Platinum Dunes is Massacring Rosemary's Baby, Too?!

March 3, 2008

Rosemary's Baby

Michael Bay really loves his classic horror movies. He also loves butchering them into piles of Hollywood crap by remaking them via his company Platinum Dunes. So far they've massacred The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror, and The Hitcher, and already confirmed on their slate next is Friday the 13th, The Birds, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Now it's time to add one more to the chopping block - Roman Polanski's classic 1968 horror flick Rosemary's Baby. STYD reported today that Bay and Platinum Dunes are trying to get the rights for this remake, but don't even have a writer yet. Oh thank heavens, but that doesn't mean they're not still looking for one.

There is hardly any solid information here. STYD reports only that "producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are currently looking for a writer (or writers) to tackle the material." Whichever writers they end up choosing will truly be the determining factor on whether this could possibly turn out good or not. We're always ready to keep you updated on Platinum Dunes' movies, and when they've confirmed writers or a director for this or any of their other upcoming horror remakes (Friday the 13th, The Birds, A Nightmare on Elm Street), we'll be sure to let you know.

Rosemary's Baby is often referred to as one of the most disturbing, horrifying, and yet well-made horror movies ever. Back in Barry's Director Spotlight on Roman Polanski, he said about the film: "Mia Farrow (with the close-crop haircut she wore while married to Frank Sinatra) is riveting as the title character, but the work by Ruth Gordon (who won an Academy Award for this) and Sidney Blackmer as Rosemary's kindly neighbors has never left me nightmares. This low key but deeply disturbing thriller is near-perfect."

I'm wondering if any of Bay and Platinum Dune's remakes will ever turn out good? The saddest part is that they'll always make money, no matter what, because the mindless moviegoers of today love to classic horror movies like this turned into Hollywood blood and gore spectacles. I'm hoping Bay and company don't go that route, but only time (and which writers they choose) will tell. In the meantime, I've got to ask - does anyone enjoy what Platinum Dunes is doing?

Rosemary's Baby Poster

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Tank on Mar 3, 2008


I like Micheal Bay and his movies are good, but god dammit what the hell is he doing, the first texas chainsaw massacre remake was good i enjoyed it alot and The Amityville Horror was good also, now they're taking it to far.

Curtis on Mar 3, 2008


I thought you were a fan of Michael Bay, Alex? Maybe not his remakes though. Anyway, according to IMDB, Martin Campbell is directing The Birds. That could change though.

Zach D. on Mar 3, 2008


Michael Bay is a hack. Everything he touches is garbage. It is bad enough he makes terrible 'original' films, but destroying classics, especially well done horror films is beyond insulting. When these things come out I'll try to ignore it, but every time I see a trailer or ad for it I will cringe.

SunnydaleRazorback on Mar 4, 2008


Zach - Well... I don't love him to death, but I do love Transformers and Bad Boys II and The Island... He's not a hack as, well, #4, says he is. But as for Platinum Dunes' movies - he's terrible. He doesn't have that big of an involvement, but they've pretty much turned out nothing but piles of crap... At least that's what I think, although I'm not a huge horror fan to begin with.

Alex Billington on Mar 4, 2008


If u ask me, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Amityville Horror ain't half bad. The others suck hard, but Michael Bay ain't the one to blame...

Enola on Mar 4, 2008


TCM and Amityville were pretty good but the others sucked. However I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE BIRDS! Come on, Naomi Watts, Martin Campbell......

Ryan on Mar 4, 2008


I agree that Bay is not a HACK overall, only where his remakes are concerned. What makes the originals enjoyable was the grittyness of them for me. I felt horror was on a different level then. Horror films did not rely on what was seen such as blood and gore but what was NOT seen. I am a HUGE Hitchcock fan and it ticks me off to think of Bay having anything to do with remaking a Hitchcock film.

Napier's News on Mar 4, 2008


Regardless of whether we think he's a hack or not, we'll watch his movies. How else would be able to bitch about them, unless we see them. Either way he wins, and the studios take our money to make more movies. It pointless to fight it. Just watch, and hope for a few good moments where maybe they get the characters right. Personally, I liked the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as Amittyville Horror. They strayed quite a bit from the originals, but that only makes us appreciate the classics more. Am I right? The Hitcher was ok, and as much as I like Sean Bean, he's nothing compared to Rutger Hauer. Hauer was genuinely scary in the original. Is Michael Bay a hack? He's made some awful movies, but he's also made some good movies. He's pretty damn successful at getting us in the seats with big explosions, and great casts. I personally don't care for him much, but that's more for the arrogance I've seen in interviews, than from his movies.

TCox on Mar 4, 2008


CUE: (sound of carnival music fills the air) A rotund moustached carnival barker wearing a striped suit and a bowlers cap, steps up the the podium. CARNIVAL BARKER (loudly to the audience) "LADIES and GENTLEMAN For his next trick, the "hack" Michael Bay will continuosly urinate all over classic 1970's cinema to the amusment of the mindless MTV generation. SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE SHOW!"

Scorpio on Mar 4, 2008


Texas Chainsaw Massacre was kinda a slasher flick to begin with so the remake doesn't bother me all that much. So them doing Friday the 13th & Freddy movies doesn't worry me either. But Amityville & the Hitcher relied more on tone, mood & just plain creepyness to build a sense of dread, Which I think the remakes lack. Michael Bay is first and foremost an action/spectacle film maker. But when it comes to subtlety, or building a mood he blows it. Rosemary's Baby is not going to work with his usual technique of squeezing the adrenal gland for two hours, same with the Birds. Suspense, not special effects makes a good horror flick.

jason_md2020 on Mar 4, 2008


Does anyone know that Michael Bay is a producer behind these remakes? He's not the writer and for sure not the director. He's busy prepping "Transformers 2", which he'll direct, of course.

Spider on Mar 4, 2008


Oh the Humanity... or satanity... HOW DARE THEM EVEN TALK ABOUT REMAKING THIS... GRRRRRRRR... I am not a horror fan, but this was one of the classics, much like Aminity, and is so dark and odd with twists that it simply, SHOULD NOT BE REMADE. Late 1960's movie making genus.

Dusty on Mar 4, 2008


ENOUGH with his remakes! The only one good was the Amityville Horror one. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake was an INSULT to the original, and the 'Hitcher' retread was even worse. I hope some kind of curse hits before they make another remake!

Marco on Mar 7, 2008


Platinum Dunes movies are awesome, some of you people are going a little too far when you say things like they are garbage, they hire talented fresh actors, good writers and directors. Just wait till The Unborn comes out, its there first non remake film. and I already know that Friday The 13th is going to be off the hook. If they dont gain the rights to the films then someone else is, and they'll problay really do a bad job. So stop bad mouthing Bay, Form and Fueller, they are talented people who produce great horror films! Platinum Dunes upcoming non remake films: The Unborn The Horsemen Quija At Summers End 2012: War For The Souls The Buthcher House Chronicles Alone -T.ROSS PRODUCTIONS

T.ROSS PRODUCTIONS on Nov 14, 2008


Don't be mad at Mikey just because your lives have all gone down the toilet while he's making millions. Us, mindless movie-goers are open-minded enough to realize a well made film when we see one. Unlike close-minded, complainy brats that are so DUMB they complain about the movie they decided to sit through. If you don't like it, go see something you DO like(duh), put something else on or even change the damn channel. Don't just sit there and bitch about it. And I believe his movies are well put together and thoroughly thought out. I'm not a fan of some of them but they're still well-made. Better than anything I've ever seen from you.

dave on May 1, 2009


Mmm, do I enjoy what Platinum Dune is doing? Let's see; they made the TCM remake, that was dreck. They made 'The Hitcher' remake, that was worse. Was 'The Wicker Man' remade by them as well, if so then that's yet another strike agianst them. So the answer would be, 'No.' I am not a fan.

Matthew Thompson Dalldorf on Oct 31, 2010

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