Pixar's Cars 2 Pushed Up to Summer of 2011

September 25, 2008

Cars 2

During the Disney Showcase yesterday held at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, John Lasseter and Dick Cook presented a brief look at the upcoming animated films from Disney. Included was a quick look at Cars 2. While there wasn't any concept art or photos, Lasseter and Cook announced that the film would be hitting theaters in the summer of 2011, as opposed to 2012, as was first announced. Additionally, Lasseter mentioned that he came up with the idea for the sequel while traveling around the world doing publicity for the first film. He wondered how the characters would react in various locations all over the world. Cars 2 will follow Tow Mater getting his passport and traveling to Europe with Lightning McQueen.

Lasseter also gave us a quick look at an episode from a series of shorts called Cars Toons. These shorts will feature "Mater's Tall Tales", a series of funny stories told by Tow Mater himself, starting with how he used to be a firetruck. The more I re-watch Cars, the more I come to appreciate it. It's definitely not Pixar's best film, but I'm honestly still excited for a sequel. Why are so many people angry at this news? I honestly don't understand! Since when has Pixar done anything wrong? It's not the most beloved film, but I think the sequel to Cars will definitely be embraced by 2011. The story sounds like it could be fun and it'll be a drastic change from the first film. Hopefully there are others out there who appreciate Cars as much as I do?

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I've never managed to build concensus around why people are down on Cars, but I think a lot of it has to do with the Tow Mater character played by Larry the Cable Guy. To me, it plays to the lowest common denominator. I think people are down on the sequel because the characters presented in the film really aren't the kind you want to spend more time with. Lightning McQueen is a selfish jerk and a showboat. Doc a recluse. Tow Mater an idiot. The rest are stereotypes of Itallians and Mexicans. But maybe that's just me.

Tom Brazelton on Sep 25, 2008


Yeah, as far as Pixar standards are concerned these are some of the shallowest characters of the bunch. And we're bracing for impact because Pixar once swore they'd hang it up on sequels after Toy Story 2, and immediately following the sale to Disney they announced Cars 2 and Toy Story 3, the latter idea being one we've buried countless times as a really bad idea. I realize it's Steve Jobs essentially running Disney now, but there's still evidence of some questionable corporate culture to be dealt with.

Devon Shaw on Sep 25, 2008


I agree. I thought Cars was a really good film, but everyone hates on it. Does the push up of Cars 2 mean Toy Story 3 has been pushed back?

Stuart Mellor on Sep 25, 2008


I'm with Tom. Regarding the plot... I think they ought to show how the current fuel crisis would affect the characters. All the characters are starving... Tow eats his own gas tank, Doc dies, the town slogan becomes "drill, baby, drill," a couple cute hybrids move into town. Go crazy. I kid.

dRailer on Sep 25, 2008


im excited for this. Cars was a good movie, it had good characters that went through an impressive transition. all this while being cars.

troy on Sep 25, 2008


@4...I think you've got a hit on your hands...haha

Peloquin on Sep 25, 2008


Cars was the weakest of all of pixars flicks. Tow Mater does not deserve anymore screen time. This is a waste of Pixars genius and is time better spent giving the world better, more original animated features.

Voice Of Reason on Sep 25, 2008


loved the first one. guess I'll have to wait a while for the sequel...fucking gas prices...

funnytunney on Sep 25, 2008


I think this really shows a bad turn for Pixar which prided itself on originality and a complex and complete storyline. This is what made the stories so fun to watch for everyone. What this shows is that Pixar is biting the forbidden fruit of all the rest of the animated comedies which are nothing more than animating what (if you think about it) are bad adult situational comedies. They often revolve around single-faceted characters and gags based around the same stupid jokes. If Pixar goes that will be a sad day.

Rob on Sep 25, 2008


Rob, I am with you. And maybe I was the only one in the World who was really disapointed with Wall-e ( no wait, I know several). That message was just really horrible. But Cars was just OK. I am hoping for redemption in Toy Story 3.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 25, 2008


ok, but i assume this is not Pixar's own decision. Everyone knows that Toy Story was meant to be unique, but Disney pushed for a v2, which came out pretty cool though. This is the same case for sure, Disney wants to explote Cars. It's indeed a bad decision, I loved Wall·e and I would love to see more like that.

David on Sep 25, 2008


its clear. Pixar may possibly be going down to dreamworks caliber now. its obvious that with wall e being their last film from the team that put every hit together... pixar execs do what is natural "well we're out... lets go to do sequels" Cars 2 Monsters inc 2 Toy Story 3 seems that way... watch out Nemo, youre gonna get lost again... along with pixars dignity... I hope this isnt the case, but the only original feature lined up is..well Up.. we'll see where it stands.

jp on Sep 26, 2008


"watch out Nemo, youre gonna get lost again… along with pixars dignity… "...hilarious, and I totally agree.

Peloquin on Sep 26, 2008


Double quote number 12. Maybe "up" will be good.

Red Buttons on Sep 26, 2008


We are really waiting for these new adventures, my kid (5 y.o.) is really excited, I hope he still be a fan when he grows up to 9 y.o. We would like to see Mc Queen before planned, a lot of Cars´ fans will really appreciate that..

Hector on Nov 21, 2008


I loved the movie cas! How could some people say it sucks! My 12 year old sun loves it an my 10 year old daughter too.

Lola on Jan 11, 2009


i loved the first on it waqs amzing i can't wait for the second one

michael joan on Feb 28, 2009


My son loves Cars (1) it was the first film he saw at a cinema. He (we) still enjoy collecting the different characters from the film in the form of the toy cars. I hope he is still interested in them when Cars 2 comes out when I expect more money spinning merchandise will be available. Great film and concept, and great toys to relate too.

Tony Barker on May 8, 2009


As a father of a pre-school aged boy, I will be so excited for Cars 2 to hit the screens. He loves playing with trucks and cars, and Cars is his favorite movie. He pushes a Lightning McQueen toy car around the house so much the wheels are bare. I think many of the movies cater to girls, especially the classics with the princess theme. So excited to take my little man in his Cars t-shirt to see Lightning McQueen and Mater in a new adventure.

John on May 19, 2009


Good on you! I am so excited that we are getting a Cars 2, its about time........

Kristy Norton on Jun 3, 2009


i think lighting should get married!

Sam Bambach on Nov 25, 2009


My son is obsessed, absolutely obsessed with Cars so I have seen it about 4 million times...when it first came out, it was okay but not my favorite Pixar. I have come to appreciate the movie more and more. From a parental standpoint, there's nothing that upsets my son, unlike some of the other Pixar films. Yes, there are a lot of stereotypes and yes, Mater isn't the smartest, but he is all heart as is Red. And while Lightning is a jerk and his redemption came a little quick and easy to me, he's less of a jerk than Chick...I'm hoping the next movie addresses the fall of Chick!

Janet Ryan on Jan 16, 2010


i really hope this movie really comes!!! I love the movie cars, and i think the funny parts of a movie are with Lightning Macqueen and Mater, and this future movie has them, and i know if this were a real movie, i'd be sure to laugh and laugh when i watch it, I love the idea, i bet they are going to Japan!!! i want to see that part!!!!!

Sarah on Apr 11, 2010


My son LOVES LOVES LOVES cars as do many other little boys I know who have are definitely keeping the Cars Movie a money making area for Pixar and Disney. I LOVE pixar and although Cars is not MY Favorite- it isn't all about us they are "kids" movies. I am happy to hear there will be a Cars 2 so that I can add at least a little variety to my day since I have seen the first one about 3000 times in the last year! Yay for Cars 2!

lisa on Jul 5, 2010


This is the best news I have heard today! It would be wonderful to go see the car 2 movie in the movies, my son loves this movie all the books and toys that go along and it is a shame we could not see it in the theater the first time around. We LOVE LOVE LOVE! this toon! Keep up the good work guys! You have our support!

Amanda schafle on Jul 6, 2010


I don't know why people are so down on Cars, it's a great little movie and the more I watch it with my son the more impressed I am at the simplicity of the movie. The main characters designs (older 50's cars) hint at a simpler time which, along with the design of Radiator Springs make for a warm place you really would like to visit and relax. I am very much looking forward to Cars 2 and hope they can keep the magic in it....

Lance on Oct 4, 2010

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