Producers Confirm Jurassic Park IV Won't Be Happening

December 8, 2008
Source: ComingSoon

Jurassic Park IV

Sorry to break it to you, but Jurassic Park IV won't be happening. Producers Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy told ComingSoon yesterday that there have not been any new developments and that "when [Michael] Crichton passed away, I sorta felt maybe that's it. Maybe that's a sign that we don't mess with it." Crichton sadly died of cancer about a month back. For those that don't know, Crichton was the creator of the Jurassic Park "concept" and wrote the novel in 1990 that eventually became Steven Spielberg's film. Rumors of a Jurassic Park IV have been floating around for a few years, but it's now officially dead.

To me, this comes as quite a relief. After Jurassic Park III, I really didn't want to see another one, as I felt the franchise had finally nuked the fridge. For a while, Joe Johnston (of JP3) was attached to direct the fourth movie, but as we all know, he has since been handed the reigns to Marvel's The First Avenger: Captain America. If everyone supposedly hates unoriginality, then why was everyone looking forward to Jurassic Park IV so much? It may be because people don't really hate unoriginality that much and instead find safety in familiar franchises - but that's a discussion for another day. Is this news really that bad?

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Yes. This is bad news. I saw this as what they are doing for the Fast and the Furious series. It could have been great I tell you!

HealthyPoison on Dec 8, 2008


It's a little upsetting, not because I thought Jurassic Park II or III were great movies, but I don't wish for the series to end with those stains of movies as it's last attempt. Sure, A fantastic fourth film would have been nice but I'm not going to loose sleep on this.

Nate on Dec 8, 2008


YES!! Finally!

dom on Dec 8, 2008


Let me add to that... I love these movies, they really did play a part in my growing up years, but from some of the crazy ideas that were being flung around, I'm glad it's been laid to rest.. Í think it will come back eventually, as we want to see more dinos! But it'll be some time yet.

dom on Dec 8, 2008


If the fourth had been excellent, and had a great fresh new story, I would have accepted it with open arms, However.... If the rumour was true, then the fourth was supposed to be about the dinosaures learning how to use machine guns which meant the human race was fucked, I shit you not! Maybe a spoof could do it....

Marcus on Dec 8, 2008


No way this is dead. Giant dinosaurs and scary people running around ? Hollywood will never let this one go. I just hope they make something decent out of it.

shige on Dec 8, 2008


Dinosaurs are cool. Period. If it's not a sequel, someone out there will make a great, new dinosaur flick eventually. It doesn't have to be part of this franchise.

Scott on Dec 8, 2008


I remember reading that the dinosaurs were supposed to talk in the fourth movie (back when it was a possibility). Needless to say they scrapped that script and went in another direction.

NadaNuff on Dec 8, 2008


And now the movie's dead. MAYBE that's a good thing.

NadaNuff on Dec 8, 2008


If by unoriginality you're referring to a constant barrage of remakes, then yes most film fans do hate it. An interesting sequel, a new chapter in a continuing story, though, is not something to fear. The early word on John Sayles' script for a fourth Jurassic Park made it sound like completely insane B-move heaven and a vast improvement on the second and third movies. But after some of the disappointing narrative/creative decisions on the previous sequels, I can live without this one.

Matt on Dec 8, 2008


And yet shit like Fast and the Furious and Transporter 3 are being made...what a sad, sad world.

Itri on Dec 8, 2008


nooo. we need somethin to make up for JP3, theres plenty they can take this

harrison on Dec 8, 2008


I really hope they dig this series back up the reason being because of all the rumors of JP4 I was so ready for it to come that now it fells weird for it not to.I didnt really like the second or third films 1/4 as much as I liked the first but its still a great series please bring it back

Michael on Dec 8, 2008


Wait 5 years and they'll reboot it.

Syphous on Dec 8, 2008


Too bad. I feel bad that the series ended with JP3, but I guess we'll learn to live with it. Michael Crichton was the man.

Hauitzer on Dec 8, 2008


I was sad when I heard Crichton passed away, but what is so hard about making a Jurassic Park movie that doesn't suck? It's not like Hollywood followed his books anyway. I mean, they are acting like they're gonna have to actually clone dinosaurs to make it. These people get paid millions of dollars to come up with movie ideas and they can't even figure out how to do this? Just stick with the basics: People and dinosaurs in the same place, people run, dinosaurs eat people. That's all people want to see. What's so hard about that? Don't try to make the raptors, or T-Rex look different by giving them feathers, or making them talk. It's okay to add new dinosaurs to freshen it up a bit, but DON'T HAVE THEM KILL OFF YOUR OLD DINOSAURS! That T-Rex vs. Spino fight was short, lame, and stupid! If they want to change something, show blood and guts so it gets an R rating. This isn't rocket science, it's just writing a movie script and getting it made!

Brad on Dec 8, 2008


Well this stinks!! I know most people hate on JP2&3, but I really enjoyed those films. Yes, they weren't as good as the first, but they still had tons of dinos and lots of action. JP3 was ruined when they went Godzilla at the end with the T-Rex running through San Diego. I hope that SOMEONE comes up with a good dino movie idea, because dinos kick butt!

AndyS on Dec 8, 2008


That Spino vs T-Rex fight was a load of bull.

Hauitzer on Dec 8, 2008


NNOOOO!!!!! This franchise is one of the all-time best. The reason I am so obsessed with film is because of watching the first Jurassic Park when I was in third grade. The Lost World was a step down and Jurassic Park III was a DEFINITE step down, but I was hoping that the 4th would put this franchise back on its tracks. I am tired of all the pointless sequels that are more made for the money than the quality, but this franchise is an exception. I think they should have a story-line where the island is re-visited for the sole purpose of destroying it. I think it would do Michael Crichton justice because in his book, Isla Nublar was blown up in the end and that's the whole premise for the second film taking place on a second island, Isla Sorna. Please make a film about a team that must infiltrate the island to ultimately destroy it and in doing so, run into dinosaur mayhem. This series does need to end, but it needs to end the right way, not with JP3.

Matt on Dec 8, 2008


this pisses me off big time i really wonted to see this film hopeing that they would fix what they did to the series when they made jp3 that sucked and now there killing it because the creator has passed on which is sad but it happens. all they have to do is let steven direct it like he did the first 2 which are the best. not much else to say i just hope they rethink there plan of killing jurassic park i grew up wth it man i mean come'on just make one last film that kicks ass. thats all i can say.

chuck on Dec 8, 2008


NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! All my dreams are dead. Raptors with guns, how could it fail??? Sigh. I think that Dinos are ripe for taking on again, even if it isn't in another Jurassic Park film.

nemof on Dec 8, 2008


Jurasic Park may be dead.... But Cretaceous Village is still in production.

The_Phantom on Dec 8, 2008


Jurassic park may have ended but I really dont think that this is the last of dinosaur movies.

cody on Dec 8, 2008


thank god.

xxjavxx on Dec 8, 2008


I agree, they won't touch it for a while. But from what I know about hollywood....the door is NEVER fully closed on a franchise that makes money. So while we may not see one for a while, eventually they'll pull it off the shelves because they really can't let a franchise go when there is still potential for more money.

Will on Dec 8, 2008


Michael Crichton passing away: sad news. No Jurassic Park IV: good news.

avoidz on Dec 8, 2008


I liked to Jurassic Park fliks becouse they did Dinos the best. The got the funding to do the best CGI and animatronics thus having the best looking dinosours thanks to ILM. Other lower budget movies allways make them look so cheap. Yeah the story in JP3 wasnt that great but it looked good and the T-rex fight was sweet. They will make one a few yrs down the raod becouse Hollywood has no new ideas anymore.

Dan on Dec 8, 2008


I had an idea that the fourth Jurassic Park should've taken place about 100 or so years after the incidents at Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs had gotten out and spread out all over the world while at the same time the earth experienced a massive overheating due to global warming. Humans were on the verge of being extinct at this point. Cities were becoming jungles, oceans rose. Very Planet of the Apes like, only the dinos wouldn't talk. It was the humans that would have find a way to do something that would finally destroy the dinosaurs once and for all. Well that's an idea at least. Too bad there is no hope for it now... It was sad to hear of Michael Crichton's passing last month. I had no idea he was even sick.

Tim C on Dec 8, 2008


I thought there will be a fourth installment for the Jurassic Park, hoping high for one and well Steven spielberg will do it since the last sequel wasn't soo up to expectation and he will come in to clean up the mess.. But its now officially dead 🙁 thats really sad... They say the possibility of the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series is dead because Michael Crichton is dead and they say its a bad sign.. But lets think for a while. Is this what Michael Crichton wants?? For his beloved creation to go extinct just like the dinosaurs and people forget about him after he's gone ?? Think about it.. 😐

steven on Dec 8, 2008


That's really sad, because I loved the series. Sure, the movies were kind of lame, but it was still fun to watch the dinosaurs run around chasing people. I can only hope that, with Jurassic Park showing us that there IS hope for a genre that should only ever air as made-for-SciFi Channel films, that we will get more dinosaurs wreaking havoc on the world.

seanfury on Dec 9, 2008


Oh dear, so sad, didn't knew Michael passed away.. I first read his book when I was like 13 or 14, it was so magical... then the movies, I still love all three of them, because of the dinosaurs and nothing else. I would've love to see a fourth movie, with my children now... so sad...

ER on Dec 9, 2008


Oh no. This is sad news. To me, all 3 jurassic movies were great and entertaining, it's one of those rare times that I use to look forward to movies... 🙁 Maybe one day it will happen again... Never say never...

Canadianfan on Dec 16, 2008


Blast why do they do that just kill off a great story like Jurassic 4 ? I was so looking forward to it they make lots of other crap into sequels but this was the one I wanted badly..:( I think they have made a big mistake with this you kill Jurassic you kill Crichton he must live on Think again production team we want Jurassic back now !!

big fan on Dec 28, 2008


this sucks.i liked the 3 movies.the last one wasn't that had alot of action in it and in the cinemas my chair was rumbling from the Dino's roars.loved every min of it. as for a idea for the 4th film,here is one Hollywood,,,pass it on!!!! remember Dr. Ellie Sattler had a kid in Jurassic park 3,well how about he has a rare disease which the only cure is in a plant. guessed it,the Jurassic park island!!!in the 1st film she said there is unique plants growing on the island!and if i remember correctly she picks a giant leaf in a jeep.throw in some action with Dino's and they have breed Heep's over the years(and maybe some cave men to made it new and fresh),and you have a good idea for a movie!!!not Dino's @ war from what i was hearing!if anyone in Hollywood reads this...please pass it on to Steven Spielberg! make a 4th dino move,I'm sick of the S@#* at the movies at the moment. 😉 Cameron.Australia

c_s_a78 on Jan 7, 2009


I would like to say, they could still make jp4. They could go after Micheal's successors and make an agreement with that person or people. What's the big deal of letting it die with Micheal. That's insane to let the story die just because he died. I'm sorry to hear he did, but his stories should go on. There is a way when there's a will. Make the will happen. Please.

terri on Apr 4, 2009


I want to also say, I wouldn't like to see the 4th JP dinos with guns or talking. Other people have already created dino stories and weren't that good. JP was the only one I could actually say was worth watching and now you're saying there will be no more. I can't buy that. Make it happen. Whatever you have to do, get it on paper and film. First if it's a writer's right law, go to his successors and get permission. But make it happen. If you need ideas for the movie, listen to your fans and use them. Have Jeff and Sam back on it. I'll give you ideas, but the industry needs to stop puddling around. To Micheal's family, best wishes to you and I hope you won't let his story die with him.

terri on Apr 4, 2009


THERE IS GONNA BE ONE listen carefully OK go to the official Jurassic park website click enter site and it come up with a trex trashing the city and it says Jurassic park iv the extinction COMING 2010 so it means Jurassic park 4 is gonna be were the dinos escape into the city O_o

dude404 on Jul 5, 2009


Why leave such an amzing movie series off with that terrible movie JP3...i mean they should give them another chance......This is deeply upsetting to me

Colin on Mar 10, 2010


It's now may 2010 and still no movie. What's going on? And there's nothing going on on that main jp site. I hope you're going to make one soon. I'm tired of waiting. Please don't let us wait anymore.

terri on May 26, 2010

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