Punisher: War Zone Finally Gets an Official Teaser Poster

May 16, 2008
Source: UGO

Punisher: War Zone Finally Gets an Official Teaser Poster

Although it isn't even due out until December, I feel like Punisher: War Zone is really missing some desperately needed media. There are hardly any good photos and there is no footage. As far as I know, the buzz on this is pretty bad. No one really expects it to be good with Thomas Jane gone and a girl (*gasp*) directing. But alas, I'm still thinking it could be good - only because Lexi's Green Street Hooligans did kick some ass. The first teaser poster has debuted on UGO and can be seen below. It's just some simple imagery, nothing special. If you squint, it even looks like bike chains. But in actuality, it's an excessive number of bullets shot into a faux metal sign. Cool? Not really…

Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War Zone is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Lexi Alexander of Green Street Hooligans previously. The script has gone through numerous revisions, however the latest draft was finished by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, who both wrote the script for Iron Man. Punisher: War Zone arrives in theaters on December 5th later this year.

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dre on May 16, 2008


I'll still see it, it could possibly be good, you never know

Kail on May 16, 2008


nothing special i dont no about this movie yet i need some actual footage like maybe a trailer...

Curtis on May 16, 2008


Its got Titus Pullo (Ray Stevenson) from ROME in it, its gonna be awesome.

Richard on May 16, 2008


there's not enough information out to make any type of judgment. Posters good enough for people walking through the theater's who don't pride themselves (as most of us do) on knowing movie news inside and out. Once the trailers and images start coming out, I'm sure there will be a lot more hype. Thomas Jane being gone is a big loss, as I find movies with sequels that don't have the same actors are way to fuckin' jarring for my taste. Maybe I'll just decide to think of it in the terms of when they updated punisher from the early marvel to the much grittier version of him now. Big change in looks. anyway, not enough info, so no clear judgment can be made. hold the horses, folks.

Garrett.king on May 16, 2008


Ill be impressed if this movie doesn't suck....

interl0per on May 16, 2008


a guy killing people alot of people in sick and twisted ways, but is still a hero, what's not to like.

Darrin on May 16, 2008


Looks like a poster for SAW V.

Ryan on May 16, 2008


I feel your pain, Alex. We all want more and better images, and that longed-for trailer. Never fear, though! Gale Anne Hurd has announced there will be a Punisher panel at ComiCon in San Diego in July. It's very likely the trailer will be previewed there, just as the trailer for Iron Man was previewed at a similar convention in Manhattan. Dare we hope for extended footage? An appearance by Ray Stevenson himself? One can only dream! In the meantime, I post this for the pleasure of all Punisher fans who may STILL not be aware of some of this history and of all the reasons to look forward to Punisher: War Zone. This FAQ was written by Norse Sage for the Punisher War Zone message board on IMDB. 1. Tom Jane is not returning? 2. I heard Tom Jane left because the script was crap, is this true? 3. Are they still using the same script which caused Tom Jane to leave? 4. Is this a sequel to the Tom Jane movie or a complete reboot? 5. Who is the new Punisher? 6. Is a woman really directing this? 7. Will it stay true to the comics? 8. How big is the budget? 9. Why are there no A-listers in the cast? 10. When is the movie released? 11. Any word on what the rating will be? 12. Where can I learn more and get the most recent information about this film? 1: Tom Jane is not returning? This is indeed true, Tom Jane will not reprise his role. He walked out on the movie in the spring of 2007, citing creative differences. From what we on the outside can tell, it appears that Marvel wanted the movie to be closer to the MAX line of the comic, which was fine with LGF, as long as the Punisher got to keep some redeeming features. Tom Jane on the other hand apparently wanted the movie to be closer to "Taxi Driver", and seemingly wanted to develop Frank Castle in the same direction as Travis Bickle. Tom Jane has officially stated that similarity to "Taxi driver" was the main reason he accepted the role in the first place, he was never a fan of the Punisher comic. This should be treated as rumour, but sources close to the production have also indicated that Jane wanted more money than LGF was willing to part with in order to keep him. When both Marvel and LGF refused to give in to his demands, Jane walked out on the movie. 1. Appendix: Tom Jane was born for the role! Surely no one can play it other than him? He was not born for the role, he was simply the first name on a list of five who could make a good Punisher, a list composed primarily by then director Jonathan Hensleigh. The fact of the matter is that Tom Jane, like every one else who plays a pre-established characther, was also mocked and ridiculed when he was announced, in fact more so than many others - him being ginger and significantly shorter than Frank Castle did not sit right with fans at all, and the fan base was anything but pleased when the first picture of Tom Jane in full Punisher gear emerged: Not until the movie was released, did he win fans over. While his voice and acting were universally praised, many Punisher hardcore fans argue that he is somewhat too short and has to little bulk to be an accurate representation of Frank Castle. If history is any indication, Tom Jane can, like countless Bond actors, Batman actors and Superman actors before him, both be replaced and outdone. 2: I heard Tom Jane left because the script was crap. Is this true? Please refer to question 1 for why Tom Jane left. But script reviews from the time when he left, spring 2007, were indeed quite negative. It would appear that due to the demands of Jane, Marvel and LGF, the script was pulled in several directions at once, meaning it became a mess that went all over the place. 3. Are they still using the same script which caused Tom Jane to leave? No. Jane's departure caused a rethink of the movie, and the entire project went through a major overhaul. For all intents and purposes, everything they had developed thus far was scrapped, and production started anew. Marvel, LGF and the director they hired shortly after Jane's departure found a vision and a take all involved could agree on, and wrote a new script from page one with only a passing resemblance to previous drafts. As such, the script currently being used is NOT the one which caused Jane to leave the movie. Reviews from late summer 2007 indicate the new script at that stage was much improved compared to the one developed for Jane, but still needed a fair amount of work. The script has been extensively rewritten since, but no one outside the production has seen the final shooting script. However, the most recent reviews of earlier drafts suggest this has potential to be a vast improvement over the previous movie. 4. Is this a sequel to the Tom Jane movie or a complete reboot? This movie is a total reboot, ignoring both previous Punisher movies. However, it is not a retelling of the origin story. This movie begins like the MAX line of the comic; Frank Castle has already been operating as the Punisher for years. Rumour has it that the origin will be revealed in flashbacks, and that the comic book origin will be referenced, not the 2004 movie origin. 5. So who is playing the Punisher this time? Ray Stevenson, best known for his role as Titus Pullo in "Rome". If this and other Punisher boards are anything to go by, even the skeptics tend to be of the opinion that he is as good or better than Jane in terms of acting, and that unlike Jane, he has the sheer size and bulk of Frank Castle to boot. Pictures of Ray Stevenson as the Punisher: Other pictures: The past three months prior to shooting, he spent training with Gunmetal ( learn weapons handling and military conduct, as well as developing his already massive frame even further. Punisher fans are quite picky, but the majority are very exited about the prospect of seeing Ray Stevenson as the Punisher. Homepage: 6. Is a woman really directing this? The movie is directed by up-and-coming Oscar nominated* director Lexi Alexander. Before you react in a manner which would make Borat proud, remember that male directors include everyone from Stanley Kubric to Uwe Boll - which should demonstrate that gender does not indicate how good a director someone is, individual talent does. Lexi Alexander's first feature film "Green Street Hooligans" demonstrates she has all the skills necessary to direct a Punisher movie, both in terms of storytelling, character development and sheer brutality. Many fans of the previous movies often express concern that Lexi Alexander is too young and inexperienced to properly direct a Punisher movie - while forgetting that both previous directors, Goldblatt and Hensleigh, came from different fields entirely and had no prior directing experience at all. (Incidentally, none of them have to this date directed another theatrically released feature again). In terms of directorial qualifications, Lexi Alexander is as such the first trained and accomplished director ever to helm a Punisher movie. In the post below this one, you will find an interview where she discusses her take on the movie. 7. Will it stay true to the comics? Yes, much more so than either previous incarnation. In the 2004 and 1989 movies, the respective directors were more interested in bringing their own personal interpretations and re-imaginings of the source material to life rather than staying true to it. The result were huge deviances from the established character and mythology, something both previous movies have been heavily critisized for by both fans and the actual writers of the comic book alike. This movie draws heavily from the recent MAX run of the comic, even the lighting and colour palette is taken from MAX. The main characters are mostly Garth Ennis era characters, however, Jigsaw and Microchip are also important roles in the movie, which suggests the movie is inspired by old school comics as well - and the story takes place in New York. 8. How big is the budget? When and where is it shooting? The budget is approx the same as the previous movie, in the 30 mill range. Shooting took place in Montreal from late October to mid December and one week in Vancouver in January, roughly two months altogether - which means the shoot was approx two weeks longer than the previous movie. 9. Why are there no A-list actors in this? The main reason is budget constraints. The previous movie had about an equal sized budget, but after salaries for John Travolta and the rest of the cast were subtracted, only 13 mill dollars were left for the actual production of the movie. According to then director Jonathan Hensleigh, the movie suffered heavily from this. Judging from the box office take, the additional star power of Travolta did not give the movie the expected boost, which may be one reason why the studio is hesitant to invest in an A-lister this time. They have instead invested in a cast who isn't necessarily that well known, but top notch in terms of talent. Many of them have a cult following of their own and highly memorable roles in their resumé. 10. When will the movie be released? The domestic theatrical release is scheduled for December 5th, 2008. No international release dates have so far been announced. 11. Any word on what the rating will be? Director Lexi Alexander has confirmed it will be "hard R", refer to interview below. 12. Where can I learn more and get the most recent information about this film? There are many places, but these are among the best ones:

Nomad on May 16, 2008


Why did everyone like Thomas Jane so much? Guy's got a girl's first name for a last name! What a country! Punisher is like Batman with all the fun and interesting stuff sucked out of it.

DCompose on May 17, 2008


I think Punisher fans liked Thomas Jane so much because they were starved for a realisation of The Punisher/Frank Castle and Jane was as good as it had so far gotten...which is NOT to say it was good. Heretofore, Punisher films have been made by people who didn't really respect the source material. That's so true with a lot of comic-to-movie films. That's changing, thank the goddess! Frankly (pun intended), I'm not into super-heroes who fly around wearing tights and funny masks. That just makes me snigger. Frank Castle is a MAN...a highly trained and powerful man, but a man all the same. He hurts. Indeed, his pain is the whole reason for he Punisher. That and his mission to punish those who would cause OTHERS pain. Yeah, I know. Batman hurts, too, and is on a mission. Still, I can't get past the tights and mask enough to take him seriously. All right! I'll admit I'm a bit of a "sick fuck," as director Lexi Alexander lovingly calls Punisher fans, and I like the violence. Some people really NEED killing and Frank does it so very well! If your only exposure to The Punisher is film, you're really missed something. Try reading Ennis's MAX series, start to finish. If you don't come out of that a fan...well, you're just one of those guys who needs tights and a mask!

Nomad on May 17, 2008


This movie can be good...what most excites me is Kurt Stutter(sp?) from the Shield at least touched the script at one point..if I recall last time I checked IMDB he isn't credited with a rewrite..but it at least gives me some hope. I am a hardcore Punisher fan...and if they can capture some of the darkness from the Garth Ennis version of the Punisher then the movie will be good.

Kyle A. K. on May 17, 2008


Holy crap number 9, Punisher fan? Anyways, this is a trashy poster for the new Punisher movie. But I must say this to Alex, even if a woman IS directing this new Punisher movie, why does the sex of the director have anything to do with the quality of the movie? Look at Kathryn Bigelow, she directed "Point Break" and "Strange Days" and those were both awesome action movies! Its all about the mind, not the body when it comes to creating art. Sound off!!

Conrad on May 18, 2008


When will they EVER stop with the crappy punisher movies???

Herbert on May 19, 2008



Nomad on May 19, 2008


what a post ryan

Jont on May 28, 2008


man i can't wait to see that .thats going be so cool

Ernest Polches on Aug 14, 2008

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