Rumor: Beyoncé Wants Wonder Woman; Warner Brothers Wants McG

November 10, 2008
Source: Hero Complex, IESB

Wonder Woman

While other comic properties continue to take off, the prospect of a Wonder Woman film continues to stay grounded. While we've reported tidbits over the years, this past week saw an odd surge in Paradise Island rumors. First came Beyoncé telling Geoff Boucher at Hero Complex that she wants "to do a superhero movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman?" Then, IESB reported that a little bird at Warner Brothers said McG was the prime name for director being talked about around the water cooler. I'm all for movement around Wonder Woman - because, really, it's about time a superheroine film rocked the box office - but I wouldn't call all of this good news exactly. McG, yes. Beyoncé, no.

First, Beyoncé may be near superhuman when it comes to singing, but she falls dramatically short when it comes to acting. She's certainly not out-and-out terrible (e.g. Dreamgirls), but I can only envision another Catwoman fiasco if she were to headline a Wonder Woman film. Not only that, Jay-Z's wife seems only interested in what the film might do for her, not what she could do for the iconic story. Beyoncé seems enamored by the success of The Dark Knight and Iron Man and wants to diversify her career considering her latest two films will be dramatic ones. She said, "after doing these roles that were so emotional I was thinking to myself, 'OK, I need to be a superhero.' Although, when you think about the psychology of the heroes in the films these days, they are still a lot of work, of course, and emotional. But there's also an action element that I would enjoy." She goes on to say, "And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It's time for that, right?" Given other references I've run across as of late, it sounds like she's invoking Obama's presidency as partial reason for her suitability, no?

The surprisingly positive news is that McG might be under consideration as the film's director. I never thought I would mention the guy in such a likable context seeing as how skeptical I've been of his involvement with Terminator Salvation; but it seems he might be earning some respect nowadays. Rumor has it that Salvation is actually looking to be a solid execution, so for right now I don't have anything against McG taking on Wonder Woman. I do worry that he might turn it into another Charlie's Angels, which actually might then be a good fit for Beyoncé - all bubblegum action and gloss. If McG does become a real contender for the job, let's hope he channels some of the gritty realism we've glimpsed in Salvation.

So if we can swallow McG being director, but hurl at the idea of Beyoncé wielding the Lasso of Truth, who do we want for the right lead? The name Megan Fox has been floating around a lot recently. I'm split on that possibility. She definitely has the looks, but at 5'5" she's a touch short. I still think Jessica Beil could be a solid pick. Kate Beckinsale might have been interesting, too, but she seems to have hung up her spandex since withdrawing from the Underworld series. And I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Garner, but I doubt she'll ever get out of the cloud that is 2005's Elecktra. So who do you want for Princess Diana?

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Elecktra Catwoman aeon flux Need to say more...

Drunkimus on Nov 10, 2008


I would have to agree that female heroine movies dont seem to fare very well in Hollywood. Even movies with female villians dont do that well (Batman and Robin) although Batman returns. I wouldnt be turned off by a Wonder Woman movie. But having the man that directed Charlie's Angels would make me believe that he's going to make Wonder Woman into another one of the angels. As for possible leads go: Megan Fox- I would think that she sould make Wonder Woman more glamourous then physical Jessica Biel- Definately a no Kate Beckinsale- Its a possibility Jennifer Garner- If i had to pick i would pick Jennifer Garner. Cause in Daredevil, she looked and acted like a good Elektra. Its just that the rest of the movie sucked. Beyonce- Even more of a hell no then Jessica Biel. I get the feeling that she thinks just cause the next president is black that the next super hero should be black. We all saw what happened with Michael Clarke Duncan in Daredevil which sucked cause he really is a good actor. I just think Beyonce should stick to drama which she does pretty well and stay out of super hero movies

Chris on Nov 10, 2008


NO Beyonce. Just NO. I think she's a pretty bad actress - I've seen all of her pictures, I think, and all of them had me shaking my head at her, wondering why she doesn't just stick to being beautiful and singing. I think Megan fox would be great in it. Whenever I see the original show Angelina Jolie always comes to mind, but I think she might be too old, and too much a sex pot for that role. I dunno. Actually, I'm not too thrilled about another super heroine film anyway because they all seem to be awful. I'd be much more happy with a live action Justice League, and Wonder Woman in a supporting role. And

Maria on Nov 10, 2008


She would NOT be a good choice. As said, her acting isn't so great. And plus, I think comic movies need to stay closer to their roots and choose an actor or actress who can look and act like the original character. We don't need to change the race of Wonder Woman. She's an important superhero who deserves a good movie that portrays the comic well.

-Peter- on Nov 10, 2008


Beyonce would be a terrible choice! Yes, the Obama presidency is clearly invoking a sense of "entitlement" across all mediums. I'm not a rascist, but a Wonder Woman film needs to stick to the source material! Remember "Catwoman" and how it sucked big time on all levels??? NOTE to Beyonce: Don't quit your day job! Just because you sing good does not mean you could open a blockbuster film and act well in it!! ****PLease Beyonce--don't cry racism if you don't get the gig!!!!

Blue Silver on Nov 10, 2008


Honestly, I'd be more comfortable if Whedon was still at the helm. If he said, 'Beyone'... I'd have a little more faith then I do now 😛

LW on Nov 10, 2008


Why would any self-respecting black person want to play the role of a white person, in this case a very white Amazonian princess? You don't see white guys lining up to play Luke Cage, do you? Makes me wonder if this is just more silly comment-bait like that "rumor" that Marvel wanted Will Smith as Captain America. Or maybe Beyonce just really, really wants to cash in on another big franchise.

Pete the Geek on Nov 10, 2008


I'm not defending the Beyonce idea, though to be honest, I've heard worse. But please, before we write her off altogether in favour of a bimbo du jour, on the 'can't act' grounds, fill in one or both of the following blanks: Megan Fox gave an Oscar-worthy performance in___________________ Jessica Biel gave an Oscar-worthy performance in__________________

John Madden on Nov 10, 2008


I saw the title of this and I just started laughing at the idea of Beyonce being wonder woman. the idea is laughable and if executed, the movie will flop. While updating wonder woman to be a different race might be an interesting choice, and one I would not be opposed to (afterall, she's from the Amazon, no? wouldn't her skin not be pasty white then?), Beyonce being the one to update it will also be the one to forever prevent such ideas ever again in comic books.

dave13 on Nov 10, 2008


I'm sorry, but did you say McG yes? HAHAHAHA!! To convince me McG doesn't completely suck, I don't need rumors about T: Salvation being good, or hints of decency, I need certifiable proof! Whoever directs it, whoever stars in it, this has disaster written all over it. Maybe not disaster, but at best it'll match Daredevil's ho-humness.

kevjohn on Nov 10, 2008


NO NO NO. The Wonder Woman has to be done respectfully. We CANNOT afford another Catwoman-esque flop that would probably stop Beyonce's career in its tracks anyway. Keep her the heck away from this project.

Vegeta on Nov 10, 2008


#8 - You're totally right on the last two sentences; people just pick their Wonder Woman choices based on cup size and Maxim layouts. I'd hope they'd pick a good looking actress with some actual acting skills (and no - being able to look good while sweaty does not equal acting skills). #9 - Amazonians are not from the Amazon. Historically, Amazonians are supposed to be from around the Middle East. The DC Comics version - it's a magical island in the middle of nowhere full of white women warriors.

Pete the Geek on Nov 10, 2008


Lack of talent should prevent this period. McG...Really? Did you not see what Ratner did to X3? And Beyonce is nice to look at but couldn't act tired if you kept her awake for 3 days.

R3last on Nov 10, 2008


Why not? She could have a huge golden ASS-o of truth. /sarcasm off

Shane on Nov 10, 2008


Personally I don't think a big screen version of Wonder Women would work. I just think it would be silly! Chuck on Nov 10, 2008


hell no to beyonce. get angelina jolie or bridget monagham( can't spell her name, but she was in the recruit). Coming to think about it Megan Fox will make a good Wonder woman. And the matrix directors should direct.

Darrin on Nov 10, 2008


honestly, I will NOT see this if it is Beyonce. I'm willing to give Wonder woman a shot in the big screen if and only if the animated movie that's coming soon is done well. If it not, then DC is better off canceling the idea. Either way, if it's Beyonce, no way. I understand about strong black woman or amazonian or what not, race is not the issue here, it's acting ability and chemistry. Like how James Franco was originally supposedly going to play spiderman instead before tobey mcguire, i don't think it would have worked. But chemistry works like Downey & Paltrow. But Will smith as captain america in a very racist WWII era...? Sorry, but no. I mean, WWII is WWII, but at the time it was taken place, the US had a very big race issue and I'm just not sure that would fit in that timeline/universe. Beyonce is a talented singer and performer, just not an actress. Sorry Beyonce but I think you need to ax yourself out of the equation like Nicolas Cage as Superman or Haley Joel Osman as sam from Transformers.

JL on Nov 10, 2008


I'm surprised that I'm reading more negative comments about Beyonce rather than the idea of McG helming the project. I'm not defending Ms. Knowles and certainly agree that she's not a very well-ranged actress but McG??? Please... throw tomatoes at HIS direction. And Catwoman wasn't a failure because 'they changed the race of the character.' In fact, you may remember in Batman: Year One by Frank Miller that Selina Kyle was black. If you don't see the obvious GLARING flaws of the Catwoman film and cite Berry as the source of its failure then your taste in movies is extremely questionable. Oh, and my pick would be Kate Beckinsale.

Frame on Nov 10, 2008


sorry, i forgot to mention, I think Victoria Hill would be a good Wonder Woman

JL on Nov 10, 2008


If one actually consider McCheesy as a director than why not consider Rosenna Barr as Wonder Woman, with commercials tie-ins with Wonder-Bra?

Tschai on Nov 10, 2008


Beyonce? Gag me with a spoon.

seductiveflamingo on Nov 10, 2008


Somebody shoot me. Is hollywood that dumb? Oh wait...they are

Johnny Crow on Nov 10, 2008


PLEASE NO!!! She's a good singer. She is not an actress. I thought that fake poster of Megan Fox was great. Not sure if she could pull of the acting bit and be a leading lady??? Who else would make a kick ass Wonder Woman? I definitely like your suggestion for Jennifer Garner (a personal fav of mine). She has a proven track record to be able to do the tough chick character. She's got the looks, body and acting talent. She got the whole package. JEN GARNER FOR WONDER WOMAN!!!s

K on Nov 10, 2008


They should definitely consider Erica Durance of 'Smallville". She plays Lois Lane---she's HOT and has the acting chops....and has experience in comic book material.

Blue Silver on Nov 10, 2008


Beyoncé Wants Wonder Woman; Warner Brothers Wants McG... ...people want a better reason to go see this movie.

Dave Lister, JMC on Nov 10, 2008


I'm with post #1, but he forgot Supergirl 🙂 ...Maybe if the character was "Shaira the Amazon" in a DC Superhero flick, but as a stand-alone I'm not sure people would see a movie like that. If Superman can barely carry his own film, how or why would Wonder Woman? All in all, I think this makes nolan look like a GENIUS with what he was able to bring to the table.

j money on Nov 10, 2008


nobody should ever want to make a movie starring a girl superhero, what a joke, maybe after the screening they should have a group viewing of the wnba finals...

america on Nov 10, 2008


Seriously, is it to much to ask for a good actress to be cast as Wonder Woman? The character deserves the same respect as Batman and Superman.

joshmc on Nov 10, 2008


Um what happened to Megan Gale?? She seemed like a very good choice for the role.

Daas on Nov 10, 2008


Beyonce as Wonder Woman is one of the dumbest proposals ever. But a lot of peculiar things make sense in Obamerica, maybe even a remake of Casablanca with Beyonce as Bergman.

RandyG on Nov 10, 2008


If McG plans on making the film like Charlies Angels and casting Beyonce or that trashy lousy acting Megan Fox, then WB's and Silver shouldn't even bother making this film! I would rather see Biel, Beckinsale, Taylor Cole, play the Warrior Princess!

darkknight01 on Nov 10, 2008


Lena Headey would be a solid choice as either Diana or her mother Queen Hippolyta.

darkknight01 on Nov 10, 2008


Hell no. Hate to say it, but wonder woman is a white girl, and beyonce would not look right being her. i know some peole are gonna be like thats racist or whatever, but I'm a black man. Beyonce is hot and all that and I would definetly put her to sleep, but she cannot be wonder woman. Megan fox would be right, except she is too short. At the end of the day, it has to be some smoking hot white girl that is thick thin thick if you know what I mean.

akira on Nov 10, 2008


I like me some booty, but a Wonder Women movie would be weak.

Andrew on Nov 10, 2008


I hope this is some kind of very early/late April Fools joke. The idea of Beyonce as Wonder Woman is probably the worst casting idea I have ever heard (and I've heard a lot of 'em).

Drew on Nov 10, 2008


WHAT. THE. FUCK. NO NO NO NO NO. Beyonce cannot act her way out of some type of container other than a paper bag. What is it with hollywood? There are dozens of talented ACTRESSES that deserve a role so why even THINK about giving it to a vocalist/musician?!?!?

bret on Nov 10, 2008


Megan Gale would be a better choice than Beyonce and Fox! haha

darkknight01 on Nov 10, 2008


No. 1. She can't act 2. not beleiveable to be greek

Jonah on Nov 10, 2008



SillySil on Nov 10, 2008


Jennifer eyes, dark hair, good actress

Drunkimus on Nov 10, 2008


What about Halle Berry? she already fucked up catwoman...hahaha

Drunkimus on Nov 10, 2008


Scarlett Johannson - Dye her hair brunette...NUFF SAID

LORD POON on Nov 10, 2008


Oh and again no no no no no no no ....and one more time..NO!!!!

Bry from Chi on Nov 10, 2008



janeorim on Nov 10, 2008


I'm with #24 - Erica Durance would be great in the role. Just got back from vaca and caught smallville on my DVR. Last week's episode had her playing a darker role for a bit, but I couldn't help seeing a little 'jaded warrior princess' vibe in it when picturing this movie. Granted, she's not 'A-List', which some in hollywood seem to think is a requirement in the new line of superhero movies. But she certainly has the right look, and I I think she's far more a better choice then Beyonce or M Fox when it comes to actually 'acting'.

That's a novel Idea on Nov 11, 2008


What about Mila Kunis?

Thijs on Nov 11, 2008


#40 my thoughts exactly, the only thing is that she might be a bit old now (still looking good though)... but she fits the role perfectly and she could act.

Omega728 on Nov 11, 2008



JL on Nov 11, 2008


I'm not sure who would be the best actress / entertainer to play Wonder Woman but I worry about the costume. Some of the costumes don't translate well and I think they'll need an update or model it after the Justice Lords uniform from the JL animated series. I think it is a worth while project and needs to be done. Wonder Woman is a major character who should appear in her own movie and or in the Justice League movie (if they manage to get it together). The story and directing just needs to be approached with a serious tone as if was done for a male hero action movie. And please oh please do some sort of significant crossover or cameo linking other DC characters. Seems like common sense but I guess thats why no one has called me to do logistics for a hero flick yet.

DJ Sid on Nov 11, 2008


What about Cherlise Theron or how ever you spell it. She was good in Hancock in a duel action role and she has some acting ability. I would like to see Jon F. be the director. It might be good.

KS on Nov 11, 2008


Beyonce - no. Just brainstorming.... Halle Berry?! Jennifer Connolly (mentioned above) might be ok. Sadly, I don't think anybody's gonna hit it quite like Mrs. Carter did back in the day. Catherine-Zeta Jones maybe? If they're gonna jump on the darker/tougher bandwagon theme, it's gonna HAVE to be somebody that makes you say... "damn! She'd kick my ass!!" Which kind of limits our choices these days, as we're still going with the skinny/waif thing. Maybe an unknown.

bozoconnors on Nov 11, 2008


I havent seen a female put on a believable performance as an ass kicker since Sandahl Bergman as Valeria in Conan the Barbarian...I really dont think Beyonce is going to have the kick-ass physical presence to pull it she will get is " I sure would like to have her tie me up and ......"

moldybread on Nov 11, 2008


Sandra Bullock would have done good if it was made 10 years ago when she initially signed on I think. Beyonce would be a terrible choice. Sorry, but Wonder Woman is white.

Ryan on Nov 11, 2008


I think even before they start thinking about actors & directors they should make a good script first. Batman started with a decent script, same goes for other iconic comic books/book based movies. Beyonce could be good or bad, but it all depends on a decent & nice script. I think that was the flows for most super heroine movies, they all just bank up on the well know & sexy actress portraying them(Electra & Catwoman). Make a decent script, something rabid fans might be interested & people will flock watching it (come on we did like Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft when it went out). For those who said female heroes or villains are not good - regardless of all of its questionable line, watch Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Return

Bishop8496 on Nov 11, 2008


I'm suprised Sam Jackson didn't take the role. Or did he?

vu on Nov 12, 2008


Thank you for your insightful post regarding these recent Wonder Woman reports. What strikes me most about the rumors, if true, is that they seem to imply that Warner Bros. is playing it safe with their upcoming superhero adaptations. While casting Beyoncé is a daring move for social reasons, she is still a pop sensation who would guarantee box office numbers and indeed "seems only interested in what the film might do for her, not what she could do for the iconic story." In other words, Beyoncé is bankable. Enlisting McG would also be a prudent decision on the studio's part, as his filmography consists of successful Hollywood blockbusters, TV episodes, and music videos. He has also been in talks to direct a superhero film since the rumored Superman film several years back, so his involvement should not surprise anybody. You would think that after the financial and critical phenomenon that was The Dark Knight, the studio could afford (and be inspired) to experiment a bit with their choice of actors and directors. The fear of losing money should not be an excuse. Even with a struggling economy, the movie business is supposed to be "recession proof," so what do they have to lose? I would love to see Warner Bros. continue to recruit more auteurs in the vein of Christopher Nolan and Bryan Singer with distinctive vision and a sense of artistry for their superhero films. McG is more of an artisan than an auteur. His movies are solid, competently made moneymakers. Charlie's Angels and We Are Marshall are decent, but standard Hollywood movies that fail to really transcend the conventions of their respective genres. You even talk about expecting Terminator Salvation to be a surprisingly "solid execution," as if making excuses for a mediocre filmmaker. Given his track record, McG is the obvious pick to direct a big budget action picture, which is exactly the kind of choice the studio should avoid if they want films that are not merely acceptable, but exceptional. Even though you claim McG is adequate, are there any other, more suitable filmmakers you would like to see behind the camera for Wonder Woman? It's a shame Joss Whedon was dropped from the project, as he could have brought that extra artfulness to the table, in my opinion. I would just hate to see Warner Bros. drop the ball so soon after a movie as strong as The Dark Knight. What are your thoughts?

Cam Siemer on Nov 17, 2008


A not so obvious, under the radar choice: EVA GREEN..... Tall, beautiful, rockin' bod, and she can act her ass off (see Casino Royale or The Dreamers). Especially if they go the gritty, rooted in realism route. She'd be perfect.

Serena on Nov 19, 2008


i think be´d rock performing wonder woman.She´s so sexy that i wonder how would she look like acting a comic role out.She might be not a good actress but she´s got style, that´s for sure.

xavier on Nov 21, 2008


I am surprised that Lena Headey who is currently playing Sarah Conner has not been mentioned. She has the acting skills, the look, and can do stunts without blinking. However Beyonce is without question out of the question, and I think Joss Whedon needs a second chance

Mike J on Nov 26, 2008


Terrible idea. She'd be HORRIBLE as WW. Firstly, because WW is white, as everyone knows. Secondly, I'm not convinced she's even that great of an actress. NO, to Beyonce as WW. YES, to JODI LYN O'KEEFE (Gretchen Morgan - Prison Break) as WW. She's PERFECT. She can act, she's got all the looks (blue eyes, 5'10'', curvy, Amazonian-looking, etc). There's no one I'd rather see take up the lasso. I'll be PISSED if Beyonce by some chance gets the role. Man, will I ever be furious.

Lesia on Jan 6, 2009


This is going to be a hard movie to cast because of how bad Cat woman and other female superhero movies have done. My pick would be Hilary Swank she is one of the best actress ever, and she looks great to. Her only downfall is that she is short.

Mike on Jan 15, 2009


charlize theron seems to be the one and only actress as the next wonder woman, for she almost looks like a greek goddess

sydney on Mar 19, 2009

63 Just Google link above and check out, Fabiola Sarah Volant'e May Be Wonder Woman!!!

SkyFlower on May 20, 2009


I think Megan Gale is the perfect for W.W.; at 5ft 11 1/2in she was the total package as a Amazon Princess. Fabiola is beautiful but at 5ft 6in she is definately no Amazon. Yea sure they could computer generate to make her taller, but if ur gonna do that y get an actress at all to play W.W. just computer generate her all together like they did the Hulk. Hopefully they reconsider Fabiola and go with Gale if not they need to get another actress that physically meets up to the title of Amazon Princess.

ItzKelz on Aug 3, 2009


MEGAN FOX ALL THE WAY!=) if you ask me why? it's because jessica biel is not as beautiful as megan fox, beyonce doesn't fit for the role, wonder woman is a beautiful brunette with beautiful blue eyes and not a black girl, jennifer garner come on are you crazy? she looks like a male the role that will truly fit for jennifer garner is SHE HULK and not Wonder Woman! And what's the problem in the height of megan it's hollywood you can even fly and lift airplanes in hollywood so there's nothing wrong with her height.

pitbullero on Sep 20, 2009


Definitley not Beyonce!!! Garner sucked as Elektra so I have a feeling she'll suck in this one too. Angelina may be too old for the role, but she would be perfect!!! She has the inner strength of Woder Woman and the beauty as well. Everyone is right heroine movies have been so disappointing, that I just hope someone does justice to this character which is an awesome legend. Fox is a good pick but I think all she has is the outer beauty I don't know if she can handle being Wonder Woman.

Vero on Sep 27, 2009


Just Google, " Fabiola Sarah Volant'e May Be Wonder Woman" and "" and check her out. She needs new pics and a pic with a Wonder Woman out fit on. If she can act, and the cast is right, we may have something. FABIOLA SARAH VOLANT'E FOR WONDER WOMAN!!

whitelighter on Oct 3, 2009


The producers should watch Emily Dechanel play Wonder Woman on the tv show Bones not only does she have the perfect body and look to play this charactor - she can act

Bill Lovell on Jun 15, 2010


Fabiola Is Wonder Woman!!!

Trinity Athena on Apr 11, 2012

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