Rhona Mitra is the Next Death-Dealing Diva

March 16, 2008

Rhona Mitra

Most can rightly say that the positive spin I put on my review of the mediocre Doomsday from yesterday is due to a liking I have for director Neil Marshall. While certainly true, there's another aspect of the film that kept me entertained, which I didn't give proper justice in my description of the movie. Second only to Marshall's dexterity in dismembering cast members, Rhona Mitra's performance as Major Eden Sinclair was an exotic, eye-catching delight. This is the first time the sultry Brit has lead a major production, which feels like Mitra is stepping up as the next sci-fi heroine, definitely replacing Kate Beckinsale and giving Milla Jovovich a run for her money.

Coincidentally timed with the release of Doomsday, I've begun watching back episodes of "The Practice". Mitra played a devilish kitten of an assistant to the firm, Tara Wilson, delivering silky lines of legal arguments and retorts that make you delirious. Of course, her accent does most of the work, but the rest of her certainly bolsters the appeal. The lion share of Mitra's career so far has been in television, including a recurring role in the 2005 season of "Nip/Tuck".

Intermixed with her small-screen experiences are a variety of notable, but unremarkable appearances in such B-movies as Sweet Home Alabama, Hollow Man, Highwaymen and others. (Ok, some might consider her topless scene in Hollow Man to actually be remarkable, so I'll give you that.)

In 2007, Mitra seemed to start her climb toward sexy badass by playing a title character in the very lame werewolf flick Skinwalkers. Despite a shaky plot wherein her character, Rachel, unknowingly sleeps with a werewolf, it's still a treat to watch Mitra run around with guns, all bloodied-up from battling evil creatures.

Mitra furthers her presence in the horror/sci-fi/action space exponentially through her lead role in Doomsday. Marshall's flick will certainly give the seductress volumes of credibility; enough, it seems, for her to take over the title role in the next installment of the Underworld series, Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans. Most recall the latex-lovin' vampire, Selene, played by Kate Beckinsale in the previous two films. Well, Beckinsale won't be returning for the third time, partly because Rise of the Lycans will be a prequel to the overall story and, as one could imagine, her career has grown a bit outward from the sci-fi genre, what with her recent roles in Click, Vacancy and Snow Angels. Of course, Mitra and Beckinsale on the surface seem pretty interchangeable, so I doubt the series will suffer much and Mitra should gain even more clout as hardened heroine.

While Mitra did an awesome job in Doomsday - chopping off heads, driving fast cars and making ballsy, sarcastic quips - she hasn't quite attained near the physicality of the one and only Milla Jovovich. Certainly, Jovovich's portrayal of the genetically engineered human weapon, Alice, is the bar to be reached. I realize a lot of folks consider the Ukrainian to be a cult icon already; but I must say, Mitra has promise and a much better accent.

Interestingly, Jovovich announced her retirement from the Resident Evil series late last year. Time is certainly right for Mitra to step up and become the sci-fi vixen. However, she might have some competition. Ali Larter, who played Claire Redfield in Resident Evil: Extinction is rumored to be getting her own spin-off of the zombie franchise. Larter, most well known for her role as Nikki in the TV favorite "Heroes", has yet to get as down and dirty as Mitra, but she certainly has potential and is a nice contrast to the Brit - Larter being straight-up American and blonde.

I'll continue to root for Mitra, however. Her silky accent and smoky stare is far deadlier than any sword, gun or telepathy!

Rhona Mitra

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I agree 100% with you Kevin. I've always thought she was hot and deserved a shot at headlining a flick!! It doesn't get any hotter than her!!!

Spider on Mar 16, 2008


she looks good in the top pic. how do you make a hot, sexy chick even hotter and sexier? give her a weapon!

craziemutant on Mar 16, 2008


These are pretty bold statements based on one only mediocre film. She's actually a great actress (if anyone saw her in Nip/Tuck you know what I mean). But this film isn't as iconic as Resident Evil or Underworld, which is what usually determines the title of a femme fatale. it's like calling Tim Olyphant the next action hero because he was in Hitman. Hitman was a flop, so regardless of how good Timothy could have been, it wouldn't have meant squat.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Mar 16, 2008


When did firstshowing start running articles that remind me of askmen.com? answer: today i enjoyed the article, but i had to say that haha

Keith on Mar 16, 2008


Rhona Mitra is a total babe and looking forward to Doomsday to have fun watching it. I cant stand Milla Jovovich i think she is a terrible actress and was terrible in her crap resident evil movies, Ali Larter is ok in Heroes but was also terrible in 3rd Resident Evil. Its sad that we dont get to see Kate in a skin tight leather suite but now we get to see Rhona Mitra in one i hope.

Curtis on Mar 16, 2008


The Resident Evil and Underworld films are total trash. I wouldn't consider starring in movies of the same.. 'flavour' a positive step in one's career.

Brad on Mar 16, 2008


Keith - don't worry, it's not a regular thing at all. Kevin pitched the idea of running this because he loved Rhona in Doomsday and didn't touch on her performance in the review enough. I thought it'd be a good "lazy Sunday" feature, but it's not a normal thing. 🙂

Alex Billington on Mar 16, 2008


#5 i agree with you on all points. couldnt have said it better myself. 🙂

EDA on Mar 17, 2008


another thing did you know that rhona was the original model for lara croft

joe on Mar 17, 2008


haha...you hater, Keith 🙂

kevin powers on Mar 17, 2008


Alex and Kevin: I wasn't worried at all, and as I said before I enjoyed the article. It was just a prime opportunity to take a jab at fs.net. I am required to take said jab whenever the opportunity presents itself 🙂

Keith on Mar 17, 2008


he he he...

EDA on Mar 18, 2008


She is very sexy, I think Mitra would make a good Talia Al Ghul if the Batman franchise got around to that story arc.

PimpSlapStick on Mar 18, 2008


Though another mediocre film, did anybody catch her in Ali G's In da House? Not a particularly remarkable performance, but you'd have to be a eunych if your jaw didn't hit the floor during a certain scene. I agree w/ # 13 that they're going to need a good, sexy Talia Al Ghul if they keep Batman going. Christian Bale needs some love interests that are at least half his age, and can accurately be desribed as 'women' as opposed to girls.

Aswipe' Melendez Johnson on Mar 24, 2008


Aside from her being the first model for Lara Croft, the only other thing I knew her from is the movie 'Beowulf'. I saw it just recently, and heard Mitra for the first time. A corny movie, but her voice is the stuff of dreams!

Richard Harme on Nov 3, 2008


It wasn't "The Practice" she played Tara Wilson, it was "Boston Legal". For some one paid to write about some one you would figure that they would get facts right that anybody could find out in 10sec in the web.

trduchien on Nov 17, 2008


Um...check your facts #16 before coming off like an ill-informed, aggressive a-hole. Her character started on The Practice and then moved over to Boston Legal. Thanks. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118437/fullcredits#cast

kevin on Nov 17, 2008


#17, isn't you comment a little hypocritical with the whole asshole comment, which was truly uncalled for by the way? I figured that this article was written in March of 08 and Boston Legal was the latest for the character. I never watched the other show, but with her in it I may, but now I know, thanks.

trduchien on Nov 17, 2008

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