Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer Hired to Write Spider-Man 4

October 31, 2008

Peter Parker and David Lindsay-Abaire

Sony is really trying to make sure Spider-Man 4 is the next big thing. They have one hell of a mess to clean up (meaning Spider-Man 3) and they're starting with a prominent writer - Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire. He won the Pulitzer in 2007 for a dramatic play titled "Rabbit Hole" and wrote the screenplays for Robots and Inkheart, but does he got what it takes to take the Spider-Man franchise back to the days of Spider-Man 2 and write another phenomenal story? Let's hope so! Everyone is throwing around Lindsay-Abaire's "Pulitzer Prize-winning" aspect, but I don't think that really matters. He can write great plays, sure, but that doesn't necessarily mean he can write great screenplays.

Late last year, Sony first announced that Zodiac screenwriter James Vanderbilt was going to write the screenplay for Spider-Man 4. Unfortunately details are rather sketchy surrounding whether or not Vanderbilt's version has been thrown out or is just being tweaked, but I feel as if it's the former. I'm expecting Sony to go through as many different stories as they can (they've got the money, why not?) before they get one they really like, and Lindsay-Abaire is only the second prominent writer to be commissioned so far. Other claims point out that this decision might mean Sony is trying to focus more on the character of Peter Parker this time around, since Spider-Man 3 seemed to lack that sort of focus.

If Sony is just trying to drum up some extremely early positive buzz for Spider-Man 4, they're doing a damn good job. Both Vanderbilt and Lindsay-Abaire are writers that have the kind of reputation needed to show moviegoers that Sony actually cares about writing a better movie this time around. I'm admittedly impressed with these two so far, I just really hope it actually means we'll get a fantastic script. I actually think Sam Raimi himself is as important of a contributor as the two aforementioned writers. Raimi is a huge geek and bigger Spider-Man fan than most people and knows the comic book character very well, so I believe having Raimi involved in the development of the story is as important as anyone else.

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Yes Alex, Sony does have a lot to atone for after the surprising disappointment that was Spider-Man 3. But you're right when you say that anyone could care less if he's a Pulitzer Prize-winner. The real question is, "Can he write a good Spider-Man story?" I sure hope the franchise comes back with a vengeance!

Frost on Oct 31, 2008


If you want a guy who's a Pulitzer Prize winner AND a comic book fan, Sony should give Michael Chabon a ring-a-ding.

William Mize on Oct 31, 2008


Yeah, this reminds me of how Chabon wrote a script for Spider-Man 2.

BahHumbug on Oct 31, 2008


In a way I wish they would drop Raimi because of the haphazard way he treated Venom. Give me Fincher and a Spiderman vs Venom movie and I'll die a happy man.

Jordan on Oct 31, 2008


I don't know who Chabon is so fuck him. DAVID LINDSAY-ABAIRE is one of the greatest writers of this century. After that peice of shit third movie, I vowed never to see another Spider Man movie, but now that I see the writer, I am sold, hook, line and mother-fuckin sinker. I am so excited I could shit.

Clamson on Oct 31, 2008


I think what this boils down to is how well the writer and the director can synchronize. If there is a lack of communicating ideas, no amount of great writing can turn this project into a good movie. Raimi has proven that he can direct a Spider Man movie with great action and emotion, but films are large scale projects with lots of people involved and it takes more than good direction and good writing.

JL on Oct 31, 2008


"Rabbit Hole" is simply amazing. Great little play in my opinion. It's pretty much a swift kick to the nuts of emotion though. Very somber and sad, but still powerful. This guy can write.

Will S. (Co Springs) on Oct 31, 2008


It would take an army of Pullitzer Prize winning writers to wash the stink off of the Spiderman franchise after that last turd. Why Marvel insists on trying to resurrect #4 when #3 tried so hard to kill it off is beyond me. Oh wait, it's because no matter how ungodly terrible it is, they're still going to see triple digit millions from it. What's it going to take before people realize they've gone too far? Nipples on the Spidersuit? Let it die, come back in 10 years or so with a cast that a lead actor that actually looks like Peter Parker, and a female lead that actually looks like MJ Watson.

Peter on Oct 31, 2008


That's supposed to read: "Let it die, then come back in 10 years or so with a lead actor that actually looks like Peter Parker, and a female lead that actually looks like MJ Watson." Sorry, I guess I should proofread my comments before posting. 🙂

Peter on Oct 31, 2008


Prize-winner or not Robots kinda sucked, so...? Nothing to get excited about, I guess....

Tschai on Oct 31, 2008


Way to many people on the net try and make Spiderman 3 sound as bad as Batman and Robin. It's not even close. First off the film was the #1 grossing movie released that year. I don't believe the masses were disappointed. It grossed 336 mill at the domestic box-office. Batman and Robin topped out at 109 mil. If word of mouth among movie goers was that bad it wouldn't have done that well. Do I think Spiderman 3 was as good as 1&2- NO but I still enjoyed it. While it had too many characters Raimi still held it together. If people were disapointed. Hey, understandable. But Awful, terrible-I don't see that! A bad sequel was Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Crystal Skull. That was bad, not Spiderman 3! Just my opinion! on Oct 31, 2008


Have you guys watched Spider-man 3 with the Commentary on. I totally sympathize for Sam Raimi on the 3rd movie. First they had a release date before they even had a script. Second, He originally wanted to do the Vulture with Ben Kinsley, Third, they had to do over a hundred drafts to get it right cause they need to have a backround to all the villian(s) in order for there to be a good story. Fifth, there are so many different spider-man series out there that it's hard to keep everything close to the comic character. And six, it was cause of us fans that wanted Venom that made the producers make Sam to use Venom. The only thing that I don't sympathize is that they screwed up on only thinking of a 3-deal picture craming all bad guys all together when now there willing to make 4 and 5 movie. And actually the more and more I watch it I like it better. And if I remember correctly, in the commentary Topher asks Sam if Venom really died. Sam doesn't comment back.

The_Phantom on Oct 31, 2008


@The_Phantom - So you're saying it was the studio's idea to make Venom (a symbiote who releases your innermost anger and inhibitions) turn Peter Parker into guyliner-wearing emo disco/jazz dancing pimp-slapping hipster? And Raimi didn't object or walk off the picture? I say that's still his fault.

Peter on Oct 31, 2008


THE DARK KNIGHT Enought said.

WB EXEC on Oct 31, 2008


Necro-hype....just kidding. That one was good also 🙂

Tschai on Oct 31, 2008


I'd love to see the Vulture as the next villain...

Peloquin on Oct 31, 2008


Yeah he can take the blame for that. They should of made him darker. I can't explain that.

The_Phantom on Oct 31, 2008


people you have to realize if it a up to raimi venom never would of stepped foot on screen but studio wanted venom because he was popular raimi hated the character as he saw no depth and can you blame him

nelson on Oct 31, 2008


I disagree with Sam Raimi as writer. He co-wrote the third one and we all know how that ended up.

Seth Steele on Nov 1, 2008


I mean really, you all are treating Spider-Man 3 as if it was the worst piece of cinema ever. Please spare me and get over yourselves, drama queens.

whodude on Nov 2, 2008


I have one thing to say about any future Spider Man or Marvel project... "crossover"

DJ Sid on Nov 9, 2008


what the i cant wait to watch this cool movie!!! damn!!! go spiderboy! hope you can team up with ironboy at batboy!! cool

cool me on Dec 31, 2008


spiderman 2 and 3 suked i think that guy who played doc octopus was sooo corny and the sandman looked like he was from the 1940s and the whole vemon issue. spiderman 1 was good until the second half when he had the original costume then from there it sucked. i want a rated r spiderman for violence and goor and bring the story to the death of spiderman in part 6 after the sinister 6 in part 4 and scarlet spider in part 5 cause vemon is already messed up and for god sake get a new director sam rami makes kid movies please.. i think a new peter parker is needed, mary jane is ok but a hotter chick would be good too no more toby magiure or sam rami please

sam on Sep 4, 2009

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