Rant: Step Up 3 Coming in 3D?!

February 27, 2008
Source: Variety

Step Up 2 the Streets

Okay, what the hell? After Step Up 2 the Streets made over $41 million at the box office in 12 days, Disney has greenlit a third Step Up movie, tentatively titled Step Up 3-D. Are you kidding me?! When they combine my extreme dislike for the Step Up series with my utter hatred of 3D, I can't pass up an opportunity to speak my mind about this news. The whole series is a gimmick to begin with already, and now they're adding on another gimmick on top of that just so it can become "box office gold" and swindle countless teens into spending double the ticket price to see 3D dancing. What has this world come to?!

So to play it fair to begin, here are the unbiased details on the project. Step Up 3-D is moving into production under Offspring Entertainment, the same company that produced the first two. Step Up 2 the Streets director Jon Chu is in talks to direct the third film, but no cast has been announced yet. The second film was made for only $20 million and we can expect the third to possibly cost a bit more in order for it to be made in 3D.

My real rant on 3D cinema will take place over the next few weeks, once I get to ShoWest in Las Vegas. This year's ShoWest seems to be 100% focused on 3D, so I'm going to attend some conferences and presentations and put together some articles looking at the industry and the state of 3D cinema. However, for now, it's time to attack this ridiculous atrocity of a movie.

Now, don't get me wrong, I usually just shrug off these movies designed for specific audiences, like High School Musical. However, when 3D is thrown into the mix, it really sets me off. The first offender to really cross the line was Final Destination 4, to be made in 3D, but thankfully it only took a few days for me to get over that one. That franchise is designed to be a thrill ride anyway, whereas this isn't. There really is no place for a 3D version of Step Up and it annoys the hell out of me to see this being paraded around as the future of cinema.

All this really shows is that there is no cinematic or artistic quality at all to these films, but they're instead a cheap and measly way of entertaining masses of teenagers in order to made a quick buck. That's not an arguable point, that's the simple fact of the matter. I don't care how much money this makes at the box office, I'm tired of these kinds of films destroying the quality of cinema for the next generation of moviegoers, and adding 3D isn't going to help either. All 3D is going to do is really turn the movie theater into a place where kids go for 90-minute theme park rides. And I don't know about you, but that's not what I want the movie theater to become.

I really do fear for the worst with our movie theaters and with cinema for general, especially with projects like this coming around. I seriously hope this bombs and destroys Disney's perception of 3D, but that's most likely not going to happen. At least not if the teens out there cause Step Up 2 the Streets to earn $41 million. I'll never change my opinion on movies like these - they are the exactly the bullshit that's causing the quality of cinema to decrease each and every year.

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Wow Alex - tell us how you really feel! 🙂 C'mon 3D is not that bad. I mean when you get up in the morning and open your eyes - voila - 3D. We see in color too and when color first came out people thought that it was unnecessary and a waste of time. This is an indicator, coming from one of the greatest entertainment companies of all time, that 3D is here to stay and not just for horror and sci-fi. All movies. Why? Because it is so much more closer to the real thing than without it. Avatar is just going to blow your mind Alex. I am not saying "Step Up 3-D" is going to blow your mind because of the genre, but we all had musicals growing up - this is what today's teens like. Well some of them anyway. Hmmm. Don't know why you are so against 3D. Is it the gimmicks that are used? That makes sense as I am against those too in feature movies. If thats the case we are on the same page. But if you are saying 3D across the board is bad, then you are wrong in my opinion. And the movie going audiences will continue to prove it right up to "Avatar" wiping everything right off the map. It is the new 3D age and I am so very happy to be at the center of it! 🙂 Sorry to rant so long, just having fun...

Jim Dorey on Feb 27, 2008


Alex....didnt you enjoy Beowulf? Yeah i think you did. That was 3D....oh....and wait....U2 in 3D....yup you liked that too.....

Heckle on Feb 27, 2008


I don't know… I think a 3D dance movie could be cool. I don't get the fanboy hatred for dance movies; they're not for you! The old Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers flicks had paper thin stories, too; they're just excuses to play music and have people dance. Just because it's not your kind of music doesn't make this any different. Plus, if Briana Evigan is in it, her boobs will be in 3D. I'm totally there, opening night.

Gordon on Feb 27, 2008


I tihnk it would be awesome!! I'm not saying the step up movies are great movies BUT they actually werent bad at all! The end of step up 2 when they do that kick ass dance in the rain would have been amazing to see in 3D alex you should watch it!!! its actaully pretty damn cool 🙂

ha1rball on Feb 27, 2008


Hmmmm, I am not a fan of Dance movies but it does sound pretty cool :). I mean, visually....

Ryan on Feb 27, 2008


Ah, the point of 'Step up 2 the streets' was to showcase DANCE skills...which it did fabulously- it's not meant to be cinematic art! the dancing, & the music, and the hot gal/ guy are what people expected and got. it's not for those cinema intellects...sorry. But, maybe it'll be fun for KIDS in 3D. But, we're not kids, so.....if you want, just ignore it Alex. You don't run out to see every single film out there, do you?? I'm not saying doing it in 3D is a great idea, but maybe it might suprise us & be a bit cool- mostly for kids, and the random adult. PeacE.

Young on Feb 27, 2008


I don't get why you're so angry about 3-D. No-one is taking 2-D movies away from you. Almost all 3-D movies are also shown in 2D- so just go to the 2D screening or skip the movie. A lot of people like 3D, so why are you trying to ruin the fun for them?

SC on Feb 27, 2008


Alex, ya know I all for you and your reviews... but I hope these comments continue to pour in in support of 3D... you and I have had a couple conversations about 3D in the past .. and especially in the last couple weeks(I will save that e-mail for when I really want to get shit started, hahaha). But your own commenters (7 for 7 prior to me) support the "gimmick" I like Jim Dorey's point about the "gimmick" effects of 3D, even Beowulf, that you liked, had a couple EXTREME gimmick scene.... Most extreme coming to mind was when Grendel shoved the spear through the guy and the spear was straight at the 'camera'. That even annoyed me. But when we see a beautiful panaramic scene with enhanced visuals creating a greater depth of field (view for movie watchers) .. I think we will see something amazing.. I fear that Avatar may be the first time that we all can truly appreciate the amazing qualities of 3D. I have seen some of the direction where this 3D project started(Alex you know my background) - I have seen clips from the "Sound of Music" in 3D - STUNNING - I have seen clips from "Star Wars" in 3D - Truly exciting - I have seen clips from "LOTR" in 3D - Your love for "LOTR: Return of the King" WILL NEVER BE THE SAME I support your opinions many times... but your own readers are concerned about this being off base. SIDE NOTE::: I am also concerned over the quality of stories that are blockbuster now days, BUT DAMN I LOVE TO WATCH THEM ANYWAYS.

Dusty on Feb 27, 2008


CORRECTION::: 6 out of 7 support 3D Ryan did not state a specific opinion to 3D... just that the visual will be cool

Dusty on Feb 27, 2008


I know a lot of you are big 3D supporters and I'm not, and there's nothing we can do about that. However, let me address a few of the things said... First, Heckle #2, I did like Beowulf in 3D and mentioned above it was (and will be) the only 3D I have ever remotely enjoyed, and that's because I think with CGI they made it with 3D in mind from the beginning (whereas every other movie doesn't necessarily do that - they have to satisfy 2D requirements FIRST before thinking of 3D). Second, Jim #1, you're right, Avatar is going to blow me away. Honestly, I think I'm going to still hate 3D up until December 18th, 2009, where I'm going to be changed forever. There's a reason why I always refer to Avatar as a movie that will change lives. I'm truly expecting it to show me the good side of 3D and I believe Cameron will pull that off. But for the 22 months left until then, I'm going to be anti-3D! 🙂 Lastly, I think you're missing the point. I'm saying that this combination of 3D and dance movie(s) is the problem, because it's creating a new, ridiculous "theme park ride" experience that should NOT be in our theaters. Yes Avatar will be amazing, so will Star Wars and LOTR in 3D, but movies like this where it's created just as a gimmick an not as an artistic XX, are what brings down the quality of ALL other movies, 3D or not. That's my problem with this.

Alex Billington on Feb 27, 2008


I think 3D is kool and support it but only if its done right and is needed i mean does Step Up need to have 3D no! they just use it to make more money and thats all it will be. They're gonna make a hell of a lot more of 3D movies that dont need to be just make more money and it will never change.

Curtis on Feb 27, 2008


Actually I don't care for 3D but I don't mind it and I think a dance movie and 3D will be cool. I mean, it is kinda artistic in a way. I mena, I won't see it but I won't bash it. I think you need to loosen up a bit Alex, don't see and don't care.

Ryan on Feb 27, 2008


OK.. I better answer a couple questions about my posts earlier... The clips I mentioned were all "dimensionalized" content developed and demo'd back in 2004-2006 for the purpose of proof of concept of the Digital Cinema 3D market. These were private demonstrations between manufacturers, studios and directors/producers. I just didn't want to start some rumor about 3D LOTR heading out to theatres soon. I don't know that Peter has ever committed to that like Lucas has for the Star Wars (4-6). There was a demo reel that was used for demonstrations and those that attended some of the international exhibitions in Europe and Asia may have caught some of those during presentations at such events as IBC and Cinema Expo in 2004 and 2005. That demo reel was comprised of around 15 clips from a WIDE range of Dimensionalized and 3D-originated content(i.e. Spy Kids 3D, BLAH, HACK HACK, Love you Zemeckis, BUT ICK.. my son loves it though) and many other clips from movies that many would have never thought to be effective in 3D. Alex, I can't wait to get to 'Heckle' you in person in Vegas. Something to remember, these comments are not Hecklers... We want to help you see the 3D Light.. hahahaha No, but really, this commentary is the best you can ever ask for... Alex, you have some of the better readers in the industry, they truly care for the industry and LOVE TO BE ENTERTAINED BY IT. The "Entertainment" is why I and many others go to the theatres(not all, but many), I have seen some really terribly, NON-Artistic movies THAT I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED. This is my Hypothesis::: There is a strong majority of the movie-goers that go for the sheer enjoyment, not for the true artistic and story-telling value. We all know we would not see many of the sequels we do if we all were there for artistic, story-telling value. (81% of teens have been to the movies in the last 30 days, 59% saw 3 or more movies in the past 90 days:: The Arbitron Cinema Advertising Study 2007, measured July 1-August 7, 2006) - that is a strong group of teens. With such a strong viewing public, the most frequent of any current movie-going generation, I have to believe that it is the industry's responsibility to entertain them. That can be through an amazing story, or through an amazing gimmick. Either way, I will still only LOVE 10% of the films that are released each year, I will despise 30% and there will be a group in the middle there that will entertain me. Then again, I always know I will hate every slasher film that is released, But then again that is probably because I feel the use of Blood and gore for "shock value" in cinema IS A GIMMICK.... hehe... sorry Alex.. could not resist

Dusty on Feb 27, 2008


Sorry .. long posts.. but Alex knew he would get me up in arms on 3D discussions... and If I did not value Alex's views on films, I would not combat him on my differing view points. You want to see a gimmick, take a look at one of the groups that I am going to talk to at ShoWest about large scale rolloutof motion seating for Cinema applications..... .... that is a total gimmick.. but looks like fun... hehe No more long posts... I promise... well ... we will see

Dusty on Feb 27, 2008


Ok, first... as you now know, Alex, teen movies are my guilty pleasures, and any teen movies with choreographed dance scenes (hello, She's All That!) are even better. This would be going straight into my Netflix queue even without (or in spite of) the 3D. (At least I'm not seeing it in the theater... I do have *some* pride.) On a separate note... what's so wrong with a new breed of "theme park ride" movies (a la Journey 3D)? From a practical standpoint, they could very well be the new attraction that somewhat re-invigorates the theater industry. It's not like anyone is going to mistake them for anything more than what they are... fun pieces of fluff / spectacle that exist for the sake of shallow, mindless entertainment... which certainly has its time and place. (Otherwise I still wouldn't be watching that damn Smallville show.) As long as 3D doesn't become a cheap ploy for movies that would otherwise stand strong on their own, I don't have a problem with it. Muck with the Step Up movies all you want. Make Paris Hilton's next movie 3D... maybe it'll make twice as much! ($50,000!) Who cares! They're already lazy, formulaic, Hollywood fare! It's not like you can make them much more "ridiculous" anyway. I'd only be incensed if 3D were carelessly applied to a quality movie that I would have enjoyed more *without* the extra effects. On the other side of the coin, after seeing Beowulf, I know I'll appreciate a great movie that becomes even better through skilled and thoughtful implementation of 3D... as I know Cameron will do with Avatar. I guess my point is... you know what you're getting with the more "gimmicky" movies that are using 3D, so why get any more worked up than you would over another 2nd-rate Hollywood production using cheap ploys to put shine on shit?

Great White Snark on Feb 27, 2008


I'm with James Cameron: Everything looks better in 3D. It's not a gimmick any more. It's a chance for new creative film-making. Directors have to deal with a new way to present storys - I hope for more POV-Scences in the new movies. Avatar should definitly have some.

mano on Mar 5, 2008


Well Alex I always say that people are more than welcome to have their opinion on issues. But I feel that the addition of 3D to the third step-up, if they will use it, would be great for the film and for future films. The director has done a fantastic job on the first two step-ups and if he feels that the use of 3D would enhance the viewing of the film then so be it. This is evidence that technology not just in medicine or sport are improving but for leisure too. 3D is looking like the future for films and everything looks better in 3D anyway. It shouldn't be your problem that it could be difficult, it should be the problem of the people who are looking to include 3D in the film themselves. It will then be the directors job to make the film and the story plot as good as the previous two. The director 'stepped up' his work from the first film and like you said the film earned $41 million. So give this a chance. The use of 3D should be beneficial to the way viewers watch the film as long as they enjoy it does it matter that cinema is changing. Yes it's changing but for the good. Personally and I am sure that others will agree with me that the dancing and choreography in Step-Up 2 the Streets was just a different class. And if 3D will help improve this yet again then the film will be 'stepped up' yet again and i cannot wait to see what Jon Chu has in store for us for the third time.

Matt Stitfall on Apr 3, 2008


I reli hope there is another Step up movie, i think the other two were absolutley brill, and i can't wait for the other one if there is one. People out there who hate it haven't got a taste in movies, they're probs the people who like old folk films! Its the Best film ever so leave it alone!!!!

Katie on Aug 1, 2008


i think you should give it a chance and watch it when it comes out.

Eddy on Aug 9, 2008


hmm i do worried about this news. yes, i'm really excited hearing step up 3 is coming out; bcause it is like my top 3 favourite film.but 3D? i'm not really sure about that. it is just that i'm a little concern that this drastic change gonna ruin the film's reputation. but after considering the fact that 3D film technology had become better since the last time i watch it, i think its gonna be okay. after all, i do wanna see how they do their thang in 3D. and yeah, 3D animation is not just for kids nowaday, alex; so you don't have to be worried about movie cinema turned into a 'fun fair'. overall, i support jon chu's effort to produce this film. i can't wait!!!

Silver on Oct 11, 2008


maybe only the environment is in 3d like in Speed Racer wherein the characters are real people and the environment is in 3d.

joseph on Nov 17, 2008


well its 2009 and step up 3 didnt come up yet :S

#1 Step Up Fan on Feb 15, 2009


ya a joke dis is gonna be da sickest movie eva made yeaaa boiiiii n-iga what

eqdubh on Feb 16, 2009


i think it would be something different to see ''Step Up 3 in 3-D so keep me posted when and if it comes out i have been waitin for a Step Up 3 the first 2 were awesome

mark on Apr 18, 2009


c'mon when is it gonna come out to theaters?????/

Taylor on Sep 6, 2009

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