamp academy even though i cant wait untill the next book of Vamp Academy, i cant wait until Burned comes out either none of the book series are the same. I hope it comes out in the movies or tv. people will get hooked.

michelle dillon on Feb 7, 2010


ii love the house of night books + think that the? wud do great as movies; ii just hpe the? choose good actor'sz tu pla? the character'sz πŸ™‚

Neelurm on Feb 16, 2010


The House of Night books are my all time favourite books! The only book series i can bring myself to leave. Just finished Tempted literally 5 minutes ago. I would like the books to be made into a film series but i think if they chose bad actors for the characters they would be worried. I also think the books are good enough to stand on their on two feet without being compared to Twilight or Harry Potter. There are similarities, but the same can be said of millions of books series. I honestly can't wait for Burned to come out!! I love the House of Night!!! Hope you agree! =D

Stephanie on Feb 18, 2010


Omg! I Heart the House of Night! I finished reading the books this morning! I want them to make a movie sooo badly!! Plus it shouldn't be that hard to make the movie because on they already have pictures of people that would most fit the characters. So just follow the book and get the rest of the characters and Easy-peasy! πŸ™‚ <3

Jackyy;D on Feb 21, 2010


I think this is a phenomenal book series, one that I agree has all the elements you have discussed. A little bit of Harry Potter's adventure and magical mystery, a little of Twilight's romance bug, the feel of X-men in the sense of being hunted and unwanted that feeling of racism, I really don't see much of True Blood but the others spot on. I would love to see this made into a television series but with that said I hold very little doubt that it will be. My reasonings are based off of the Religious controversy in the book itself. The book has pagan over views and ritualistic behaviors. On top of that the "People of the Faith" are a mockery of die hard bible-thumpers. People with strict religious views will not wish to be painted in a bad light (the beheading that took place, the Racism displayed by Zoey's step-father) and see this book as invasive and offensive.

Cassandra on Mar 2, 2010


I'v read all the books and I really hope it is made into a movie.

Court on Mar 2, 2010


Cassandra - I suppose they can always tone down the racism. But t'was Neferet who beheaded Prof Nolan and Loren Blake, so she could have her excuse to make war on the humans πŸ™‚ I reckon there will be a lot of down-toning to make it...suitable lol.x

Nina on Mar 4, 2010


i think there should be a movie me and my friends have read them and have wanted a movie

Lily on Mar 19, 2010


Yeah I know she killed them but it was implied that the people of faith did. You're right if it did make it to the silver screen there would be a lot of things cut out and toned down to make it okay for others. I mean remember the controversy on harry potter with some of the Christan community, I could see them go ape-shit over this book. I still rather it be a TV series then a movie... I think that it would do better in the long run and they could put more into it.

Cassandra on Mar 26, 2010


i would definately love to see these books become a movie series. The only thing is, the people they have on the website, for example Zoey, look to old to be teenagers. If they do make this a film they need better choices. But some are perfect, like Stark.

Lizzy on Mar 29, 2010


Lol people are so retarded. every story we know of is similar to others. cinderella is from an ancient folk tale. get over it. everything is similar yet unique in their own way and each should have a chance to shine.

Liza on Apr 9, 2010


Ok, I PC Cast's books in general and really love the house of night series. Cassandra you are right about the response of some of the christian community. I think that it is silly how they can say anything that is different from what they believe it wrong. There is alot of different beliefs wrapped into this series and people need to chill and just enjoy the book for what it is. This series is not trying to get people to worship Nyx, it is a fictional story that blends several cultures. I am a christian but I don't believe that by reading these books that people are going to worship Nyx and start trying to drink blood lol. It is meant for entertainment and these authors do their jobs very well. They bring mythology to life and for those who love mythology :), they are the best. I hope people can grow up and realize that this is just an entertaining story. Can't wait til Burned comes out!

Christina on Apr 10, 2010


OK i loved the siers and i never even thought about harry potter or twilight and i love both of the movies and the twilight books. and i think this would be a great movie, with the right cast of cource this would be a movie i thank even non vampire fans would like. and before people say things they sould read the books. its the same with the vampire academy. its a chick flik! if you want blood and gore go wach saw! this would be a great movie for teen age girls. and i am one my dream is tobcome an actriss and if i was older i wish i could play Rose hathway. give this onther thought because alot of fans want this and it could be onther money makeing movie! alot of fans would be very mad if this didnt become a movie. but we all have good imgantion's and obvisly you movie critics DONT! Thinks: Emmalie Ostler-Miller

Emmalie on Apr 17, 2010


In all brutal honesty, this book series is my guilty pleasure. I fucking despise vampires, but for some reason this series keeps it interesting for me. They have human and beastlike vampires. Ones who have limitations and others who will gladly tear your throat out, but they have rules. The ONLY issue I've ever had with the book series is the strong wiccan overtones. They gave seance directions on the site. As a wiccan myself, it bothers me that teenie boppers would be using magic for selfish purposes and just to experiment. Argh. As far as a movie goes, as long as it doesn't become the next Twilight, I'll happily stay a little fan. They best not fuck it up. P.S. Good god, some of these comments make me want to drive a stake in my skull. - Zatanna

pennyfedcar on Apr 20, 2010


I found it ironic seeing as I actually worship Nyx as the main Goddess on Samhain.

Emie(Emmy) on Apr 25, 2010


i hope burned is good my friend got it today and now i just wait until she is done

lily on Apr 28, 2010


I have read evey House of Night book, I have been hooked on them ever since I started reading the first book. The Characters are easy to relate to and it feels like they are your friends.....The story line is Amazing, I have never heard of a story like this. People may compare it to Twilight because it does have vampires......But house of Night is more than that. I Love Twilight, But the House of night has more anticipation, action, and mythology!!! And the best part is there is over 7 books!!! It keeps you wanting more. And I am soooo excited to see how it is transformed into a movie series. It has been known that the movies can never compare to the books. I just hope the do justice to the House of Night series!!! They deserve it!!!

Cassandra on Apr 30, 2010


The description is horrible, because if you've actually read the series then you would know that this is one of the most unique vampire stories out there. I'm not just saying that either.....this takes the vampire idea to an entirely new level. The boarding school idea IS comparable to Harry Potter....but the "House of Night" (the school's name) is about important to the series as Hogwarts is to Harry Potter. It's important, but it's not the main focus....the struggle of good vs. evil is, just like it is in this series. I would say this series is like blending true blood, degrassi, harry potter, and a RPG fantasy video game in one....seriously. It follows several different characters, focusing on Zoey Redbird, but still follows several others. The only thing it has in common with Twilight is the fact that it has to do with Vampires....there is no over-the-top romance in this series (there is plenty of love and forbidden love though--just nothing as intense as twilight). This book focuses on magic, fighting, finding love, finding yourself, light vs. dark/good vs. evil and the balance of both that exists within ALL of us. Seriously, this is an incredibly unique series and i was blown away by how much I love it. It would make a bizzare movie, especially with all the pagan undertones (the vampyres worship the goddess nyx and invoke the elements). I would LOVE to see it on screen, there are some beautiful aspects to this book that other teen vampire series are lacking.

Mimi on May 16, 2010


I think that the House Of Night Series should be made into a movie. However, If it is going to be made into a movie it should be made EXACTLY like the book. I mean that wont be hard seeing as the book is small. But hollywood ruined the Twilight series. The books are way better. Now, I am not the only one who thinks this, but if the Twilight series was made just like the books without one single detail left out then the first Twilight movie would have made more money then New Moon and Twilight have made together in the past few years. So it would be best that if the House Of Night series was made into a movie it should be made with full detail, all exactly like the book. It would get more views, and make more money. This is coming from a 17 year old at Marion High School (me) I have talked to fellow students about this and they all agree with me as well as the teachers and some parents who liked the Twilight series. But either way it goes, If House Of Night was made into a movie but not made exactly like the book it would still make plenty of money because that is a GREAT series that millions of people enjoy. Im just saying it would make more money if it was made EXACTLY like the book and if Kristen Stewart or Rob Pattinson WAS NOT in the movie, in any of the House Of Night movies. I mean dont get me wrong, they are great actors but they're just annoying to look at now and they would RUIN the movie because they were in Twilight.

Kimberly Jones on May 19, 2010


In my opinion this description has come from the 'against' side of the argument to make a film, asking 'is there any room?' Is the stupidest thing! Of course there is "enough room" loads of people love it so it should DEFINITELY be made into a film... or maybe a T.V series? If they do make a film/T.V series then they should make it EXACTLY like the book otherwise people will think that it's stupid to make a random film copyrighted from the best books 'House Of Night Novels' if they do that then P.C ad Kristian Cast will be offended and upset that they have stolen their ideas. FOR- THE FILM/T.V SERIES OF THE 'HOUSE OF NIGHT NOVELS'

Amy on Jun 9, 2010


this book series is SOOOO not like twilight. twilight is just one big love story about 2 people(which isn't a bad thing, but the movie just SUCKED) anyway, this is a lot more like harry potter ecept ten years later and instead of in an old castel it's a lot more modern, cuz it's a bunch of kids fighting against this big enemy, with a few love stories mixed in and 1 main character

Melinda on Jun 11, 2010


Ok no these books are nothing like twilight. The only similarities are the vampires. I have not read the harry potter series (and I don't plan to) but I can tell they are pretty diferent except for the spells. Anyways I do think HoN would probably make for some good dramatic movies. I do not think they will be as big a hit as twilight though. There is so much sex and violonce that it would have to be rated R wich means that those who read it would (depending on parents) not be able to see the movies. But maybe I'm wrong. I've read the whole twilight saga like a million times and love them. Every time I read them despite already knowing the plot I get something new out of every time. Where I can tell that if I reread the HoN I would not get that same satsfication. But back to the whole movie thing, yes I think they would make great movies. Aslong as there not rated R. (I fall into the group whoes parents refuse to let us watch anything over pg13

jamie on Jun 16, 2010


I've read all the books. I'm in love with the series. I like twighlight too, but i think HON beats it. I think the movie would be really cool. (:

Anonymous on Jun 23, 2010


I REALLY want to see a movie version of the books but i sincerely hope they stick to the story line. I was a huge twilight fan but the movies ruined it for me! I can't stand the way they have changed the story and in my opinion the actors look nothing like the characters

A. on Jun 30, 2010


I definitely think that the HON series should be turned into a movie. I seriously LOVE this series. It's much different than Twilight...not necessarily better or worse, just different and I like both series. HON is a bit more exciting though, which is why I think it would be great movies! I would definitely not complain if they made HON into movies. Hopefully if they do, they cast better than Twilight. I was super disappointed when I first saw the Twilight's chosen cast..but what can you do? They've come to grow on me though. Like stated above, HON is similar to Harry Potter and if they cast the HON movies as well as the HP movies, then I would not complain!

B. on Jul 1, 2010


You can already see from the amount of comments that the movie is going to be quite popular. I believe that even though it seems like a combo of a bunch of different books/movies, they did a really good job of putting them together. My only hope is that I think its good from the first day I see it in theatres because I had to watch Twilight at least 4 times before the movie grew on me. The director for New Moon and Eclipse did a much better job. I also asked that they don't change characters after producing a couple of the movies. It really bugs me when they do that. In Eclipse Victoria was different. I also hope that this series is going to get as many people against it as Twilight did. If you don't like the series keep your mouth closed the rest of us do like it.

Andrea on Jul 28, 2010


I think the House of Night sereis should deffinatly be a movie(s). Im Not just saying this because I absolutly love the books, Im saying this because the House of Night sereis really isnt anything like Twilight. Yes, they both have vampires, Yes, they both have romance to them, but the stories themselves arent anything alike. As you can see there are many people who like them just as much or maybe even better than Twilight and Harry Potter. So, if you did make the HON sereis into a movie (s) then you would deffinatly not b disapppointed. To be honest i didnt even know Twilight was a book much less a series, but after i watched the movie in theaters i loved it, so then i got the books and read them all (4 times). I went to see all the movies in theater and bought the movies when they came out. So I think that the same thing would happen if you turned the HON series into a movie(s). The point is, is that even if you dont have a huge support system for HON right now it dosent mean you wont after you actually do turn them in to a movie, try it!!! you might be suprised with how many people who will end up loving it!!!!!!!! Even tho most will be teenage girls, i beleive some guys might not mind being forced to go watch this sereis with the girlfriends, sisters, ect. πŸ˜€ <#

Maddi on Jul 30, 2010


Omg! House Of Nights <33 Im totally in LOVE with this series. They need to make these books into a movie FAST!

Harmaney on Jul 31, 2010


Okay, The House Of Night Series is way better than Twilight by far. Twilight to me is about a teenage girl, who is confused between a werewolf and a vampire and vampires want to kill her. Woo? They suck. The only reason they got so popular was the actors. ACTUALLY The actors Edward and Jacob. The House of Night series is just better and it's not like a a sweet book with romance, no it has drama and lots of it. So make the house of night series into a movie fast!

Courtney on Aug 4, 2010


I've read "Marked" and "Betrayed" and I dont know how much longer I can wait to get my hands on "Chosen" (Book #3) This Series in my eyes can deffinatly surpass twilight and harry potter and I'm a fan of both! The House Of Night Series Can Make It In The Box Office! Seriously If The They Ever Get A Chance To Make The Movies I'll Be There Waiting In Line At The Box Office For Movie Tickets! I <3 The House of Night!!

Rae Ann on Aug 23, 2010


ive read up to untamed so far and it would be totally awsome if it was a movie!!

ME!!!!! on Sep 2, 2010


I definitely think the movie would be a hit. The books are amazing and intriguing Vampires and Night are the new thing for young adults these days if they want the movie to be a sucess I say ADVERTISE!!!!! once people learn about the book then decide to read it im positive it will be the new TWILGHT . Now of course there is no way the movie could come out now. Not with Twilight still on the market. Let it Die out a little bit then bamm introduce the house of night series. If i love it and all my friends love and there is already thiss buzz going on in the air about the movie. People are interested I say GO FOR IT! I cant wait until it comes out XOXO, Loving fan on House of night Series

Aritza on Sep 19, 2010


I think some House of Night movies would be really good now.. I am currently reading the books and I am now on Untamed and I think they would make terrific movies! But that is just one teen's opinion...

Taylor on Oct 16, 2010


Smells familiar? How can you say this sounds or "smells" familiar when every book teens read lately is about either vampires or has that dramatic part where some kid gets pulled away from their family to go to a school because they have some magic abbility or have become something like a vampire or some magical creature mostly having something to do with night. The books are not blended they are just ideas and things that people think would spark the readers minds. Try to learn a little more about the books and the authors before you say that they are blended

Shaina on Nov 29, 2010


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the HoN series... Ive read every book so far and id read them all again and again! The way they are written, its so easy for a girl to relate to! even at my age! It would be AMAZING if they made this into a film but Im also worried that if they do they might try to squeeze it all into one or two... But that just wont do! there is WAAAAYYYY too much in the books to make into just one or two films! id be so dissappointed if they missed out all the little bits because those are a big part of the book! Ive read ALOT of books but this series is one in its self! <3

charlie on Nov 30, 2010


It's an amazing series, even if people haven't read them, it would make great movies...I really do hope the books turn into movies πŸ™‚

katherine on Dec 11, 2010



Bella on Jan 4, 2011


I adore this book series. Its small but packs a lotof hardcore keep ya goin drama and that keeps me readin. If these books were turned into movies i would first faint, then scream with joy. id watch every single one of them, in the hope that they dont turn out like the twilight movies. I hope that the movie would be JUST like the book, there isnt a reason for it not to be. I live in Oklahoma also, and im really wishin that House of Night was real, in a way:) I heart P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast! I hope they keep the books comin. AND that they are hopefully thinkin bout their wonderful books bein movies!!!

Darenn500 on Jan 8, 2011


I would suggest making it into a TV series, mostly because, well it is a series, and no matter how much you try to put it all into a movie, or a series of movies, it's just not enough, and we need some fresh blood on the tv, yeah yeah, we have true blood and the vampire diaries. and even though they have the same 'vampire' theme, i absolutely adore them both, and would love to see more vampire/suspense/mystic Tv shows out there. Some day soon, there'll be a 'vampire' channel featuring all the different tv shows, movies etc etc. I would pay to see that one, and probably never switch it off. Just think of something. or just go eragon style, make the first.. see what the crowds thinks and then think of the next step. and please don't change the characters,

Majaine on Jan 14, 2011


This series has the makings of excellent MOVIES! However, that's been done (Twilight) I think they should make it into a mini series though so we don't miss too many details from the books. The they could do a 2 part movie to complete the series. I think this would be better, because we all know how we wait, and wait, and WAIT for each Twilight movie to come out, then most people end up disappointed because they were expecting more. If you do it as a mini series with an ending TV movie, no one has to wait very long to see each installment (if the episodes are done weekly), and no one will be disappointed. Just my opinion

Tdunn on Jan 18, 2011


I actually love these books. My older sister got me hooked on them. I loved twilight and all but lets be honest here HoN is so much more fun to read:) Its so light hearted and the characters are just amazing and so real! They are just so down to earth and I love it! And they arent afraid to speak their minds and love things which arnt considered cool (Love you Stevie Rae). I'd be excited about a movie but I hope they dont blur the books together or cut out scenes to make it age appropriate for younger viewers:P Keep it as close to the book as possible and I recon it will blow twilight out of the waters all together. Cant wait for the Destined to come out! xo

JoJo on Feb 20, 2011


this book is amazing i love the series and finished one book in two days. i cant put it down.

Carsyn Paige on Apr 1, 2011


im a huge fan of the house of night books! i love her detailed descriptions of the vampyres and i love her usage of vampires. It is no hwere near twilight! anyone who believes differently has not read the house of night novels so please dont judge. I am sooo looking forward to a movie and there seems to be a rumor buzzing around about one coming out in 2011! excited! the house of night novels are one of the most checked out book series at my schooland i see no reason for people to judge!

lexi -A FAN!β™₯ on Apr 4, 2011



Dreamgirl4170 on Apr 21, 2011


I had never heard of Twlilight before it came out either. i had just finished reading the series a month before the first movie came out. I thinkΒ Night would be a great movie with a super H O T cast and would rather see what they do with Night then watch another bad Twilight movie..they defineitly do not do the books justice...but then again who says they will do Night any justice?? I say make the first one and see how it does then judge from there but I still think it would be an amazing movie...JUST DO IT RIGHT!

Miss.Ashley on Jun 2, 2011


PS. Just finished Awakened!!! Loved it...the ending is killing me! Talk about a cliff hanger..seriously..

Miss.Ashley on Jun 2, 2011


how does this series go? like whats the first book called?

Terynn on Jun 15, 2011

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