Pixars's Toy Story 3D Conversion Leaves Films Unchanged

September 29, 2008
Source: Collider

Toy Story

I'm not the biggest fan of Toy Story, but it is a true classic for being the movie that Pixar began with back in 1995. As I'm sure everyone knows, Disney is releasing both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D in October next year and February the following year, respectively. As every movie geek knows, George Lucas went back and added some rather unnecessary scenes to the first three Star Wars films in their re-release in 1997. And the reason why this news is worth mentioning today is because it shows that Pixar, in opposition to George Lucas, is leaving both films untouched in their conversion to 3D and re-release. "There's no new shots… It's exactly the same movie you saw before."

Frosty at Collider caught up with Pixar General Manager Jim Morris recently and asked him about any changes we might see. "We're not changing a thing in the movies. We're not changing the timing, story, pacing, the shots, anything and so what we're doing is going in and making a 3D version because you can set the conversions and the ocular offset and there are a number of things in making a 3D version. We're doing it that completely preserves the original movie in terms of everything about the story." For clarification, that just means that they're obviously changing the actual film for the 3D "look," but nothing else. It's a relief to hear that - although I never had any doubts that they would do anything anyway.

This isn't really the most shocking news, because I never really thought Pixar would change anything. However, I love writing about it, because it always gives me so much more confidence in Pixar (and it makes them look good) when they make incredibly smart decisions like this. It's a bit too early to start getting excited about the return of Toy Story, but by September next year, we'll be talking about it quite a bit. Toy Story in 3D is due out in theaters on October 2nd, 2009, while Toy Story 2 in 3D is due out in theaters on February 12th, 2010. And of course, we also know that the Toy Story 3 in 3D is due on June 18th, 2010, after the first and second films have generated considerable hype.

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I think it demonstrates how much of an impact - and how much of a shame it is, really - that Pixar had to make the announcement of "no new shots" to the Toy Story films in the wake of Lucas muddling with things. Although I kind of wince at the idea of making the films 3D because I like to think of Pixar being above that level of gimmickery, I'm looking forward to revisiting Woody, Buzz and the rest.

Tom Brazelton on Sep 29, 2008


Alex, I'm quite surprised for the Pixar fanboy you are to hear you say that you didn't care for Toy Story. What made that story so different than your other Pixar favorites? Toy Story was the beginning for me and I still see the Pixar folks pulling from themes they originally created for Toy Story in their latest works.

Peloquin on Sep 29, 2008


As for the first argument, you all have to remember or understand that pixar and it's development in animation technology in itself was at first was considered "gimmickry" (minus the e). The advantage that Pixar has is that it was one of the first which is an example of why they are so successful. That and they happened to pick up some of Cal Arts finest students (Lasseter, Stanton, Bird...) A quick note to add is that the state of success in the industry relies heavily on exploitation of the newest technology. I am sure we have all seen what HD has done with digital projectors in theaters across the country, but I am also sure at one point someone called the use of HD film cameras on film sets "gimmickry", an insult to the look and tradition of film, but this is where the industry is headed. This idea dates back even further with the inception of sound and color technology. I am not sure its much of Pixar's choice considering disney owns the rights to the films, which is another discussion in its own thread. (This is also probably the reason why Pixar isn't adding more scenes, it's more work and the old contract is up.) But I agree, revisiting these characters under new technology will be incredibly interesting. I haven't heard of animations besides polar express that have used the technology. So who knows maybe Pixar is on the brink of something new. As for Comment 2, you pose a great question, I was wondering the same thing.

t.pfeffer on Sep 29, 2008


I'm not making the argument that 3D in and of itself is gimmicky. I think it has it's uses. What I am saying is that revisiting an old movie and MAKING it 3D, is a bit of a gimmick. I'd love to see a wholly original film from Pixar done from the ground up in 3D.

Tom Brazelton on Sep 29, 2008


I understand now. I could not agree more.

t.pfeffer on Sep 29, 2008


Toy Story rocks. That is all.

vegeta on Sep 29, 2008


My favorite of Pixar's work, the Toy Story films. John Lasseter and his animators were ready to make Toy Story 3 right after the second one was released. Michael Eiser (then chief of Disney) said, "I want Cars." At least there will be a Toy Story 3; just a little later than expected 🙂 Nice to know they are not messing with the films, too!

avoidz on Sep 29, 2008


I like Toy Story and it's nice to watch it now and then if it comes on TV, especially the bedroom scenes prior to Buzz's first appearance, but I do not care for Toy Story 2. I just can't stand the cowgirl character and her horse at all. I have no complaints with any other Pixar movie, except that I'm tired of watching Cars. "Cars is on? Let's watch it!" Noooo, not again, please!

Viper on Sep 29, 2008


OMG. Toy Story... in 3D :D~~!!!!!!

Steve on Sep 30, 2008

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