Robert De Niro Joining Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness

August 2, 2008

Robert De Niro Joining Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness

GK Films announced yesterday that Robert De Niro has joined the cast alongside of Mel Gibson in the upcoming drama Edge of Darkness. The film, directed by Martin Campbell of Goldeneye, Vertical Limit, and Casino Royale, is an adaptation of a BBC miniseries, also directed by Campbell, that aired in 1985. The screenplay was written by Oscar winning writer William Monahan of The Departed and Kingdom of Heaven previously. This is also the first film that Gibson has a lead role in since 2002 when he starred in Signs and We Were Soldiers. With the addition of another fine actor, Edge of Darkness is starting to look like a project that could end up being the talk of the town when it finally hits theaters.

In the film, Gibson stars as Thomas Craven, a straitlaced homicide detective for the Boston Police Dept. and single father, whose 24-year old daughter is murdered on the steps of his home. The cop assumes he was the target, but his investigation leads in another direction and uncovers his daughter's secret life, a corporate cover-up and government collusion. De Niro joins as an operative sent to clean up the evidence. The original miniseries has quite a high rating on IMDb, so I expect a great story, especially in the hands of Monahan who has been writing nearly every high profile drama since he won Oscar in 2006. Shooting begins later this month in Massachusets. Definitely sounds like a film to keep our eye on! Thoughts?

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Hey, Bobby and Mel! Welcome ta Boss-tin!!! There's no pah-kin' in Hahvid Yahd; but you can pahk ya cah in the Stah Mah-ket pah-kin' lot.

Dave Lister, JMC on Aug 2, 2008


I'm happy to see Gibson back! hopefully he's back for good

Moviereign on Aug 2, 2008


Little Nazi Mel, back in the saddle. Rock out the booze ahm away for some drunk driving

Crapola on Aug 2, 2008


Greate to see mel Gibson again! the greatest actor and flm director ever! all those still hanging on one sentence he is aledged to have said once in his life 2 years ago are just fizle ass idiot with no life at all. And whom ia m sure do not give a shit about the jew nor follow whats going on for htem the rest of the time.. so stop hypocrisy.. Mel Gibson donate for kids in Israël since decades.. do you?????

Ocean on Aug 2, 2008


Great news! I've been looking forward to Gibson's return to acting! With the addition of Robert De Niro, this flick will rock!

Spider on Aug 2, 2008


My prediction- this will be awful. The original is a classic about Cold War paranoia and nuclear weapons. This swaps the locations to America and performs the totally never before seen duo of government and corporate collusion and conspiracy (Because, y'know, previously we thought they were sqeaky clean). It might make a decent movie but I doubt it and frankly it feels like branding: take a known name and the very roughest outline of plot then change it utterly- they should just use another name. Edge of Darkness is a Cold War series, this is a War on Terror movie.

Guy on Aug 2, 2008


this should be great, mass is startin to be a big place for movies these last couple years theyre still casting in the boston area for extras, even looking for jack russel terriers within an hour of the hamptons

harrison on Aug 2, 2008


Mel Gibson is the shit! Not only is he an excellent actor and director, he's probably the most transparent person in hollywood. His beef was with the top excecs who call all the shots and and make all the money not having one creative bone in thier bodies. It just so happens all those rich schmucks are Jewish decendants. The ADL can find anti-semitism in a box of kosher salt. Mel just has the gutts to speak his mind. He is not his father. Good to see ya back alongside actors of your caliber!

Dave V. on Aug 2, 2008


If William Monahan has been writing damn near every high-profile script lately how come I've never heard of him? He's a 48 year old wash out from what I can tell.

Jayne on Aug 2, 2008


Looks like a decent story with a formerly A-list Hollywood cast. Can't say that i'm psyched but hey i might make the mantinee.... And honestly, Dave Lister, is it your ultimate goal to make all people from Boston/New England look like incoherent jackasses who need Hooked on Phonics? seriously man, take that crap somewhere else.

BRBomber on Aug 2, 2008


Yeah! right with you on that one BRBomber! that guy is a jackass and we are oh so tired of hearing the same rangaine from the same side all the time!! My gosh, and about a man who never did worng all his life, thus such a big shot in hollywood, never even divorced raised his own kids, and always helped others! I didnt hear them praising him forhtat, nor adding it as a long side comment to all their comments about mel Gidbson, nor all the article about him. This is geting soo old! I dont hear a word either about all the causes that Mel Gibson support but do not make a front page of all nmagz like Jolie ad other do.. he travel there, visit hospital finance new ones and shcools, in so many counries, also in the USA for native americans, and for indian form latin america, he suport the rain forest and protection of water ressources on th eplanet.. yu wont believe all what that guy is engaged into, nd not just by finance, but sitting on the board and making ocnferences about it.. Its jsut not the kind of area that those same "reporters and journalists" are used to deal wiht.. too serious and too real life for them to even have noticed.. They dont even know it.. Mel Gibson is a genious and a charitable man, who have always done his best to help others and to do smething usefull for the planet and for the poor or disadventaged, or sick and to help children, only he dont go say it to papz and journalists in advance to get the good publicity, not even when he needed it. It goes agaisnt his principle. he do the right things becasue he wants to, away from the spotlights. Some people cant obviously deal with this genuate, good, and uprigth man.

Ocean on Aug 2, 2008


I follow you Dave V.! Its right, this guy is agenious! He is so incredibly good at making movi and at interpretating them! He is so good as an actor that any moive he is in, he turns it into a hit! He can make the shitest script sound like th ebest movie ever and turn anything throw at him into a mega box office! even DVD with him sel like warm bread. Anythig he has been into from he was jsut a kid, was fantastic. he had talent from day one and it sees.. Like in Tim, before Mad Max, and in Summer City, where he wasnt supposed to have the leading role, his figure is so different from the other, his style so markant, that he jsut lead the rest, he always carry the movies he is in. He got the shoudlers to lead anything and make it into a master piece. His presence take it all form the others, and at the same time he is able to carry the other in the set, he is simply incredible! And all movies he made so far are out of the ordinary, going into new areas of makign a movie, and other tema, a different angle about everything. He is just a master at work in anythign he touch and he is good at being a master at anythig he try for the very first time. Nobody before him try to mae movies with a cast only made of non actor who were trained on the set. He is jsut so genial htat you cant even notice it in his movies. He go the special amgic and touch. I cant see anythign he has ever made who didnt turned out to be a succes and something everybody remember. So right on, he is a giant! Nobody compares to Mel Gibson! This man is simply unique!

Ocean on Aug 2, 2008


Robert DeNiro's Hollywood Agent is repped by Endeavours Ari Emmanuel who was very vocal about Gibson after the DUI incident. Emmanuel made it quite clear in his statement to the press that he was going to ensure that all his clients were not to work with Gibson -ever! Emmanuel also lost out to William Morris Agency when Gibson's long time Agent Ed Limato was tossed out by ICM after more than 30 years of loyal service. Hollywood heavyweights from all quarters knew darn well that Gibson's 25 year public track record of being a decent citizen far surpassed his sad one night incident and by many of those who were clearly northing more than grandstanding opportunists who's envy and jealousy far succeeds their hypocrisy. And, by the way, Gibson doesn't need a heavyweight like De Niro to help him come back to the big screen. His movie Apocalypto was released 6 months after his DUI and went straight to No. 1 at the box office. And for the record, it is now the 5th highest grossing foreign language film of all time. A good movie is a combination of script, direction, acting and word of mouth. Welcome back Mel.

Truthful on Aug 3, 2008


So I don't have an opinion on Mel outside of acting. I never followed those stories, and never cared. But to say he is one of the great actors is such a joke. You must also think Keanu Reeves is a great actor too. Look up the definition of acting. they don't fulfill it. They're one trick ponies, with only one dumbfounded/intense facial expression. Best example of this? Hamlet. Mel is Hamlet, and we all know the range of emotions felt by Hamlet in the play. Yet, all I saw was the same facial expression over and over again for mad, upset, wounded, agitated. That's not good acting. Has he been in good movies? Yes, but it was not because of extraordinary acting. Mel, go back in your mansion. Let some up and coming actor with talent come get a good movie gig.

dave13 on Aug 4, 2008


Mel Gibson isn't a genius. He just isn't. He's made some good films, been in some good films, but he isn't a genius. The drink driving was fine, it's incredibly common in America as no-one walks anywhere, so who cares. The thing that annoys me about him is the racism, that's something that can't be sorted out in rehab. You can't recover from that. Also he made a Jocksploitation film that had so many mentions of the word Freedom that I thought I'd came to the wrong film, there's nothing worse than people finding out your Scottish and blurting out the word "Freeeeeeeedooooooooooom" every 20 seconds.

Crapola on Aug 4, 2008


Hé CRAPULE! why areoyu so jealus of Mel Gibson? nobody forces you to go see his movies whoa re hte greatest in th worl and in the movie history. Yo jsut have not knowledge of cin´´ema and what it stands for. And i can see that you are as easily brainwahsed by paparazi than the most.. Gibson, a racist? who was he playing with for all the years he made lethalæ Weapon?? wasnt it a balck american? and who is his best friend and still is.. and hw canhe be a racist and make movies to save the patrimaoine of latin america andof th endian population there and ot the original language? how can he be a racist and save peopel from Indonesia and build hospital there and finace school that he go visit as well? How can he be a racist and finance for hospital and shcools for native american? And all that is only for the past year... if you lok at aql what Mel did you wioll not elieve it because he NEVER talk of it nor call journalsts as all the other stars usualy do. making hteirdonations a big event wiht a big check and lots of flashes.. Mel Gibson go there and talk to people there and follow it up as his project, not as a money givign shit. He do it by investing himself in it s well. As for antisemitisme, but dont oyu know that his personal body guard for the past 10 years is a jew, that h recrueited in Israël, and that Mel Gibson donate since very long to chjidlren of Israël? wel youdont know htat, do you? as wel as oyu dont know i am sure that every week thousands of israeian children go to bed wihtout a meal, about twice a weak, cause hteir parents are too poor to feed them. But Mel Gibson know htat and hep them. But did he used that fact when he was accused of antisemitism? no. Not even then he want to speak loud of his doantions to so many people, because he takes it as a religious must for him to stay humble about it, or it has no worth. So now oyu can say sorry to mel Gibson and about all the crap oyu said about him! it takes a genius to recognise one, so of course you were out before starting...

Ocean on Aug 4, 2008


Dave13 i'm curious, what IS good acting? Who are the actors you call great? Really I'm interested to know. Have you read Hamlet and understood it? Man, I don't know about you!

Dave V. on Aug 4, 2008


Hey dave 13, on post 14, you are a joke! and msut be young and totaly ignoratn of what a movie is and what a good movie is! to compare keanu reeve with Mel gibson is like comparing a salad wit the Ocean.. Youc ant compare.. Mel Gibson is too wide, too deep and too beautiful and with too many facets to be compare to some new shitted leak as K Reeve. Mels acting in Hamlet is one of the greatest interpretqation ever made of hamlet oyua re jsut too stupid to can even see it! i am certain that oyu cant even name 15 movies where mel Gibson played into. ANd for the record, the same year as me gibson reocrded Hamlet, he made all 4 gienst movies as well! All of them ended up to be a complete succes. Do you knw anyone able to do such an incrdible prouesse? nobody in hollywood ever did waht mel gibson can do! Noone ewas ever able to do that, and in worse so many different strong characters in just a year.' you jsut odnt know anything about hsi acting and about acting in generel and speak blaber without any knowledge behind. Actins is not about making faces you retard! this si nt charli chaplin time, no sound movies era.. this is year 2008, in case oyu didnt notice, and how mel Gibson i, is uniqu. he marq the cams the second he comes in. you just see him, he takes all the place. Prove of that? one of hsi first movie, summer city, he was ment ot have secodn or third role, but nended up beng noticed so much that his presence on the screen overshadowed the first role totaly. As for yoru stupid comment about that he get known cause the movies are greate form before.. you are so stupid and so hypocrite, many of th movie he was in had a script that suck totaly, but he made it up because MEL GIBSON IMPROVISE HIS SCRIPT! and that shat is so special about him and make him such a greate artist- he do not follow any school of acting he made his own, and he trian hsi own peope and created hsi own actign school, whichj i am sue you dont know a shit about, since you are so uninformed about everything else! LOL! Mel Gibson made some simingly stupid stories and b film into A film with lots of glance, jsut by his presence his way of acting , his improvisations, and the way he also give place to his coactors and make them grand. He is an extroardinary actor, who can form a movie and can make a movie from being an ordinary one into soemthing extraodinary that all will remember. Mrs Soffel wasnt planed to be such a huge thing, it became it because of his acting. "Mel, go back in your mansion. Let some up and coming actor with talent come get a good movie gig." by David 13 Oh thats all you wanted to say in fact? that you were dead jealous of the guy and hated him to be so much better and so much more talenmted and succesfull than you are.. hmm then why didnt you said it to begin with instead of starting a caracter asssination? LOL youa re all the same.. all in the mouth.. chickens all of oyu and hypocrites. he discovered heath Ledger so oyu know it.. its him who ahve læauched about 1000 new actors and finance movie studios and movie schools in Australia, London, and USA/ California. You didnt knew it? It is also him who mae this native american actor into a celeb, by givign him th eleading role in Apocalypto and who gave leading role to unknown actors in all his movies and to people who had never acted in fornt of a cam in their life, ad that he teached on the spot! When one like Mel Gibson do, is abe ot teach several thosuands people how ot do some acting, like htat, on the spot, while acitng in a movie himself, and directing it, that man can only be a genius witha very special talent. Few got his talent, and even less the ability to pass it on to others. So dave, go cry to your mumy, Mel Gibson is the best actor, best director, and the best man ever to come out from Hollywood. he is simply ireplaceable.

Ocean on Aug 4, 2008


Dave V. very good question to ask him, but i dont think he know the answer to that.. Mel Gibsons interpretation of Hamlet, is one of the best, if not the very best ever. He is just unable ot see that. I even think that the simple truth is that he is aware of how greate an actor Mel Gibson is, and is simply dreeadly jealous of him.

Ocean on Aug 4, 2008


He he he, Hey Billy Ocean are you actually Mel on the sauce? Your feverish typing and extreme Gibson love is crazy, I love it! I don't care if Mel Gibson hand made an origami orphan hospital for Tsunami victims gluing little angels to the beds of the parent-less children with his sticky tears of regret, out of 100 dollar bills and never told me, charity work is a guilty tax dodge. That's nice he hired an Israeli bodyguard, he should get a Nobel Peace prize or maybe an inflatable chicken with little goats udders attached. Your telling me Mel Gibson is not anti semitic are you? Why because he's a good actor! That's like saying Michael Jackson isn't a kiddie fiddler because he can do a moonwalk. Actors are essentially liars for hire, they sell make believe, and you buy it, that is their job. "So dave, go cry to your mumy, Mel Gibson is the best actor, best director, and the best man ever to come out from Hollywood. he is simply ireplaceable." I reckon Mel Gibson could be replaced with John Waters, I'd have paid to see his version of the Passion, John Waters is a better actor and better at casting too, Pink Flamingos is better than any film Mel Giblets ever did, it's even got cannibalism and transvestites with an egg delivery man marrying a fat women dressed as a baby, now don't tell that's not super genius at work. I mean fuck Heath Ledger, if Divine hadn't died of an untimely heart attack he'd be playing the Joker, much better, he ate poodle shit in a film how's that for method acting? C'mon Billy Ocean, you think your a man, but your only a boy...

Crapola on Aug 5, 2008


So I said before I only care about Mel's acting. I don't care what someone does outside of acting. I'm not commenting on any of that. Though I will note that just because he found great actors doesn't mean he is one. It doesn't necessarily go both ways. I'm just saying that. Also, Ocean, you must have the hots for Mel to rant on me that much. Intense. Ignoring the rant of Billy Ocean/Mel gibson himself... Dave V, fair question. Who do I think is good acting? Robert De Niro for one, as well as Robert Downy Jr and Gregory Peck, Jack Lemmon, Humphrey Bogart, and Audrey Hepburn. Those are some of my favorites that I can think of right now. As for Hamlet. yes, I read Hamlet and quite enjoyed it, and I do feel that I understood it. All? Maybe not, but thats how it goes. I also watched two movie versions of Hamlet, one Mel Gibson's version, and I can't currently remember the other version. It had some crazy angles that I really liked in it and thats why that one stuck with me a bit. I felt part's of the movie Gibson was in was very good, however I found, as I said before, that Mel's performance was subpar. I felt like i was always watching the same face no matter what expression he made.

dave13 on Aug 5, 2008


dave 13, you ddi said that he should leave teh mvie to give place to younger acrs so drop that shit, will you? and stop the personal attacks just cause you do not have your argumentation in order. from your list of favorits, i can see that you lack some in cinematographical tastes... jack lemmon souds like shit to me, gregory peck is low and the 2 others. oh God! so clumsy... but never mind that explain.. and thats you who talk of lettign young blood in?? i think you need some injections yourself cause you sounds like being an oldie with a cranky old style who never get over the Mad Max era. I saw Hamlet several imes in theaters, real heaters, not movies one, as well as an old black and white movie version of it and i can tell you that Mel Gbsons incarnation of hamlet is the very best ever made.. which nobody believed he could at first.. being an aussie and all that.. lol surprise!

Ocean on Aug 5, 2008


crapule my name is no billy and I am a woman.. so that was for your judgemental hability. second Mel Gibson hired that israeli body guard back in 2003... he was DUI in 2006.. so your acting shit wont do, beside it doesnt make up nor explain about how an antisemitic guy will hired a jew to watch over the life of his kids, huh?! he never needed a body guard in his life before, only during the making of the passion, he received death threats and so did his family, with adress of the school where his kids where and pictures, so that was serious shit. That body guard was borrowed out by the Mossad, if you know what that is. So now you can pack your bags and leave your a loser and a bad one and thats it. you hate to admit it so you come up with BS . I dont found anything substantial in your answers only winings. too bad waters was never able to even think about making a movie of the passion in orifginal language cause the guy is as uninspired as a boil leek.. i mean, what he does is "seen before, since cubisme found its craddle at St Petersbourg",, cpy paste at and XEROX me that style for the hundreds of time, aint my tase nor view on creaivity and true artistic value ad talents. I say pass on your pasta salad, thanks.. and as all uninspired pseudo designer of new art, he only look at the pay check.. and that kind of thig was too risky... as for his acting.. naaah, you need glasses. The guys name isnt even known and there is reasons for it, he is unwanted, cause he just cant deliver the thing. When bollywoods productions are better than your own then you now you've fall off the wagon for long.. thats for your idol... ;D From Billy the kid, to shoot you dead, anwhere, anytime 😉 LOL

Ocean on Aug 6, 2008


LMFAO. wow Ocean. please, don't stop. I'm enjoying how badly you want Mel for yourself. Its quite amazing. And as for personal attacks, my fellow movie lover, you started them, so therefore, you, yourself, are a hypocrite. Just to point that out. 😉 And really, I think I'd have some respect for your arguments if you didn't take it so personally. but thanks for the entertainment.

dave13 on Aug 6, 2008


Okay Ms/Mrs Ocean, I apologise for mixing you up with 80's legend Billy Ocean, I thought since he wasn't making music anymore he may be posting messages on a film website, you never know. I know this may seem silly, but don't you think Mel was maybe a little drunk at the interview of his trained deathsquad killer come bodyguard, or maybe they wanted to keep tabs on him, waiting for the moment he pens the anti-jew script and then it's curtains for Gibbertron. As for John Waters, I doubt he cares too much about the paycheck and you can't deny that Pink Flamingos is a work of art, even if it does make you feel sick. We obviously have different opinions on what makes a good film or what makes a good actor, but that's fine, we're entitled to our views. That is until Mel and his drunken hitler crew get in charge then it's curtains for all us free thinkers ya ha ha h ha hah ha ahhh haaaaaaaaaa. Just joking.

Crapola on Aug 6, 2008


Free thinkers? who? you? you are not a free thinkers, you are jsut a usual scum bag.. I dont get half of what your writing so you must have been very emotional when typing it. Again unveiling your total unknowledge of facts, and your ignorance of film making and film history, in your answers... So you go to personal attacks.. As you dont know it, martin Scorseze, ya know, the guy that later on made The Godfather 1, 2, and 3... 😀 he made a movie about Christ in his early days, call "The last temptation of Christ" i thought that such a connaisseur in good movie genre will know it and have seen it as a must, specialy when you are fond of the flamingos genre, and like to see yourself as educated.. and better knowing.. 😆 Well, you see, in that movie, Jesus lash out at that high rabbin in no mistakable languages, calig him names and insulting the jews, and going on with "who do you think that you are jews? you think that you are better than the rest of us?!" "you think you are the chosen people?!" "God never chose you, why should God chose the jews?!" and he goes on and on at insulting the whole jew people like that fofr 15 minutes while destroying their bazar in front of the synagogue, and haranging the highest Rabbi.. That was Scorseese freelance interpretation of what hapned there and what jesus said at the guy. Nothing taken from the bible, just how he saw the thing. Well, guess what, his film wasnt good taken, not cause of how he insulted the jew in his movie, but how he interpretated the life of Jesus, and came out with that story (i dont go into details oyu got to see the movie for oyurself to know why). Not a word about antisemitism. not a word about how scandalous what he said there was and how indecent it was and how it was putting up with the whole story in the vatican.. Also in his version, Jesus dont come to the cross on his own, ya know.. he got help from his brotherwood to go htere.. Nonetheless, it wasnt mentioned by critics, nor by the jewish community. Ok. Fine. Oh and BTW, Martin Scorseeze IS jew. 😉 I just thougth you'll like to hear a pin fall. 30 years later, Mel Gibson make a movie of the christ this time focused on his crucifiction, on his sacrifice, and on using original languages like aramena and greek gfrom this time. He set himself in original scrptures, get a hord of historian and specalist in biblical and religious history. And make that movie. In 5 minutes of the movie, you see the Sanhedrin, lashing out at the governor, about jesus. Normal, wasnt good for his business that a young guy came out of the blue, saying he was that messia annouced by the prophete, and that now, guess what, there was a new religious order, that ment that moises old arch was out, for the new to come in, and that there was no need for rabbi and all htat and synagoges, and animal sacrifice, so out with the old in with the new! Shit, not good to lose your jo like that from a day to another! thsoe young generation got no respect those days! Wasnt good for business either with all the jews converting and questioning him. So for 5 minutes he said what is written down he really said encouraging that jesus will be crucified and not barabas. No big deal. In that movie oyu see the amss of jew close to the Sanhedrin who are happy for that, and those who are not as well. Those voting for barabas to be executed instead. Prior to that, in the long scene of jesus carying his cross through the city, oyu se jews crying, and people trying to help him and to give him water, and a jew carrying his cross for him part of the way. All that wasnt mentioned anywhere by the critcts , following the main stream.. meaning doing bad journalistic. That movie is in aramean, all part of it are based on very old original relique of scriptures, also the part where the wife of the governor order a jewish woman to weep off the blood of Christ with precious drapery for her, it is part of the annal an darchive about what we have of historical documents for what happened. Not all is accredited by the church, some was then wasnt anylonger, some is considered as heretic, or was, some was and/or is still disturbing ofr the church, but Mel Gibson chose to have it all and to implement it allin his movie. Instead to go freelance, he went pro, and historical to do his work. There was nothign wrong wiht his movie, but fears. First the church feared that he was going to reveal some deep secret and unleash fiuror on the vatican and flee of catholic out all doors, so they had a pre prit of the movie stollen, while the movie was still being made, and Mel Gibson was still in Italy on the set.. (btw, it isnt Mle Gibson who play in the Passion of Christ, he just direct it, your mention of his bad acting there made me smile...hehehe) On the other hand part of some persh was gettign nervous as well.. what if? and they wanted to know if there was soemhting heretic there,as well. cause since the church was on it, so maybe there was stuff for them too. None of them coudl found a shit to come after, and they went very mad at Gibson for that, cause those who had set the shit in motion had to justify the costs of their endeavours, and they had therefor to coem up wiht something.. and now too a juridic problem, hanging out hteir butts for ahvign stollen movie scroll to found out if the antic scrolls written in armenian might have contained something teryfying, and now usefull for them.. so as a good inquisition team, both the vatican and the pershs found soemthing. You can always found soemthing.. and mel Gibsons dad has always criticised the vatican, and wasnt hs dad also suposed to have said somehting about that there wasnt enough gaz back then to can gaz all the jews? ( which is true, that was before we knew a shit a bout that what was used was a chemical named zircon, gisbon senior never denied th eholocause, jsut side talk, this too was made up, form a radio interview of the dad back in the 70, reported as being holocaust denier without data to back it up, by ONE single journalist, whos sayings were copy/paste directly and reproduced by all the others, up to now, 35 years later, and not one single of them ever actualy listen to that interview (thus it is available and can even be listened to on the internet) so here we go with fausle informations and desinformation in chain reaction, that fall down his head constantly and based on faulse allegations al of them.. i do my home work and i know my i can make the difference between shit and cinamon.. you should try it, it taste better..) Back to the inquisition team, they both agreed that they didnt had Gibson in sanctity scent, and now that they ahd started some shit they better be proven true no matter what, cause it wont show good on their cv.. for none of the side.. It came out that out of the huge big bang came nada out of it.. and that there was nothing at all to suport all their sayings, but once someone said it, other are willign to see things and hear voices.. nobody in Europe could back up that point of view, but the debate fired further in the State. .. of course. There isnt a shit to come after in that movie. If people were moving their ass like that each time a muslim or an Imam order all msulims to go kill all the jews cause they are unbelievers and bastards, i am sure that the problem will be soved by now.. But no, its easier to go after Gibson.. it doesnt cost a coconut nor a dime, and its not terroristicaly dangerous.. 😀 The mesage of the movie is that it was ment to happen, meanign that wihtout the sanhedrin christinity will not exist today. will not be what it is. Whitout the help of judas and wihtout the sanhédrin, there was no sacrifice of the son of God and no Passion of the Christ. That was also the message of Scorseeze btw, who 30 yars before it was actualy discovered by archeologists, invented Judas the messenger of Christ. Judas as being ordered agaisnt his will, to alert the romain soldiers and tell them where Jesus was hidding, so they could arrest him.. You see dude, life gets more interesting when you drop your paaprazi magazin and begin to dig info for yourself, like learning to think by yourself, and not let your thoughts and believes be dictated by what the amin stream do, say, and tell you how to sense the world. I never said that PF made me feel sick, where you get that from? your assumptions? oyur preudices? ya see you got to remove your filters up in the athic, and give them some air, and clean them once in a while, and try too to look at things without haivng them on so to see if al te sudden you can begin to hear what people are saytng to you instead of hearing your own voice inside tellig you what you are suppose to hear and understand of what people actualy told oyu, and who doesnt matter a shit in a way, cause its fckign dangerous, as it could change things for oyu,a dn even worse, it might change your mind, which is definitly out the question, cause the filters are not so easy at swithcing, they like the status quo, and they hate change. Its unsettling. You can also keep your filters, but then dont give your meaning since it isnt oyurs and oyu dont have one.. what you say has already been said and heard a million times. its a reproduction of old Mc Donalds package. All fast food infos are in it. Pre digested, and all, in short: shit. i am sorry for you who is so controlled by oyur fears that you even imagine that Gibson want to run for presidency and actualy get elcted. wew! you got a weak point for your scarry scenarios, involving what oyu fear the most. ypical of people like oyu, who let their life being controlled by fears and beign right, following the stream. I dont even think that oyu could live withotu your fears, youve been with them for too long now, oyu are used to them, if they were to go away, you will feel lonely, desperate maybe, or will even fear to be fearless!! 😮 Mel Gibson was fuckign drunk while making : Tequila sunrise, Air America, The Bounty, and Lethal weapon 1, can oyu see it? nope. he was fucling drunk every day starting the day with 4 beers, and drinking al day long, but being on time evereyday on the set, and delivering the shit as better as writen, and to all satisfaction of the film director. Therefore none of them ever compained ot him or tried to stop him, he was doing all super fine. Watch the bounty. You will be unable to spot the guy was fck drunk in any of the scene. Only Anthony hopkins cared and gave him hell, and told him to stop screwing his life and to stop drinking that shit. They became not so good friend from it, but it helped. Thats also why director for mad Max and later on for Lethal Weapon, who had followed Mel Gibson for so long, and knew the guy was in the bottle totaly, used it in his entry scene of LW 1 and 2.. At LW 1 he was drinking and suicidal, drinking for not killing himself and wanting to kill himslef for not being able to quit the bottle.. and alos mourning the death of a certain someone.. So Mel gibson was playing his real life.. Its true thats not much acting in it. He is that way exactly as you see him in Lethal Weapon 1,2,3 Oh and another thing, about your anti jew script.. it isnt Mel Gibson who pened it.. he had it reformed, but it was a jew who wrote it ! LOLOLOL! didnt oyu heard about it? come on! the guy made a big mess this year about it and askign to receive more money for his script than 75.000$ he got for it, cause the movie made such a big entry.. Thanks to the attacks agaisnt it, maybe.. 😉 Tell me now, why is it ok if its a jew who do it but not if its not a jew? its the same shit isnt it? whith the same message and same consequences, with same accusations. So why not? Its discriminatoric to make differences like this, any jew will tell you that. Like me! LOLOLOL!!! PS: you are already curtianed anyway, its call to selfcurtain yourself from the truth. 🙂

Ocean on Aug 6, 2008


I knew you will like that.. 🙂 😉

Ocean on Aug 6, 2008


dave 13 you are the hypocrite, you call what i said for ranting and call me Billy, if thats not personal attacks, i dont know what is.. but its alrigth, you lose, I have mercy on you.. 😛 🙂

Ocean on Aug 6, 2008


It would be a personal attack if Dave13 had called you 'sugar tits', but that's what Mel would say. Your obviously Mel mad, I don't think I'll ever watch his ridiculous Jesus movie ever now after your insight into it, I don't even like the book version of the film, The Bible, it goes on a bit and is a little preachy in some parts, if I wanted to know what huge sacrifice Jesus made for all the sinners of the world I'd go to church, I'm old enough now to overpower the priests if they tried anything on. And for the last time, I do make jokes about Mel's drinking, but I don't care about his drunkenness, hat's off to the booze loony! People only go to rehab because they can't take the pace, or they die, that's even more lightweight than going to rehab. You've written so much I can't even remember what it was you were trying to say, but on the factual stuff, he also directed Braveheart, a nonsense film which incited real racial hatred, but also very loosely based on fact. Good for tourism, but still Jocksploitation, (Exploitation of Scots). I can't even remember my own name anymore.

Crapola on Aug 6, 2008


dave didnt ask for a nany like you to come to his rescue... as for the rest of what you balber, it is now clear to me that you ahve never see a single movie made by Mel Gibson, nor seen movies where he act in it. You do not know a shit about him or anything you tla about. And no what is in the movie "The passion of Christ is not to be found in the bible... 😀 Why the hell do oyu read articles about him and his coming movie and do you post ignortant comments about it when you dotn know a hting about the guy nor his movies? We dont care of how you feel and of your fear problems. So go talk to a specialist and stop posting your inner emptiness and prove of ignorancy, like if it was some clever straw, or taken from the book of universal truth. You are blank. Fine. And so what? move on and stop moaning. This is about Mel Gibson, not about what oyu do not know about him and about so many other things in general..

Ocean on Aug 7, 2008


I am hollow. You win, you love Mel Gibson more than I like to breathe air. My live is a vacuumous hole, infact tonight I am going to jump infront of a train.

Crapola on Aug 7, 2008


😛 😆 😆 That was a good answer.. I like that 😉 lol

Ocean on Aug 7, 2008


Ocean, back to school for you - learn English!!! What parent calls his kid No-Billy? You sound like you have issues on account of this. Mel did not discover Heath Ledger. Heath was already established in Australia by the time he got The Patriot and he was originally discovered in Perth by Annie.M. Monks, a casting director and Heath's first agent. Incidentally, Monks also represented fellow Perth actors Steve Innes and Sam Worthington, though both are now based in Sydney and/or L.A. and have different agents. Steve Innes (39) had a small role in Braveheart and is friendly with Mel and is also being considered for Max in Mad Max IV. He is also being considered for a role in the Icon production of The Drowner, also to be fimed in Australia and even possibly directed by Mel. You know less than you think, Ocean.

Lance on Apr 30, 2009



Ocean Dollbugg on May 1, 2009


Well what in the world is that midget antisemite doing acting with a guy with Jewish blood? That cop should have pistol whipped him back to the days when he was beaten up as a younger man. Probbally for uttering the same tripe. I hope he makes a movie in the holy land so some guy cn krav maga his puny ass.

deserteagle on Feb 4, 2010

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