Roland Emmerich's 2012 Viral - Institute for Human Continuity

November 15, 2008
Source: SlashFilm

Institute for Human Continuity

By now we've all seen the teaser trailer for Roland Emmerich's 2012 and got a glimpse of what it's all about. If you don't know what it's actually about, the Mayan calendar predicts that the end of the world will arrive sometime in 2012 - and the movie is about that arrival and what will happen. That of course means there is a lot of potential for some crazy viral marketing - which has actually already kicked off. Thanks to a reader on SlashFilm, we were pointed to a site called Institute for Human Continuity that talks about registering for a lottery to guarantee your survival when the apocalypse comes in 2012.

This viral reminds me a lot of Deep Impact. In fact, the whole movie reminds me a lot of it. We at least know some giant waves are going to cover some mountains. Same sort of thing happened in Deep Impact. And they had a lottery to get into a cave to be one of the saved ones, too. Same sort of concept here.

Institute for Human Continuity

Not much else happens once you register for a lottery number. If you want to keep following this viral, though, I'd definitely register. I'm not very sure where this will go next or how it will continue, but we'll be sure to share any updates we receive. Both this viral and the one for Angels & Demons (also a Sony movie) are only in the very first stage. I'm sure there is plenty more that will be happening over the next eight months before this hits theaters. Plenty more. Register now and stay tuned for updates!

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When entering your registration info, the error message that says if you are missing a field (such as when you don't enter your first name) is editable. In fact you can simply write anything in that spot. I find it rather funny that this professional website has such a glaring error. It just goes to show that we're all human.

Kris on Nov 15, 2008


"the Mayan calendar predicts that the end of the world will arrive sometime in 2012" Actually, the Mayan calendar predicts the end of an era and way of thinking. They predict an apocalypse, which just means "a great revealing." They never say it's the end of the world or mention any sort of global destruction. Of course, that doesn't mean it couldn't still happen or be induced by humans when they go psycho because they have to think a different way - they just didn't predict what most people think they predicted. Also, the exact date is said to be December 21st, 2012, and possibly last for three days. Merry Christmas! I'm interested to see what they do with this particular campaign once they pick the numbers.

Zso on Nov 15, 2008


Damn, why can't the world end AFTER that Christmas? lol I don't plan on getting too excited for this movie anyway. A movie version of the Domain series would have made a WAY cooler 2012 story. Certainly more exciting than a big wave washing away some unfortunate monk. Anybody else know of Domain?

Laser-beak on Nov 15, 2008


Thanks, #5. Not necessarily big spoilers. Seems like it may or may not be information revealed in the next trailer.

Laser-beak on Nov 16, 2008


It seems like a less creepy The Lottery (by Shirely Jackson) to me. Sounds good though!

Hyacinth on Nov 16, 2008


What? The spoilers have been CENSORED?! This is an infringement upon our constitutional rights as moviegoers! I cry foul play!!

Laser-beak on Nov 16, 2008


We don't approve of spoilers on this site... nor we do we approve of spamming our comments with links...

Alex Billington on Nov 16, 2008


@#2 - these days if you even think different from everyone else you're considered a nut. We live in a world where kindness is considered "a random act" and is subject to suspicion as opposed to being a natural state of being. It stands to reason that any global change of perspective would cause not only mass hysteria but also mass destruction from ignorant people who can't imagine believing differently from they do. People kill each other over differences of opinion and belief every day and have since the world began. It would indeed mean the end of the world if people were forced to grow a brain and think instead of react.

E on Nov 16, 2008


thank you number 2 I was hopeing someone would say that. and as for you number 9, you sound like one of those ignorant people. if you truly think that the world will come to an end if man kills each other and destroys the land than you really dont know much about history. the earth and nature will overcome anything short of the sun exploding or galexies colliding which will not happen for like the next 5 million years or so. so dont worry evolution will continue and man, if we so deserve, will re-surface on this world to live again.

tyler on Nov 16, 2008


Tell it how it is, #10.

Laser-beak on Nov 16, 2008


Has anyone just stopped and thought that maybe the Mayans just predicted their own apocalypse, and 2012 just means there won't be any Mayans left?

jasonmd2020 on Nov 16, 2008


Did anyone else notice that their registration numbers were the exact time (well, exact time where the site's clock is from, its -2 hrs from where i am) & date they registered?

ADN on Nov 18, 2008


#10: Make sure to spell-check before flaming someone. It's G-A-L-A-X-I-E-S, and the sun is on course to fail in five BILLION years. And don't call people ignorant. You don't even know what he's talking about. He addresses the impact of a change of global perspective and state of mind, not the impact of the physical end of the world. He also does not say anything about he himself believing it will happen. He only offers his view on what #2 offered, were it to happen. Your rant lands only on the ears of the ACTUAL ignorant. Ignorant meaning you, and #11 for supporting you. Please don't ever contribute to the internet. It's bad enough already without uninformed, illiterate people like you going around telling people they're wrong. #12: That is a hilariously excellent point.

Guru on Nov 23, 2008


haha i just signed up for the lottery. very cool. this movie is going to be very cool, but i'm hoping it doesn't come true. the commercial shows a tidal wave, but i've been told that it's not based off of tidal waves. this movie is going to be awesome even if it's fiction (most movies are? aren't they?)

A for Awesome on Dec 10, 2008


I believe it.

YokaΒ·Tang on Dec 11, 2008


It's being directed by Roland Emmerich, so it's going to suck, just like all of his other movies.

anonymousnow on Dec 15, 2008


Yeah #10, a completely random fluke, which was life exploding on earth and creatures evolving from a tiny amoeba in the ocean which in turn evolved in creatures on land and then FINALLY man comes into the pictures after millions and millions and millions and....well et cetera, is sure to happen again if we were wiped out.

Sid on Dec 19, 2008


Guessing from location of that watchtower, I'd say if that monk has a tsunami problem the rest of Asia is pretty much screwed...don't they have some of the Highest peaks on the planet? Wax up your board man, time to catch the wave!!!

Al on Dec 21, 2008


Apparently the lottery numbers will be read out in the film however in the film they will have a chance to go to a camp to be tested to find out who is smartest (Think death camp) The survivors will be sent up into orbit in a shuttle which will keep them safe until the earth is back to normal! I also think there is a competition with this that whichever number is read out will receive a gift (Probably a poster for the film) Responding to sid! If there was water it would happen if not then there would be no more life on earth!

Scorpio on Dec 22, 2008


Well just study up on it and you will find out the real truth. Main thing is Nibaru and The magnetic poles shifting the reason the water was doing that was because what happens if you move something with water in it take a frying pan move it really fast what happens to the water? stays same place befor it falls so Move earths crust water covers the places that moves

Mobius on Dec 27, 2008


Well so far only number 21 has had any real facts. Okay the Mayan's wrote up and calculated out a massive calendar listing every date from it's completion up until December 21, 2012. They also predicted something strange, they say that on that date the magnetic alignment of our earth will reverse, the magnetic North to magnetic South and vice versa, now the really interesting part is this, it's happened before. They had theories and formulas that calculated out to say that it had happened and will continue to happen, this has some ties to a certain alignment of celestial bodies in our solar system and the calculated center of the universe. Now none of this compares to what scientists deciphered next, this page gives a very accurate and informed report of what was discovered, though it mainly follows the prophecies of one Mayan prophet and gives less credit than I would like to their scientists and astronomers who discovered the pole shift and helped to determine the time schedule listed therein. Personally I believe that something big, some drastic change is going to happen, I have no idea what, just a gut feeling and a vague kind of excitement. There is no way to tell, absolutely no way, everything I listed is merely theory, as is every prediction of the future. We can only hope, that's what makes us as humans special, even though we have no idea, even though the odds are completely against us, we can still find hope. I hope you found what I had to say interesting if not informative. Thanks for reading. Email me at narcolyptic.insomniac[at] if you'd like any more information or have any questions, I love to answer questions, or help others find the answers, whatever they may be.

NaKyle Wright on Jan 5, 2009


Good site, if you want to know your date and time on your computer. πŸ™‚ You figure they can be much more imaginative than just displaying Initial and Date / Time. My children have better imagination.

Oh No! on Jan 6, 2009


this isn't just about the mayans. the hindus suggest a 24000 year cycle, shiva the destroyer and creator. a pole shift every 24000 years, that's what that big wave is. the shift causes shivas destruction, but also causes huge generation of electricity as the earths magnet moves against the van allen belts. this causes constant and intense electrical storms on the planet for hundreds of years breaking down atmospheric nitrogen into compounds of nitrogen(tesla, the problem of increasing human energy(that's a book)), which is what makes soil work. with the soil amped up we see shivas creation at work as the soil makes the plants and the food chain and a jump in evolution (punctuated equilibrium is the modern theory in evolution. 24000 year punctuation). james churchward wrote some books in the thirties about a lost continent but speaks of the pole shift and a wave (the whole indian ocean) that went over the himalayas a long time ago and washed huge herds of mammoths into the frozen north, 10 million of which are still there with food still in their mouths and so perfectly preserved that the first people to find them fed their sled dogs the meat. in fact in the 90's the japanese took an interest in this meat as a rare delicacy(apparently it tastes pretty good) but they were prevented. the earth turned under the north polar ice cap which would have looked like a wall of ice one mile high travelling 1000 miles per hour and laying waste to north america. south america was spared. look at the difference in biodiversity(you know, like the amazon). advancing ice sheets alright, but not the way they told you in school. north to south is not down hill. get google earth and spin the globe in the right direction. you can see the mechanics of how this all works. immanual velikovsky wrote some cool stuff too. there's lots more evidence. well, gottagopeesomustcutthisshort. bye!

crafty on Jan 7, 2009


Mayans never predicted an "End of the World" - which ever retard came up with that has certainly convinced gullible people on the internet. The Mayan calender just says we're entering a new age, "The End of the World" did not come out of their mouths or it was not written down on the calender. I am not in denial, I'm just correcting idiots who say "2012 is the end of the world" - bible tells us that no one will know the day or the hour, so the end of the world could be in 2453? Who knows. But when it comes to around March, 2013 - I'll laugh at the film and point at all those who believed it. Stop looking at false facts people... *eats a cookie*

Wtf on Jan 13, 2009


Of course the end of the frikken world is on Christmas. I guarentee this is, like, God pulling a prank on Jesus.

Danielle on Jan 20, 2009


Actually, the Mayan calendar doesn't "say" much of anything on this point. #25 has it generally right, but if anything it's even less significant than the way WTF put it. The "Mayan Long Count" calendar has several periods in it: the k'in is one day; 20 k'in = 1 winal; 18 winal = 1 tun; 20 tun = 1 k'atun; 20 k'atun = 1 b'ak'tun. At 360 days, a winal is roughly a year; a b'ak'tun is roughly 394 years. December 21, 2012 is simply the day that the next b'ak'tun starts. For goodness' sake, the "great cycle" here is 394 years. Unless the world actually ended in 1618, and before that in 1224, and before that in 830, etc. etc., not a whole lot of reason to think it's going to end this time through either, huh?

Chipotle on Jan 26, 2009


"How would the world's governments prepare six billion people for the end of the world? THEY WOULDN'T!" Are we being subconsciously prepared for the "end" ???? I BELIEVE WE ARE...

L.F. on Jan 29, 2009


For those who read all 3 disaster senario overviews, did anyone else notice that Plantet X icon gives the wrong explantion as well as the Crustal Displacement. The two explanations need to be switched to match their appropriate icons !!! Kind of loses its credibility for me .. . ....

Dustin on Jan 31, 2009


Fuck all yall this movie is going to be the shit, and i got my lotto numba bitches!!!!!!!!!

Red Formun on Jan 31, 2009


The Mayan calendar never said it was the end of the world. In fact the Mayan calendar simply ends on 12/12/12/ Think about this for a second. If you were creating a calendar from this point on and you had to do it in the same format the Mayan's did how long would your calendar go for? 100 years? 500 years? 1000 years? Well it has to end at some point right? My point is the Mayan's simply ended their calendar. No end of the world no great revelation. This whole 2012 thing is nothing more than brilliant marketing to get more of our money. This has been happening for centuries and centuries. The end of the world is always around the corner and every generation has a new date that this will happen. One thing I noticed on the IHC website is their constant push to sell their emergency disaster kits. And isn't it convenient that all of this coincides with the release of the movie 2012?

Dave on Feb 2, 2009


Here's how much of a fake that the IHC website is. It's registered to Sony Pictures. Take a look at when the domain was created "May 29 2008" Registered to Sony Pictures ENTERTAINMENT! Now tell me why a group of prestigious scientists would allow their very important website to be owned and registered by an entertainment company if it were legit? Simple. It's not. It's another ingenious marketing ploy by Hollywood to sell movie tickets and merchandise. If you want to verify the information below for yourself just go to and scroll to the bottom. Click the "who is" link and enter the IHC website domain below. Domain ID:D152851006-LROR Domain Name:INSTITUTEFORHUMANCONTINUITY.ORG Created On:29-May-2008 22:06:42 UTC Last Updated On:21-Jan-2009 14:12:16 UTC Expiration Date:29-May-2010 22:06:42 UTC Sponsoring Registrar:MarkMonitor Inc. (R37-LROR) Status:CLIENT DELETE PROHIBITED Status:CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED Status:CLIENT UPDATE PROHIBITED Registrant ID:mKn-14369782 Registrant Name:Webmaster Webmaster Registrant Organization:Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc Registrant Street1:6025 W. Slauson Ave. Registrant Street2: Registrant Street3: Registrant City:Culver City Registrant State/Province:CA Registrant Postal Code:90231 Registrant Country:US Registrant Phone:+1.3104824636 Registrant Phone Ext.: Registrant FAX:+1.3104824893 Registrant FAX Ext.: Registrant Admin ID:mmr-33234 Admin Name:Webmaster WebMaster Admin Organization:SPDE Domain Names Inc. Admin Street1:6025 W. Slauson Ave Admin Street2: Admin Street3: Admin City:Culver City Admin State/Province:ca Admin Postal Code:90231 Admin Country:US Admin Phone:+1.3104824636 Admin Phone Ext.: Admin FAX:+1.3104824893 Admin FAX Ext.: Admin Tech ID:mmr-33234 Tech Name:Webmaster WebMaster Tech Organization:SPDE Domain Names Inc. Tech Street1:6025 W. Slauson Ave Tech Street2: Tech Street3: Tech City:Culver City Tech State/Province:ca Tech Postal Code:90231 Tech Country:US Tech Phone:+1.3104824636 Tech Phone Ext.: Tech FAX:+1.3104824893 Tech FAX Ext.: Tech Name Server:NS2.SONYPICTURES.COM Name Server:NS3.SONYPICTURES.COM Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server: Name Server:

Dave on Feb 2, 2009


actually it is not said that the world will necissarily end in 2012. the mayans said it would be a time of transition into either the 5th age or 6th age. plus anyone who bases faith on a number is not confident in their faith.

x on Feb 2, 2009


I really don't care. The IHC site entertained me for a few minutes. Hopefully the movie is good... It seems interesting.

Matt on Feb 2, 2009


My god, that's such a convincing site! I took a look at it just now, and it almost had me convinced that it was for real. Even after I assumed that it had something to do with the movie "2012", and I even expected to see pictures of John Cusack and Amanda Peet. (Now that I think about it though, that wouldn't make any sense.)

Joe on Feb 2, 2009


I was around when the whole Noah's Ark thing happened. ::looks at log cradled in arms:: People back then didn't believe there was a catastrophic flood coming so they made fun of Noah and his family and friends but boy, when those waters started to rise, you can guess the rest. History repeats itself when lessons don't get learned as we have seen over and over again. So whether or not the Mayan calendar is predicting catastrophic global events, which I don't see in the translation, it all boils down to individual choice once again. Look how panicked the world became just during the turn of the century, from 1999 to 2000? That was sort of funny. But civilization does grow stagnant if it can't or won't evolve so yes, it is time for some global catastrophic event to shake things up for us, real or imagined. ::puts the log on the fire in the wood stove:: These thinkers made the most sense: "Actually, the Mayan calendar predicts the end of an era and way of thinking. They predict an apocalypse, which just means "a great revealing." They never say it's the end of the world or mention any sort of global destruction." #2 Zso And I agree with #9. #22, 27 and 31 all have good points as well.

Dee on Feb 2, 2009


" here's de Earf (it's chillin') MAN that's a sweet Earf you might say ROUND! Alright ruling out the ice caps melting, meteors becoming crash into us, the ozone layer leaving and the sun exploding we are definitely going to blow ourselves up HOkay!" LoL...i'm sorry the end of the world cartoon is way more awesome than the IHC website and probably this movie.

Karminn on Feb 2, 2009


Actually folks, a whois search wasn't on Terms of Service or Privacy Policy(bottom left) and Sony Pictures Entertainment is right there to give it all away. Pretty cool site though, except for the mistakes mentioned above. And by the way..the Mayans didn't say or write anything about 2012. The calendar in question just ends. That's the mystery. Apparently, the Mayans were absolute beasts with naked eye astronomy and astrology and there are those who theorize that the end of their calendar coincides with th start or end of a 20,000 some odd years cycle. Some believe that the earth, sun and the "core" of the Milky Way will be in perfect alignment. And what happens then?? See you there. (hopefully)

Mark on Feb 2, 2009


It may be my fault ... being who I am from now until 2012ish ... my timing is impeccable.

Dino on Feb 2, 2009


And, were going to allow people like number 28 to continue to live and re-populate the earth. Hoo-ray. I think I agree with 25. 27 makes a good point too. Besides(now I don't know a whole lot about all this...) But if EARTH was to be destroyed, wouldn't a large part of our galaxy probably go with it? so How would colonizing space protect you anymore than staying on earth? Or water civilizations? Or underground? If we truly are headed for destruction its ALL gonna go. How many times do we hear "In five years the sun will explode!" or " Earth is going to be struck by a giant meteor!" Seriously people, remember Y2K? If anything its just a big scare, maybe by the government to make money off of people willing to pay to ensure their "safety". It could be anything. I'm really not too worried. If we do all die, oh well. We're dead, we wont know any better and it wont matter. Anyways, yeah. I'm not too worried, this is just another movie.

Fangy on Feb 2, 2009



KAREN on Feb 2, 2009


I remember on New Year's Eve, 1999, how my neighbors were getting high going 'the world's going to end, man!' and I just said "we'll see" and walked on by. I'm a fan of doomsday scenarios and everything, I mean it'd be really cool if some huge cataclysm wiped out humanity, but sadly, my hopes are always dashed on the rocks. I won't get my hopes up for 2012. I don't want to get let down again.

Danarchy Man on Feb 2, 2009


Um, I feel pretty stupid because I didn't know about this movie. I just saw the add and read about the initiatives and stuff. That would be pretty cool I suppose if they were making survival packs and taking initiative for our survival if any apocalyptic events take place 2012 or not. Mankind has been on the verge of its own extinction for quite sometime. We need very little help from nature in order to kill ourselves off. Actually, its pretty bad that entertainment has been taken to this extreme. Why can't I just watch a movie and think it is just that? Why do you have to create this entire fake reality?.. I don't even want to see the movie now. I'm not entertained by the thought of mass destruction and loosing my loved ones and everything I've built on this earth. It's not funny. Now that I know this is all a sham, it makes me even more depressed because I really have very little hope that mankind could save itself or the world. Kudos to you people who bought a Prius and installed solar panels. You're the 2% of the population who cares, has enough money to afford to be environmentally friendly, wants a tax break, or even has a clue of whats going on. It's not enough unfortunately, but at least you have your placebo effect. Screw the media. It disgusts me.

Stella on Feb 2, 2009


Um, I feel pretty stupid because I didn't know about this movie. I just saw the add and read about the initiatives and stuff. That would be pretty cool I suppose if they were making survival packs and taking initiative for our survival if any apocalyptic events take place 2012 or not. Mankind has been on the verge of its own extinction for quite sometime. We need very little help from nature in order to kill ourselves off. Actually, its pretty bad that entertainment has been taken to this extreme. Why can't I just watch a movie and think it is just that? Why do you have to create this entire fake reality?.. I don't even want to see the movie now. I'm not entertained by the thought of mass destruction and loosing my loved ones and everything I've built on this earth. It's not funny. Now that I know this is all a sham, it makes me even more depressed because I really have very little hope that mankind could save itself or the world. Kudos to you people who bought a Prius and installed solar panels. You're the 2% of the population who cares, has enough money to afford to be environmentally friendly, wants a tax break, or even has a clue of whats going on. It's not enough unfortunately, but at least you have your placebo effect. Screw the media. It disgusts me.

Bloody Hell on Feb 2, 2009


Have you seen Milk? Haa...

I Am Who Am on Feb 2, 2009


ok understanding the aspick of what im seeing today when a volcano goes off in alaska i would have to say that maybe yes we are about to go threw a huge climet change but at the same time should i consider this as some kind of well develop hokes excuse me spelling but are u truly saying that at the mark of 2000 we are expecting the end of the world. i mean sereuse the 3 out comes i am seeing looks imposible but yet the facts are almost looking in your face true if there is some type of proofe.the one that is hard to beleave is planit x i mean are u sereuse a second planet out there and all we can say is lets save are self what the real posiblilities of stoping this thing ? the ice planet ok happen before in histery. things will go back to normal. this can be help in time it will milt but big ass planet u can onestly tell me 200000000000 people on earth cant tell me how to change its corse if all these facts are true im looking at the time line of the dinasore extinktion the question is how many rocks are we looking at is this thing going to hit and obveusly we cant even servive in space that long think better! ur telling how to servive the distruction of earth i cant beleave this shit this is all we go i expect more

j.reid on Feb 2, 2009


Omg, I went to this site and I was horrified... I got a number and sent my sister the website, but she couldn't register hew two kids... What is going on with that? Why hasn't Obama said anything about this???

Lisa on Feb 2, 2009


I'm sorry, but this Cr@p is honestly driving me insane, I hope Roland Emmerich gets blind sided by a bus

THMTRXMN on Feb 2, 2009


Can someone please decipher what the hell #46 is saying... in English, please? #47... Its a PHONY! I know, I freaked too... this is not a real society... and I hope you're just joking anyways... I think if you read this article you would know that already. and I totally agree with #48. That's a pretty funny thought, though, if this were real that a world society for preservation of the human species would be broadcast over Myspace. LOL Indeed, it is a place for friends.

Bloody Hell on Feb 2, 2009


First of all this site is the biggest load of horse shit that I've ever read. Ive done PLENTY of reading on the subject. I admit I was horrified of the ideas surrounding 2012. I wouldnt be able to sleep at night. I put off having children because in my mind I didnt want to bring a child into the world knowing they wouldnt have a real go at life. Anyway, I did my reading and NO! 2012 is not a REAL doomsday. The only thing that is FACTUAL is that its the Winter solstice (whopptyyy doo). The Mayans LONG COUNT just ENDS. Does It mean the end? NO! Its the same thing as our year ending on Dec. 31st. The whole thing is a complete fabrication and a chance for mindless drones to cash in. I think its completely disgusting that people get a fucking paycheck for scaring the shit out of other people. The least they could have done was get their information correct. Last I heard wasnt this supposed to happed on 12/21/012? Not 12/12/12. Just like the world was supposed to end on 6/6/06 and 5/5/05 right? These are horrible people and if the end comes, I hope theyre the first to go. Live your life to the fullest and don't worry about the media and their fabricated bullshit.

Sarahbell on Feb 2, 2009


I fart too much, that's why the world is going to end. excuse me...

2Dirtypillows on Feb 2, 2009


Ok, I checked up on some reading, and thank GOD it's all a hoax, people! It's registered to Sony Pictures-- its truly disgusting how Hollywood is using FEAR to get money and 'excite' (horrify) people into watching the movie. There is seriously something wrong with that! I was so terrified, and now I'm just so angry. I cannot believe this. We have one of the best governments in the world, and I honestly believe that Barack Obama would not be sitting around like a turkey on Thanksgiving waiting for the world to blow up without informing the people about it. Obviously there has been no credible information or backed up truth. Don't you think our government would be trying as hard as they possibly could to research and prepare the people for this? Ughhhhh I hope Sony gets SUED for this somehow.

Kateismad on Feb 2, 2009


I dont know what to believe. On one hand I have grown used to the fact that I WILL die eventually: calmly, naturally, normally. On the other, I have made doo-doo in my pants because that website convinced me that I would die along with the majority of the human race, that I would have to watch my family and friends panic, that I would have to sit on my hands while fate gets the best of me.. I did my research, found the movie teasers, the Sony affiliation credits, blah blah blah... IM STILL SHAKING, IM definitely losing my sleep over this. Sony and whoever else needs to find something better to do with their time than pulling off a "War of the Worlds" remix. >:(

Wolf Sentinel on Feb 2, 2009


i'm gonna sound like a douche, but frankly this needs to be said. 47- two things: 1. about the site: 'Tis a fake, as in not real, made by SONY for the movie. 2. U.S, President Barack Hussein Obama is not doing anything about this because it's not real. that and 2012 is not the end of the world, just the beginning of a new age. i pray to God you were just joking 52 - few things: 1. it's called VIRAL marketing. it allows you to become a part of the movie's world. this can be achieved in many ways, in this case FEAR. 2. Not everyone is American and not everyone would agree with you on your opinion of the government finally: 3. Sony will more than likely will not get sued for this. why? because it hasn't done anything wrong yet. ok, done ranting. I agree with post #48, this is starting to get annoying

Douche on Feb 2, 2009


The whole Dec. 21st, 2012 all has to do with a "pole switch". Basically the magnetic polarity with wobble from the north pole a certain amount of degrees. This happens once every 25, 800 years and we're about due for one. This will cause tectonic plates to shift cause of course earthquakes, but also simultaneous volcano eruptions, and when earthquakes happen in the middle of the ocean at once they create massive tidal waves on many of the worlds coastlines. Also look up I Ching (the Chinese "book of change"), a man did a study in the 70's and 80's and found it to also stop on De. 21st, 2012.

Downard on Feb 2, 2009


55 knows what their talking about.. Also, some of the posters above were starting to scare me, you can't believe everything you hear... no wonder some of them mentioned Obama... sheesh Hopefully there will be the (talked about) evolution of consciousness (in 2012), people really need to get a grip and realize how their minds are being manipulated, how their reality is being manipulated..... how they are being told what to think. Everyone needs to expand their awareness.... If you wanted to learn more you could start by looking up on youtube " The Century of Self: Happiness Machines part 1 " and start from there... also look up on youtube " AMERICA BEING DUMBED DOWN !!! LOW AND NO IQ !! " I didn't want to post links in the comments out of respect for the owner of the blog, but whoever actually wants to get their brain thinking at least knows where to start.. πŸ˜‰

Kosani on Feb 3, 2009


Thank you, 54. Viral marketing is more common than you think. The ABC show Lost had an enormous viral marketing campaign as well as Marvel's Secret Invasion (Embrace Change). Sony must have seriously high hopes for this movie to take the marketing to that level. But hey, who doesn't love a good "end of humanity" story?

Lindsay on Feb 3, 2009


so, why is it through all my reading and research in the recent past, do only Americans talk about this. I'm sure there are others in the world who may know or think they know what's up. But it just seems as though it's a ploy to put more fear in the American citizens. just another move toward socialism and total government control. Subliminally setting us up. Some thing is going to happen in 2012; but no one knows what may really happen. And as for # 52, if you think the government will actually let all of us know, so a massive amount of people go into panic mode and destroy life as it is , you are sadly mistaken.

Brandi on Feb 3, 2009


Everyone This website is Using Global Marketing to promote its film 2012 from Sony but there are more conspiracies involved with it Go to to learn more. Highly addictive and popular never have you seen postings like this.

ROBOT HOUSE on Feb 4, 2009


research for you guys seems to involve quoting the first guy that found the sony pictures connection or quoting the zeitgeist movie(new age or way of thinking). research for me involves reading books, especially old ones(i haven't heard one of you quote one of those things yet). here's a list: Velikovsky-worlds in collision and earth in upheaval. David Hatcher Childress-lost cities series, vimana aircraft of ancient india. Graham Hancock-underworld. James Churchward-lost continent of mu, cosmic forces of mu etc... The Bible. Epic of gilgemesh. Zecharia Sitchin Erick von daniken-chariots of the gods etc... Maharbarata the movie trailer didn't actually say anything about the mayans, just 2012. if the world ends in 2012 it's not BECAUSE of the mayans. the hindus, the bible and other sources point to this time as well. p.s. intelligent people don't use LOL and such popular trends, cattle do. and those of you who don't want to consider the 2012 thing seriously and are resigned to die, we don't need you in the gene pool anyway. good riddance.

crafty on Feb 4, 2009


As far as that phony website is concerned, Sony Pictures prolly did it for the lulz. They've obviously epically trolled the naive American public.

Anonymous on Feb 11, 2009


Sony is Sodom. Hollywood is Gommorah.

Joe Fibbitz on Feb 11, 2009


Someone showed me that site and what upsets me, is that I could care less about 2012. I even told him, that if we die that day, we die...but if we don't great! I get to live another day. I hate Sony for making me start to believe something I had initially not believed or cared about at all. And Viral Marketing could be okay in my eyes, IF they made sure to let people know that IT'S NOT REAL. All they think about is money. *GRRR*. okay. Rant over.

Laiya on Feb 13, 2009


I think 2012 is the year we make contact with...*gasp*...aliens. As Cortez arrived in the west indies to discover the mayas and the incas....which they've is 2012....I believe. Unless we get hit with an invisible cosmic ray that will bring peace and love and turn us all into loving peaceful beings....basically a large dose of universal Prozac and exctasy πŸ™‚ We can debate forever what the Mayas have predicted...and it could be as simple as an invention radically changing the planet. Maybe we will reinvent the wheel...and we'll drive around levitated Star Wars like vehicles....who's all up for interpretation. I still want to believe it's first contact...and we'll be informed we were slaves and they come here to free us from the alien nation of GOVERNMENTS AND MARKETS πŸ™‚

Galaxy sprawl on Feb 18, 2009


This is just another viral site like these guys at trying to pull in some bucks. Good ol' capitalism at work - at least until socialism takes hold good and proper. Enjoy your freedoms while you gottem folks!

Teflon Bob on Feb 21, 2009


Until we get rid of social security, unemployment help, and any sort of government assistance (health, financial, small business loans, etc) socialism is here to stay, since it came to our country in the 1776 and we started paying taxes. Paying taxes is socialism....otherwise everything would cost like any other contractual service. It suck when people think socialism is communism or other type of dictatorship. Germany is a social democratic society, Japan has more social services than the US, Sweden has the largest social system, France, Greece, UK, Canada....all these democratic countries have more social services and money for their citizens, yet we don't label them socialist.....well, unless you are familiar with the principles of government finance, democracy and constitutionality.... Sorry...when people are speaking of Obama being a baffles me, because we've been socialists from the moment we drafted the constitution and imposed taxes on ourselves for governmental an army for example.

Galaxy Spiral on Feb 21, 2009


weather you believe this shit or not, you still care enough to read it all and post comments. (i know i did) even if only for the sake of putting others down or showing everybody how smart you can be with a couple minutes of internet research. keep fussing like children, its exactly what they want you to do..

kaziia on Mar 18, 2009


I always joke with my friends about this date saying, "Don't worry little Timmy... Christmas will come" haha

Luke on Mar 19, 2009


Have also been doing alot of research for interest sake and for all of you concerned, check the NASA website which explains how much of a joke this is and Don't worry guys the world isnt coming to an end!

Andrea on Mar 30, 2009


Well the REAL funny thing about the site is when the year 2013 comes around and Sony has so many lawsuits due to people that really got scared to death due to their "realistic" website, that Sony goes under.....maybe....thats the Mayan way of saying......gooooood bye baby......

wingnut on Apr 26, 2009


@60 I use LOL all the time. Also happen to have a fair amount of knowledge regarding The Bible, Epic of gilgemesh and Zecharia Sitchin's many books. It's funny though, I also believe there is a LOT of truth in Zeitgeist, as well as the first 25 minutes or so of Esoteric Agenda. The Bible, which I studied every day during my schooling unfortunately (I say unfortunately because in a religeous academic setting, they interpret EVERYTHING in a purely religeous sense), is one of the most butchered and misunderstood tomes in existence. A quick summary to get anyone interested started: Genesis (ch1 days 2-5), God creates plants, mammals, fish and insects, all "after their kind." (6th day) God creates MAN & WOMAN("Let us make man in our image, after our likeness"). God says dominate, be fruitful, multiply, etc. Genesis (ch2), God says,"And these are the generations of the heavens and earth..." And the KICKER: Genesis (ch2, v5), "..., and there was not a man to till the ground." So he created Adam and, as an afterthought and a trip to Eden, "an help meet" (Eve) as his companion. Because he didn't want his slave worker to be alone. This is why "God", which was actually the leader of a highly advanced race which understood genetics, so much so that they had genetic 'recipes' for all living things "after their kind." This is also how they limited man's lifespan as punishment. It also explains "The sons of God sleeping with female offspring from Adam and Eve. Jesus said he would be with us until the end of the age, not the world. 2012 is the beginning of that transition, approximately. From the Piscean to the Aquarian. Jesus was just a man. There is SOOOO much more like this in the Bible. Just imagine how much more there is. If we have misunderstood so much starting with PAGE ONE. LOL LOL LOL LOL Feel free to email me questions or comments

JWB on May 10, 2009


your all doomed. for i am the creator. i have been watching this unravel over the last 25,000 years or so. goodness, what have my children done.?. come what may, i love you all, just remember to take an alka-seltzer when my "son" arrives. He can give you a sour stomach sometimes...

Ezegott14 on May 28, 2009


Anyone who is scared by some viral marketing is obviously a little touched in the head. Besides, the biggest tipoff that this site is a joke is the use of the word prophesized. The word is actually prophesied.

Liam on Jul 6, 2009


2012? We may not make it to next week. In fact, I'm paranoid about what may happen in the next five minutes. Let's light one of these things up...

I. M. Sirius on Jul 15, 2009


Does anybody even think for a second that the end of the world is going to come when we least expect it??!! I mean...come on now!! I am no scientist...but I really do not believe for a second that the end of the world can...or has been...predicted!! We all have to die sometime!! So....BRING IT ON!!! LOL

Scott on Aug 24, 2009


Jeez all this crap about 2012, hello everyone if were all meant to die on Dec 21, 2012 , then so be it. There is no sense in worrying about it, no one can tell what the futures hold. Just live your lives each day, when the day comes it comes. Whatever happens happens and we all just need to shut up and except it. Agrees with: 34, 37, 40, 41, 48, LMAO 51, 67, 70, lol 72, definantly agrees with 74 Oh and WTF to 46 did it take alot out of you to type all that crap. lol

Lissa on Aug 24, 2009


oh yeah I agree with 75 too ^.^

Lissa on Aug 24, 2009


on a side note....I think Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter will figure out when the end of the world is before any scientists do!!

Scott on Aug 24, 2009


All the hype about it being fake I wonder how many Did not get a lotto # LOL dont get me wrong i agree its a marketing ploy butttttttt I got my Number

Willie on Aug 24, 2009


Picture this. Magnetic poles shifting make the magnetic sheild very weak. The rest of the planets line up in a straight line.The Earth passes through the gamma burst coming from the center of the milky way.The sun goes super active just as the gamma burst is happening,pushing more solar material towards earth,just as the combined gravity of the planets pulls even more solar material towards earth,just as our magnetosphere is in a weakend state,just as we are having thermonuclear warfare happening. The entire surface of the planet does what comets & asteroids do when they get to close to the sun. It will melt into glass before it vaporizes and flashes of into space. Look,if i can turn granite into clear glass just using my big magnifying glass(Fresnel lens) then imagine the suns energy with only a small amount of magnetosphere to block it. Seas flashed of into space, The entire surface of the planet is molten. The crazy thing is that there is nothing at all man can do to stop it. Now do you think our leaders would tell us this is coming? Nope, cause could you imagine the chaos that would take place? Not to mention that if there is a contingency plan, they don't want billions of people coming and competing for the resources and in fact the very places they might try to survive in. I just hope this dream i had doesn't come true. Yes all that was one dream i had while taking a 20 minute nap one day. like some real Dante or revelation visions.

Chris on Aug 25, 2009


Did anyone else s**t their heart out when they saw the commercial for this film before they showed the "Not Rated" thing at the end to tell you it was a film trailer? Anyone?

Skippy McDougel III on Aug 25, 2009


i deffinitly ripped a hole in my pants pooping in my pants when i saw it on TV

xavier on Aug 25, 2009


Why hasn't anyone noticed that this marketing scheme is just a rip-off of District 9's advertisements. They could have done it so many other ways, but they chose one which has already been played out this season. And this movie seems like a rip-off of Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, Chicago and all the other disaster movies of the past hundred years. That said, I'll probably see it anyway.

Jaso on Aug 25, 2009


This is why they are building the space station!!

Chad on Aug 25, 2009


Idiots! Want to know the real truth....visit The world is waiting!

VinceZ on Aug 25, 2009


Well, the subject does somewhat concern me... I don't know what to think. The Mayans were certainly very intellectual people. Yet, I still don't see the reason as to why now??? Why not in 2020 or 2050 or 3000! I honestly don't know what to think... but if ,"the world ends" or someting... oh freaking well... what can we do. Just enjoy your life. ;]

friutloops on Aug 26, 2009


So is the entire IHC website and everything just part of the movie's advertising? It seems to realistic - you've gotta be more obvious than that or people won't even know what's the movie and what's real.

Zach W on Aug 26, 2009


I laugh at a lot of this. I for one am skeptical of the 2012 date, but I am certain of a world event happening in my life time. I was born to witness the event and I'm now 28. The 2012 date is not the only thing threatening us... we threaten ourselves with our own scientific experiments like the LHC, there could be concern for CERN in 2009-2010. Yet the Four Horsemen of the apocolypse could be the SWINE flu, which is a combination of four different flus. Oh yeah, and a flu is usually air borne... what's that old saying, when pigs will fly? The chaos we all fear may be begining to happen now, and the 2012 date may actually mark the end of it, and the begining to a new way of life....or not. All I can say is that yeah, the IHC is BS, but not the theory behind it. The end of life as we know it, and a dramatic change of paths is coming, will you be ready? I've learned to survive off the land, so when things do begin to happen, I can live comfortably in the wilderness away from the towns and cities that will be consumed with chaos. If we're not all wiped out entirelyl. Anyway, no point worrying until the sh_t begins hitting the fan. Until then, I live my life like I should, as if I had no other!

Draxzayvan Myrdandine on Aug 27, 2009


the web for ihc does not have a full page. i mean by that is you can put your name and everything but when you scroll down to sumit there is nothing there. its cut off. i think this ihc is nothing but bull crap.

kerry reynolds on Aug 27, 2009


I don't understand what a lot of you are saying... If the end of the world is tomorrow, why WOULDNT the government say something? I mean, so what if there's panic/chaos, we're all going to die anyways, why would they care? Think about it.

astyanax on Aug 27, 2009


I love how #25 says, "don't look at false facts" after citing the Bible.

TASchwitters on Aug 29, 2009


How can the Mayan Calendar be right? If the Bible says the Anti Christ makes a 7 year peace treaty with Israel and breaks it half way at 3 1/2 years, The Anti Christ has less then 3 1/2 years to make the peace treaty before he breaks it half way through according to the Mayan Calendar. So do people believe the Mayan Calendar is right over the bible? So now a calendar is our book or wallpaper of truth?

Linda on Aug 29, 2009


I can't believe how many people are missing the point that it's just a movie.

TASchwitters on Aug 29, 2009


#92 You do realize over 66% of the world does not worship what is written in the bible? Plus different religions have different truths, the bible is not absolute to everyone. and as #60 says, the Mayan calendar isn't the only thing pointing towards this date. also, the Mayan calendar only states an end of an era, not the end of the world. and I agree with #93, it is just a movie. None of the things in this movie are real.

AD on Aug 29, 2009


This is all media generated to create world-wide mass hysteria and shouldn't be taken seriously. It's a crock of BS and you know it. The Mayans never predicted it would be the end of the world but a revelation (in way of thinking). Screw Roland Emmerich and shame on him for trying to scare the crap out of people.

Thayer on Aug 29, 2009


I was just on the web site Maybe it's because I'm running Vista, but the web site only shows to the point where it would scroll. I saw the trailer for it in the movie theater. Looks like it will be a good movie, and I saw Angels and Deamons, Deep Impact, and the Bruce Willis one. Best death scene he ever did. I tried to leave a comment on the web site but that involves scrolling down to a spot I can't see with my web browser. Oh well, guess they won't get my feedback. Of course they need to be aware of my problem to fix it, but if I can't leave a comment how can I inform them? and around and around she goes, where she stops nobody knows. Mike

Michael Bowen on Aug 29, 2009


HOW CAN THE GRAITEST MINDS F ARE WORLD CAN PRODICTED THE END OF THE WORLD? In case yu havent noticed, they are just guesing! Besides the only phrofet on this planet was Gordon B. Hinkly! He died f old age manny years ago. He said that the second comming will come, he just didint say when. And he most centanly did not say abything about DEC 21 2012! Only siance did! So dont belive that the world will end on DEC 21 2012. Besides we have allot of movies comming in the year 2012! And they have to finish the Narnia movies, and The Last Airbender movies too! By the way the Phrifet on this earth is now Thmas S. Monson! Belive it or not, God tells the Phrofet about things that are true! So who ever is reading this, tell the IHC to have a chat about this 2012 prodictin!

Anthony on Sep 1, 2009


To #97 Dude, what's up with your spelling?? Seriously man...your spelling is horrendous. I spelled a lot better than that even as a young child. As for 2012, I guess we'll all find out if it's true or not when the time comes. It's utterly pointless to stress over it when it could all end up being a total crock of crap. We should all just live our lives to the fullest now and if it does indeed happen (2012), then so be it. There's not a whole lot we can do to stop it anyway.

L.F. on Sep 2, 2009


I have a 2012 theory you may have heard of. The Nostrodamus quatrain that predicts that in 12-2012, all of the celestial bodies of the know universe and galaxy specifically align in a straight line. This happens only once every so many billions of years or so. It's like the reset button or starting point for planetary cycles around their suns, suns in their universe, galaxies, ect... The Earth's magnetic field (which is oriented and produced by the Earth's rotating core) protects us from violent solar energy and is crucial to all of Earth's electronics and communication technologies, since magnetics are used to generate electricity. The Earth's rotating core also keeps the Earth spinning upright on its true axis, like a gyroscope. The gravitational pull of the moon keeps the core spinning in the correct plane of rotation as well as controls the tides. The 2012 theory is that when certain planets and celestial bodies align, as they are predicted to in 2012, they will induce a gravitational pull that has a much stronger influence than the moon. This will cause the Earth's spinning core to shift its axis (like a gyroscopic tumble) knocking the Earth off its rotational axis and re-directing the Earth's magnetic field. The catastrophic effect will be that the poles will then become the equator, and vice versa, causing complete climate shifts, tidal shifts, ect... and with a newly shifted magnetic field, our protection from the sun will no longer exist and all electronics will be useless. If the instant climate and tidal change doesn't destroy us, the coronal mass ejection will, or the pandemic in the streets will.

Griff on Sep 2, 2009


Ah good ole Nostrodamus, the man who's every prediction has been 100% accurate so far, and not vague at all. Fortune tellers are frauds, end of story. I'll give him this much, he was indeed a clever man. Regardless.... So, Griff, is it safe to say that I can have all your cash and assets come November 2012? We're all going to die anyways, right?

astyanax on Sep 2, 2009


First of all...anyone who doesn't know that this is just a stupid movie that caters to the mindless people, believing everything they read, or hear, or see, is one of these mindless people. The movie business is pretty much in the toilet, compared to a few years ago, and they will stop at nothing to get you to spend what little money you have left, to go see this piece of trash. The idea that this is what enternainment has come to in this country says alot. Doom and gloom are the only things that sell movie tickets now...really pathetic. Oh and for the people that believe this is the real thing, no matter what, go to the website and look at the pictures of our president....DOES THAT REALLY LOOK LIKE THE GUY SITTING IN THE WHITEHOUSE? You must have a pretty miserable life, constantly living in fear. I'd be willing to bet that bad things happen to you all the time also. The brain is a powerful with fear...and you will have something to fear....Law of Attraction....So Thanks to all the brilliant people at Sony...who have now instilled fear in the weaker of the population. Think positively people...the future isn't known...but we can give it our best shot at being what we want.

Someonewithabrain on Sep 6, 2009


Just any of you realize the Mayan "calander" and the predictions therein came from one scroll, of only four, that actually made it past the Christian invasion of Mayan culture? Imagine if you walked into a modern library and randomly selected four books. If there was noone there to quantify what you are translating, imagine the things you could believe to be true. Hell, Elvis is alive and living with aliens! Or the thousand other insane things people print to make a quick buck off the guillible populace. Im sure this scroll wasn't the Mayan version of the National Enquirer, but that doesnt take away from the fact that we put ALOT of weight in this single document. Now imagine the second book you found was a Bible. As for the date Dec. 21, 2012. I am very excited that I may be lucky enough to experience a celestial alignment of this magnitude! This event only occurs once every 20,000+ years! How many of you can wrap you mind around how rare that is? And what if the Earth flips over and does a face plant into the Sun and all of life as I know it is destroyed? Oh well I guess Murhpy was right, "What can go wrong, will."

Mildlyamused on Sep 6, 2009


Sept. 07,2009 THe site does not fully load up just get a partial page,you cannot contact, you fill up all info but no submit. I quest the end has arrived.

Mickey on Sep 7, 2009


I thought this stupid site was real! I signed up as many people as I could. (Family and friends) I also tried to sign up the kids in the family but it wouldn't allow it. I was terrified thinking what would life be like for my munchkins, if this were to happen? Then I thought great! There is still a way for people to survive. I was so obsessed with this past few days, I didn't get any sleep. πŸ™‚ I even told my husband he called me crazy and all the other nut jobs like me who believes everything they see and read. I was so upset he wasn't taking this seriously. I told him just for that I am not signing him up. πŸ™‚ Which I was joking...BECAUSE I ALREADY DID!!! He was getting on board of that space ship or living in the subterranean city with me...WHETHER HE WANTED TO OR NOT!!! LOL πŸ™‚ Thank God I have asense of humor. I believed it because I saw the commercial on the history channel, while watching Nostradamus 2012. I briefly scanned through th site not really looking closely. But I must say they did a really good job with the site. Now I have to get an I told you so from Hubbie. I am a little sad that it isn't real, it would have been cool in the event if there was a mass extinction of the humans. A few people could live and carry on the human race. (It reminds me of the movie Knowing!) Now I have to go back to waiting on Jesus to return. (And yes! That I still believe, even after just writing all of this about being a hoax!) πŸ™‚ What the hell! Come 12/25/2012 this will make a great story to tell sitting around the dinner table on Christmas Day. I look forward to it. That is...If we haven't been vaporized already! LOL πŸ™‚ Shame on Sony! But double shame on me. I am usually the first to spot a flaw or scam...But, they honestly scared the crap out of me! I will not pay to see it at the the theaters but will wait until it airs. Honestly, still can't wait to see it. JUST ONE MORE THING!!! # 97 WTF??? are you talking about and your spelling, not just one word but 50! Could someone please translate that for me??? Good luck! πŸ™‚ But, give me some of what he was smoking, maybe I will see aliens or Gordon B Hinkly! Whoever...(WHATEVER!) This was fun! LOL! πŸ™‚

Kim on Sep 8, 2009


This is the worst kind of marketing I've ever seen. If anyone knows how to contact Roland or whoever is responsible for the site, please tell them I think they should be shot. Who would make a site like this? It presents fiction in the form of fact and to people of minimal intelligence, this is horrifying. Look what happen during the original War of the Worlds broadcasts, people fled their homes and began shooting at the local water towers because they ACTUALLY BELIEVED that we were under an invasion from creatures from Mars. And if that's not bad enough you have hysteria mongers like Alex Jones who panicked millions of people on New Years eve 1999/2000 by claiming that Russia had launched intercontinental ballistic missiles aimed at the United States (refer to the broadcasts of the late William Cooper for more information). This man had people literally heading for the hills, packing up their belongings and their children and running for their lives. Please people, don't buy into this bullshit. Do the research and come to your OWN conclusions. Try reading a little instead of believing everything that you're told EVEN what I have said here tonight. Educate yourself or you will never survive ANY form of threat to humanity.

Rob on Sep 8, 2009


hi aha umm is it me or does know one look back into history during the cold war? companies made millions off selling bomb shelters, that was the thought that brought me to thinking that this definitely could be a marketing scheme. im also sure its a HUGE coincidence that sony happens to own all the rights to the movies and websites, and a mass corp like the heroic IHC just found the time through theyre very busy schedule making movies and scientific research to put up their website in 2008 lol wow......... i cant believe i used to stay up at night afraid planning out my last 3 years, well i dont remember any movies based on y2k NOT (Y2K) how original 2012 sounds pretty un origonal as well ahha, i read the website its acually cute how they are going to elect a random joe blow to be leader of the world... eh hemmm who gave you the right to chose who will lead the world ? aha? we've been being hit with powerful solar storms for the last ten years and if my sources are correct arent we heading into a cooling period? they say our ionosphere has been dimishing for 200 years ye duh but in 3 years it goes from blocking out powerful solar storms (a possible explanation to our gobal warming) to gone or weak? uugh how would the charts look on that one? lol..... if youve seen the charts on the inconvenient truth with the emissions and all imagine that but times 200 lol? all or most pagan religions are based on astrology stars and all them base periods and era's on them im sure the Mayans Hindu's Egyptians all share the same universe or it would just happen to be a big COINCIDENCE that all their cycles are based on the same model. Alex Jones had people running from their homes because of threats from ballistic missiles, these people ARE NOT EVEN GOOD LIARS, LOL they want to build a subterranean city in Antarctica..... i am right now searching for any proof of construction in that area and i can find none, im sure if they were doing such a thing they would have started... ill finish this off by saying that the mayans did not say anything about the end of the world, they do though believe that we are heading into a new era, as do they greeks believe we are going into the era of Aquarius. and if you are religious god said that he would never reveal the date of his coming or the revelation/apocalypse and if this 2012 was true prophesy would be largely unfolding. I wonder if sony even got good ratings? at teh price of mass hysteria πŸ™‚

yahoel on Sep 17, 2009


Agreed, the website is most definitely a hoax if it's in association with Sony Entertainment. I have, however, checked the NASA website. I guess in 2012 There is going to be a sun storm type of thing which is said to be the worst one to date. I'm kind of tired of all this 2012 END OF THE WORLD bull crap. If anything does happen, the worst will be that our satellites in space will be destroyed from the sun storm. We'll go without technology for awhile, big dealioo. Although the pole changes kind of interests me. No doubt that could happen again, there would be catastrophe on earth, but I'm sure mankind could survive. Anyway, I'm on the fence as of now.

Courtney on Sep 30, 2009



ELEMENT27 on Sep 30, 2009


Wow...either some of the ppl that really bought into the site mustn't have actually read the article or even payed attention to the title, or ended up here somehow... Everyone else, good job on reading and knowing fact from fiction.

Capt. Obvious on Sep 30, 2009


the most important tool people can have in their life is to not belive everything you think looks real or you hear always research yourself as long as you take others words it could eb a lie

yahoel van essen on Oct 2, 2009



BOJ on Oct 9, 2009


This is irresponsible movie-making and marketing. According to a London Telegraph report: "Dr David Morrison, a senior scientist at Nasa's Astrobiology Institute, said he had received more than 1,000 inquiries from worried members of the public. That included teenagers saying they would rather commit suicide than witness the world end. Dr Morrison said the website was "ethically wrong". And I agree with him. You've sunk to a new low, Sony. The link to the article is:

Vince on Oct 18, 2009


Why is everyone so angry and unwilling to believe (or at least show some genuine curiosity) in the ending of how WE know things(which happen to be pretty horrible)? What if we had the chance to make the Earth the way God actually wanted it, without disease, corruption, murder, well, pretty much SIN? Have mankind be kind, respectful, happy, grateful, equal, the list goes way on....? I personally am praying that this "time wave" will end soon so we can get into a brand new era of perfect harmony for 1,000 years! And, I know THIS website/lottery is fiction (viral marketing), but I think it would be super cool if it was real! All the smart/honorable people in this world, with lots of connections :), should get some kind of plan in order, fast! If not, well, a quick death by an asteroid collision would be my first pick of ways to die(at least it's super quick and your whole family will be departing with you!)! R U for real #112? Lighten up! Worrying is human nature!

Chrissy Believes! on Oct 24, 2009


Hey all...I had registered a year ago as well for the heck of it. i receive periodic email that I pay no attention to. Today I received this: Hello, We’re hoping you can help the Institute for Human Continuity with a matter of utmost importance. You may recall that our communications director, Dr. Soren Ulfert, resigned several weeks ago. Since then, he has been on a libelous campaign to discredit the IHC and our mission. We’ve tried to ignore these attacks without calling attention to them, but at this point, we are concerned that the damage Dr. Ulfert has done to our reputation is jeopardizing our success. And I need not remind you that our entire purpose is to preserve the human species through the catastrophic events of 2012. We have decided the time has come to take legal action. Unfortunately, we need to find Dr. Ulfert so that we can serve him with due process; it appears he has left his home and has not left a forwarding address. This is where we need your help. If you have seen him or know where he is, please call us at 888-363-2012. On behalf of the IHC, thank you for your assistance. Yours truly, Barbara Lewis-Penn Chief Strategist/Government Institute for Human Continuity

Vanylaskyye on Nov 2, 2009


hooax and pure advertising.... movie makers are exploiting what people are afraid of....

Lonestar on Apr 22, 2011

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