Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake and Hairspray 2 Coming

July 24, 2008

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Two projects that I'm sure most never thought about before are today making headlines. Outlets are reporting, despite any overt interest I've come across personally, that a remake of the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show and a sequel to 2007's Hairspray will bow at the big screen next year. Why and why? Worse still, these projects have a tinge of credibility considering those involved. MTV is behind the Rocky Horror remake, while John Waters himself is set to write the "treatment" for the Hairspray sequel. Again, why? These are two projects that have left me totally befuddled. Please let all the Comic-Con coverage bury this musical madness quickly!

If you think about it (and we have to now), a Hairspray sequel isn't completely out of left field considering the success of last year's film and the likability of Nikki Blonsky. However, John Waters' original story has existed for nearly 20 years without being exploited and extended into sequel territory. Not only that, none of the cast have options for a sequel as of yet. So why now? If you guessed money, you get two points. Director-choreographer of the 2007 movie, Adam Shankman, told Variety: "I never thought of musicals as franchises, but it certainly worked with High School Musical, and the idea of working with that cast again, and creating new material and music, is a dream come true. John [Waters] has such an original and extraordinary voice; we all can’t wait to see what he has come up with." Whatever happened to Polyester/Pecker/Dirty Shame days of John Waters? Adapting his material for the original Hairspray was enough, but this news makes me downright sad.

As for The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, talk about horror. No one should be touching this classic, especially MTV! Lou Adler, executive producer of the 1975 original, is actually involved (if you can believe it), and the film will "use the original screenplay but may also include music not featured in the original." I can only guess that maybe the higher-ups thought remaking the sci-fi/horror musical comedy might similarly align with recent musical movie successes, such as Hairspray or Mamma Mia!. Or, perhaps the upcoming Repo! The Genetic Opera and eventual theatrical debut of High School Musical 3 gave them some false idea that the time was right. Whatever the reason, it's a bad decision. Is this as frustrating and sad for you as well? Are musicals getting out of control?

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Reader Feedback - 91 Comments


Seriously, Rocky Horror Picture Show remake? F*** you Hollywood, just F*** you

interl0per on Jul 24, 2008


I will never be interested in a Rocky Horror remake. That's pure bullshit. Another thing for Hollywood to fuck up.......Give me a break.

Obiwopkenobi on Jul 24, 2008


Why Remake a movie that was perfect the first time??????? No one can fill the shoes of the original cast..... BAD IDEA

Albertv69 on Jul 24, 2008


"No one should be touching this classic, especially MTV!" No-one _is_ 'touching this classic'. They're making another film based on the same source. They're not going out to video stores, ransacking people's houses and removing every copy of the original from existence. Get a grip, people. You... don't... have... to... go... see... it... when... it's... done!

Chris on Jul 24, 2008


What is Hairspray 2 going to be about? I don't think it's going to be good no matter what they do.

Nettle on Jul 24, 2008


Wikipedia says: "It has been reported that MTV is planning to remake The Rocky Horror Picture show. [30] According to Variety the network is planning a 2 hour long remake that is based on the original screenplay, and will feature songs not included in the original. No cast has been announced but it is anticipated to be released sometime during Halloween 2009." If that isn't taking a big crap all over the name Rocky Horror Picture Show I don't know what is.

Nettle on Jul 24, 2008


These are both horrible ideas, but Rocky Horror more so than Hairspray. I love going to midnight Rocky Horror shows. The people who also go love it probably more than I do. The people acting in the shadow show even more than them. I can't imagine how upset these people will be to have someone try and remake something that has become such a cult classic. It's taken on its own life, far beyond the reaches of any movie studio, director, or producer. It's not that Rocky Horror Picture Show is the most amazing feat in cinematic history...but it would be like remaking the Princess Bride or a Monty Python movie...just not a good idea. I also hope they cancel this project. That money could go toward a much better use.

Squeak on Jul 24, 2008


Well i'll go see it as long as they bring back meatloaf

dac_fan on Jul 24, 2008


I am happy they are re-making Rock Horror, you wanna know why? Because I absolutely hated that movie. Guys dressing in Drag!?!?!? WTF!?!??! I am glad true fans of this "classic" are getting mad/sad/angry. Not only that, but I hope they do a HORRIBLE job on the remake and royally F**K it up!!!!!

SteveDawg on Jul 24, 2008


God < Meatloaf P.S. I would do anything for love But I won't do that... By I won't do that, I mean i will never bring myself to see this god forsaken movie, I'd rather vomit on the ground scoop it back up swallow it and vomit one last time before ever sitting in a theater to hairspray 2

Nick on Jul 24, 2008


Not a big Rocky Horror fan, but this is a very bad idea. The movie is a cult, it is THE cult classic. The attachment to the film is not that it was any good, it is that it is so bad. The fandom is attached to the actors and the camp* of the film. Remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not a good way to please the rabid fanbase. It could give the original film a surge in midnight showings again. *Camp is a type of gay aesthetic that is ironic and over-the-top. "Guys in drag" is part of it. If you are homophobic you aren't going to like it. Then again if you're homophobic you need to ask yourself why you are. Just saying.

Goudos on Jul 24, 2008


man this Rocky Horror remake is going to go over like a fart in church.

wm on Jul 24, 2008


I have a feeling that not many are going to show up for the remake - from what I've seen, people either love or loathe RHPS - and for the most part, the ones who love it won't go because it won't be the same, and the ones who loathe it won't go because... well, they loathe it. I don't see this doing well, and I really hope they don't continue this idea.

Lone on Jul 24, 2008


I cant believe it that the current crop of writers/directors/producers and general Hollywood big-wigs are so bereft, talentless and unimaginative that all they can do is constantly look for classic films to remake/re-imagine and hope that the rest of us will actually think the steaming lump of sh*t they throw out there will actually be any good??? Hollywood in general is brain dead/ massively retarded....I give up...

moldybread on Jul 24, 2008


Utter BULLSH@T! A Rocky Horror remake?!?!?!? There can be only one! And thats the original. What next? A Clockwork Orange remake? SH@T! I probably just gave them a new idea!

Brian on Jul 25, 2008


If they make a new THRPS, it should be a new adaptation of the original masterpiece by Richard O'Brian, one of the best literary works I've ever encountered. It should be re-presented as the deep, artistic masterpiece it is. (And it is. It has so much symbolism and social/philosophic criticism it's astounding. Unfortunately, idiots like #9 are too dim-witted to understand that.)

An Cat Dubh on Jul 25, 2008


I can't believe this...

SillySil on Jul 25, 2008


As a giant fan of RHPS, I am deeply appalled by this news. I think this just made me ill, especially with MTV involved.

Stephanie on Jul 25, 2008


'these projects have a tinge of credibility considering those involved. MTV is behind the Rocky Horror remake..." MTV's involvement in NO WAY instills any credibility whatsoever to ANY project.

kevjohn on Jul 25, 2008


I wish I knew of a way to make MTV realize how terrible of an idea this BS is with the RHPS... well, something that will not get me arrested that is. πŸ™‚ Too bad that MTV thinks this is a good idea, How can an actor even sign on to this in their right mind? Gonna be a bunch of no name teenie-bops that HAVE NEVER SEEN THE ORIGINAL and probably never had the balls to go to a LIVE presentation of it.

Dusty on Jul 25, 2008


What the hell Hollywood? MTV ... you already destroyed your own Music Television station will all the crap shows. All I can say is ... to remake the RHPS ... sad man, just sad. πŸ™ 2 thumbs down!

Steven Jr on Jul 25, 2008


teens will eat this shite up though. im excited for it, just cuz im curious. if your upset because your loyal to the original, why? just dont have anything to do with it! just remain loyal to the original. but i think all the teens and young adults will LOVE it.

scarlett on Jul 25, 2008


you just cant no one can replace Tim Curry!!! this is a classic you just cant do it!!! don't let this happen!!! nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo

regular frankie fan on Jul 25, 2008


Will it have Marilyn Manson? This movie will be balls. The original was perfect for what it was. I think the film industry has become like the music industry, just recycling rubbish over and over because it's familiar, until it's all blended up and everything looks the same.

Crapola on Jul 25, 2008


At least they can't fuck up Rocky Horror, it already sucked balls.

Calvin on Jul 26, 2008



Laura on Jul 26, 2008


Both these ideas are bad. Musical franchises are certainly an intresting idea, but HAIRSPRAY, really???? These aren't movies that need sequels.

Ryan on Jul 26, 2008


OK, OK, OK, . . . Isn't all this bitching alittle much? Yes, the original cast and their chemistry is one of the things that helped make this cult classic and it's characters iconic. And I have heard the cries of SACRILEGE shouted from the rooftops. But give it a chance. You have the original executive producers (this includes Richard O' Brien) behind it. Are you forgetting that Mr. Riff Raff himself was also one of the writers of the original screenplay, and one of the writers of the original score? If he's involved I'm frankly not too worried. Especially since they are keeping with the original screenplay. Yes they've promised new music not in the original movie. SO! I hope that they've been touched with the genius that the original score was blessed with. And as for MTV footing the bill on this one alot of you have asked if they have nothing better to do such as showing music videos. Well honestly I think that they are a good match for this they are a company that specializes itself with music. What better partner to produce a MUSICAL!!!!!!!! I say that if movie houses are smart when this comes out they will do a special double feature showing the original first then show the remake or vice-versa and make the original a midnight showing and allow audience participation for both. That would be good enough to satisfy the fans curiosity and give them a reward for their tolerance if they muck it up too badly. And I will note this in closing that the two hardest characters to cast will be Riff Raff and Eddie.

Goddess Astrola on Aug 5, 2008



Jaybear on Aug 7, 2008



Jaybear on Aug 7, 2008


Oh, btw for number 28 I hate to say it, but MTV hasn't played music videos in almost 10 years. Its now strictly reality tv shows. Its a shame though.

Jaybear on Aug 7, 2008


Again the petition to stop the rocky horror picture show remake is

Jaybear on Aug 7, 2008


What in the name of God is Hollywood thinking doing a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?? This has got to stop!!

Rich on Aug 8, 2008


The thought of a Rocky Horror Picture show makes me sick the original was so awesome and noone could ever do it as good as them so they should just stop

Mikaela on Aug 8, 2008


If you don't want this, act now. Sign the petition. Save The Lips

Matt on Aug 9, 2008


What's the big deal about remaking Rocky Horror Picture Show? I mean there's a good chance it will be bad, but why not give it a chance? I'm excited to see it.

Courtney on Aug 10, 2008


If there is any criticism for this and similar efforts is the fact that these 'remakes' always involve people outside the original material. In this case though its a bit different because on both films people that gave the films a soul are involved. I actually talked to some ppl in video rentals (I know this is only anecdotal but...), and after the remake of Hair Spray, there were some awareness and they saw higher rentals of the low rental original Hair Spray and any way one looks at it, this is a good thing (the higher exposure to the original film). Aside from this, if the remakes make money to the original creator, which one would hope would give them financial security for futher productions then this is even better. That being said, it is a shame that uncaring big executives will be making money out of the exploitation of such good films.

Carlos on Aug 13, 2008


OM MOTHA FUCKING G NO NO NO new swong in the RHPS this can't be, there going to fuck it up i hate this shit and hairspray 2 granted i did like the movie but wtf fuck are they going to make this moive about amber getting revenge on tracy and a musical score i don't think sooo

RaVen on Aug 13, 2008


omg hairspray 2? wtf...seriously?? biggest blunder..i mean what more can happen..just leave it as is. god and dont get me started on RHPS. like why cant hollywood juat leave the fuckign classics ALONE who the hell are they thinking of casting. no one will be as up to par as the original of course. fucking tweens everywhere will be flocking to the theaters dressed up acting like complete idiots. UGH i can see them marketing rh merchandise at freaking hot topic =(

jasmine on Aug 15, 2008


okay i love R.H.P.S and i think it is the a good idea but only if they keep it the same and just do it a little better if thats possible but i know i will go and see it

samantha on Aug 16, 2008


okay let me add to what i just cause im watching RHPS right now and i dont know about making a new one cause there is no one who can be frankin ferturer but tim that part was made for him

samantha on Aug 16, 2008


Part of the fan base behind RHPS is the fact that it's a 70s cult film! What do they hope to accomplish by remaking it? Other than pissing off the thousands of people who already worship the film?? No one, I repeat, NO ONE!!! could replace tim curry as frank-n-furter! and who would want to try already knowing the HUGE (and incredibly high-heeled) stilettos they have to fill!

Johen on Aug 17, 2008


Remaking RHPS huh? Wonder how pissed the first run theaters are going to be when people start shouting at the movie and throwing stuff at the screen.

MydniteSon on Aug 20, 2008


Rocky Horror Show will be awesome cause Russell Brands gonna play the tranny! πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

hannahlyons on Aug 24, 2008


its bad enough that someone is trying to remake it (even though it could be done well if done with respect to the original and had the same edge and greatness of the original), but the fact that it is FN MTV that is doing it is absolutly HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING, AND SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!! WHY IS THIS BEING DONE!!!!!!!!!?????????? i wouldnt trust mtv to show a rerun of a tv show let alone redo a classic like this!!!!!! i am disgusted and wish mtv would not get involved in remaking this or just not bother at all!!!

zach s on Aug 29, 2008


oh and also, why fn hairspray 2!!????? the first one was very good and there is absolutly NNOOOO need to do a second, doesnt even make sence to have one!

zach s on Aug 29, 2008


How can they remake Rocky Horror Picture Show!?!? They'll completely mess up everything, then when people years from now want to see it, they won't be able to find the orginal, just the shitty remake. F uck you, MTV, just f uck you.

Samantha on Sep 3, 2008


Who the fuck are they going to get to replace Tim Curry? Great voice, great on-screen theatrical prescence, adding credibility and looking sexy in drag = The perfect Frank. The remake is going to be sooooo shit..... And as for MTV adding new songs to it, WTF? They'll be good won't they? Just leave it the fuck alone. If they wanted to make a wider audience more aware of TRHPS they would just re-distribute the old DVD again. They just want to make money out of an old idea as they can't be bothered to think up new ones. Pathetic really.

sophie on Sep 3, 2008


How about coming up with some original ideas??? Rocky Horror remake HORROR is right! Sadly they are bound to make MONEY but it's a pointless exercise otherwise, it can never come up to the original. HAIRSPRAy remake was OK but overall rather flat when compared to the original John Travolta was just far too 'hammy'. I guess it's easy bucks for John and god bless him he deserves it... PLEASE leave CRY BABY alone (maybe I should have said that ... it might give someone ideas). Hollywood please think of ORIGINAL ideas - com'n you can do it!

Gutter on Sep 3, 2008


MTV proves it's just a shallow shell of it's former glorious self. Shame on Lou Adler, BermanBraun and Fox Television Studios on this catastrophe.

Mike McGowan on Sep 3, 2008


I've seen the original so many times (at least a hundred) that it's simply gotten old for me. I'd really love to see the story from a different angle with a fresh cast, even if it does suck.

John on Sep 17, 2008


This is the worst idea I have ever heard!!! mtv is lucifer!! No way this remake will work! EF yourself mtv!

alex on Sep 17, 2008


RHPS should never be touched... should never have extras in it... should never be redone..... or re mastered..... leave it alone you bunch of morons!!!! classics are total ruiend...... they did it with wor of the worlds... another cock up...... i could make a list.. but just cant be arsed?!! mtv.... leave it.... just broadcast the origional......... from an unconventional conventionist......

studio37b on Sep 18, 2008


The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is the best movie I have seen. It is perfect to begin with, although I think MTV should not be touching this movie, I'm curious to see how it will turn out.

Meg on Sep 18, 2008


I don't believe that the purity of the rocky horror picture show can be recaptured really, although I did muse upon the idea of Rose McGowan as janet, but how can you replace Tim curry and Richard O'brien himself

jeremy drake on Sep 27, 2008


This breaks my heart why would anyone want to remake something that is still popular and loved today. I have went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show every month for the past seven months, this is still a loved movie that does not need to be remade and i truely don't think that anyone will be able to make a successful remake of it. Hollywood wake up before we ruin all the classics.

Samantha on Sep 27, 2008


They should not make remakes of any movies let alone the rocky horror picture show i mean come on people leave the originals alone.

lilemodeviant on Oct 1, 2008


Richard 'O Brien is not on board, he is distancing himself from it. THIS IS BAD NEWS. Hollywood should stop trying to reinvent the wheel. A timeless classic is...well, timeless.

Lime. on Oct 3, 2008



sarah on Oct 5, 2008


Eh? Hairspray...2? How the hell can you make a sequel on a musical from the stage... for film? It just doesn't work. It's like making Phantom: Once Upon Another Time after the 2004 movie... Then again, some musicals just shouldn't get sequels. Mainly Hairspray.

Elliott on Oct 21, 2008


I think that if you're saying that a remake of RHPS is horrible and will destroy the original and it shouldn't be touched, etc.... I think you guys can't truly call yourselves RHPS fans. Because real fans would stick with the original and would not see this remake as a threat to the original's 'classic-ness'. Because regardless of how good or bad this remake turns out to be, the original will still be the original. Besides, 30 years from now, what version do you think will be remembered more??? Hollywood these days is all about money and not about making good quality movies (Saw 5, anyone?). I'm curious to see how this remake will turn out. But I'm not gonna cry over the fact that there's gonna be more than 1 version of RHPS out there. The original will always be the best. As for Hairspray 2.... gimme a break.

Carly on Nov 1, 2008


Remaking Rocky Horror is blasphemy! I'm a cult fan, and just thinking about MTV making a remake of this classic film makes me want to vomit. How the hell can we stop this?!

Emily on Nov 13, 2008


They're remaking My Fair Lady as well...which is a JOKE.

Lime. on Nov 13, 2008


NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! dont remake it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its already perfect!!!!!! why reck a classic!! u cant beat meatloaf!!!!!

fiona on Nov 14, 2008


rocky horror picture show remake is un heard of. we sould keep it that way. the classic will beat any new RHPS remakes. you cant replace Tim Curry. sorry.

haley on Nov 17, 2008


You creeps!!! Leave RHPS alone!! A remake will absolutely f*** it!!!! Hairspray sequel will suck, we all know that I don't care about that, but NOT ROCKY HORROR pleasee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louis on Nov 23, 2008


If u remake RHPS, u r turning classic into crap. a cult classic being remade is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH?

becca on Nov 28, 2008



shirley on Dec 1, 2008


Let's all boycott the remake of RHPS! Someone put up a website and we will send a message to MTV to stop ruining EVERYTHING

Josh on Dec 10, 2008


I'm pretty sure if and when they release Rocky Horror the true fans will boycott watching it and i for one will be boycotting this attrocity

Al on Dec 12, 2008


The Rocky Horror Picture Show was fine as is. I don't see why MTV is suddenly interested in this classic. Perhaps they find they can better it with more movie magic special effects and better cast, which is in ultimate their greatest weakpoint. Rocky Horror is supposed to be, or I think at least, cheasy and over-acted, that is the brilliance behind the movie! MTV will just decide that Rocky Horror will be better with fresh acotrs/singers, and it deffinately won't. If anything this new Rocky Horror is a publicity stunt, that will hook un-knowing people and let them jump on the bandwagon. Then once they see the original, they will have already be accustomed to this new age crap, and will not see the original for what it truly is, a cinematic masterpiece. As someone who has been in the shadow casts and the actual Rocky Horror Show as Eddie and Dr. Scott, I for one am highly displeased. Although I am still a freshman in high school, I am a big fan of the Rocky Horror original, and always remain the integrity whilst playing the characters without "zesting it up" or "adding new and fresh ideas to the mix". If a 15 year has enough respect for something to not modify it, for better or worse, then why can't a multi-million dollar station filled with smart men and women? I am sure it has come up at least once on how the true fans may be unsettled due to their decision, unless everyone didn't get that memo. This will not go well, because there will be three sides, those who are un-biased towards the new version, the fans of the classic version, and those who decide that the new version is the greatest thing since sliced bread and that the old one sucks and that "we totally know oh so much more about this new version and you all suck because you don't like it". We all know there will be PLENTY of people like that. Why change perfection? That is exactly what the original is. Perfect. As for the Hairspray 2... This is the first I've heard of it, but I find it quite silly indeed. I've never heard of a case where they turn a broadway musical into a movie, and then create a sequel using the same characters, made just for the movies, EXCEPT Grease 2.... and we all know how THAT turned out, and even then it wasn't the same characters, they at least tried to develop a new storyline and plot. I for one find this funny, and would like to see what Hollywood can throw together, without corrupting the original Hairspray. Grease 2 will finally have a musical buddy on it's shelf of Science fiction B-movies and Disney prequels, sequels, and triquels.

Grimms on Dec 26, 2008


WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING THIS This is an isult and I'm going to kill all their babies! Poor Tim Curry. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is brilliant. No one wants a fucking remake!!!!!!!!!!!

Mahrie on Jan 9, 2009


Don't remake what was already perfect

Joanna on Jan 9, 2009


Don't let em do it Richard O' Brien PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanna on Jan 9, 2009


For whoever said O'Brien was involved with this project, which lent it please.....

Dawn on Jan 24, 2009


damn man that is bad idea rocky horror is amazing and they cant replace the cast because they are the original people and they made what is was.... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! MTV you need to get your head of your asses and just stop its just really annoying with all that your doing, damn!

Alison on Jan 26, 2009


While I do think that remaking RHPS is a stupendously BAD idea, I know I'll probably end up seeing it. I can't help it, I'm curious. It will be so different; I don't think it will ever be as much of a success as the original has become, but a remake won't ruin the original. Anybody else picturing the kids who work at theaters going into clean and just being like wtf? lol ^_^

Tara on Feb 23, 2009


A RHPS REMAKE? WHAT THE HELL? IS THIS FOR REAL? They well undoubtdly screw this up. Have they not hundreds of other movies to ruin? Why this one? and MTV? AS IF IT ISNT BAD ENOUGH THAT YOUR SHOWS ARE SHALLOW AND SHITTY, BUT YOU HAVE TO FUCK THIS UP AS WELL? Well fuck it, I dont care. You'll do a lousy job, I hate you and you should all die (whoever thought of the idea and whoever takes part in it)

Neon Queen on Mar 1, 2009


Ah the remake, the ambrosia of the uninspired clod. I absolutely refuse to go see the Rocky Horror remake, and I'll make sure that none of my friends see it either. It's nothing more than an attempt to capitalize on a classic with an immense fanbase.

Dorian6 on Mar 1, 2009


This is ridiculous! I'm only 15, but I love The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've been watching it for years. My grandmother showed it to me! This movie is amazing. To do a remake is just disgusting. It's like offensive! We should attempt something! Try to stop this! I mean, A petition or something? Haven't you seen the people on the internet who attempt to look like Frank N Furter? or Riff Raff? or Magenta? Or Columbia? No one can pull it off. You just cant. Only Time Curry, Richard O'Brian, Patricia Quinn, and Little Nell can pull off these characters. This is insane. I cannot believe this. I know the whole "Oh just don't show up and be loyal to the original" thing. But what if I don't show up anyways? Tons of people will still see this. And Tons will see this WITHOUT seeing the original. This will cause just an uproar. I pray, that MTV backs off, gets a brain, and doesn't go through with this. I'm 15 and I know its a bad bad bad BAD idea to pull off a redo of the cult classic, from 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I cannot believe this.

Lexxi on Mar 9, 2009


They won't stop remaking until YOU stop spending your money to view them. It's supply and demand, stop watching them and we'll be spared another pointless remake to add to crap like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror, Halloween.................!

Alice keymer on Mar 19, 2009


I love the original rocky horror but I'm curious to see what they come up with and of course they can never replace tim curry or any of the original actors but even if the remake sucks it's not like fans won't always have the original

Chelsea on Mar 21, 2009


the ONLY way i would see the "new" Rocky Horror is if i see my love Tim Curry strutting around in lingerie. Buuut since it doesn't look like they're gonna do that, this remake is gonna go to crap.

I on May 17, 2009


Rocky horror remake? eeeeeeeeew! why touch that movie? its perfect as it is. NOBODY can even come close to doing as good of a job doing Dr. frank n furter as tim curry. MTV doing the remake? worse.

kat on May 22, 2009


oh, and i agree with the person above me. this "I" person. i doubt they will get tim curry to go do a remake and strut around in lingerie. (which was WAAAAAAAAAY sexy the first time) im 15 and i absolutely adore the rocky horror picture show. ive seen it over 200 times and would watch it 2000 more and still not be sick of it.

kat on May 22, 2009


I hate admitting this, but I am actually curious for the remake. That has nothing to do with how I will like it though. I'll probably hate it in fact. I mean, who can really do any of these characters justice? Another thing I was thinking, does anyone know Tim Curry's opinion on it? That would be rather interesting to hear whether or not he thinks anyone can do a repeat performance.

Maddigael on Jun 2, 2009


if anyone knows where i can sign a petition AGAINST this abomination (for the RHPS remake of course) then please, post a link somehwere on here. ill gladly put my name down for it.

who craig? on Oct 10, 2009


I honestly I'm at a stand still about this. I love RHPS. The original Hairspray was so much better then the remake. But, on the other hand. Hollywood has made good and bad remakes. I liked the war of the worlds remake. Friday the 13th was a great remake. Halloween wasn't bad. I'm not to sure about the upcoming Nightmare on elm st remake though. Robert England is Freddy Krugger. But, all in all. I will see the remake just to see if they keep the storyline the same or if they really mess it up. Like they did in hitcher. That wasn't a bad movie but, they messed the storyline up so bad. The stepfather was another one they messed up. There wasn't a boy in the original. It was a mom and daughter only. No other kids. I'll post something if this remake is bad or good when or if it ever comes out.

Jeff Sievers on Nov 3, 2009


I think it would be a cool idea to see how they could redo this classic. They cannot make it better, because it is perfect as is. I wonder who they will get to play the cast. It would be awsome to see Tim Curry play Frank again and Susan Serandon as Janet. My kids (14 and 16)and I just got done watching it (12/11/09), and we were dancing the time warp and singing the songs. It was a bonding experience for us and it was awsome.

Gina Filippelli on Dec 11, 2009


i knew mtv was evil. mtv has only become about to stupid humor and horrible reality shows so how come they get to make movie? i love the rocky horror picture show and i dont want new actors or new songs just leave it alone dont touch it its a ghreat movie. sorry hollywood is out of creativity but we dont need certain movies remade

lotsofterrali on May 7, 2010


No one should make a remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show.It's the best movie of all time,I don't care what you say apperently you have no sense of humor.For your information it's still in theathers and I saw it about two months ago.It's the best movie you can't remake you not going to capture the magic or Tim Curry.Rocky Horror rocks!

Simple his Servants on May 24, 2010

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