Platinum Dunes' Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot Coming in 2009

December 12, 2008
Source: ShockTillYouDrop

Nightmare on Elm Street

In January, Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes announced that they were rebooting the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Since then we haven't heard much about the project at all, largely because they've been working on the Friday the 13th reboot and were trying to fully secure the rights anyway, but today we've got a big update. Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, of Platinum Dunes, have confirmed that a new Nightmare on Elm Street is their next movie and they will hopefully start shooting in the spring. While most fans seem highly opposed to the idea of rebooting horror franchises, Fuller and Form seem to have done a great job with the new Friday the 13th, so maybe this isn't that bad after all?

"It's like what we're doing to Friday the 13th," Fuller told ShockTillYouDrop. "It's not Freddy cracking jokes. We want to make a horrifying movie. The concept is so scary, don't fall asleep or you'll die. This guy gets you when you're most vulnerable, in your sleep. We love that. That's the basis of the movie. It'll be most similar to the first one but in terms of kills and dreams we'll borrow from the entire series." The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, starring Robert Englund as the villain Freddy Krueger, first kicked off back in 1984 and warranted a total of 6 sequels, ending with New Nightmare in 1994. Freddy also showed up in the cult film Freddy vs Jason in 2003, but hasn't been seen on the big screen since then.

The reboot is being written, and potentially directed, by industry veteran Wesley Strick, who wrote Arachnophobia, Cape Fear, The Saint, Doom, and Love Is the Drug previously. Shooting is expected to take place in the Chicago suburbs. While I'm not particularly a fan of Nightmare on Elm Street, I will admit that I'm now very curious to see this new reboot. My interest has something to do with the Platinum Dunes guys and what they're doing with Friday the 13th, I think. Maybe I'll become a Freddy fan once I see their new take on Nightmare on Elm Street? As for casting details, in August we reported a rumor that Billy Bob Thornton might play Freddy, but no confirmation yet. Are you excited for this reboot?

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I can't wait to see a new and improved Freddy Krueger. Looking forward to it.

Gator on Dec 12, 2008


Spare us! I am not sure I can stomach another reboot

Kaiser on Dec 12, 2008


There is no need to reboot it. Rebooting it means you kill off the original franschice - FOREVER. And even though New Line/Warner isn't really producing more NOES-films, before a remake there is a possibility. Now we will get one, maybe two films and then the series is dead again. Wasn't really a problem with TCM or Amityville Horror that didn't really had a series to begin with, but I think you should be careful with F13th and NOES. Don't reboot. Just set the movie in modern times, have Freddy (Englund) return and don't "destroy" the timeline. New fans will see it because it modern, and old fans won't have their series killed off. or can you only have a succesful horrorfilm if it clearly says REMAKE?

Ryderup on Dec 12, 2008


I'm sick of these supposed "reboots", more like "boots" up the arse! Leave. These. Franchises. Alone. And. Come. Up. With. Something. Original. Oh wait, that's too much to ask for, ain't it?

Movie Fan on Dec 12, 2008


cant wait. although, i poke fun at reboots and the fact that hollywood is running out of idea, it is nice to see some old movies being made a little better. Nightmare on Elm street : the original was an amazing and scary film. the rest dont deserve to be shown ......ever again . To see a reboot made the way it was meant to be....would be amazing.

michael on Dec 12, 2008


I think Billy Bob Thorton would be perfect as Krueger. other than Robert England, that's the only way it could work...

DDOT3 on Dec 12, 2008


#1 Get the hell out of here. STOP FUCKING RAPING US!!!!!!!!!!!!! And raping our childhood. Just fucking make a new one with Robert with a dope script. Damn EMO-GENERATION!!!

REAL6 on Dec 12, 2008


We need more paeodophile serial killer films. The first 20 weren't enough for me. Do you think they could get Michael Jackson to play Freddy? That would be the scariest shit I have ever seen in my life. "Heee hooo, ahm Michael Jackson in your dreams, ahm moonwalking on ye, with ma diamond studded claw glove, drink the jeeheesus juice, etc" Hollywood don't rip this off, I know your desperate, but that was my idea.

Crapola on Dec 12, 2008


#3 Said it the best way... stop making remakes of GOOD FILMS!!! I am slowly and steadily starting to wonder what the point of making movies is if hollywood can't make decent and original ideas anymore. So therefore I am going to ask this as sincerely as i can... STOP MAKING F******G REMAKES AND COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

mrmedia1994 on Dec 12, 2008


What's with this fixation on the idea that "Hollywood only does remakes nowadays and nothing original." Each time I go to the movies, there are always new and original movies out there. Take a step back, and you'll realize that the theater is not playing entirely remakes. For the most part, it is only horror movies being made. I'll give it a go, but I probably will not enjoy it as much as the original.

Jonathan on Dec 12, 2008


No Robert Englund as Freddy = EPIC FAIL.

aaron on Dec 12, 2008


Hey #7 why don't you get the hell out of here....Raping your childhood.....well don't go see the movie, nobody is forcing you.....But all bets are you will see the movie, bend over in front of the screen and take the Remake dick straight up your ass cause you are willing....So eat shit, all of you bitching about remakes.....again its just that damn simple....DON'T ---- SEE ---- IT !!!! Dumbasses

LORD POON on Dec 12, 2008


It's quite funny with all this talk of childhood rape going on when the film that is so lovingly held close is about a man who was burned in furnace because he was was a kiddie fiddler. Maybe they should do a batman begins type reboot, where we see what Freddy was like before he got lynched that would be a blast.

Crapola on Dec 12, 2008


These franchises were already ruined with excessive sequels anyway. What possible damage could these reboots do to an already embarassing series? It's like smacking around the corpse of a serial killer... who cares?

Frame on Dec 12, 2008


I'm torn. No new horror icons seem to ever emerge so you have to rock it old school to get any type of memorable characters. At the same time, Platinum Dunes seems like Puff Daddy in the recording studio, making money off of other peoples beats...or in this case, films. Make the damn thing. But just don't make it suck like most Michael Bay collaborations.

Cory on Dec 12, 2008


Bad idea but at least they got a good writer.

Ryan on Dec 12, 2008


OK EVERYONE KNOWS THIS SO IMMA SAY IT!!!! heath ledger SHOULD HAVE BEEN AROUND TO PLAY FREDDY!!!!!! he rocked as joker he was the one guy other then robert e. to perfect this guy wtf heath you pussie why did you have to o.d.

Zach on Dec 13, 2008


oh and number 8 made me ROFL!

Zach on Dec 13, 2008


I for one am I big fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. They terrorized me as a child and I grew to love and understand the campiness of it along with the Friday the 13th series. I am looking forward to the latter as it is, sure....and new Freddy could be fun. Despite its a stinking reboot.

Conrad on Dec 13, 2008


I actually like reboots. some of them aren't so good, but there are some good ones. Give me time, but I'll think of some. Do not like Thornton as Freddy. No facial expressions what so ever. Most of the movies I've seem him do, he doesn't do anything with his face except talk out his mouth. That's it.

Daniel on Dec 13, 2008


I'm looking forward to this reboot. The problem I have with modern day horror films is they focus on the gore and leave out the scare. I hope they make this movie scary. Freddy vs Jason was entertaining, but the excessive use of blood made the movie more comical than frightful. I think they should get Rob Zombie to direct it. I think he did a great "reboot" for Halloween.

Paul on Dec 28, 2008


I think its funny that a lot of people screaming "stop the remakes" are probably the same people saying "read my awesome fan fic of said movie"

jeff on Jan 5, 2009


I would like to see Eric Stoltz as Freddy, I got it in my head years ago while watching his character in the Butterfly Effect, He would be awsome as Freddy.

Jame on Feb 10, 2009


There is only 1 man good enough to take over as robert englund who would make a terrifying freddy krueger,Gary Oldman,hes a brilliant actor.

Ian Carvell on Feb 14, 2009


Seriously,billy bob thornton would be a crap freddy krueger,Gary Oldman is made for the part.

Ian Carvell on Feb 14, 2009



Trevon on Mar 25, 2009


I don´t know what I shall think of the remake ... I´m a huge fan of the original series, I mean, there just won´t be such a terrifying and funny as hell Freddy, if it´s not Robert Englund who´s playing him. But I think I will watch the movie, maybe it won´t be that bad ... I hope. But I will definitly stay a fan of the original. Gary Oldman should play Freddy. Did you see him in Leon-the professional? He was great, I think he would do a pretty good Freddy. 26, are you kidding me? Christian Bale is pretty lame, his face expression never changes

Kathrin on Mar 26, 2009


bitch fuck you nigga!Christian Bale is a beast,Gary Oldman's fuckin bitch ass was in the Dark Night last year with Christian Bale when he rocked that role playing Batman.Unlike bitch ass Hollywood actors like Gary Oldman and other old fucks like Billy Bob Thornton and them wack as comedy actors,Christian Bale doesn't fuckin play a role or portray a character HE IS THE FUCKING CHARECTER IN THE MOVIE,HE AIN'T CHRISTIAN BALE ON FILM,HE IS WHAT THE FILMS MAIN CHARECTER IS ON THE SCREEN,THE SET,AND THE CANON OF THE SEIRES!!!And besides Christian Bale doesnt play that bull shit from producers in the film projects,if they try to make him do some gay ass shit he will go off on they fucken asses!!I bet if they producers of the new Nightmare On Elm Street told Gary Oldman's old fart ass to where a skirt while playing Freddy Kruger I bet his punk ass would,make the hole fucken movie look gay ass fuck then Freddy Kruger,Platinum Dunes,and the new A Nightmare On Elm Street series would look gay ass fucfk and your Ho Ass would be the only one to go and see when fuckin comes out next year with your bitch ass.If you don't think Christian Bale is fuckin crazy enough in real life to be able to BE FREDDY KRUGER on A Nightmare On Elm Street,then go look up his tirade rant on the set of Terminator Salvation when he was about to woop the director of photography Shane Hurlbut ass,I bet you wouldn't want to be that nigga when Christian Bale was about to fuckin kill his ass right there on that set.So fuck off,because if you would say that same shit to my face I'd slap the shit out yo ass like Christian Bale was about to do that dude,any nigga who takes his role for a film that serious is a true incarnation of the character them selves and every thing that role of the film represents and and everything the character input selfish and exactly what that person would be if they where in this world on this Earth in this fuckin reality.So if you wanna see a real fuckin man be a real fuckin monster then you Christian Bale ain't going to be playing that shit on the set or as the movie is being filmed,no matter what the directer tells him,no matter what the producers tell him,no matter what your bitch ass would tell him during the filming of the movie and how he should do the role of the character THAT HE IS IN THE FILM,or in this case Freddy Kruger.Besides Christian Bale is the type of actor that when you get him on the set of the film's production,as soon as you have him rehearse whats on script,and he understands the character and their mannerism and the history of it and the series in general,put him in the wardrobe and makeup,have him do a screen shot for the film,then NOBODY CAN FUCK WITH HIM AND HIS POSSESSION OF THE ROLE OR THE TONE OF THE MOVIE,he fuckin gets serious from the inside out like he's living in the universe of the story.His performance on kill sense would be brutal,I bet another actor would get fuck up by him the way he would attack them during the filming of the sequence,especially with that glove full of knifes.So if you want to see a real motherfucker be Freddy Kruger in the film like the shit really exist,or some jack ass that Platinum Dunes or Lisa Fields just decides to go on and cast to play Freddy Kruger just for the hell of it so they can make pocket change and ruin the fuckin beginning of a new canon and series,then you can site back and wait a year from tell April 16th,2010 for a bitch made movie to come out staring the Jackass of the filmmakers choose or you can push out the though of THE RAWEST MOTHERFUCKING ACTOR IN HOLLYWOOD RIGHT NOW to be the new legend of a new and better series than possibly ever.So lift up your fucking skirt when you come to me and sujest any old bullshit actor or any shit you thought you knew better or just thought it would be good to add to the mix,because I let my nuts hang low partna,and Christian Bale would walk in everyday of the set of that movie with his mind right and his nuts low ready to make this movie nuthing but FIRE hommy.So you can GET OFF OF MY DICK AND GET OFF OF CHRISTIAN BALES DICK PUSSY!!!BECAUSE WE BEAST MODE ALL DAY HOMMY!!!So any other motherfucker who's got anything else smart to say inthis blog or wants to come in with that IF,AND,OR BUT BULLSHIT better get they minds right like Platinum Dunes,go head and respond with something smart to say about these comments because I'll be right back!!!!up on this webpage ready to tell yo old sorry I wanna see a gay ass movie come out ass off.Christian Bale Hoe Ass Niggas!!!

Trevon on Mar 26, 2009


Ya know what bitch? You´re fucking insane. Come on, go get a life. I bet you´re living still at home with your mama, who´s doing everything for you, and you can´t get your stupid ass up. Are you sitting in your room with the Christian Bale Posters around you and watching every damn movie he played in? I bet you´re even dreaming of him. It´s so fucking stupid to worship somebody who doesn´t even knows you or knows that you exist. You´re the typical stalker. You haven´t achieved anything in life and now you want to live through Bale. That´s so disgusting. He would be ashamed of you, every normal person would be. Just fuck off and go back kissing Bales ass on your posters, bitch.

Kathrin on Mar 27, 2009


OMG i love N'moes , big fan big fan, bt no1 cn beet robert englund nope. i cant wait , this is better than free internet pornografy i love this , its made my day!! Thomas raistrick also thinks this is good

scott craydenreed on Jun 16, 2009


I do

Thomas Raistrick on Jun 16, 2009


:L this is f***ng* immmense , i hope jacobs in it grown up 🙂 , nd if eny1 leaves hatemail bout nmoes al kik ther ars , oh and sophie gott is gay cs she dislikes nmoes :O the thought of its giving me a lob on 😛 oh and i wear cardigans and suck on men . cs am gay wi scott , n i straighten ma hair 2 pull fittys like carol howard 🙂

thomas kathrin raistrick on Jun 16, 2009


Okay seriously, I'm a huge fan of the original series. I'm going to be honest and anyone that doesnt agree you're entitled to your opinion, A nightmare #1 and #2 f***** sucked!!!! every other movie from then on was good until number seven came along. The reboot is for the fans, and I think its a great idea. It's time to do a new series, I really hope they translate the origin of Freddy a lot more then what the first films did. I think the history of Freddy is good enough to put a good story together but if Hollywood does what they did with Halloween and Jason, I'll be very upset. I think they should focus on the story first then killing second. Look at what happened with spiderman and batman origin storys are a great way to get the audience excited about a charactor and to reboot a franchise

Lawrence on Sep 2, 2009


Wow... After reading Trevon's post I think I am now completely uneducated. Someone who says "ho ass bitch" atleast 13 times in a really long, run on sentence..... really??? Do you really think typing cuss words that much makes you a straight up gangsta? Lol whatever dude. Each his own.

greasedlightning on Dec 18, 2009


oh my god pothetic every1 🙁

Dwight on Mar 1, 2010

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